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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  September 21, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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next hour. "good morning washington" at 5:00 a.m. begins right now. >> welcome back. "good morning washington." thank you so much for joining us today. i'm allison starling. >> we're going to check in with lisa in just a moment but we start with meteorologist adam caskey. >> a great day today. a lot like yesterday. we're starting the day noticeably cooler than yesterday at this time. take a look at the morning temperatures outside now. dry air in place. clear skies and calm winds allowing temperatures to plummet down near the dew point for the morning hours. that's where we are. quick look at the almanac data. only three degree above average for this time of year. 96 is the record high
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temperature set back in 1865. sclofere to low -- closer to low 80's again. we'll have upper 70's for afternoon highs. >> lingering road work on the beltway at virginia and arlington boulevard, the traffic is able to get through. you can see that flashing light under the g.e. in georgia. traffic is very light in volume but they are still out there working for the morning. now, the news desk. >> thank you much. at 5:01, our top story, a man is behind bars this morning facing child pornography possession charges. even more disturbing, mark barget spent hours interacting with children all over northern virginia during his side job as a wrestling referee.
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a case of dumb luck, pretty much. >> that's right. in fact, some would say it was just sheer chance that he has now been charged with counties of child pornography. this has been troubling for parents because for eight years barget was working with jackson major high and high school students. his the house next door burned down and while firefighters performed a check of his home, they found pornography. he judged wrestling matches and performed skin checks on students throughout northern virginia. the wrestler's association, which is contracted by the school district, said it never received any complaints about barget. he has now been suspended
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indefinitely. fairfax says they have sent a letter to him, a no trespassing letter which means he cannot go on school grounds, but this is of course is very troubling for parents throughout virginia. >> in other news, d.c. police are looking for clues in the death of an elderly man. his body was found late last night on railroad tracks near second and d street. this is a death investigation. police don't think the death is suspicious. there are woman accused in a drunk driving crash in adams morgan is facing a new charge, involuntary manslaughter manslaughter. one of the victims, julia bachleitner died. she was a student at johns hopkins. the f.b.i. is asking for help in finding a serial armed
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robber. we have surveillance photos now to have suspect. described as light clecks, deep voice, blue or green eyes. he is responsible for 38 armed robberies since february of last year, in maryland, delaware and pennsylvania. >> they are finding more burial mix-ups at arlington national cemetery. the "washington post" detailed problems with three graves in section 66. one had a headstone but no remains. a second had a body but the wrong headstone. another plot had two sets of remains but only one matched the headstone. the army said last week two bodies were found in the wrong grave. a story out of texas where investigators are trying to figure out why a man opened fire. officials say the man shot and wound twod people inside a small grocery store before he was shot and killed by military police officers.
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this happened around 3:00 yesterday. authorities did not lock down the place during the incident. >> apparently the recession sover. this is according to the national -- is over. this is according to the bureau of research. that did not stop voters from giving president obama an earful about the economy. >> the recession is over. the national bureau of economic research declared this monday saying the longest downturn ended in june twain. many americans say seeing is believing and they don't believe just yet. >> is the american dream dead? >> president obama faced frustrated and worried voters at a town hall meeting on the economy. >> my goal here is not to try to convince you that everything is where it needs to be. it is not. what i am saying is that we're moving in the right direction. >> this year, the economy has stabilized but unemployment is
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higher. at 9.6%. a recent poll showed 79% of americans believe the u.s. economy is in a recession now. >> of this matters until we create enough jobs to bring down unemployment. >> policy makers will meet to determine if the fed should take more steps for the economy. midterm elections are just six weeks away. >> meanwhile, republican leaders are preparing to unvay vail their agenda for the fall -- unveil their agenda for the fall campaign. officials say it will focus on jobs, spending, health care and other issues. >> it is 5:06 now, still ahead, cracking down on distracted driving. the new effort to get people to hang up behind the wheel. >> i thought equality was nonnegotiable. >> and later, lady gaga takes
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on don't ask don't tell one day before congress gets set for a vote. >> first another cool morning at the bus stop. some big changes just in time for fall. [ quinn ] my name is quinn,
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>> we'll find a way to perk you up. >> tuesday morning. 5:10. right now we're 58 degrees at reagan national. of course skies are dark. dew point is 49. that means very dry air in place and calm wind as well. we have clear skies. calm winds and dry conditions and temperatures plummeting. 82 the high temperature today in metro area. it will look and feel like yesterday. 78 northwest of town. the high temperature in martinsburg due to higher elevation changes. mid 50's further west. warmer tomorrow morning than what we have now. we're really going to warm up, near 90 degrees. a chance for storms late
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wednesday. >> arlington boulevard, we're going live right now to take a look at 395 traffic, if your intention is to head to the pentagon, nothing complicated. good in maryland along 270 southbound out of frederick into montgomery county. >> lisa, thank you much. it is 5:11 now and 6:00 cool degrees. still to come, a pop star takes on the pentagon. lady gaga's latest fight against don't ask, don't tell. >> efforts to curb distracted driving. >> first an apology from the army national guard after a wildfire forces hundreds of evacuations.
