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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  September 17, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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let's look at the beltway, college park, silver spring area. 66, 95, 395 down to the beltway looking pretty good. back to you. >> thank you. our top story this morning, gunfire inside johns hopkins hospital. a man shot a doctor before barricading himself in his mother's room, pointing the gun on him and her. mike conneen is live on the scene with the latest. what can you tell us? >> we are seeing a good number of security guards and police officers walking the perimeter of the facility this morning. they are reviewing the security plan at the hospital.
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please stand by. please stand by.
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penn station closed in new york 3ecause it was so packed with +&++&-pdown trees and power linn train tracks. ñin i was driving down the street and it was like a giant human, wash. everything started spinning. >>fw one woman died when a tree landed on her vehicle. >> i did not know what hit me at first. i wondered if i was alive. >> may be an act of god. >> new york has had eight confront tornadoes since 1960. meteorologist will confront today whether this was no. 9. emily schmidt reporting. >> unbelievable. >> yes. unusual. still ahead, politics and, the collide on the national mall. >> metrobus miscalculated the
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cost of one type of daily fare. >> a sneak peek at the
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>> have the friday. 91 degrees with the high temperature yesterday at reagan national. it was the 63rd 90-degree day of the year. the record is 67. we may have a few more 90-degree
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days. we'll keep an eye on or warmer weather. 79 degrees is the average height. we will be above that again later today with highs in the low to mid 80's. most of us, especially locally, mid 80's. 64 in fredericksburg. 71 at reagan national. 63 and martinsburg. low to mid 80's this afternoon. quality this morning and fairly humid. humidity will drop through a today. the morning clouds will clear the palate. on the weekends, a fair amount of sunshine, mid 80's. drive-through next week. -- dry through next week. >> in college park on the inner loop going northbound on 95, there is an accident. the traffic on the bottom left of the screen is the exit ramp, able to get pot.
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on-ramp there is still activity on the far right side of the road where it. dinuba exit at college park is open to traffic again. -- the interleuner loop exit is open. let's look at 270, southbound at hyattstown, traffic is quite slow. the pace is pretty good. springfield, not dead on 95 and -- not bad on 95 or 66. >> karl dumped several inches of rain on the yucatan peninsula of mexico, causing paula of outages and damage. it's a category 3 storm. the mexican government has issued a hurricane warning for much of their adult coast.
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it is 67 degrees on this friday morning. >> a face-off that's going to happen in the heart of washington. >> disturbing news about the rising poverty rates. >> metro is backtracking on a plan to lower the cost of a
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>> welcome back. breaking news from southwest washington. authorities are investigating a police involved shooting near capitol grounds. capitol police spotted the man with a gun near the 100 block of c street southwest. when officers approached, he pointed the gun and they opened fire. noel on the suspects condition. we have a clue on the scene. we will bring you more as we get
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more details. investigators say it was an arlington man who opened fire at johns hopkins hospital in baltimore yesterday. paul pardus shot a doctor before killing his mother and himself. he was distraught on the news of his mother's condition. the doctor is expected to survive. >> a storm slammed into nyc yesterday afternoon. a woman was killed when a tree fell on her car. i've been knocked down trees and snarled traffic. pope benedict xvi is in london. you'll meet with the leaders of other religions today. he spent yesterday in scotland where he held an all or mass and met with the queen elizabeth 2. >> we have some news that metro may be backtracking on plans to lower the cost of a smartrip card. the agency thought the cards will cost about two dollars to
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make. the cost is actually $3.40. the transit agency says it would lose a million dollars. there's a new phone credit card message for parking in d.c. some drivers are getting a lot of tickets. city officials say that if you pay by phone with a credit card, your license plate and location will go into a data base. people writing tickets will have access to the information through a hand-held device and the gellman update frenemy idris about to expire. the chain bridge will close this weekend for structural work. shut down 8:00 tonight and obama caught monday morning. for the bridge will also be off- limits to cyclists and pedestrians. the chain bridge will be closed also during the first three weekends in october. jon stewart and stephen colbert coming to the national mall >> . the hosts of the daily show and
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the colbert report will have dueling rallies. this happens october 30. the event is being called the rally to restore sanity, for jon stewart. and for stephen colbert, the march to keep fera ar alive. one step closer to the world's biggest airline. >> and property is on the rise. john nelson as those stories and more. -- rob nelson. >> the recession pushes the poverty rate to a 15-year high. 44 million americans live in poverty. that is one of seven people. millions north stay above the poverty line because of government benefits and other assistance. the head of the johnson & johnson consumer division is retiring next year. her division is responsible for a string of embarrassing recall
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which included children's tylenol. gm builds the new ceo thinks it will take several years for taxpayers to get their allowed money back. the remaining $43 billion will be repaid through the company's initial public offering which will be expected later this year. part of that loan being repaid. and there is a possible airline mergers that could take another year. >> adam caskey has the latest on a weekend forecasts. sounds like today is going to be really nice. >> it's going to turn into a nice day. the cold front pushing through. it will sweep away the humidity. >> we like that. >> it's going to get rid of the clouds. we got rainshowers will we needed them. myers bill, 8 cents of an inch.
