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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  September 3, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we are still tracking hurricane earl tonight. >> earl is causing some big waves off of maryland's eastern shore. especially in ocean city, where many people have gathered all ready for this holiday weekend. how is it looking? >> it is still quite blustery in the atlantic. it continues to create some tremendous waves. hurricane earl is out of here. to the delight of anxious beachgoers. >> the ocean is a very powerful thing. >> way is blasted ocean city's shoreline friday. beach patrol officials had no choice but to close the ocean to the public. >> i am not going anywhere near that water. it will pull you end.
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>> all this, thanks to hurricane earl. this downgraded storm still manage to chew of beaches, flood parking lots, and forced businesses to close or open laid along the boardwalk. >> we had to come out for ourselves to see how powerful it was. >> when high tide it around 3:40, the advantage nearly swallowed up some of ocean city's more narrow beaches. >> nature is pretty incredible. >> more than 100,000 people are in ocean city right now. that number is expected to double during the labor day weekend. >> we want some sunshine later today. that is what we are hoping for. >> visitors are starting to reclaim their beloved beach. there is a lot -- a lot of
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surfers have recently come out. the beach patrol is ok with that. there are still tremendous waves out there. conditions are -- conditions for surfing are incredible. the beach patrol was allowed in folks' to least go to the water up to their ankles. we are live in ocean city, maryland. >> thank you. a hurricane earl passed just off of the north carolina coast this morning. rain flooded multiple rows, making it dangerous for driving. some areas still remained evacuated. unfortunately, no serious injuries from that storm. >> parts of the north east remained under a hurricane warning at this hour. >> it is racing to the north east. in cape cod, it will probably not do much more than what we saw in ocean city. there are some rains being
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picked up in long island. there are still warnings to the outer parts of cape cod. you can see the showers breaking up in the mountains of west virginia. that is a cool front that will be coming through. rainfall has not been all that much in ocean city. doug hill will join me in just a couple of minutes. here is how our headline shows up for the upcoming weekend. hurricane earl is moving none out. we will see much lower humidity coming our way. a delightful holiday weekend. i will tell you the details in a couple of minutes. for the latest on hurricane earl any time, just log on to a new jobs report out today shows unemployment is up a bit. the rate is now standing at 9.6%. that is higher than anybody
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wanted to be. rebecca cooper lives at -- joins us live from the studio. >> it shows the eight straight month in which the numbers of new private-sector jobs went up. that did not stop unemployment from going up this month. president obama is vowing a new approach. it was not by much, but the new unemployment numbers to go up just enough for the bad news to overshadow the good news. the total unemployment is now at 9.6%. today, president obama was quick to point out that the economy was losing 750,000 jobs a month. today's jobs show deep private sector created 67,000 new jobs last month. that is more than analysts expected. more needs to be done, he said.
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>> that is why i am calling on congress to make passing a this -- a small business jobs bill its first order of business. >> president was asked -- the economy is moving in a positive direction. jobs are being created. they are not being created as fast as they need to. >> president obama at promised a new package of economic ideas. republicans say the president does not also extend tax cuts for businesses and wealthy, it will for the exposed this anemic recovery. inside the room of the discovery gunman. we will show you where james lee lived.
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>> laser light scare, a laser pointed out an incoming flights at dulles international airport. >> we have more live coverage of hurricane earl. we will have the latest of preparations under
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you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. a motive for the murder of
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four people in maryland. prosecutors say they drove from texas to maryland last month to sell marijuana. the miller stopped at a relative's house. they became enraged when some of his drugs went missing and killed all four people. town of the latest on the investigation of the discovery communications gunmen great tonight, a look at tonight's game -- at james lee is a room. he can see a gasoline can. the can was part of a number of bomb making utilities. there was also a box with the books on saving the planet. police say is extreme -- a teenager is in trouble for allegedly pointing a laser light at an airplane. the 15 year-old was arrested at
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his home. investigators say the incident happened on wednesday when a plane was attempting to land at dulles. that plane flew over sterling, a laser light shined into the cockpit. it is illegal to interfere with the plant's operation. hurricane earl is on the move. we will have a live reports on preparations there. what is and are forecast for the holiday weekend? bob ryan will tell you what to expect. >> the latest on stephen strasbourg. nyjer morgan is suspended. the
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he is making his presence felt directed to presence felt. >> outside, take a look. our temperature is 90 degrees right now. we have some sunshine coming out right here. sunshine in a lot of spots. this was, by the way, our 68th day of 90 degrees or more.