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>> and welcome back. in our top stories at 5:14, police arrested a man who judged middle and high school wrestling matches in northern virginia. 51-year-old mark barget of life-support overpb is charged -- lorton is charged with possessing child pornography. president obama got an earful from frustrated voters yesterday during a town hall meeting in philadelphia but he defended his recovery efforts while trying to reduce the deficit. the utah national guard is taking responsibility for a huge wildfire near salt lake city. the guard's commander said nobody checked for high wind warnings before they launched a machine gun exercise this past weekend. >> looking now at the day ahead, a new push to hang up and drive.
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a recent study shows distracted driving deaths are down but still at epidemic levels. victims and advocates will meet today to get the message out. good morning. >> good morning to you. we certainly have all seen it as we have been driving down the road. people focused on things like their cell phones rather than on the road. advocates will come together today to try to put the brakes on distracted driving. >> russell and kimberly are on a mission to keep drivers focused. their daughter was killed by a distracted driver on her way to meet a wedding planner almost 5500 people were killed by distracted driving and half a million people were injured.
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>> everybody thinks they can use their cell phone and drive and drive safely, and you can't. >> the hurds are hoping for a change in attitude. they will like to see distracted driving become as unacceptable as driving drunk. >> we want you to turn your cell phone off. we're living proof that in three or four seconds an entire life can change and certainly we'll never be the same again. >> someone who'll also never be the same, a local tacoma park mother lost her 23-year-old son. she will be speaking joining forces with ray lahood. this is expected to get underway at 9:00 this morning. >> thank you very much. well, the battle over the mill's don't ask, don't tell policy is heating up. democrats have attached a bill to a military spending bill. efforts to repeal the law got a
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boost yesterday when singer lady gaga spoke at a rally calling for the senate to take action. >> doesn't it seem to you that we should set a precedent? >> john mccain opposes changing policy saying he wants to wait on a pentagon study on the impact of refeeling law is complete. >> the -- repeeling the law is complete. >> yesterday the f.d.a. heard testimony on the safety of salmon. the company that wants to sell the salmon said it is safe to eat but critics say it could cause allergy problems and wipe out salmon population. an ipad upgrade is good news for fans. >> in today's tech bytes,
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google says people will be able to use ipads and android device. the technology is going to work on excel and word documents. ipet gives you a virtual pet to interact with. >> the ipet uses augmented reality to take the play station webcam, take a picture of your living room, wherever you happen to be playing, and insert this cute, cuddly i-animal into it. >> the smufe a and with that track -- the move is a and with that tracks your motions like like a wand. >> 5:18. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes.