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half an inch in martinsburg. -- myersville got 8 centtenthsf an inch. you will see little humidity and air. dew points are dropping because of the northwestern the breeze. let's look at dadullah to monitor the updated yesterday. -- drought monitor. extreme drought in northern shenandoah valley still. that is will we got most of the shawa sister did. not enough. 91 and i yesterday at reagan national. the average high is 79. -- 91 was a high temperature at reagan national. 96 was the record for today. morning clouds will clear out.
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temperatures in the 60's this morning. approaching 70 and a couple hours. 80 degrees by lunchtime and sunny. high temperatures in the low to mid 80's. mid 80's this weekend with a lot of sunshine. cloud cover on sunday. it will be dry this weekend and early next week. northbound side of 99 in virginia, not bad. a little heavy in woodbridge. 270 southbound, have been getting past about 109 in hyattstown. beltway at college park, if an accident on the inner loop near 95, the ramp is open, still activity on the far right. traveling on the inner loop at route 1 college park there's an accident on the far-right. it has just been cleared out. no delays getting past the scene. back to you. >> thank you. 6:21.
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67 degrees. >> thanks for waking up with us on this friday morning. stay with us. "
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america needs clean energy, and america needs jobs.
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wind power can deliver on both - but only if the senate encourages investment by passing a strong renewable electricity standard. with a strong res, we can keep 85,000 wind power workers on the job, and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, too. jobs that america could really use right now. for american jobs, tell your senators to pass a renewable electricity standard today. >> this man is one of the oldest workers around. a 100-year-old postal worker. they celebrated his birthday
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yesterday. >> he's worked there in maryland as a janitor 30 years. he still works 30 hours a week and has no plans to stop. >> it keeps me going. i enjoy life. >> he has his little lunch bag. >> wingate drives himself to work. his secret to long life is not smoking or drinking and goes to church every sunday and the sale of the. >-- eats healthy. >> another half vowel or coming up. coming up, another high-profile casualty of the new administration. else is leaving office when vincent gray takes over as mayor. >> what would cause a man to
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shoot a doctor and his mother and turn the gun on himself? that's coming up. we have some much-needed rain from yesterday it. there's21hñ a
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> he was really close to my mother also. >> at johns hopkins, a hospital shooting. good morning, washington. it'soniñ friday, september 17. i am pamela brown. >> i am alison starling. breaking news also near the shooting of the grounds of the capitol building. but we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey has a check on the
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forecast. >> the humidity is dropping. clouds are clearing out. we got some rain yesterday that we needed. where we needed the most is will we got it. northwest of the detroit area. we are in the 60's this morning, enloe labeouf average. otemperatures will be dropping over the next couple mornings. hughesville, 68 this morning. clearing this morning, becoming mostly sunny this afternoon. highs in the low to mid 80's warming this weekend with a fair amount of sunshine, highs in the midn] 80's. '8t week. traffic looks pretty good on the beltway and tysons corner.
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at a toll road at the traffic is running well. in maryland on the beltway there is heavy traffic beginning near the university blvd. heading toward the exit 4 georgia ave. all lanes open. downtown we have a problem along c street, closed between third street southwest and the intersection with washington ave. this may affect ramps coming out of the third street tunnel. we will have more on that in a moment. back to you. >> thank you. the breaking news from southwest washington, authorities are investigating the police involved shooting near the capitol grounds. if this is new video. capitol police spotted a man with a gun near the 100 block of c street southwest. the pointed a gun when officers approached and they opened fire. noronha suspects condition. -- there is no word on the suspect's condition.
