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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  September 20, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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morning washington." we are glad you are joining us. i'm alison starling. we'll have traffic and weather in just a moment. first, a quick heats up for students in ann arundel county. chesapeake high, chesapeake bay middle, and folger mckinley elementary will be closed due to a broken water pipe. now time for traffic and weather. adam caskey has the first check on the forecast. we had a gorgeous weekend, adam. maybe we can hang on to that. >> high temperatures in the upper 70's yesterday. the average high temperature is 78. we run a little above average. today will be a little cooler and closer to normal. right now we're in the 60's, which is above average for morning temperatures. our average low is 61 at reagan national. 68 in springfield. hamilton 65. culpeper at 65 degrees. temperatures will likely drop a couple more degrees before the sun comes up at 6 cht 54 -- 6:54
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a.m. north wind at 5 to 15. we'll drop the humidity throughout the day today. it's 5:01. let's go to lisa. it has been smooth on the outer loop of the beltway. construction barrels should be on the shoulder now. they did roadway on the service road. that should also be on the side. this gike owe -- geico camera showing an uneventful ride. more to come on the traffic side in a while. now to alison starling. >> lisa, thank you very much. well, it was a heart-breaker at fed ex field. after more than four quarters, it came down to a tale of two kickers. the texasians walked away with the -- the texans walked away with the win. >> there you go, houston steals a win from the skins in overtime.
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we'll talk more about how it went south for the skins coming up a little later this hour. hang on for that. now we look at the day ahead. a traffic alert for driferedse in va -- drivers in virginia. get ready for changes in tyson's corner. more with these changes and how it will affect you, nash nash. -- natasha barrett. >> good morning, lisa. i have to admit, i didn't know about the changes near the mall. there was a big orange sign that surprised me. it was good it was late and no one was behind me because i had to figure out my way around to get home. so this morning will be interesting for a lot of you driving in the tyson's corner area in virginia. what is affected is the ramp in the direction going to reston and wolf trap.
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anyone who knows tyson's corner or lives or works in the area knows about the traffic here and it is a mess. that is due to the metro project going on in this area. here are the changes happening now. it is the ramp from 123 to westbound route 7 in the tyson's corner area. there is a new exit out here from route 123 to the frontage road all for the ongoing construction for this major dulles metrorail project. it is going from this fri friday night -- it is going from this friday night until the end of the year. live from tysons corner, natasha barrett. >> thank you. meanwhile, it just got easier to get to interstate 95 in northern virginia.
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the southbound laineds of fairfax county parkway between rolling road and 95 opened up a few moments ago. the parkway is close to being fully completed now. in other news this morning, more charges expected to be filed against the accused serial stabber. michigan prosecutors are set to hold a news conference about five new charges gends a stabber in michigan, ohio, and virginia. five of the michigan victims died. a frederick man died after a confrontation with police. police were responding to a domestic dispute call when a man with a rifle shot at them and they shot back. 28-year-old oliver cohen was killed. police are kerming if -- determining if he died from an officer's bullet or a self--inflicted wound. the senate finance committee
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chairman, baucus, is planning to roll back taxes for top income americans, which president obama supports. republicans are calling for all bush tax cuts to be extended temporarily. there is an old video that puts a spotlight on a tea party favorite. i dabbled in witchcraft. >> that is christine o'donnell making those comments during a taping on the show "politically incorrect." she was supposed to appear on two sunday talk shows, but she canceled those appearances yesmed she responded by saying she hung out with questionable folks in high school. secretary of state coal-in powell admits -- colin powell admits he used illegal immigrants to perform work on his home. he said illegal immigrants perform necessary work in the
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united states and should be put on a status of legal zip. sarah shourd has return today iran, but her fan say and friend are still jailed. emily joins us with the latest. >> sarah shourd is now talking about her release from prison, but she is not saying much about her time in prison. her fan say and friend are still behind bars in iran. no word as to when or if they will be able to get out. sarah shourd did begin her first day in the u.s. thanking iran for her release. she said she feels 1/3 free because her two friends remain jailed. iran has accused all three of crossing the border from iraq and being spies. shourd says they are not spies and committed no crime. ironically, mahmoud ahmadinejad is here, too, for the united nations general assembly.
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he said americans should release eight iranians it holds in prison in response to shourd's release. sarah shourd was released on $500,000 bail because of medical conditions. she said doctors evaluated her and she is physically ok. back to you. >> thank you,, emily, for the latest. still ahead on "good morning washington," for the first time in a century, the commonwealth is set to execute a woman. hurricane igor sets its sights on bermuda. it is a cool morning at the bus stop today.
