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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  September 15, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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glad you are joining us. i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. complete election coverage in a moment. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. first, adam caskey. >> it is another quiet day. we are behind the cold front that moved through yesterday. it is more comfortable today, a few degrees cooler than yesterday morning. good sleeping weather. it is 57 in leesburg. hagerstown, 56. 64 in the district. huntingtown, 53. 50 in woodbridge. low 80's this afternoon. 82 high temperatures, mostly sunny. an increase in the clients tomorrow. there could be areas of light rain tomorrow evening and tomorrow night, 30%-40% chance. no problems at all.
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looks good on the beltway. normal travel times on 95 between richmond and allied. good shape in and out of baltimore. the dulles greenway and lows total are quiet. good on 66, 270. southbound out of germantown and gaithersburg and eventually rockville, looks like this. metrorail is on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. big news. we begin with a major upset in the race for the district's next mayor. it appears vincent gray will unseat adrian fenty after just one term. 90% increase ex reporting. vincent gray is claiming 53% of the vote. fenty called the nominee to concede the race. >> courtney robinson is
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following what is next for the fenty campaign. but we begin with pamela brown, following the man who will take the reins of the nation's capital. >> vincent gray will become washington's next mayor. speaking early this morning grace said that his goal is to bring the residents of washington d.c. together to create "one city." his focus will be on community investment and collaboration. reforms will continue with him, but that there will be some changes. schools chancellor michelle rhee's days are numbered. he wants someone who will work with teachers and parents. his goal is to bring character and integrity back to the mayor's office, he says. >> we will work to restore your trust in city government. being fiscally responsible, bringing back transparency, sending a message that the days
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of pay to play politics are over in the district. >> despite a couple of jabs at fenty gamache congratulate effendi on running a hard and spirited campaign and as the crowd to give him a hand of applause. he wants to bring home a final victory in november. fueled a press conference of the washington court hotel at noon today. >> let's turn to courtney robinson. an emotional night for the current mayor and his supporters. you have the latest. >> good morning. it was an emotional night and the emotional morning for the fenty campaign. he fought hard to win reelection, but those efforts did not pay off. the most recent results from the d.c. board of elections shows fenty received little more than
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50,000 votes compared with his opponent with 59,000. vincent gray received a phone call from mayor fenty this morning conceding. around 1:40 this morning fenty was not ready to make that concession, saying he would wait for the board of election results. it seems that he already knew his fate. >> all elections are different. if you go back to all the elections i've been in, they have had ups and downs and dips. i always knew that we would not know until tonight. it will be like that in all the future elections. >> it took some time for the results to come in. yesterday fenty told voters that he would take nothing for granted and continue to push for school reform and streamline city services. one thing that hurts the
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incumbent, criticism of what some call it an abrasive and arrogant attitude and that he had lost touch with the district and its voters. courtney robinson reporting from northwest. there were scary moments at his election headquarters in northwest last night. a volunteer was hurt when he apparently felt glass window. paramedics treated the man at the scene for minor injuries. former state delegate rushern baker it will be the new prince george's county executive. yields on what margin against its closest competitor, prince george's county sheriff michael jackson. baker told supporters he is ready to lead. >> prince george's county is ready to be first in education, first in job creation, first in opportunity, first in an innovation, first in integrity,
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and first in public safety. >> he went on to say that he believes it's time to make a good county great. former maryland gov. bob ehrlich won the chance to try to get his old job back. the defeated brian murphy in the republican primary. that sets him up for a rematch with martin o'malley, who easily won the democratic primary. log on to similar results. more election results. thousands of voters cast early ballots before yesterday's primary. even taking that into consideration, the turnout was still light. still ahead, continuing coverage of tuesday's primaries and we will talk about the power of the tea party.
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>> and a college football first. reggie bush makes a dramatic decision about his heisman trophy. >> another check on your traffic
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wednesday morning. temperatures are in the 50's for the most part. a comfortable start to the day. low 80's this afternoon. the air-conditioner could remain off today. 57 in front royal. 55 in fairfax. 54 in gaithersburg, 58 in la plata. high and dry today with a lot of sunshine. a few scattered afternoon clouds. if there's a storm developing in the upper midwest. showers are associated with that. it will push our way and give us a chance of showers late tomorrow into early friday morning. it is a 35% chance. not looking at much accumulation. it is something. we will take what we can get. 82 degrees with sunshine today expected. degreasing clouds tomorrow with a slight chance of a few late- day showers.