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i can't remember. fall starts -- is it tomorrow? >> tomorrow at 11:09. equal day and equal night. just in time to start to feel like summer again. >> when it is officially fall, temperatures are going to skyrocket. we'll be at 90. that's how we reasonable care fall. this is some video from -- that's how rerecognize fall. it is really bright stars. second to the moon. jupiter. >> really? >> last night jupiter and earth had their closest encounter until 2022. you see some of its moons. isn't that cool? it is about 75 million kilometers closer than most earth-jupiter encounters. what does that mean? it is a lot closer in space
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talk than it normally is. if you missed it last night, don't worry. it will hang around for the next couple of weeks. tomorrow it will be just 10 degrees off from the moon. now let's go to the graphics, temperaturewise. 56 in gaiters bugg. 47 -- gaithersburg. the high and dry, high pressure influencing our weather, giving us a general sinking motion. another day full of sunshine. maybe a few high, thin clouds. we have a few showers developing along that front in the midsection of the country. i wish i could say that front was going to move through the metro area and keep temperatures comfortable. with pressure moving offshore we're going to get the southerly flow kicking in later on today and that will slowly bump the temperatures up.
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basically back to 90 degrees almost tomorrow and maybe low 90's for thursday and friday. right now, it looks like to best chance of much-needed rain is sunday into monday. that is still pretty far off of course. >> adam, we have travel times in our favor this morning between richmond to baltimore along 95 and also a pretty good ride along the dulles greenway, the toll road. 63 is quiet to 70. look at the beltway here. pretty sweet. >> yeah. looking good. ok. thanks so much, lisa. it is 5:21. 57 degrees. >> coming up next, redskins corner back deangelo hall. you'll never believe who he is ready to blame. that is coming up in sports. >> and jon stewart at his best. that's on "oprah".
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america needs clean energy, and america needs jobs. wind power can deliver on both - but only if the senate encourages investment by passing a strong renewable electricity standard.
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with a strong res, we can keep 85,000 wind power workers on the job, and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, too. jobs that america could really use right now. for american jobs, tell your senators to pass a renewable electricity standard today. >> it is a handoff. to the end zone. touchdown! >> whoa, it turned into a thriller finish on monday night football. trailing new orleans late, san francisco throws to even the score but the saints march back the other way and made a last-second field goal to win
5:25 am
it. >> just two weeks now in the nfl complete. eight teams are unbeaten and eight teams have not one. at least 16 clubs at 1-1. including the skins. >> good morning, washington. the redskins lost to the texas on sunday. it has sunk in. they realize a golden opportunities slipped away in the fourth quarter and in scrover time. the frustration still lingered. deangelo hall, he called out defensive coordinator jim haslett. >> it don't matter what he say. it is my opinion. it is my defense. that's what i'm going to do. go back to the drawing board. it won't happen like that again. >> deangelo hall has backed off that slightly and does say he does respect jim haslett.
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>> hernandez threw a ball to geoff blum. a three-run shot. the final there, 8-2. have a great day, everybody. >> 5:26. 56 degrees. the news continues with "good morning washington" at 5:30. >> still ahead, michelle rhee's fight for d.c. schools is in the national spotlight again. we'll have highlights. >> today, a pleasant start to the day. noticeably cooler than yesterday. we're really going to heat yesterday. we're really going to heat things up. when you buy the hot new samsung fascinate with its super amoled screen.
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>> straight ahead this half-hour, a school wrestling referees surprising arrest and the disturbing evidence found. >> good morning, washington. it is tuesday, september 21. >> thank you for joining us today. we're going to begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam is here with a first check on the forecast. it is kind of nice and crisp now. >> crisp and refreshing to start the day today. this afternoon will feel like yesterday afternoon and tomorrow. it is going to be autumn at 11:00 p.m.. that is the irony. 58 degrees a light breeze out of the north-northwest. dew point is 49. very dry air in place. clear skies. calm winds allowing the temperatures to plummet to 47.
