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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  September 20, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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also training for a triathlon. that is why yesterday, she won out on her bike. that is her bike still lost under the suv that struck her on landover road in largo. the driver did not stop. instead, she drove 3 miles to our home. the driver told police that she thought she had hit an animal. she did not discover the bike until she did get home. that is when she called police. >> at this point, there are no charges. >> this afternoon, outside of the hospital, her mother showed us the pictures of a tossup. -- natasha. they go from little girl to college graduate. >> she has a pulse. i refuse to give up hope. >> we went to the home of the
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driver of the suv. there was no answer when we knocked on the door, but a man yelled out the window that they would be making no comment about the accident. tonight, the suspected stuart -- cereals dabber is officially an accused murderer. the 33 year-old is believed to be behind 14 attacks, five of them deadly. stretching all the way from michigan to leesburg, virginia. he could face life in prison without parole. is wrestling coach in fairfax county is accused of possessing child pornography. he was taken into custody after being involved in a traffic accident. he now faces 10 counts of possessing child pornography.
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he works as a wrestling official, and judging middle and high school matches in the region. we had a major traffic alert. the traffic situation is about to get worse in the already congested tyson's corner area. fairfax county bureau chief is there life and will explain what is going on. >> this is one of the biggest injunctions in all of northern virginia. now it has changed today. a lot of people are trying to get used to it. instead of going down a major road, they are taking a road that looks like an accent. when it comes to doing business in tyson's corner these days, it is all about what the time saved. they are rerouting traffic. >> if you want to go southern,
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you have to time where you want to go and allow time. >> making deliveries around here is a constant changing challenge for him and others. >> people get confused. >> people are coming here to ask me for a different way. i do not know. >> those who make their living in this busy corridor of tyson's corner and say they hope date new traffic will bring an unexpected boost in business. >> maybe it will bring more people, you know. >> windy construction began, this commercial corridor had suffered behind the garage of orange barrels. for the next four months, the tropical be steps away. -- the traffic will be steps away.
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>> eventually, it worked out. >> tyson's corner is a business center, it is a place where hundreds of thousands people commute through here every month and we will take a look at how the commuters are coping with this change. crime in one part of the district is causing concern in the business community. police say they have seen a number of robberies, some of the violence in restaurants and brush restores. merchant sat down with city leaders and police to discuss an action plan. to put more officers on patrol and the neighborhood. a group rallied at the white house today, some demonstrators chained themselves to the front gates.
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the national group calls itself adapt. the protesters believe the disabled patients are more likely to live longer lives and get better care wall surrounded by family and friends. at least five people were arrested at the rally. for many americans, it might not seem like the recession is over, but it did and last year. the recession started in 2007 and ended in june of 2009, making it the longest recession since world war ii. what president obama is saying about the economy. hurricane igor is now churning up the atlantic. it passed just off the coast of bermuda. the island seems to have been
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scared major damage. >> igor slammed into bermuda sunday evening. the heavy rains and fierce winds nearly operating this tree. the storm started slamming the island sunday it morning. it was a huge hurricane, a big enough to cover half of the united states. some curious residents ventured out early to witness the power. more than 6 inches of rain swamped low-lying areas. not before the center of the storm rushed along the west side of the island, almost a direct hit. that is the strongest part of the hurricane. residents are hoping that the damage they had imagined would
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turn out to be less. >> unbelievable. locally, at the temperature has been lovely. >> doug hill is standing by in the weather center. >> we want to look at igor. there is bermuda. it will intensify -- increase the speed. it is out of here and that will be back. we will switch gears to our local area. look at the spectacular sunshine, a very comfortable temperatures. very comfortable weather. temperatures for run 10-15 degrees cooler than last night. comfortable conditions remain through tomorrow.
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for the evening, just enjoy. sunny and comfortable. more coming up in a few minutes. >> mondays are always tough. the redskins lost to houston and overtime. we have a fan reaction. >> it still hurts. after yesterday's game, today, a tough day at work for redskins fans. still going through the roller coaster of emotions. >> heartbreak, torture. i wanted to cry. >> he was not the only redskins fan feeling that way after yesterday's game. >> every season, at every game, fans seem to go to the same circle of emotions. unbelievable highest where the
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team can do no wrong to gut wrenching blows, when they live and brake parts all over town. >> i do not watch the monday night game and i do not watch the highlights. >> the team looked great for three quarters and jumped out to a 17 point lead, only to lead houston tied the game. >> 24 quarter ended, i figured, that they will pull it out. >> a 35 yard field goal killed all hope for a happy week. >> i was getting nervous about the redskins choking at the end. >> it is horrible. >> nevertheless, redskins pride was on display all around town today. >> i will always where the jersey. >> the love affair is unconditional.
