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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  September 20, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[ instrumental music ] >> lives and in high definition, this is abc 7 news at newland, on your side. >> a virginia woman has four days left to live. resalers will be the fourth woman executed in the commonwealth in nearly a century. gordon macdonald used to block the execution. her only option is a reprieve from the supreme court. brianne carter has more. >> 40 resalers, is running out. -- for to jeneesa lewis -- teresa lewis, time is running
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out. she was convicted of plotting with her boyfriend to kill husbands and his son for life insurance money. the two men who fire house this shots got life in prison. her attorney says that she was coerced by her boyfriend at the time. >> she is on the cusp of mental retardation. he found her to be an easy mark, just what he was looking for. >> prosecutors disagree, saying that if she took an active role in the crime. she will be the first woman executed since 1912. virginia residents weighed in on the issue. >> i don't think gender should play a role.
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women are fighting for equality all the time. >> we [unintelligible] >> that was brianne carter. the execution is set for 9:00 p.m. thursday in virginia. did you to serial stabber is facing new charges. a prosecutor announced a murder charge today and assault against elias abuelazam. five people died and others will merge in a string of attacks that went from flint, mich. to a bird, virginia. he's being held in jail without bond. police are investigating the death of a man killed after a confrontation with police. officers were responding to a domestic dispute on south market street on sunday when a man with rifles shot at them and then they fired back. if the 28-year-old oliver was killed. police are investigating
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whether the died from a self- inflicted gunshot wound or from the officers' guns. major changes at one of the busiest intersections in tysons corner. natasha barrett is there with what to expect. >> it is a little crazy trying to get around. >> some people thought the situation could not be any more complicated. >> it will be difficult to drive. it is adding to the difficult commute. >> it's going to be a nightmare. >> another detour in the tysons corner area. route 123 and the ramp leading to route 7. it's closed leading to wolf trap. the changes causing confusion. >> i noticed the traffic coming out a different way. it seemed like nobody else knew what they were doing either. >> the changes go all the way through the end of the year.
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from tysons corner, natasha barrett, abc 7 news. it is a little easier to get to interstate 95 and northern virginia. southbound lanes of a new part of fairfax county parkway opened this morning. fest between rolling road and 99. the northbound lanes open on saturday. let's turn to the caribbean on this monday. triquint antel big rain, but no reports of major damage in bermuda. -- high wind and big rain. 20,000 customers left without electricity. a storm is moving away from the u.s. and its weakening. it is expected to cause rough surf along the east coast. in our area, it is a sunni start to be. the days before the official start of autumn. adam caskey has a look at the forecast. we have been talking about the irony of that, how the weather
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is going to be warming up. >> 11:00 wednesday evening is when it becomes all. -- fall. comfortable.s very dry air in place with the north wind. total sunshine as well. no clouds in the sky. in manassas, 76. alexandria, 72. cumberland, 7075 at reagan national. -- and 75 reagan national. >> thank you. it was a nail biter for redskins fans at fedex field last night. donovan mcnabb led the team
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strong against the houston texans, taking a 27-10 lead. and the bottom fell out. if the houston texans died in the game at the end of the fourth quarter of a field goal in overtime have been winning. it left the redskins fans crushed. >> i thought we were good, i thought we had it made. >> we got this again. i thought. >> the burgundy and gold will face endless next week. longest recession in decades is over. a panel of economists say the recession ended for good in june of 2009. it began in december of 2007, making it the longest recession since the second world war. president obama is taking questions about jobs at a cnbc town hall meeting at the newseum. vice-president joe biden is
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speaking out about u.s. relations with japan. >> emwe have to get the relationship right between the u.s. and china. i don't know how that relationship can be made right other than going through tokyo. >> he emphasized the importance of u.s.-japanese relations and on issues from infrastructure to education purity delivered opening remarks this morning at the u.s.-japan council. in delaware republican candidate christine o'donnell had some explaining to about her fix . with witchcraft. -- her experience with witchcraft. >> i dabbled in it but never joined a coven. >> sunday she laughed about it, saying she was in high school at the time and that happens. some gop leaders are not
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convinced. >> in southern delaware a lot of george going people will probably want to know what that was about. >> she faces chris coombs in the senate race in november. congressman mike pence of indiana is someone people want to see go against president obama in the race for president. sarah palin came in fifth in the straw poll. >hundreds of people are honoring the life and legacy of ron walters. a service for the civil rights leader was held this morning in d.c. at shiloh baptist. he taught at howard university 25 years. he directed the african-american leadership institute in maryland. rev. jesse jackson delivered the eulogy today.
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the president of iran is in the u.s. today, one day after an american hikers returned after a year in prison there. sarah shourd's police gave new hope to the families of two other americans held prisoner on espionage charges. now the report. >> with the iranian president in the country at the u.n. general assembly, the mothers of two american hikers will meet with him hopefully for the release of their sons. shane bower and josh fatttal, held 13 months after being accused of crossing illegally into iran. >> just showing the human face of a mother wanted her son backs. two mothers faces with two sons in prison. that is how we would approach him. >> they want the same compassion sarah shourd experience last week. >> my disappointment in not sharing this with them is crushing.