5:30 am
here is our forecast for today. low 80's locally. a few degrees cooler farther northwest of town in the higher elevations. a lot of sunshine tomorrow and partly cloudy. with the strong southerly breeze, temperatures are going to sky robert. wouldn't be surprised -- to skyrocket. wouldn't be surprised if we get to the low 90's thursday and friday. thursday through saturday, actually a lot of sunshine. we should cool back down by next weekend with another round of showers possible. we do need the rain. we're crossing our fingers. sunday and monday looks like the best chance. >> i-70 east at route 66 washington counties, an accident just happened. frederick county, maryland, a wreck on the ramp to the east
5:31 am
to go south on 270. nothing on 270 however between 85 and the beltway but the growing volume. virginia traffic headlights northbound. lanes open but growing in volume. >> thank you very much. it is 5:31. our top story this morning. a warning goes out to parents today after police arrest a wrestling referee. 51-year-old mark barget face child pornography charges. pamela? >> good morning. this is very disturbing news for a lot of parents because mark barget interacted with middle school and high school students for years, but it was what was found inside his home that ultimately put him behind bars. >> when firefighters went into his home to do a check after the house next door burned down, they walked out with a very different purpose. they went in to check the next
5:32 am
house to make sure there was nothing wrong with it and that's when they found all of that stuff. >> the fire marshall office always contacted them after finding what appeared to be child pornography at his house. for the past eight years, he has judged wrestling matches throughout northern virginia and portland skin checks on students before they got on the -- performed skin checks on the students before they got on the mat. they said no complaints were ever received about barget. the news is troubling to parents and neighbors. >> whenever there is someone like that, the neighborhood should be informed. >> an acquaintance tells us he has been charged with 10 counts of child pornography possession. police want to hear from anyone
5:33 am
with additional information. >> thank you very much. it is 5:32 and more problems for a woman arrested in a d.u.i. crash in adams morgan. she is charged with voluntary manslaughter. chamica adams hit two college students on september 8. one of the victims died on september 14. she was a graduate student at johns hopkins. adams had the alcohol level at nearly twice the legal level. >> the suspected serial stabber faces new charges. the first murder charge was filed against elliott -- the 33-year-old is suspected of attacking 17 people in michigan, leesburg, virginia, five of the victims died. >> police are investigating a hit-and-run accident that critically injured aed candidate.
5:34 am
it struck natasha pettigrew. she was riding her bike training for a triathlon. she is the maryland green party candidate for the u.s. senate. her mother has a message for the driver. >> could you at least stop, hold her, call 911, talk to her, say it is going to be all right? >> 41-year-old christie littleford told police she thought she had struck a deer. when she got home, she found pettigrew's bike lodged under her s.u.v. and called police. >> we're hearing now from the family of the johns hopkins doctor who was shot last week. dr. david cohen's family issued a statement saying he is roring in good condition. his family -- recovering in good condition. his family is asking for privacy while cohen recovers. 50-year-old paul pardusor arlington was distraught when he shot cohen after the doctor
5:35 am
updated him on his mother's condition. he shot and killed his mother before taking his own life. it is just about 5:35 this morning. apparently the recession has ended. that is the word from some economists. many people are having trouble believing that. >> president obama heard some of that frustration first-hand at a town hall meeting. good morning, emily. >> good morning to you. a group of economists now says that the recession ended last summer, about six months actually after president obama took office. as we move towards the midterm elections, the president finds himself in a position to try to convince vote hears the the economy remains on the right track. here is something the president had to answer to yesterday. a voter asked him is the american dream dead for me? the president answered that it is not his goal to convince people that everything is where it needs to be now. he said it is more important that things are improving.
5:36 am
he admitted the recession seems very real for the 9.6% of americans who just can't find jobs. the national bureau of economic research said the longest and most severe downturn since the great depression ended in june, 2009. this morning, more important economic news happening. federal reserve policy makers are going to debate if the fed should take more action to bolster the economy. this will will their last action before the midterm election. >> thank you much. delaware republican senate candidate christine o'zonl being accused of using campaign funds for personal use. a complaint was filed with the federal election commission.
