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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  September 20, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> that is what is making news in america this morning. captioned by the national captioning institute straight ahead, a nail-biter . more on that last-minute loss. good morning. hate to start on that note. i'm alison starling. we'll get to your traffic and weather in just a moment. first, we have a brief heads up for students in ann arundel county. chesapeake high school, chesapeake middle school, and folger mckinsey elementary school will be closed due to a broken water main. first let's go adam caskey.
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>> sunshine in store, temperatures a little cooler. let's look at the numbers to start our morning. annapolis 55. laurel 67. reston checking in at 66. at reagan national, an even 70 degrees. 80 later this afternoon. yesterday we hit 65. we were in the mid 80's. today we'll be 80 degrees. we're running just a few degrees above average. we'll talk about the forecast in a few minutes. now let's go to lisa. >> if you are leaving spreef, nba -- if you are leaving springfield, northbound, all lanes are good. they are working in the service
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road, but that should be gone by the time you get there. very, very quiet on the highway this morning. dry, passable, and good in the geico cameras. back to the news desk. >> ok, lisa, thank you very much. as we mensed a few minutes ago, redskins fans are mourning the heart-breaking loss. the skins lost in overtime follow their game with houston. >> it was a rollercoaster ride for the redskins fans. >> we were, like, let's go home. >> donovan mcnabb was doing well. >> i was like, ok, here we go.
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>> then skins fans began to get nervous. >> 27-10. >> then it look like the skins would seal the deal in the third quarter. a chip shot was blocked. >> it was shaking, and we were pounding on the counters. >> late in the fourth, the skins cling to a 7-point lead. then the game was tied going into overtime. in overtime, hearts were broke dwren after a missed -- broken after a missed field goal attempt by the redskins. the texans walk away winners 30-27. players and fans couldn't believe what happened. >> a little shocked. >> i was very disappointed. >> i think this team is talented enough where we can bounce back after a game like this.
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>> that was hora. ce -- that was horace holmes reporting. fairfax county parkway will take another step toward completion. between rolling road and interstate 9:00, it will open at 5:00 a.m. the northbound lanes opened this past weekend. >> and a heads up for drivers in tyson's corner. the ramp to westbound route 7 is closed. this new pattern will be in place until the end of the year of the it is because of construction on the met owe -- metro extension out to dulles international airport. a strong-armed robbery near campus. a man, not a student, was walking in the shopping center at college park when three men attacked him. police say the suspects took
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items from the victim's pockets and ran away. anyone with information, is asked to call police. the first murder suspect in a string of stabbings. five new charges against elliott abulazum. he is suspected in stabbings in virginia and ohio. on thursday, a woman is expected to be executed in virginia. the first woman to be put to death in virginia in a century. rebecca cooper has the story. >> is it the wrongful execution of a woman? >> the death penalty is reserved for the worst of the worst, and she is not close to that. >> or did she carefully plot the
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death of her husband and step son? >> i can say she is one of the most evil people there is. >> mcdonald says he remains convinced lewis acted in cold blood planning to collect insurance money by having her boyfriend, even going through her husband's pockets while he lay diing. >> i would tell the governor, if i were to speak to him, these are people i love very much. >> her defense attorney would say she is a victim herself of
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an evil boyfriend. >> she is on the cusp of mental retardation herself and she was an easy mark. >> if someone is close to mental retardation, they are not subject to the death penalty. . police were responding to a domestic dispute call when a man with a rifle opened fire on officers. the man, identified as 28-year-old michael cohen, was killed. a leesburg man charged with murdering his wife. steven combs lafleur.
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they arrived to a home and found katherine lafleur suffering injuries. she later died at the scene. on this monday morning, it is 4:38. outside we have 58 degrees. still to come here on "good morning washington," a controversial parking plan gets a second look. plus, one of the hostage hikers is now home. the families of the two others are asking for a deal. but first on this monday morning, will that perfect weekend weather be sticking around? adam has the
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4:41. meteorologist adam caskey here. as we go through the midday, the humidity will drop. falls church 66, along with the district. hitesvill at 6 -- hyattsville at 68. drier air, less humid, and more comfortable conditions. frederick 65. manassass at 70. 85 the high temperature. the average high is 78 degrees.
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and the record high is 94, set back in 1895. long-standing record for us today. about 80 degrees for the high temperatures. upper 70's in the outliing suburbs. now back to lisa at 4:42. what a wonderful drive it is around the beltway. they will clear construction by the time you get to andrew's air force base. 95, northbound, good, and 395, good. nothing at reagan or dulles. good on 270. good on i-70, and the beltway in maryland looks quiet. alison starling? >> thank you, lisa. coming up, hurricane igor is
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weak but still wet, and now it is bringing heavy rains to bermuda. an american just released from iranian prison says she feels just 1/3 free. i'm emily smith in 
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good morning. 4:45 is your time. the ramp from 123 to westbound route 7 is closed.
