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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  September 16, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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and hold on tight. john berman, abc news, new york. and from our family here at "america this morning," that is the news for now. >> get mor >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington." an ambulance and suv collided killing five people. it is for clock 30 a.m. >> we will have more on that story in a moment. here is adam caskey with the weather. >> it is comfortable outside. it is a couple of degrees warmer
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than it was yesterday at this time. there is a storm system that will pass to the north today. there are already some showers down along the coast. that will continue to push eastward and give us a chance of showers. temperatures are in the 50's. on our way to 87 this afternoon for a high at -- for a high temperature. maybe up to point to 5 inches of rain. >> we have an accident out there that is closing a stretch of marlboro pike between brooks drive and a road. let's go to springfield and we will show you that in '95 is in fairly good shape. there is some southbound construction.
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a bunch of construction of the virginia stretch of the beltway. that should all be cleared out very shortly. back to you. >> we began with breaking news. three people died in a collision between an suv and then ambulance. the suv was traveling eastbound when it hit the ambulance and flipped over. three men were in the ambulance. they were pronounced dead at the same. authorities say it does not appear they were injured. investigators are trying to determine how the crash happened. >> now to our other top story of the morning, the race for mayor. >> we are joined now with more of what reed is saying about the election results. >> read it is saying now that she understood from the very beginning that the decisions she was going to make it, the reform
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efforts she was going to make were going to cause consternation. she knew that from the beginning. she was going to come in and make a number of changes. now with the other administration poised to go forward with the city, she says there are still a lot of things to talk about. she says a conversation this to happen now. she did say that she believes a lot of those may have cost her her job. she says that no matter what, she was to make sure that they continue to move forward. >> i have spent the last 3.5 years but in my blood, sweat, and tears into the reform efforts here. will make sure we do what ever we can. >> vince gray says he wants
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to move forward. he has yet to say whether or not that person will be michelle rhee. >> what is next for the mayor? he says he will not wage a right in campaign or run as an independent. he says he will find another way to get back to the community. we as a new details from battleground, maryland. bob erhlich has support. the moves on to a rematch with the democratic incumbent. former republican vice- presidential candidate sarah palin is calling on her party to come together for the fall campaign. she says it is time for
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republican leaders to put aside their differences and capitalize on a series of victories by a steep 40 candidates. 12 people were indicted on federal drug charges. they were charged as part of the year-long investigation. officers seized guns, cash, cocaine, and other drugs. he is now on administrative leave. a man accused of assaulting a woman he met on an online dating service is behind bars. police say he held the woman against her will back in july and then sexually assaulted her. a gunman remains on the loose this morning one day after a shooting at a local school. john gonzalez has more as the
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victim fights for his life. >> shattered glass. >> it is at the point that we're going to move out of the neighborhood. >> a massive melee broke out involving about 100 teenagers and adults. he said a neighbor called to tell him. that is when shots rang out. >> the school kids were playing on my truck. they pulled guns out. we saw them running across the street. >> police say a male was shot in the chest and transported to the hospital in critical condition. >> use the kids getting shot. but enough is enough. >> parents -- neighbors say it is not the first time. >> i have kids to come out here
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and play. it would be safer in the house. >> detectives spent hours looking into the possibilities that a shot out window came from a getaway car. >> it is not related to what happened at the high school. the time now is for caught 37. the politics of the economy and the growing battle over bush-era tax cuts. plus, a tropical storm makes land. >> first, adam has been saying this all week long. we'll be right back
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turning an eye on the tropics early this morning, a tropical storm carl -- the heart of the storm hit a sparsely populated area of mexico. that is hurricane igor. adam, is a juilliard julia? we'll talk some more to adam about the nice air out there. >> we are mainly in the lower 50's. the sun will close -- the sun
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will come out closer to 7:00. the temperatures will be mostly in the 60's. martinsburg is an exception at 58. we are on our way to the upper 8's this afternoon. it will be a rather warm day to day. scattered showers will be developing, especially north and northwest of the metro area. a few shatters -- a few showers may linger. >> we are dealing with an accident in prince george's county. it is a stretch of marlborough pike. authorities are on the scene dealing with that. it will likely be shut down for some time. but get the check on i to
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tourists -- i to 70. -- i-270. construction in the overnight. those words on should be cleared up shortly. it is 4:42. >> and oprah exclusive. she goes one on one in -- with the three hostages. voters went to see if congress will work out tax cuts or let those cuts
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>> welcome back. we begin with some breaking news. three people are dead after a crash involving a suv and an ambulance. this was all marlboro pike. the victims were pronounced dead at the scene. two paramedics were taken to the hospital. they do not appear to have serious injuries. gray says she has not yet decided her fate. reed says she was a factor. investigators are looking for the gunman then shot a college student at prince george's community college. the man was found in critical condition.