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welcome back. it is 5:10. hurricane igor knocked out power to much of the british territory , high rains in bermuda, and igor is expected to cause rip currents along the east coast.
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>> as a slight chill spreads across medical borne -- melbourne, we'll find a way to perk you up. a good 10 degrees cooler in some locations, especially further west. gatesburg 53. 56 at eatonville. the humidity is going to drop throughout the day today. it is going to feel more pleasant and come fortable. >> a few degrees cooler than what we had yesterday. near 80. we will really warm up by the middle of the week. upper 80's, near 90 degrees by wednesday, thursday, and friday. slight chance of storms
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wednesday and thursday. everything looks smooth for us. in and out of baltimore on the baltimore-washington parkway. good on the route 50 corridor. this is a picture of 270 traffic in the geico camera. headlights heading north leaving the beltway on their way toward falls road and eventually into frederick. heading away from us, the lane divides from the beltway. back to alison starling. >> ok. lisa baden, thank you. 5:12 is the time outside. coming up, facebook's next phase. the latest rumors around the social network. plus -- >> the death penalty is reserved for the worst of the worse. teresa is not close to that. >> virginia gets set for a historic execution. first the frantic search for
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a missing religious group is over.
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it is 5:15. our "top stories" this monday morning. the ramp from southbound route 123 to westbound route 7 is now closed. drivers can get to route 7 by using an exit ramp from 123 to frontage road. this new traffic pattern will be in place until the end of the year. an american woman held in iran for more than a year is now speaking out. sarah shourd is in new york where she's calling on iran's president to release her fan say, shane bauer, and her friend, josh fattal. the iranian leader is in new york to speak to the united nations general assembly. the leader of a california religious secretary is undergoing a mental evaluation after she and her followers were
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found praying in a park. police say the group disappeared saturday and family members contacted authorities fearing the group might be planning a mass suicide. a virginia woman is set to be sentenced to death this thursday. if the supreme court does not intervene, teresa lewis will be the first woman put to death? 100 years. her supporters say she found faith in prison and has repented. >> the death penalty is reserved for the worst of the worst. theresa is not anywhere to close to that. >> i can say teresa lewis is as evil a person as i have ever met. >> bob mcdonnell said he found no compelling roon reason to stop the execution. a leesburg man, steven combs
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lafleur, charged with killing his wife. police arrived to their house and found his wife suffering from injuries she later died from at the scene. a funeral for ron walter in washington, d.c. jesse jackson will deliver the eulogy. hundreds turned out for a memorial service at howard university. walters taught at howard for 25 years. after that, he directed the african-american leadership institute at the university of maryland. >> he was an activist scholar and a scholar activist. he wrote about what he knew. he analyzed about what he knew to be true. >> walters died earlier this month of cancer. he was 72 years old. well, the time now is 5:17.
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we turn to today's tech bites. facebook on your smart phone, or your facebook smart phone. those stories and more. >> a rumor facebook is building a smart phone. the move would give facebook friends a new way to keep in contact. facebook says the report is not true. apple reportedly looking to sell newspapers and magazines on the ipad. the wall street journal says apple could offer a print subscription in the next month or so. apple making a move into china. it will be selling the wi-fi enabled i4 in china. sales of wi-fi enabled ipads begin in china on friday. those are your "tech bites."
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and the time is 5:18. >> good to see you. did you a good weekend? >> yes. and the weather was great. can we expect more of that? >> today will actually be a little cooler. otherwise, we're really going to warm up later this week. we could be pushing 90 degrees again. >> it will feel like summer. >> it is actually going to be autumn officially, but it is going to feel like summertime. the irony, right? let's look at the almanac data. 78 is the average. a record high for today. 94 set back in 1895. that is a longstanding record high temperature. the low yesterday was 61. today a little warmer than what we had yesterday morning at this time. this afternoon will be cooler because of the cold front pushing through and the northern wind.