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drivers can get to route 7 from 123 villa frontage road. this new traffic pattern will be in place until the end of the year. redskins fans are struggling to come to the -- come to grips with the loss against texas yesterday. the redskins face st. louis next week. unless the supreme court intervenes a virginia woman is set to die by lethal injection. teresa lewis is being executed for killing her husband and step-son. the american woman held prisoner in iran for more than a year is speaking out now. sarah shourd is still talking about the situation, and that's because her friends are still in
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prison. >> she is back in the u.s. and thanking iran that she is. >> i want to give my extreme thanks to the government and religious leaders of iran. >> she claims she and her friends shane bauer and josh fattal crossed the border into iraq were jailed. >> my disappointment in not sharing this with shane and josh is crushing. >> she returned to new york for the united nations general assembly. he said americans should release eight iranians held here in response to iran's release of shourd. >> i believe it would not be misplaced to ask that the u.s. government should make a humanitarian jess -- gesture to
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release the iranians. >> the release of the other two americans in iran have requested a meeting with iran's president. >> sarah shourd was released due to medical conditions. emily schmidt, washington. a new video clip shows o'donnell admitting to what she calls dabbling in witchcraft. it is from the show "politically incorrect." >> i dabbled in witchcraft. i am not making this stuff up. >> wait, wait, wait. i want to hear about this. >> one of my first days as a witch was on a satanic atar and
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i didn't know it. >> this morning she is making light of those comments, she said she hung out with some questionable folks in high school. the former secretary of state admitted he has used illegal immigrants to do work on his own house. he said they should be put on a staff toward legal status. powell did not say whether he hired them directly or whether they showed up with contractors. bp confirms cement pumped into the shell has hardened effectively killing the well. the spill dumped more than 200 million gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico. now, this morning, we have the latest on hurricane igor which is starting to move away from bermuda. the rain pounded the island uprooting trees and knocking out
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power. igor is expected to steer clear of the u.s. but it is expected to cause high surf and rip currents along the east coast. we have 57 degrees outside. coming up later, free parking at night in d.c.? it might be making a comeback. we'll tell you why. first, another check on your
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welcome back to "good morning washington." it is a little above average. average low temperature at reagan national is 61. we are actually at 70 degrees at d.c.a. at this moment. the temperatures should drop a few degrees. the district 70 degrees. fredericksburg checking in at 69. looking at dew point levels. remember, a dew point measures how much water is in the hair and basically the come fort level outside. well, these dew point numbers will be dropping throughout the day today and probably down into the low 50's and upper 40's by this evening. that means very dry, crisp air moving into place. so high temperatures in the upper 70's to near 80's. a lot of sunshine as well. a few high thin clouds. tonight temperatures will be dropping into the upper 40's.
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so big change compared to what we have outside right now. tomorrow morning, upper 40's out west. mid 50's downtown. we warm up through the middle part of this work week. for now, the roads with lisa. everything changes in your favor. at tyson's a change in the traffic pattern at international drive. i understand that will be for at least the next year. i think we'll be doing that in our sleep before we change that again. we're going to jump to a couple maps. good in virginia. 66, 95, 395, quiet ride in montgomery county near 270 and the beltway. alison starling? >> thank you, lisa. 4
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>> it looks like the late hours in d.c.'s popular areas might get a second look. drivers need to feed the meter until 10:00 at night. critics say that is bad for business at restaurants and bars. kreuz kreuz -- greta groove tells us why a change could be on the way. he he had his new orleans cafe. his parking lot is dark at 10:00 at night, and that is scaring some people away. >> this year mayor fenty
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extended meter hours to raise revenue. but his likely successor vincent gray said he will reconsider that because it has angered so many people. >> you have to leave early. >> i would think twice about coming down here if i had to pay for parking. >> a new street, for example, one side of this meter says two-hour parking until 10:00 p.m., but on the other side, no time limit after 6:30. a sign suggesting a two-hour limit right over a meter machine that says four hours. >> let me ask you, is it two hours or four hours? >> i don't know. >> i would probably bank on the two hours so you don't get a ticket. >> vdot changed the program so
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you wouldn't have to interrupt dinner or a show to put money in the meter. vincent gray's people tell me how do you come up with $6 million in lost parking meter revenue. in georgetown, greta kreuz. a lot more ahead. coming up, redskins fans are reeling after a last-minute loss. we'll have the highlights and low lights from the nail-biter at fed ex field. after a year in captivity, a hiker is set free. sarah shourd says she is only 1/3 free. "good morning washington" begins right now.


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