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for some reason, we stick with them through it all. emotions upng your in some help because next week, they play one of the worst teams in the league. >> here is hoping that mom is not causing. >> exactly. that is not a good sign. coming up, why a new medical test could protect college athletes is stirring up some old emotions and controversy. >> a huge fire is having a big effect on the big apple. >> at the close relationship the director had with d.c.. >> does genetically engineered cnn sound appetizing? it could join the traditional
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cnn sound appetizing? it could join the traditional fish that
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we have the debate over genetically engineered salmon. >> the food and drug
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administration is debating whether or not to approve salmon that contains an extra growth gene. it makes to grow twice as fast. is it safe? >> jolie parker is live from the waterfront in southwest washington. >> a massachusetts company wants to market this salmon, but some people are hesitant to eat food created by science rather than nature. she visits the southwest waterfront about four times a week. she wants her food fresh and local. >> i would definitely not -- i am not the one to alter anything. >> the fda is holding a two-day hearing to determine whether to allow the fish to be used as food. biotechnology allows the salmon to become full size in half the time it takes traditional salmon. >> that rose up a red flag
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immediately. -- bad throws up a red flag immediately. >> the head of the massachusetts company says his product is safe and environmentally sustainable. the potential for profits is enormous. >> that would be great. >> if it affects the flavor of the salmon - >> critics say it could wipe out the wild salmon population and cause allergies and human. >> it to be tested out somewhere, but i do not want to do the -- be the person doing the testing. >> it is possible that it be modified staminas approved, it might not indicate that on the label. if the fda does sign off on the
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fish, it will be a few years before you can buy it. bedbugs are spreading and they have claimed a rather high profile victim. nike was forced to close its high-profile store. offices have been fighting bedbugs. >> that is not good. the president of iran is the center of attention. he is in the u.s. for meetings at the united nations. the mothers of the hikers hope to meet with the president. the men have been imprisoned for 13 months. >> we want to show the human
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face of a mother who wants her son home. that is how we would approach and. >> his fiancee was released last week because of a medical condition. when asked about a hiker's today, he told abc 7 news that the hikers violated the law and that there is no law determining. shot out of the piling just before noon today. the fire was knocked down in about two hours. all metro-north trains work in and out of manhattan and had been restored. no one was injured. a wildfire in the utah has destroyed four homes and forced the evacuation of 16 other others near salt lake city. sparks from the national guard shooting range started this fire
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yesterday. fire departments are being questioned for the use of a fire retardant. the land are now helping to put the flames away from homes. >> that possibility of fires exists for us as well. >> it is not as bad as it was a couple of weeks ago. dry weather will continue for a while. let's start with our coverage. it has been crystal clear. a couple of calls early this morning, but that was it. -- called early this morning. comfortable temperatures. and i will be great for out your -- tonight will be great for outdoor activity.
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79 right now in the district. temperatures are very comfortable across the region. 77 right now and leesburg. -- in the leesburg. in fairfax, 80. these numbers is about where they should be. it will lead to a very chilly temperatures overnight, but it will be a great stargazing. jupiter is supposed to be an extra special site tonight. if you have a pair of binoculars, you should get a good view of it as well. just north of the border, 68 degrees.
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72 in pittsburgh. that is the direction meanwhile watch. 91 in raleigh right now. wednesday, thursday, friday, it really pushing back into the upper 80's. 95 in atlanta. 100 degrees in a memphis right now. the cold front will bring a chance of showers and cooler temperatures this upcoming weekend. a couple of little showers moving across north of fort wayne. the high center is going to move offshore. that is where the big time warm- up is going to come from. warm weather on friday. over the weekend, a front comes
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through and that is when temperatures take a bit of a debt. tonight, 66 degrees. 76 at midday tomorrow. we will talk out about 82 degrees. -- top out. fall against on thursday night. -- fall begins on thursday night. >> i will make a note of that. >> perfect. coming up, a t-shirt is stirring up some controversy at the frederick mall. >> wide lindsay -- why lindsay lohan could be heading back to jail. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank.
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there is a brand new cast of "dancing with the stars." >> a book, a workout video.
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>> tonight, the situation is going to have to prove that he knows how to work his muscles. the same goes for david hassle half. -- hasslehoff. rick fox says he is prepared to bear some skin. on the other end of the spectrum, bristol palin. she says her mother will be in the audience tonight. >> the trust that i have to have, i had to have with patrick swayze. they are very similar. now i am going to get emotional.
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i feel like i have tapped into something that makes me really happy. >> one thing that all the dancers have in common part jittery nerves. >> i am scared. it really scared. >> i do not know if i am ready. >> my nerves are starting to get to me. >> the two-hour "dancing with the stars" premier is on at 8:00 tonight. we will have to say it -- see who stays focused and who has the best moves. there is not a clear winner. >> do you have a favorite? >> i have a couple. >> coming up, new statistics on
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distracted driving. the numbers might not show just how big the problem is. >> this is a warrior woman. >> michelle rhee had set zero press stage. ah's states.