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it does not appear to be related to several flights that broke out earlier at a mall or a high school. a battle is brewing on capitol hill. bush tax cuts are set to expire at the end of the year. everyone is trying to justify their position. >> today, the senate could pass the small-business bill, something president obama has long wanted. >> the american people did not send us here to just think about our jobs, they sent us here to think about theirs. >> the president wants families making less than $250,000 to keep their tax cuts. those making more will lose them. republicans say that everyone needs a break. >> extend all of the tax cuts. raising taxes is a wrong prescription for an ailing economy. >> hundreds of steel workers in
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ohio have found out that their plant will remain idle. >> there were about their jobs and help it will take care of their families. >> foreclosure numbers show that lenders to bat more homes since the start of the crisis. even some democrats say this is not the time for change. >> given the security of the economy, all of the bush tax cuts should be extended. >> 31 house democrats at a letter to the leadership asking them to extend the tax cuts for everyone. president obama says the country cannot afford it. the white house has found its wall street regulator. elizabeth warren will report to the treasury department and will not need senate confirmation. there are more burial
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mixups at arlington national cemetery. three bodies had been found in the wrong race. the bodies were examined after a net investigation. a fourth grave was opened. his family had asked for an investigation same there was a problem with the paperwork. >> we regret that the water family has lost confidence in our process. we apologize for the pain they have endured. >> yesterday, he was buried again. >> the attorney for the fort hood shooting suspect will ask to have proceedings closed so his client can get a fair trial. the is charged in the mercy of 13 people and attempted murder of 32 others. discovery channel employees
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held hostage are speaking for the first time. they sat down with oprah winfrey for her show that will air later today. they talked about their plans to run from the gunman. >> who made the decision that we're going to run for it? >> i think it was a mixture of signals. the guard was signalling with the police outside. i took that as it being time to run. i did not realize that he was talking to the police outside. i announced to the guard jen. >> you can see the entire interview today at 4:00. you can also see reaction to that interview. stay tuned for the news that bob o'clock. a lot of people want to hear what they have to say. >> just what was going through their minds at that moment.
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it is 65 degrees outside right now. >> coming up, the rise of the cell phone in the application associated with mobile devices. >>
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i am adam caskey at the weather center. let's see what it looks like outside today. increasing clouds, and maybe
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even a few showers. especially north and northwest of the immediate metro area. how much rain will we see? up to about point to 5 inches. look at the numbers this morning. it is not quite as cool as yesterday because there is a warm front pushing north. 61 in silver spring. yesterday, we were largely in the 50's. 87 be high temperature today. scattered showers this afternoon and evening. parts of maryland, parts of west virginia, and overnight we may see some showers locally. 50% chance of showers. after tomorrow mid day, it will be dry again. friday afternoon all the way through next week. a dry cold front will move
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through on saturday. that is it for the weather. >> we still have an accident cleanup along the way of marlboro pike between silver hill road and brooks drive. that is the accident we have been telling you about this morning. it will be under investigation for a while. otherwise, the interstates are in good shape. on the beltway in tyson and and and bill, it should be cleared up shortly. springfield traffic looks good northbound out of woodbridge. all lanes are open. it is 4:54. we appreciate your waking up wi. your waking up wi.
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americans have a love affair with their cell phones. >> she cannot get through the day much less the night without her trusty cell phone. >> i wake up during the night to check my cell phone. >> she is among an increasing
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number of adults using text messaging. a recent survey shows that 72% of adult telephone users text. that is up from 65% a year ago. >> researchers also found the cell phone is so much more. >> i use my own for my calendar. i use it to do everything. >> it is becoming an important life tool. >> it is a love-hate relationship. >> it keeps buzzing for work. i am on call 24/7. >> it can also be a pain. >> what i do not like about it is you can never get away.
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>> all day long. they are not paying any attention to me. >> i am always pulling it out to check. >> cynne simpson, abc 7 news. >> i cannot really say much. you have to learn to have limits, i guess. >> we seem to be addicted to our cell phones. lots more still ahead in our next half hour. breaking news to tell you about. a wrong way crash between suv and eight ambulances that left three people dead. >> i have looked spent the last 3.5 years into reform efforts. >> what does the future hold with a new mayor on the way? >> a new white house reports that every parent needs to hear.


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