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on new york avenue in vowel at florida avenue by the windies there's a tractor- trailer blocking the left lane. i wanted to take you to it. what is expected on the interstate and the beltway? looks great. george washington parkway looks good. looks good on 110th and to and from the district along 395. back to you. >> thank you. 61 degrees outside on this wednesday morning. >> not quite thursday. coming, the letter is branching out. we will tell you about its newest features. >> a tragic end to a story we told you about last week, a college student struck by a car in adams morgan has died. >> the tea party stirs the political pot again. >> the tea party stirs the political pot again. i am emily schmidt in
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welcome back. primary election continues. d.c. will have a new mayor. council chair vincent gray defeated incumbent adrian fenty 53% to 46%. greg's victory in yesterday's primary almost guarantees he will be the city's next mayor with no republican to run against. in maryland, bob ehrlich will run against incumbent democratic gov. martin o'malley. each won his party's primary. in prince george's county, rushern baker and has declared victory and the democratic primary for county executive. tea party followers are celebrating a number of victories this morning. candidates dealt a blow to those backed by the republican establishment.
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emily schmidt has more. >> one of the nation's smallest states is now home to a political group called the tea party. politics as usual-- no more. >> christine o'donnell one with the endorsement of sarah palin. >> i have no doubt that if she were to be the nominee, that we would lose this seat by unprecedented numbers. >> in new hampshire there was a senate race neck-and-neck. in new york's governor's race , paladino beat the party-
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backed candidate. >> the nation is mad as hell. >> charles rangel won easily despite 13 ethics charges pending. he plans to return to capitol hill stronger than ever. i am emily schmidt in washington. >> checking some other stories. an international student hit by a car outside the northwest d.c. restaurant last week has died. 26-year-old julie bachleitner died yesterday. your friend is injured. the driver is charged with assault and dui. a study calls for 1,600 miles of toll lanes in our area. the report suggests adding turrell to the beltway, 66, 95, 270, ander bw parkway. the council of governments will present the report to the d.c. planning boards today.
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bus drivers in prince george's county are resuming their strike today. talks broke down yesterday over several issues including of insurance coverage. the company brought in replacement drivers. half of the bus routes had some service yesterday as a result. metro is investigating a communications failure that happened after escalators broke down. altria escalators at the wheaton station stopped working monday evening. metro closed the station, but a trained stopped there, letting passengers and it anyway. metro is trying to determine why. gul gul joins the social networking -- google joins social networking and twitter tweaks its format. >> twitter gets a makeover. it is being split into two panels, making it easier for you to check vowel photographs and videos. the left side will be focused on the tweets. the right side will feature
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photographs and videos. they want it to keep users on its website logger. will unveil social network features this fall, although not one big product. the company plans to put a social layer off into its on- line search, video, and mapping products. evidence playing video games can be good for you. particularly the shooters are better at making quick decisions. if the unpredictability of the games is probably a factor in how quickly the players are able to make decisions. i am vinita nair. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> we have about 60 degrees outside. a little cooler than yesterday morning. >> a little cooler. probably don't need the air conditioner at all today. 82 degrees this afternoon.
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i am making my wife's leave the conditioner off. let's start with the tropics. we have two category 4 storms. there is julia on the far right. igor in the center. karl is affecting parts of belize and mexico. that is a tropical storm that could develop into a hurricane and across the yucatan peninsula and go back into the gulf of mexico. none of these should affect the united states. they are curving away from us. 84 is the high temperature from yesterday. a little above average. the record high today is 97, set in 1930. the record low was set in 1902, 43 degrees. today will be a couple degrees cooler than yesterday. currently 53 in fairfax. 59 in winchester. fredericksburg, 56.
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the naval air station, 59. a little warmer along the waterways, down in the '50s right now, though. there are clubs in the upper midwest. not a strong system, but it is a new one that will attract eastward and increase clouds for us throughout tomorrow. a pleasant day with high pressure today. hi and bye with sunshine, comfortable conditions. high and dry. we could use some rain. doesn't look like we will get much relief. still a pretty dry seven-day forecast. sunny and 82 today. tomorrow, 30% to 40% chance of showers late thursday and
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thursday night. drying on friday. to the warmest day would be the mid 80's on thursday, sunday, and tuesday. the coolest is near 80 degrees. no big changes. the first trains out reported on time. no problems on the baltimore washington parkway. the george washington parkway as well. looking nice along the beltway. overnight construction on the beltway in virginia is gone. traffic on the beltway at colesville, more neighbors are hitting the votes, but it is a steady pace. back to you. >> thank you. 60 degrees outside on this wednesday morning. >> reggie bush takes his lumps. the former usc running back makes a major decision regarding the tainted heisman trophy. >> on "the oprah show", in 1987 and west virginia town erupted after an aids patient jumped
5:22 am
into a community swimming pool. 23 years later, oprah goes back to find out if attitudes have changed. today at 4:00 on abc 7.