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fairfax 67. we were a little cooler at 61. that's one of the cooler spots on the map. bowie 68. gaithersburg 63. not much along that cold front. a few clouds yesterday afternoon and yesterday evening, and then they dissipate this morning. the cold front passing through. we don't have rain along that front. i say unfortunately because we need the moisture. we are still in a drought in virginia, west virginia, western maryland. an extreme drought going on in the west virginia and parts of western maryland. there is only one category worse than that. locally, we're just dry and could use some showers. they really need it for the west. no rain in the forecast until maybe wednesday. a 30% chance of a few isolated showers or thundershowers. high pressure overhead. northerly wind today dropping the humidity levels making it comfortable. however the high will slide
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eastward and out to sea. as it does that, temperatures will warm up as we get the southerly winds on the back side of the high. 80 degrees the high temperature locally. a few degrees cooler out west, especially in the shen doe -- shenandoah valley. wednesday and thursday summer-like. high temperatures near 90 degrees. a slight chance of a storm wednesday and thursday. traffic rvings lisa. >> and traffic is moving nicely now. route 4, route 5, no problems to report on 28. route 10. we'll take you over to a picture of traffic on the beltway. we move the geico cameras back to alison. we're going to look back on yesterday's crushing overtime
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defeat coming up in sports. later today on "oprah." oprah is going to talk to d.c.'s school chancellor, michelle reed.
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let's start with sports this
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monday morning. the redskins are as close to 2-0 as they could be. facing the houston team, the redskins battled to the lead behind donvan mcnabb. but the texans turned up the heat in the second half. they sent the game into o.t., and from there, the redskins missed the chance to win it on a field goal and the texans did not. the skins fell short, 30-27. >> when you have a loss like this, you have to bounce back and have short-term memory. a repeat of "all in the family," better known as mauning bowl -- manning bowl ii. they stumped the giants. philadelphia's starter michael
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vick was fantastic for the eagles. they beat the lions 35-32. the coibs lost their home opener to the bears 27-20 dropping to 0-2. the rest of the division is even at 1-1. if the philadelphia phillies hold off atlanta to win the national league east, they can thank -- they are 5-10 against philly this season. 5:26 is your time. the news continues with "good morning washington" at 5:30. still ahead in that next half-hour, dead in the water. five months and millions of gallons of oil later, b.p. says the well is finally plugged. an american just released from iranian prison says she feels just 1/3 free. that story coming up.
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adam caskey live from the bell forefurniture weather center -- belfour furniture weather center. it is going t
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>> the win from 35 yards away! he's got it! sfrate ahead, an overtime heartbreaker for the redskins nation. >> good morning. it is 5:29. i'm alison starling. more on that story later. fiffers, a heads -- first a student in ann arundel county.
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chesapeake bay high school and chesapeake middle school and foal jers elementary -- folgers elementary will be closed due to a broken water main. first, let's go to adam caskey. we had a gorgeous weekend. it looks like it will remain. >> we have a few showers. we have an extreme drought going on. by the middle part of the work week it will feel like summer even though technically it will be autumn. temperatures will be back near 90 at that point. with that, there will be a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms. only a 30% chance at that point. right now we're in the 60's. on our way to the upper 70's to near 80. clear skies as well. tonight clear. temperatures in the upper 40's. locally, in the mid 50's.
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tomorrow, low 80's, and then upper 80's, and near 90 wednesday and friday with slight chance of showers and storms. the latest on the weather and the roads, and back to lisa. heading up to the highway, everything looks great. no problems from metro rail. i talked to the folks who handle the dulles toll road and they say everything is great. in southern maryland things are off to a normal start. kind of the normal volume. 66 to 95, i've given you the yellow arrows because that's the direction that's heating up. good and in and out of baltimore. as you can see in this geico camera. now to alison starling. starting today, construction on the dulles metro rail means
5:32 am
changes in tysons corner. natasha barrett is live along route 7 with what you need to know about this. i understand you got tangled up in it last night? >> yes, i was coming hosme from the -- home from the redskins game, and i was off international drive, the ramp on route 123 going to route 7 in the direction of reston and wolf trap. big changes this morning for a lot of people. anyone who drives or lives around here in tysons corner knows we have been dealing with this construction nightmare all buzz of the -- because of the new dulles metro rail project. now more of this because of that. this is what we're talking about. these are the big changes you need to worry about. the westbound route 7 all changing. there is a new exit from route 123 to the frontage road you need to worry about. all, of course, for the ongoing
5:33 am
traffic. this started friday night. it is confusing. you will see this big orange sign and think, i thought i knew this area. what's going on here? keep that in mind. here is the other piece of bad news. it started friday. this goes through definitely to the end of this year. live from tysons corner, natasha barrett. >> thank you for that. it is 5:33. more charges are expected to be charged against the michigan stapper, elias abuelazam. a man, not a student, was
5:34 am
attacked in college park shopping center. police say the suspects took items from the victim's pockets and ran away. anyone with information is asked to call police. the doctor shot last week at johns hopkins hospital continues to recover. dr. david cohen is in fair and stable condition. he was paul pardus. pardus shot his mother and then killed himself. igor is over bermuda and spethed to steer -- and expected to steer clear of the u.s. but could cause rip currents. the storm uprooted trees and flooded streets in much of that british territory. >> it is a powerful storm. you don't know what to expect. >> no one took chances with igor