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tannenbaum -- two children
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were hit by a car. they worked on -- they were in north east around 4:30. both children were taken to the hospital and one is in serious condition. police are helping the public can help them in a local murder mystery. >> per family is pleading for answers. -- kirk family is pleading for answers. >> the report is now up to $5,000. authorities believe that she was last living in the fort washington area, but they say her struggles with prostitution believe that she was living all over the place. this is made that case much harder to crack. they have to people want to talk to. who killed the 19 year-old? the broken hearted family wants to know. he stopped hearing from his
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little sister. taylor's remains were discovered march 6. a hunter stumbled upon a shallow grave. police say she died of multiple trauma. raised by a grandmother in west virginia after her mother died, she moved as a teenager. her brother said she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. they are -- police are looking for it to people that she hung out with. >> you take a young girl who is very impressionable, it is easy for her to get swept up into that lifestyle. >> taylor was trying to escape that life, attending night classes when she was murdered. >> they're capable of doing it and they will do it again.
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>> please also told us that taylor may have been threatened over rumors that she tipped off authorities about a robbery suspect last year. if you have any information about the murder, about the two people of interest, you are asked to call montgomery county police. canada -- a death row inmate is suspected to be the first woman executed in virginia since 1912. she planned a 2002 murder of her husband and stepson in order to collect insurance money. attorneys have long argued that she was influenced because of low intelligence and personality disorder. they both received life sentences. she will be executed thursday
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night. at the future of school reform in d.c. took center stage today. michelle rhee appeared on oprah today. >> michelle rhee called gray's the victory devastating for schoolchildren in the district. >> the one woman tornado at the center of a washington d.c. storm. >> o para set her sights on the country's public school problems. >> this is a warrior woman. >> she while the audience with her take no prisoners approach to improving education. we even got a glimpse of an actual firing.
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>> the parents came up to me and said, she could not have been the worst principal in the district. i said, -- >> in d.c., per future is very much in doubt. lennar for former critics is most likely to become her boss. vincent gray still is dodging questions about his plans for the public school system. today, he opened the door ever so slightly to her staying on in d.c. >> i do not know how many conversations we will have. >> he indicated that might not be necessary. >> i am making a transition period >> he likely will meet with her sometime this week during that meeting, they will
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likely discuss the future of the school's chancellor here in d.c.. union station landlord wants to strip away millions of dollars from property taxes. the nonprofit group says its annual tax bill is more than $1 million. those planned upgrade include connecting to a proposed streetcar line. the d.c. council is considering a plan to wave the taxes. some are hoping drivers belong -- around and number 8 virginia. -- int number n virginia. the northbound lanes opened on saturday. time for a check of the traffic situation.
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eric thomas is live. >> right here, this is the beltway coming off of the american legion. that had been built wait more or less set down for a little while. traffic is moving, albeit slowly. 270 northbound a very slow. heading up to 109, you're going to see slow traffic from an accident that has been cleared. 95 northbound, this is here at the belle glade. -- at the beltway. there was a crash earlier. activity on the right and left side. this is unusual traffic jam. it is not usually slow in this area. coming up, paris hilton and
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-- avoid jail time on it dropped charges. >> the documentarian remembers his washington d.c. our roots. >> a sign that we are out of the recession.
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we have breaking news coming out of atlanta right now, where a plane just made an emergency landing on the interstate. we're looking at live pictures right now. this is interstate 85 in atlanta. some lanes have closed, but others remain open at this hour. there is no word on what forced the plane to land on the highway. no injuries are reported. it appears that the emergency personnel has been able to keep a few lanes open. >> that -- he is an award winning director from d.c. and he is taking on a very serious topic.
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you saw him on oprah this afternoon. you will see him at a lot of other places, too. he grew up in d.c. and returns here often. he won the oscar for directing "an inconvenient truth." >> your children are on the titanic and everybody is going to drown. >> he tries to make movies that get everybody if we did get everybody talking. >> he grew up in d.c. and his parents sent him to private school because they could. >> in 1968, i was 5 years old and in kindergarten and i ask my mom, white dillard have to take a school bus into virginia to go
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to school? she said that the schools in d.c. are broken. 40 years later, in los angeles, we take our three kids to another private school. >> a hollywood power couple working for a change. >> i am so proud of him. >> he is following in the footsteps of his father, charles. david is dedicated -- dedicating the movie to his father. the movie opens october 8. >> a name to look out for. thank you.
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coming up, new numbers show the distracting driving deaths are down. some experts say those numbers might be misleading.