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>> the seattle storm defeated the atlanta dream 87-84 last
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night. a commanding two games to 1 in the best of five series. >> tim brant has sports. >> good morning. the nationals got a terrific performance from livan hernandez. the mets had lost six in the vowel. eight of their last 11. atlanta -- dez in alask and had a home run in the fourth with two rbis. they beat atlanta 6-0. let's go to baltimore. the big offensive explosion. the bottom of the fifth inning. , hit it to deep right field. what a turnaround in baltimore. androgen bush has returned his heisman trophy. bush has returned his
5:26 am
heisman trophy, the first player in the history of lord to do so -- in the history of the award. a scandal inside the nfl and how redskins ended up in the middle. that is ahead. >> meteorologist adam caskey and that is ahead. >> meteorologist adam caskey and belfort furniture weather center america needs clean energy, and america needs jobs. wind power can deliver on both - but only if the senate encourages investment by passing a strong renewable electricity standard.
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> goodbye.
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>> the people have spoken. this morning it looks like mayor adrian fenty is out of a job. good morning, washington. it is wednesday, september 15. i am scott thuman. >> i am alison starling. thanks for joining us. we will have live team coverage of this major upset in a moment. we begin with traffic and weather. >> temperatures in the 50's, a very pleasing weather. if you have the windows open, you should be able to keep the air conditioner off today. high temperatures around 82 degrees for law or is this afternoon. in the 50's almost everywhere to start this wednesday morning. -- 82 degrees only a couple hours this afternoon.
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it is 58 degrees in martinsburg right now. today is pleasant, not as gusty as yesterday. 82 is the high temperature. a couple degrees above average. if tomorrow, increasing clouds as a storm passes to lie north. those clouds could lead to a few showers mainly north of the metro area. 35% chance of rain. we could use the rain. tomorrow is the best chance. otherwise, we are died friday into the middle of next week. -- dry friday into the middle of next week. nextlink approaching 109. that is expected. normal between father hurley and the beltway. good on 66 between centreville and the beltway. quiet on the dulles greenway and the dulles toll road. let's take you where they connect. 28 is good.
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nothing on sterling. metrorail is on normal service system wide. back to you. >> thank you. it is a new day in the district of columbia. multiple sources are calling the district race for mayor of vincent gray. 90% of the precincts reporting, the council cheerleads by more than 8000 votes. the incumbent mayor adrian fenty ended his reelection fight around 3:00 this morning. >> if we will hear from the district's mayoral nominee in a few minutes. we have pamela brown and the latest. >> this out, virtually assures that vincent gray will be the next mayor of d.c. vincent gray says that this sends a message loud and clear that city residents want more respect and what character and
5:32 am
integrity restored in the mayor's office. he says his focus will be community engagement and collaboration between city government and residents of and he wants to unite residents into one city. he emphasized that there will still be reforms with him at the helm and there will be changes especially with educational reform. he hinted that michelle rhee, dayschool chancellor,'s, are over. >> cooler vowel will forward in the grey administration. it will b -- school reform will move forward in the gray administration. >> it will be working "with"
5:33 am
parents and teachers. >> he has an 80% approval rating. at the washington corridor vincent gray will speak at noon today. pamela brown reporting for abc 7 news. >> courtney robinson is live from fenty headquarters. this must come as a shock to the young mayor. >> it does. a few hours ago the incumbent mayor adrian fenty did call the new mayoral nominee vincent gray to concede his loss and let him know that, to congratulate him on his victory. around 1:40 this morning still adrian fenty but not willing to make that concession, saying he would wait for your election results to come in. that took quite some time.