5:35 am
. shops and businesses boarded up. residents rode out the storm in sturdy hotels. the blown-out oil well in the gulf of mexico is officially dead. crews killed that well by pumping cement into the bottom of it. this comes five months after a drilling rig sank after that fire explosion. 11 workers were killed. the resulting spill sent more than 200 million gallons of oil into the gulf. president obama and his family spent part of their sunday at church. they attended services at st. john's episcopal church. this is the first time the president has been to church in five months. it is the fourth time he has attended services there at st. johns. the american woman held prisoner in iran for more than a year is speaking out. sarah shourd's fan say and friend -- fiance and friend
5:36 am
remain in an iranian prison. >> sarah shourd is back in the u.s. and thanking iran. >> i want to begin by expressing my sincere thanks to the government and religious leaders of iran. >> showered was -- sarah shourd was accused of spying by iran when her friend shane bauer and josh fattal accidentally crossed the border into iraq. her friends face up to 10 years in prison if convicted. as sarah shourd returned to the u.s., so did iran's president, mahmoud ahmadinejad. he said america should release eight iranian prisoners in response to the release of shourd. so far there is no word on
5:37 am
whether -- sarah shourd was released because of medical concerns. she said doctors determined she is physically well. abc news, washington. 5:37 the time here. still ahead on "good morning washington," it was a fight to the finish. last night's redskins game came down to the kickers. plus a break for drivers in the district. why late-night parking meters could get a second look. first another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes as we head back into work and school after a beautiful weekend. we'll be right back. introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon. super amoled screen. six-axis 3d gaming and access to thousands of free apps. all in one ultra-thin package. you want it, we got it.
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>> hi, i'm tammy at the smithsonian zoo. good morning, washington! monday morning. 5:40 a.m. good morning. adam caskey, meteorologist. falls church 65, along with the district. dew point numbers are right around 60 degrees, give or take. that indicates there is a bit of moisture in the air. some humidity in the morning, but that will change throughout the afternoon. northerly wind kicks in and will drop our humidity level and the air will dry out becoming even more comfortable later on today.
5:41 am
the average high is 78. record high for today 94, of course. no rain in the rain gauge yesterday. shenandoah locally around 80 degrees. then tonight, temperatures -- clear skies. noticeably cooler tomorrow at this time compared to what we have now. your seven-day forecast coming up. now let's go to lisa baden. i will take you live to a camera of traffic on 395 nba at duke street moving -- north bound at duke street. accessing 270, quiet. here we are running at speed. alison starling. the time is 5:41.
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welcome back. 5:45. in tysons corner, drivers can get to route 7 using a new exit ramp from 123 to frontage road. this traffic pattern will be in place until the end of the year. emergency officials in bermuda will be out at daybeak to assess the damage caused by hurricane igor. not before knocking down trees and flooding streets to much of that british territory.
5:46 am
pope benedict is back at the vatican after a four-day trip to the u.k. church officials say the pope was able to reach out to a nation weary of his message and angry at the church's sex abuse scandal. we switch gears to sports on this monday morning. a comeback was dashed. after trailing 20-10 for most of the second half, the texans fought back to force overtime, and in the end, the last team holding the ball was the last team standing. a look back at the last minute lost. oh, man, what a heart-breaker. >> absolutely, alison. what a rough night for redskins fans. the redskins put up a rough night. they thought they were headed for back-to-back wins. in the end it wasn't enough. >> and it is intercepted! >> for redskins players and fans, a height of highs and
5:47 am
lows. >> from the beginning i thought we were good. i thought we had it made. >> with a strong lead in the third quarter, it looked like the redskins were headed for back-to-back wins. after four quarters, the game was tied. >> go d.c. >> fans' nerves were at an all-time high as rnds attempted a field -- redskins attempted a field goal and missed. texas came back to make their field goal and won. >> we have to bounce back after a gail like this. >> i knew we could come in and beat them, but in the end, you can't let a team like houston go into overtime and expect to win. >> quarterback donvan mcnabb saying they can move forward from this game. that is the sentiment from a lot of this, and learn from this
5:48 am
loss, and put a w in the column next thursday. >> we'll all get over it. we'll have to. thank you very much. let's move on to other news now at 5:48. martin o'malley is getting support from one of the best-known independents. michael bloomberg endorsed o'malley. the governor' campaign issued a statement that bloomberg picked o'malley because of his business-oriented, results-oriented approach to governing. vincent gray's news con frenfrens comes days after he and the outgoing mayor greed to work together to ensure -- agreed to work together to ensure a smooth transition. a change could be coming to d.c. parking meter regulations, and this time, it is the drivers who would benefit. earlier this year you will remember mayor afenty extended
5:49 am
meter hours until 10:00 a.m. in order to raise revenue. but his likely successor, gray, says he will revisit this issue because it has angered so many people. >> it did -- does president give you a lot of -- it does not give you a lot of leeway. >> it is hard enough finding a spot. >> and conflicting signage. two-hour parking until 10:00 a.m. then on the other side of the same meter, it says "no time limit after 6:30 p.m.." well, vincent gray says he wants to start a dialogue with the office once he's in office. he told wtop radio he wants to discuss voting rights and several other issues. he said he wants to know where the president stands on statehood for d.c. it is 5:49.