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> a murder-suicide inside a baltimore hospital. a man opened fire on the doctor before barricading himself inside his mother's hospital room. shortly afterwards, he turned the gun on her and then himself. this played out on national tv. it was inside the renowned johns hopkins hospital. mike conneen has the latest. >> good morning. a good number of security guards and police officers are patrolling the perimeter of this facility. security officials are reviewing the security procedures today. doctors and staff are headed back to work. >> the doctor collapsed just outside the doorway after three hours of a terrifying tactical situation, the incident became an investigation if into a murder-suicide. doctors were informing paul pardus that his elderly mother
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jean davis was suffering from back pain and likely never walk again. if the gunman could not handle the news. >> it is scary knowing someone was on a rampage with a gun. >>kmñ-ktv2líkth6?]8p0>x'vykór7t that he pulled out a semioti semiautomaticxóc3 handgun, a d, then barricaded himself and will with his mother. >> we had it pretty well covered. >> worried family members agonized until they were reunited. >> i called her on the phone. they did not knowing was going on. >> the injured dr. david cohen under emergency surgery and is expected to survive. >> the bones appear to be ouwounds
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appeared to be survivable. >>5b!y9z4ñ we are hearing frome family of the gunman. >> his brother city loved his mother is a much that they could not stand to see her suffer. courtney robinson joins us with more. >> his family as well as his friends and neighbors have said that same thing over and over, that he was a devoted son and became so overcome with grief that he would do something like this. he lived in this small house in arlington working as a metroaccess driver. ronald kitson believed that his brother, 50-year-old paul pardus did everything because he could not watch his mother suffer anymore. ->> he tried to be with her as much as the good. >> gibson said that he brought
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his mother in and out of hospitals, hoping to ease her pain, taking her to specialists. this final surgery did not go as planned. >> i guess the doctor told him the operation was not successful. i guess he felt she was not going to be able to walk again. >> his neighbors say he was not a violent man, rather a devoted son and was tdevoted. >> he was hoping to stay with her. >> gibson was left to cope with the loss of both. >> i've lost my mother and my brother. >> the family says they were aware that he had a handgun, but they never thought he would use
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it for something like this. back to you. >> thank you. log on to for more stories and pictures on this. we are hearing more about the people held hostage at discovery communications in silver spring. two hostages spoke on "the oprah winfrey show" yesterday. >> i had an e-mail from my boss and i responded and sit on the hostage with jim and a guard in the lobby. i>> it makes you appreciate what you have. i've not wasted a moment with my children. >> police shot and killed the gunman. still ahead, wind metro passengers might not get a price break on the smartrip cards. ben affleck stars in a blue-
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collar crime thriller romance. i have a preview of coming up. another check on traffic and i have a preview of coming up. another check on traffic and weather every ten minutes
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on with the patuxent drinking water filtration plant. we just won first place in the
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state fair competition. >> good morning, washington. almost 6:40 on this friday morning. welcome back. adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center in. clear skies with the cold front moving through. mostly clear skies in the district. there's a cloud deck to the northwest of the metro area. looks beautiful. 70 degrees on water. 71 at reagan national. 64 in huntingtown. click on scalise this morning. a little muggy. the humidity is dropping. high temperatures in the low to mid 80's. the average is 79. mostly sunny on saturday. mmid 80's this weekend. partly cloudy on sunday. c street between washington avenue and third street
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southwest there's a police investigation downtown. and possibly the ramp closed coming out of the third street tunnel. heading to capitol hill, give yourself extra time this morning. the beltway, the aldus lil, college park to silver spring. the accident after connecticut avenue is gone and no longer a factor. for 95 and 395 are in good shape. would bridge to the beltway looks good. back to you. >> thank you. friday morning, 67 degrees. >> we will be back with the latest on the shooting on the capitol grounds. we
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we continue to follow breaking news from southwest washington. authorities are investigating the police involved shooting near capitol grounds. this is new video. authorities tell us capitol police spotted a man with a gun near the 100 block of c street southwest and on 5:00 this morning. when officers approached, he pointed the gun and they opened fire. if the suspect was transported to the hospital. there is no word on his condition. roads are closed for the investigation. investigators say that an arlington man was the gunman yesterday at the shooting a johns hopkins hospital in baltimore. paul pardus was being briefed on his mother's condition monday pulled a gun and shot the doctor david cohen. then he shot his mother and then kill themselves. the doctor is expected to survive. president obama is said to a
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point elizabeth hollen as a special adviser to oversee the creation of a new consumer protection agency. 00 elizabeth warren. today pope benedict will be in london meeting with dignitaries and politicians. dkms yesterday in scotland. metro thought the cards would cost $2 to make, but the actual cost is $3.40. they considered selling the cards at $2.50, but they lose a million dollars. the smartrip cards. a teenage boy was shot before 7:00 last night in hyattsville. two men fled the scene.