5:34 am
the recent results do show that fenty received 50,000 votes 59,000.d with gray's it seems that he knew what his fate would be. >> all elections are different. if you go back all the elections i have been in, they have had ups and downs and the dips. i always knew that we would not know how this race would shake out until we were standing here tonight. no one could have predicted this. it will be like that in all the future elections any of us are involved in. >> republicans did not have a candidate in this primary. in an effort to insure another term for fenty, some activists tried to rally their voters to write in fenty and hoped they would run as the gop nominee. he said that he would not expect that nomination or run the right in campaign in the november
5:35 am
general election. many voters say that the of lost touch with voters and what some called an abrasive or arrogant attitude. courtney robinson reporting. another big race in d.c. was the battle to succeed vincent gray as council chairman. with 90% decrease is reporting, kwame brown defeated vincent orange. brown faces no republican opposition in november. former governor bob ehrlich in maryland won the chance to try to get his old job back. the defeated business investor brian murphy in the republican primary. that's a similar format with incumbent gov. martin o'malley, who easily won the democratic primary. maryland senator barbara mikulski has won a fifth term in the u.s. senate. she will face republican eric wargotz of queen anne's county
5:36 am
in november. she's a longest-serving female senator. stay with us for continuing coverage of all of our local races. the third time could be the charm for one democrat in the prince george's county executive race, coming up later. besides d.c. and maryland, voters in six other states went to the polls as well yesterday. they got some key victories for the department. >> career politicians need to go for a while and we need fresh people. >> the biggest upset was in dublin. christine o'donnell, the tea party candidate, the longtime congressman mike castle, and the republican senate nomination. in new york, paladino has won the republican gubernatorial nomination. and the republican senate race in new hampshire was too close to call. 4 million more republicans than democrats voted in this year's
5:37 am
primary according to american university study. still ahead, three hostages held in the discovery communications building will tell their story for the first time. >> men are going to be men. >> and nfl sexual harassment scandal hits close to home. why clinton portis is under fire. >> another check on traffic and weather every ten minutes first. if we will have more on
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i am from the invertebrate exhibit at the smithsonian national zoo. this is our octopus octavia. she loves seafood for breakfast. good morning, washington. 5:40 on this wednesday morning. welcome back. 54 in fort belvoir. 53 and sterling. 60 in germantown. park.palmer it is a little cooler than yesterday morning. gainesville, 57. waldorf, 55. 55 in upper marlboro. low 80's this afternoon with a lot of sunshine, a few scattered clouds. similar to what we have seen the past couple weeks. a light northwesterly wind at 5-
5:41 am
10. gaithersburg, 64. culpeper, 62 degrees -- 52. as a developing low pressure system in the upper midwest that will track eastward. we could use some moisture, but it does not look like we will get it. we anticipate increasing clouds through out the day tomorrow. a few showers will come through tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. we will talk about that and now traffic with lisa baden. inbound on canal road after the chain bridge but before arizona avenue there's a stalled car. there's one on the new york avenue in mount near florida avenue, a stalled tractor trailer. -- new york avenue in moubound. there's a 395. southbound on 270 headed to 109,
5:42 am
more of your neighbors hitting the notes, the pace looks normal. back to you. >> thank you. 5:41. 60 degrees outside. >> a reason to cheer even while trapped 2,000 feet underground, coming up. >> plus, three hostages from silver spring get a spot on oprah winfrey's couch. >>
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good morning. election coverage continues. d.c. voters ousted mayor adrian fenty. with 90% increase in its reporting, council chair vincent gray defeated jim 53% to 46%. with no republican contender in november, it is almost guaranteed that vincent gray
5:46 am
will be the next d.c. mayor. it was a good night for the departed during their candidates won primary victories in delaware and new york. and the new hampshire senate race is too close to call because of the tea party. is leadingker got 8 the prince george's county executive race. we are live in large bowl with what is next. good morning, brianne carter. >> if what is next is they will continue to place all the precincts to come in. no one is declaring victory. if a strong lead is being held by rushern baker a. last night speaking to reporters, he says he's ready to take charge of this county. i'd think the people misspoken. >> with a strongly against his opponent, he says that he's ready to move to prince george's county for word. >> prince george's, it is time to make a good county great.