5:50 am
66 degrees outside. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam, a lot of people this morning have issues like sore throats. is there a pollen thing going on? >> i don't think it is pollen, i think it is a bug going around. i think it is a little case of football season. right? >> redskins blues. >> yes, from yelling at the tv or yelling at the fans trying to yell over everybody. but the irony is, it is going to officially be fall with the autumnal equinox coming up. but it will feel like summertime. back to near 90 degrees. >> isn't it ironic? >> yes, it is. 66 in the district. mid 60's in most locations. front royal at 61. 66 in the district. 7 occurrently at reagan national
5:51 am
airport. look at the numbers shown in blue here. these are the dew point temperatures. they measure how much moisture there is in the atmosphere. the higher the dew point, the more uncomfortable it is. the lower the dew point, the more comfortable it is. that's what it is like right now. it is going to change. northerly wind is going to knock the dew point temperatures down later today and it will become drier and more comfortable. let's look at the map. a few clouds riding along the cold front moving through late last night and early this morning. not much happening along this front. unfortunately no showers. we could use the rain in an extreme job -- we could use the rain because we are in need of rain. not in the worst category, but close. we have northerly winds becoming cooler and drier and not as hot
5:52 am
as we had yesterday. yesterday was 85 and today closer to 80 degrees. upper 70's further west and northwest in the immediate metro area. >> now, high pressure will move off shore. that will put us in southerly winds and that means high temperatures near 90. a slight chance of a few late-day showers wednesday and thursday. now let's go to lisa with the commute. >> we are in fabulous shape as far as beltway photographic. -- we are in fabulous shape as far as beltway traffic. quickly i'll jump over to one of the cameras thanks to geico. always see more action on the outer loop in the morning from 95 past coal spill road. alison? for all you "dancing with the stars "fans, the new season kicks off tonight.
5:53 am
bristol palin, david hasselhoff and others will be there to compete for the mirror ball trophy. i love it. i know you are not necessarily their demographic. >> no, and i get to hear all the chatter about it. but, hey, you have the hoff on there now. that should makes it interesting. well, she's no stranger to controversy, and now lady gaga is back in the headlines. she has agreed to attend a rally protesting don't ask/don't tell policy. the event is being held in portland maine. at her concert here in d.c. she made comments about that as well. >> the question is, what is she going to wear? >> i'm sure we'll know first thing. we'll show it to you. >> not much, i can tell you
5:54 am
that. all right. we're going to take a quick break. it i
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> one mode of transportation is becoming more and more popular in downtown washington. we're talking about pedicabs. there were just a few in d.c. in 2006. last summer dozens of them started hit ling the mall.
5:57 am
there are more this year. the drivers have varied backgrounds. >> i'm a student. this is my summer job. i am making money doing this. even if i don't make a lot of money, at the end of the day, i wrote my bike and got exercise. >> i love it. >> three main pedicabs operate in d.c. a good place to find a pedicab is outside the air and space or natural history museum. it is 5:57. a lot more still to come in our next hour of "good morning washington." still to come, the rise of the frankenfish. congress debates the genetically modified fish. stay tuned. "good morning wash think about the internet. growing, evolving, literally transforming our lives.
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straight ahead on this monday morning, redskins fans are reeling after a last-minute loss. we'll have the highlights and lowlights from that nail-biter at fed ex field. a u.s. hiker held in iran is speaking out. why she says she is only 1/3 free. first a traffic alert for drivers in tysons corner on this monday morning. "good morning washington"


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