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i stand before you today on the one-third free. >> she spoke guardedly about her two companions, thanking iranian leaders, careful not to put the two men's chances of freedom at risk. >> my gratitude to the ayatollah khamenei and president ahmadinejad for my compassionate release from prison. >> he said he would give recommendation, but he said the men did violated law. >> -- >> not comforting words for the two mothers or sarah shourd, engaged to be married to shane bauer. breaking news in new york city. live pictures of a big fire burning near the metro north 138th street lift bridge in east harlem. a bridge at parkton avenue and east won 32nd streets carries
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all four tracks in and out of manhattan. this has halted service out of grand central station. a lot of delays because of that. meanwhile, coming uup, police and businesses are trying to, with the plan after a rash of robberies. society onlyke an socie consider that to be beautiful. >> the daughter of powerful couple, we have for interview coming up. and the official start of autumn. it l
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more on the breaking news in new york city. this is a live image from east harlem, where a big fire is burning on a bridge. the metro north train in new york city is what it carries. the fire has closed grand central station. if rs are on a shooting range is sending thousands of people running from their houses in utah. if the flames and burned hundreds of acres in 24 hours and destroyed two houses. more than a dozen people evacuated. drybrush caught fire during the national guard training on sunday. the soldiers were not able to stop the blaze from spreading. her famous parents kept her out of the spotlight as a child, but now katherine schwarzenegger is a junior in college, going public with an issue if that she
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says impacts many women and girls. if she came to d.c. to spread the word about the problems and understands well. 20-year-old katherine sports integrys and dymond of this weekend talking with young girls about a new booked. >> i have a ton of young girl cousins and i thought how much pressure the media puts on them to be beautiful all the time and to be skinny and sexy. >> the daughter of two famously fit parents, arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver. she was self-conscious about her body, doubting yourself and your duty. she writes in the book, "i hate myself, i'm ugly, i feel disgusting." i was 10 years old and in fourth grade and was already suffering." all of a sudden you go from a child's body to going to have breasts and then you have
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pressures in school and there are the mean girls. >> she says in "assistive with her mother and advice from her father for help create a positive body image, a mindset that she hopes to pass on to a younger generation. >> accepting the fact you don't get to be a size 0 to be beautiful was something i had trouble with because i felt like society on the considered that to be beautiful and that is not what i am. >> she says she learned that many women struggle with body image issues. she was an intern with the dove "real beauty" campaign, which celebrates women of all sizes. she hopes that her book helps all girls feel good about them no matter what their size. let's talk about the weather. it's beautiful. then it starts like we will take a return to summer after tomorrow. >> later this week. we have the autumnal equinoxes coming up.
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we will warmer again -- we will be warming up again, that's the irony. >> women don't know whether to put away their and summer clothes. >> let's take a look at the time lapse of the sun rise in frederick. a few clouds early this morning. mostly sunny skies now. a beautiful day. are the northeast clouds. this is a live picture over the bay. or clouds.humidity 70 degrees in frederick and martinsburg, 68 in clarksburg, 73 in la plata. comfortable. this feels more like fall than it will really feel when it starts wednesday night for the first full day on thursday. let's go to the master look at the dew point temperatures.
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the dew point and reagan national dropped 18 degrees in six hours earlier today. or for a single been pumping in the drier air. the cooler air. upper 70's today, near 80. a lot of sunshine, high pressure in control. it will remain dry today and tomorrow and most of wednesday. because of the clock wise rotation, we have a northerly wind giving us the refresh and breeze out of the north. the hyatt will push offshore. because of that we will be on the backside of a high-pressure system, that leaves a southerly wind and the big warmup as we go through wednesday into a friday. clear skies tonight, noticeably cooler than what we had when we walked out the door this morning. the mid to upper 40's out west. locally, 50s for the morning
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temperatures tomorrow. low 80's in the afternoon tomorrow with still a lot of sunshine. looked at that, wednesday through friday, i would not be surprised if we reached 90 degrees year and they're very slight chance of late-day storms wednesday into thursday. we know what 100 feels like this year, so bring it on. a district neighborhood wants police to take action against a spike in crime. police said down this morning with community and business leaders. police have responded to a least five robberies, some of them violent, along the 14th street corridor. if a few of the crimes have been connected, while others appear unrelated. all these incidents have the neighborhood looking for answers. >> i would like to know at one. do they say, we have a problem?
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>> people are scared to. our job is to be proactive. >> an action plan has already been a lamented that involves putting more officers on the street. a local school is cleaning up after a messy celebration. an elementary school in bowie, the goal was to inspire creative, hands-on learning. they did not win the grand prize, but they got prizes. there is the arts home living up to its name. they had a great time. still ahead, could it changed the way we think about food? whether genetically modified this should be on the menu. and oprah winfrey dax do d.c. schools chancellor michelle
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d.c. is considering a bill aimed at protecting the health of young athletes. it would require them to be removed from practice or games if they are suspected of getting a concussion. they could return only after a medical exam. the redskins' general manager is introducing this as well. the fda is funding two studies on whether genetically- engineered salmon should be marketed and sold. this would be the fourth genetically-altered animal to be sold as food. it grows twice as fast as conventionally-grown fish. also, a new bid of warning if you are traveling to new
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york. the station has played a new high-profile victim. nike's like to manhattan store has been forced to shut down because of the ducks. nike hopes to reopen soon. other new york stores have been fighting this and it is spreading nationwide and hurting sales at. the drugs can cost businesses tens of thousands of dollars. -- bedbugs
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in milwaukee this weekend people threw rotten tomatoes at each other across the crowds. part of the city's annual tomato festival and the had a bloody mary contest. hundreds of people were part of the tomato fight. that's one way to get out some aggression. >> that is interesting. a look at the forecast. a nice day today, mostly sunny, near 80. noticeably cooler tomorrow morning. summerlike conditions. average high temperature is 89. that is where we will become a near 90 degrees wednesday through friday. and may be laid a pop-up storms wednesday and thursday. >> we need some rain. thanks
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