5:47 am
>> the former state delegate has run for county executive twice before. the people of the county have spoken loud and clear. >> prince george's county is ready to be first in education, first in job creation, first in opportunity, first in innovation, first in integrity, and first in public safety. >> the numbers show baker holds a lead against all four opponents including his chief rival michael jackson, the county share of the past eight years. michael jackson has not conceded in this race. his campaign spokesperson says this race is not over yet. still waiting for a number of precincts to report the numbers from the voting. whoever wins will likely become the county executive with no republican challenger in prince
5:48 am
george's county. brianne carter reporting live. gov. bob mcdonnell has positive economic news for virginia. state revenues were up 5.3% last month compared with last august. the increase was driven by withholding and sales tax collections. officials are awaiting this month's figures. they will complete the first quarter of the fiscal year. virginia state workers could end up working a full you are 10- hour days a week. -- working four 10-hour days a week. some state offices could be closed on fridays. the governor does not want to cut services. >> they would be driving four days instead of five days so it would save money. >> i think the people would be happy to pay a little bit more money to get the services. >> the governor wants taxpayers
5:49 am
and state workers to weigh in on the panel ideas. if the recommendations will be presented to him again on october 15. arlington national cemetery, a washington post reports officials discovered two people were buried in the wrong graves after their remains were exhumed last month. in june the army's inspector general released a report detailing extensive record- keeping and other problems at that cemetery. we will soon learn new details from the people held hostage by the discovery channel gunman during those three hostages if will appear on "the oprah show" this thursday, tomorrow, if to talk about the incident. james lee held them captive at the silver spring facility until he was shot and killed by officers. ulia with enough to say tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. on abc 7. -- you will hear what they have to say. an american hiker has been
5:50 am
reunited with her family. sarah shourd was released from iranian prison. she reportedly has a precancerous condition. she and two other hikers were arrested last july for entering the country illegally. the iranians have accused them of spying. adam caskey is your. nice and cool. -- adam caskey is here. >> great to open the windows. >> my parents are visiting. i gave my dad the job of opening the windows to get the air circulating. >> don't judge the air- conditioner. >> put it to the off position. >> i did that online already this morning. very savvy. -- i did that on mine. >> we have two category 4 storms
5:51 am
in the atlantic right now. we will take a closer look. on the lower right is julia, category 4. igor has maximum sustained winds of 145 miles an hour. tropical storm karl affecting parts of babies and the yucatan peninsula. that could turn into a hurricane later this week and close to the weekend as it passes through the gulf of mexico. none of these systems should affect the united states. they should all get curved around. let's go to the graphics. 84 was the high temperature yesterday. the average is 80. a little above average. today we will be 82. -- a little above average today. it is 55 in baltimore today.
5:52 am
there's a new storm brewing in the midwest. that will give us a slight chance of showers late tomorrow into early friday. 82 is the high temperature today, mostly sunny, northwesterly wind. tomorrow, increasing clouds. mid 80's for the high temperatures. 35% chance of rain tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. high and dry from friday for the next couple days. now to lisa baden for the commute. volume of traffic is heating up. looks good to the pentagon. northbound 395, no problems from the beltway. southbound on 270, the heaviest volume is out of frederick in montgomery county, but if looks good on shady grove road. back to you. >> thank you. more interesting stories coming out. talking about the minors in july
5:53 am
chile. >> the miracle of birth happened. elizabeth gave birth to a dog while her trappe husband waited anxiously for the news underground. they are calling the baby girl esperanza, which is spanish for hope. >> that can also mean too wait. he's underground waiting. >> they are both very pertinent names. >> they will watch in the soccer match underground. they got a live feed down there. unbelievable. >> amazing. that will make for good movie someday. 5:53 is the time on this wednesday, 60 degrees. >> "good morning washington" continues after this. stay with us.
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the nfl story going on right now, running back clinton portis apologizing for comments he made about female reporters in the locker room. >> for all sports radio he spoke about the controversy surrounding mexican reporter ines sainz, allegedly sexually harassed in the new york jets' locker room. >> you put a woman and give her a choice of 53 athletes, somebody got to be appealing to her. somebody's got to spark her interest, or she's going to want somebody.
5:57 am
i don't know what kind of woman won't, if you get to go and look at 53 men's packages. >> the league is investigating the new york jets already for their treatment of the reporter. 5:57 on a wednesday. a lot more still to come in the 6:00 at our. -- hour. >> and news every parent needs to hear about the dangers of cough medicine and whether it should be available to buy over- the-counter. >> the district choosing a new mayor. we will have live team coverag
5:58 am
5:59 am
coming up, voters supported vincent gray and show adrian fenty the door. what is next for the capital city? in maryland, the governor's race me match rematch. >> no more politics as usual. smallest the nation's states is home to of the biggest political upsets. "good morning washington" begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning. thanor


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