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there is a new requirement for college athletes. they have to undergo a sickle cell anemia test. >> some opponents of the testing feel that you discriminate against a very small number of athletes to carry the sickle cell. in the past decade, as many as 10 division 1 college football players and died. they died suddenly after worked out. -- after work out. at howard university, athletes prepare. he is a freshman. among the hundreds having to meet a new requirement. testing for sickle cell. >> i did not really know what it was. when i went to my doctor, they were surprised.
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>> it -- sickle cell is detected with a simple blood test. it is a serious chronic disease, especially for athletes. the risk of exercise related sunbath is 35 times higher. >> the trainers have him sit out a little bit. >> some fear that testing athletes for sickle cell will discriminate against minorities, particularly blacks were disproportionate carriers. >> what will happen if you have some false positives? will they be stigmatized? will the coach treat them differently? --the ncaa's new testing is >> it is for their safety. >> testing is only required for
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division 1 athletes. if students can prove that they have already been tested, they do not have to go through it again. 7 is on your side tonight with what could be a surprising statistic. fewer americans are being killed in crashes due to driver distraction. about 5500 died last year. that is down 6% from the previous year. the transportation secretary says the nation is in the midst of an epidemic. >> everybody thinks they can use yourself bonds and try and drive safely and you cannot. >> ray lahood thinks that the numbers are just the tip of the icebergs and many police departments do not document distracted driving. paris hilton struck a deal after her latest run in with the law. she pled guilty to drug possession and assaulting an officer.
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>> i was in possession. >> she was arrested in las vegas last month after cocaine was found in her purse. she originally denied that the purse was hers. she will serve a year of probation and complete a drug abuse program and pay $80,000 fine. she faces a year in jail if she violates that probation. the trouble continues for lindsay lohan. a judge has issued an arrest warrant after she failed to drug test. she was ordered to take a drug test every day or face 30 days in jail. one for cocaine and the other for amphetamines. she is now ordered to appear in court on friday. gordon peterson is like in the newsroom. >> a new report indicates that the recession has been over for
5:50 pm
a year. that is news to a lot of people. we will talk about that. new details about how an arlington man got his hands on a gone before shooting a doctor at johns hopkins. will also update the condition of the doctor. if you like warm weather, more of it is on the way. >> we have a very cool night tonight, but then a warm-up at the end of the week. it will turn warmer for a couple of days. if you look closely at the bottom of your screen, the leaves are drying off. we'll have to wait and see how vibrant the fall colors will be this year. we will save that for another day. we will see the numbers drop all
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, anday to the upper 40's if it deposits elsewhere. a very chilly night. the sr-71 hundreds of an inch down over the past 29 -- we are .71 and is down for the past 29 days. we definitely have drought conditions. drive along the metro area. -- and dry along the metro area. we had a 30% chance for scattered showers on wednesday and thursday. saturday will turn up slightly cooler. fluorides officially wednesday night at 11:00 p.m. the redskins look really good.
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>> you are not supposed to lose. the redskins put enough points on the board to win. they were up 27-10. but the defense was nonexistent late in the game. andre johnson was a mismatch. >> when the redskins blew a 17- point lead. >> i cannot figure out how ended up the way it ended up. >> he is incensed that he spent most of the game not covering andre johnson.
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>> we will have to go back to the drawing board. it will not happen like that again. >> if the defense coordinator does not like his assessment -- >> it does not matter what he says. this is my team. >> mike shanahan was asked about his comments. >> they know they can get the job done. anytime you have a ball that is drawn up in the air, it was a little frustrating for him. >> i guess we will never know. >> we will have more on the redskins coming up at 6:00. redskins park today was a different kind of place. there is no structural damage to his knee, but he is sort today.
5:54 pm
we will know more on wednesday about his planned availability next sunday in st. louis. no structural damage. i think donna the nicknack is right. they cannot win without him. right. they cannot win without him.
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why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at there is a t shirt and a frederick mall that has sparked a firestorm. >> the fire -- the shop owner says there is nothing offensive about that. >> there are way more offensive things that you can find. >> i do not think it is that big of a deal. >> mall management tried to ban this store from selling this shirt.
5:58 pm
>> there is a whole lot of people who are fed up. >> this store owner received a letter. he was told to stop selling the shirt due to its offensive nature. >> it gave us the courage to speak the truth. they are sick and tired of political correctness. >> is a message in support of the new immigration law. >> i am buying to t-shirts in protest. >> patron city malls actions were offensive because since -- spencer gets is right next door. >> it is ridiculous that they cannot sell what they want to sell. >> so far, at the mall has not stopped him. apparently, they no longer planned to. after originally declined to discuss the matter, management
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told us that the letter was a mistake. that is now for abc 7 news at 5:00. more traffic confusion and a key part of our region. corneruters in tyson's have something else to figure out. >> positive news on the economy. by the president is -- michelle rhee said down with oprah. captioned by the national captioning institute >> alive and in hd, at this is abc 7 news. if you are traveling through northern virginia, there are some traffic problems. >> w


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