6:46 am
there's no word on their identities. a deadly crash between an suv and an ambulance on all turrell pike in district heights. this is security videotape that shows the suv seconds before impact. it is on the wrong side of the road and going so fast that you only see a flash as it travels across the screen. for all three people in the suv died on the scene. those in the ambulance survived. nichols does not plan to work for the gray administration should the democratic nominee been. he says he plans to resign at the end of the year to ensure a smooth transition for d.c. public the next mayor. now that vincent gray has won the primary, questions are raised about what will happen to michelle rhee. the school chancellor fired hundreds of teachers in an effort to reform the district school system. she campaigned against vincent gray. she called the election results devastating for d.c.
6:47 am
schoolchildren. vincent gray says he will not make any personnel changes until after the november general election. a backup plan for lawmakers. a closer look at the gop election agenda. >> david joins us with a look at both of these stories. >> good to be with you. good morning. >> this article today is interesting, talking about republicans not doing well as a republican move on to the tea party. >> those who've tried to run for office before and lost have fashioned a themselves again. they might be social conservatives talking more about the gun control. they saw an opening in the tea party and all the sudden they became fiscal conservatives and started talking about lower spending. they picked the right year to run and then having some success now. >> christine o'donnell in delaware sai, her critics have d
6:48 am
she is not electable, a little extreme. >> delaware is a specific case because of her candidacy. there are issues about her background. it is a democratic-leaning states already. that may not be the best example. the fact that she won the nomination speaks a lot to this issue. in other years you would not have gone past the primary. >> the republicans will be rolling out their agenda during they may be taking lessons from the tea party. >> yes, they're talking to the republican base. stick with us, you put us in the majority and we will do what you want. they're not talking so much about issues but about half to run as of representatives. they are saying we will put the
6:49 am
bills on nine $72 before they get voted on. recorded put the bills online 72 hours. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> now to adam caskey. a fantastic friday, a fantastic saturday. a little cloudy right now. very pleasant for caldor plans this weekend. you will have to water the garden because of a dry weather data and the next couple days. a beautiful shot over the bay. there is a badge of clouds just off to the northwest of the immediate metro area. that was lot of it. high temperatures in the low to mid 80's. humidity levels will be dropping. because of the cold front,
6:50 am
humidity will go down. temperatures in the '60s right now. 71 at reagan national. 91 was the high temperature yesterday. the average high is 79. barely any rain at reagan national. 8 cents of an inch in maryland. significantly lower amounts in the metro area. -- 8 tenths of an inch in maryland. in west virginia there is a drought as well as parts of maryland. we could still use showers. we are getting into another fairly dry weather pattern today through almost the end of next week. mostly sunny today. high temperatures in the mid 80's. humidity dropping. sunshine tomorrow. 85 most of the weekend. cloudy on sunday. the belt way north of town,
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a loop delays at colesville road, a broken-down car on the right shoulder. the trouble in downtown d.c. will be on c street, closed between washington and third street southwest because of a police investigation. that may affect france coming out of the third street tunnel heading towards c
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good morning. i'm arch campbell. ben affleck's blue collar crime thriller romance, the best movie of the weaker. >> i would like to stop it with your abduction. >> is ruthless gang of bank robbers takes the woman hostage and then let ago. when they discover she lives in the neighborhood, romance blooms. then he considers revealing his identity. jeremy renner from the hurt locker stars. 4 star as. >> your name is olive? >> a high school comedy. >4 stars for "the town."
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and for "to the other guys." one star for "i'm still here." have a nice weekend, everybody. i'm arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. we continue falling breaking news from southwest washington. right now authorities are investigating the police involved shooting near the capitol grounds. police are telling us capitol police fired at a man with a gun near the 100 block of c street southwest at 5:00 this morning. when officers approached, he pointed a gun and they opened fire. >> two of our officers observed the suspect, he brandished a
6:56 am
weapon, the officers fired. he was taken to local hospital. this is an isolated incident. no other injuries to report. the suspect is in custody. >> we will have the latest on this story at noon today. >> that's having an impact on traffic. let's go to jim russ. >> c street is closed between washington avenue and third street southwest each direction and it's affecting the ramp coming out of the third street tunnel. jahant at hyattstown on 270. the beltway will be jammed getting through college park. la there is a dry weather pattern taking shape today after the rain yesterday. high temperatures above normal. in the mid 80's today through
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