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67 is the record. our temperature to date has made it up into the 90's. hurricane earl is moving on out. you can see the area of rain having none out. that is the area that is still under the gun. it is a long way from ocean city. that is where doug hill is straight quite a change from earlier today. >> i should get my sunglasses out of the car here. earlier today, we had these high waves, the winds were at 35 or 40 miles per hour. they had to be moving 55 or 60 miles per hour. that wind speed never made it down to the ground. the waves are still pound and they will continue to count tonight.
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the whole appearance and feeling here at the beach has gone to bring it on for the entire weekend. >> to get out the sun block there, it looks like. >> it is a blue sky. that is how it will be all weekend. it will be absolutely delightful. the beach patrol has not decided if you can swim tomorrow. they will decide that tomorrow morning. in the meantime, surfers and body borders are out there enjoying does 10-foot waves. >> a good weekend at the beaches. our high temperature today, we made it to 91 degrees. i want to take you back and show you from -- this is from the tropical prediction center. we will go back about 10 days. that call another uncertainty -- cone of uncertainty.
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this is the projection. this is day by day, three days out. this is a 66% chance. that was a pretty good forecast. hurricane earl will be racing into nova scotia and the very end of -- in the morning, and will be by nantucket. our temperature is still in the 80's. much, much drier air comes in. tomorrow morning, it'll be into the 60's. tomorrow afternoon, only into the low 80's. you are really going to notice the difference would be nice comfortable air. that will be the story on sunday and monday. great for the barbecue, a great for the beach. a great holiday weekend.
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>> thank you. on the's get a check hurricane preparations in new england. >> a state of emergency has been declared? >> that is exactly right. i am here in cape cod, massachusetts. friday marks the start of the labor day weekend. for a lot of people, they aren't thinking about the sunshine and the surf. in massachusetts, people are thinking about having to safety. this of us there wants to net -- wants people to know there is shelter from the storm. if the winds are strong, they're going to be stopped. -- stuck. >> not everyone is running from the storm. >> i am going surfing.
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>> this under the shah says his biggest hope that hurricane earl bring some big waves. >> this is a hurricane and when labor day weekend and 26 million americans are affected by hurricane earl, most are thinking -- >> i do not like him. >> damage was minimal in north carolina and no injuries or reported. hurricane earl was downgraded to a category 1. >> if you want to live on the water, that is one of the risks that you take. >> what is next? after hurricane earl hit here, it will keep on heading north to maine. the latest on the national hurricane center says by the time hurricane earl kids there, it probably will not be erica kane anymore. it'll be a tropical storm. that -- it will probably not be a hurricane anymore. it will be a tropical storm.
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>> the toyota sports desk. de think he is tired today? -- do you think he is tired today? >> it is almost dallas week. the redskins have to have their 53-man rosters set tomorrow. mike shanahan continue to work with albert haynes worse. he played 49 of the redskins' 55. he was dragging at the end of this baby. if he did not do well, it does not bode well for albert. the suspension has been cut from six games to four games. the steelers star quarterback was told he could return oct. 60 -- october 17 against the cleveland browns.
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dennis dixon will start the opener. gentle ben will be back october 17. the baseball -- stephen strasbourg was expected to have surgery this morning. no confirmation from the nationals. nyjer morgan has been suspended eight games for his wild week, including the brawl wednesday night. the pitcher has been suspended six games. suspended and-or fine. ed. college football, navy is favored over maryland. boise state is the odds on favorite over virginia tech. they have way too much offense carried wide schedule the it
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third ranked broncos this early? >> i like building up the season last year with alabama. i like to open that would southern california. if they can do it, it is a big step. if it does not happen, you are still not out of the national picture. you can come back and win. >> very, very optimistic. i have my annual college football special tonight in prime-time. it will be fine. -- fun. it all starts at 8:00. tiger woods need a solid we can just to get to next week. he finished one over par. tiger is way off the pace. one final note, the u.s. open today, play was suspended by the
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hurricane. there been no major upsets. but it was suspended this afternoon as a hurricane earl made its way through new york. >> there was a fight in the stands. >> there was. >> tennis used to
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japanese love their pandanus
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and now they have double the pleasure. check out these two. these are twin baby pandas were born last month. zookeeper's say the male and female pandas are doing great. they are growing. they have quadrupled their weight since they were born. each of them weigh about 24 ounces. the zoo is allowing the public to see the pandas for the first time. they will be put on display twice a day. hurricane earl is heading out. here is how it looks right now. you can see it is down to a category 1. when these things get out into the open water, as they go through the evening, this is from the weather satellite. fiona and gaston, nothing to
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worry about. the tropics will be quiet as girl leaves. we'll be seeing some wonderful weather. some good boating weather for you sailors out on the bay. there will be small craft advisories up. >> look out for the sharks. >> heading back to work, it will be great. >> well done. it sounds great. >> to enjoy that weekend. abc world news is coming up next. >> we will see you back here at 11:00.
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