5:37 am
it alleged she used campaign funds to pay her rent and other expenses. o'donnell says the allegations are the work of opponents trying to derail her campaign. >> still ahead on "good morning washington," a bedbug infestation inside a local library. where you may want to avoid for now. >> this is a warrior woman. she is a warrior woman. >> plus oprah winfrey's words of praise for d.c.'s school chancellor. >> but first another check of traffic and weather. ring ring. progresso. everyday i eat your soups instead of going out to lunch, i save a lot of money. that's great. so, your delicious rich and hearty soups have made me, rich and hearty. that's funny. well, i'm rich because... i know, i get it. i laughed. and i'm hearty because of your juicy steak, your potatoes, your pearl onions.
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>> we're here at the market in bethesda with a selection of goodies and plans. come on down and check o us out. good morning, washington. >> 5:ho a.m. adam caskey with your forecast. 81 the high temperature yesterday after a morning low of 64. already we're cooler than yesterday's morning lows. reagan national currently sitting at 58. the average high today is 968. -- 68.
5:41 am
47 in martinsburg. 45 now in frederick. culpeper 45. mostly sunny again today because of high pressure. the general sinking motion in the atmosphere. mostly sunny, 82 locally. a little bit cooler in the higher ellveagses. upper 70's further -- elevations, 70's further north. we'll have the seven-day forecast soon. >> we had a wreck. it has been a struggle on i-70 east to go south on 270 with an accident on the exit ramp. further south, a delay to get past 109. virginia track on 66, here is 95 traffic. headlights northbound out of springfield to the belt way. before sh -- it affects both sides, the right and the left.
5:42 am
interloop, on the way to route 7, a wreck. >> 57 degrees outside on this tuesday morning. your time is 5:42. >> coming up in our morning chat, dancing is back. we'll have some of the highlights from last night's first round. >> and coming up, oprah winfrey shines a spotlight on d.c. and schools and the chancellor whose future lays in the balance. >> but first this morning, the denver broncos mourn the loss of
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>> it is quarter to 6:00 now. welcome back, everybody in our top stories now, a man who judged middle and high school wrestling matches in northern virginia has been arrested and charged with child pornography. fire marshalls discovered the materials in his home after the
5:46 am
apartment next door caught fire in june. president obama is under fire over his handling of the economy. he heard from frustrated voters during a town hall meeting yesterday. he defended his economic policies and the plan to keep some of the bush tax cuts in place. finally, the denver broncos are dealing with the tragic loss of another player. kenny mckinley's body was found yesterday afternoon at his home near denver. it appears he committed suicide. he was only 23 years old. >> michelle rhee got a high-profile high-five yesterday. she sat down with oprah winfrey who called her a warrior woman for her efforts. her future is anybody's guess. >> good morning. well, it seemed the audience at oprah were behind rhee and her move for reform. she will need the support and
5:47 am
to have the support of vincent gray, something neither she nor gray are promising. >> a one-woman tornado at the center of a washington, d.c. storm. >> and now that william, michelle rhee is taking her -- that woman, michelle rhee is taking her push before the nation. >> this is a warrior woman. >> on monday rhee appeared on "the oprah win fray show" talking about the struggles in the d.c. school system. >> i don't believe you are going to be the leader who is going to take this school in the district we need to get going and have the highest expectations for the kids. >> no, i'm terminating now. >> her move to fire hundreds of teachers had the support of mayor adrian fenty. gray hasn't said whether she will stay or go. >> we're going to need -- i
5:48 am
don't know how many conversations we'll have. we'll just see how it goes. >> gray said it is possible that he and rhee can work out their differences. >> ok. thank you very much. meanwhile d.c. attorney general peter nichols is under investigation from the d.c. bar association. the association is looking at whether he violated its rules about switching sides in a case. before taking a position in which he has to defend the cityings he was the lead attorney in a long-running lawsuit in the district. he said the complaints are politically motivated. now at 5:58ings we turn to battleground maryland. former republican governor bober lick's bid to get his job back. tv ads in the d.c. area say that martin o'malley's policies
5:49 am
have moved maryland backward. >> frederick county is battling a bedbug problem inside a public library. it was temporarily closed after an employee spotted bedbugs in a book there late last week. library officials locked the materials inside a truck and plan to bring the temperature up to 130 degrees for 30 minutes and that will kill the bedbugs. >> time for weather and traffic every 10 minutes. adam is here with a nice day on top. >> tomorrow night the official beginning of fall. that's how we welcome fall in washington. i want to show you some cool video here. this is of jupiter. look at the upper right side of your screen. it almost looks like street
5:50 am
lamp or light. it looks like a very bright star. second brightest to the moon. it was almost overhead at midnight last night. last night jupiter and earth had their closes encounter until 2022. you can see the moon around jupiter. it will be in the night sky for the next couple of weeks and actually tomorrow night it will be about 10 degrees offset from the moon. 58 now at reagan national. of course still dark outside. light north wind at five-mile-per-hour. do you want 49. that allows the temperature to drop combined with a clear skies and calm wind. stafford 46. waldorf checking in at 47. crisp, autumn-like dry air that we have this morning. changes are going to happen later in day and especially the day tomorrow.
5:51 am
clear skies overhead, high pressure giving us the general sinking motion. off to the northwest, areas of showers in the midsection of the country. clouds associated with the cold front pushing eastward. i wish i could say the cold front is going to plow three here and keep the temperatures -- threw here and temperatures comfortable. we're going to be on the warm side of the jet stream. southerly winds kicking in later today and thas that is going to bump our temperatures up over the next couple of days. near 90 tomorrow. maybe low 90's thursday and friday and summer-like air on wednesday. upper level energy can't rule out a couple of isolated storms. >> metro rail is reporting on time. no disruption for the virginia railway. express ride on the beltway
5:52 am
virginia. a wreck out of frederick, maryland on the ramp from i-70 east to go south on to 270. we'll take you quickly to the geico camera. quiet on the beltway. that is moving relatively well. back inside. >> hey, lisa, did you remember the movie "derty dancing"? >> absolutely, jennifer grey. >> there was sort of a repeat. baby is upfront. take a look. >> ♪ >> that's actress jennifer grey, best known for her role in "dirty dancing". she earned 24 points from the judges. the highest of the night. brandy and kizzny star kyle massey -- disney star kyle massey finished in second place.
5:53 am
margaret cho and jersey shore star the situation and david hasselhoff landed in last place. bristol palin scored 18 points for her cha cha. tonight is the first elimination round. >> they must practice a lot. it is a good group this time around m >> jennifer grey is cuter than ever. >> hasn't changed a bit. >> lindsay lohan might be headed back to jail. a judge is going to decide on friday if the act resident violate her probation failing a court-ordered drug test. a warrant is on hold this morning. >> she apparently used her twitter account to say, you know, addiction is not something you can clear overnight. i'm a work in progress. >> i wish she could go back to
5:54 am
"the parent trap". that was her heyday. >> i feel sorry for her. really. she is struggling. she needs to get over this. >> 5:54 now. 56 this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard.
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turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does.
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>> welcome back, everyone. a t-shirt that is being sold at a shopping mall in frederick is sparking controversy. >> it can be found in a store in the francis scott key mall.
5:57 am
it reads maryland stands can arizona. they were told to stop selling the shirt because of its offensive nature but he refused. >> there is way more offensive things you can find even in a wal-mart. >> i don't think it is that big of a deal. >> it is no not fair. >> other people speak the truth about what they feel and they are sick and tired about the political correctness. >> the sale of the shirts will continue. he has already sold about 200 of those shirts. >> it is 5:57 period of time a lot more still to come in the -- a lot more still to come in the second hour. >> a virginia man who interacted with state of the unions for years has now been charged with child pornography possession.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> the shock revelation from arlington. later, cracking down on distracted driving. efforts to get people to


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