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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 21, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> i'm robin roberts. it is tuesday, september 21st. and breaking news this morning. nine american troops killed after their helicopter crashes in afghanistan. we will have a live report. president obama questioned by a weary supporter, worried about the economy. >> i'm exhausted of defending you. former president clinton weighs in with his answer. what he would say to anxious americans. >> i think, people feel disempowered. they're angry because they feel like they're doing everything, single thing they know to do. and nothing makes it better. fed up. that father who jumped on his daughter's school bus to confront bullies all caught on tape, speaking out this morning in an exclusive interview. what he says brought him to the
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breaking point. and ballroom blitz. "dancing with the stars" kicks off with the hoff, the situation, and bristol palin, all showing off their moves. we have the play-by-play this morning. good morning, everyone. we're going to get to that breaking news out of afghanistan, in just a moment. as reports are coming in on americans killed in a helicopter crash. we're also going to hear from that supporter of president obama who told him she was tired of defending him. and former president clinton weighs in on that and sarah palin. he's in town for his global initiative. and how he felt walking chelsea down the aisle last month. we're going to begin with breaking news this morning. the helicopter crash in southern afghanistan. nine u.s. soldiers have been killed. let's go to miguel marquez in afghanistan with the latest.
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miguel? >> reporter: in addition, to the nine soldiers killed, one u.s. soldiered injured, one afghan death, as well. it's just north of where i am, in kandahar province. it happened in zabul province, a mountainous region. troops are coming here every day by the hundreds or thousands. the last time the u.s. suffered this bad a crash was back in 2006, when a chinook went down. we're not entirely certain what type of chopper this was. the taliban has claimed credit. but u.s. officials here say there's no credible claim of enemy fire in that region. and they still don't know what brought the chopper down. often, the taliban takes credit for these things just to do it. this is part of an overall effort here in kandahar and across the country. the surge of troops that president obama ordered are in-country. and they are moving into the final phase of that surge, getting ready, getting into the
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hottest of the offensive operations. but they will be conducting. it is likely that we're going to see here in kandahar and other places, as those operations continue. those casualties go up. george? >> that's right, miguel. we've seen it. as the surge has been ramping up over the last month, american casualties have gone up, as well. >> reporter: they have, indeed. and we, even today, i'm with the 101st airborne, there's a ceremony for two soldiers who were killed on a base here. they have suffered many casualties over the past several days. the offensive since ramadan and since the elections especially are now over, the offensive here by u.s. troops is kicking into high gear. all of those surge troops are in place. the u.s. and afghan officials say that the afghan army is as ready as it's going to be. and they want to move to protect places like kandahar and other areas throughout the country. trying to take it from the hands of the taliban and build some
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level of governance here. >> okay. miguel marquez, thanks very much. >> he'll keep us updated, george. turning to politics now. and president obama faced some anxious supporters on monday. people who voted for him and are now worried about their livelihoods and a new normal in a sputtering economy. jake tapper live at the white house with this. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that's right, president obama got an earful from his base. so much so, last night he said he had a message for griping and groaning democrats. his words, folks, wake up. this is not an academic exercise. it's not the choice between us and the all mighty. it's between us and the alternative. in philadelphia, the president tried to rally dispirited democrats for senate democrat joe sestak. >> i want to talk about enthusiasm. energy. why you need to work for joe. >> reporter: the president is trying to battle the enthusiasm gap. conservatives, excited to head
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to the polls in a few weeks. liberals, not so much. >> is the american dream dead for me? >> reporter: the president met some of these angst-ridden members of his base earlier at a cnbc town hall meeting. >> having a family. having even a marriage is awfully expensive. >> i'm exhausted of defending you, defending your administration. defending the mantle of change i voted for. and deeply disappointed in where we are right now. >> reporter: thelma hart said the recession had taken an enormous toll on her family. >> we felt we were beyond the hot dogs and beans era of our lives. >> right. >> quite frankly, it's starting to knock on my door. is this my new reality? >> reporter: he gave her his idea for student loans and health insurance. >> my goal here is not to tell you that everything is where it needs to be. it's not. but we're moving in the right
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direction. >> reporter: but he did not answer her fundamental question about whether this is her new reality. >> i think i bought into the belief that he has something special to move the needle faster and more deliberately, and quite frankly, more beneficially for the middle class than the realities are. >> reporter: this, even though economists say the recession officially ended in june 2009. we're producing more as a country than a year ago. >> for the average american, none of this matters. not until we create enough jobs to bring down unemployment. and we're a good 6 or 12 months away from that. >> reporter: in an abc news/yahoo! poll says 47% of the public says it doesn't matter for the economy whether republicans or democrats are in charge. >> thanks, jake. now, to my exclusive interview with president clinton. he understands exactly what president obama is going through right now, after experiencing a mine field of his own in 1994. when i sat down with him, he had advice for president obama and praise for sarah palin. we begin with the clinton global
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initiative. it's raised $60 million to help over 200 million people around the world. and i asked president clinton which project excites him? >> i have to say two. first, the fact that these business people still want to invest money in haiti and help haiti come back. and this, we have what are called action networks, now, that meet on subjects that people really care about all year long. the haiti action network, they're roaring back with a new set of business commitments. i'm very excited about that. the other things i'm excited about relate to ideas that will create jobs. here in america and around the world. >> reporter: you may have seen the front page of "the new york times," heartbreaking letters from the 1.3 million homeless. >> yeah. >> reporter: in haiti. and the letters all boil down to, when is the help going to get there? what are you going to do? why isn't it getting through?
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>> first, we had a meeting today of this haiti reconstruction commission. and the united states got their money through. their money will be coming forward. i pointed out to them that we have approved $1.6 million in investment. and $750 million of it is not funded. we're going to be approving a lot more. and we're going to have a huge housing expo in october, which will enable us to begin massive redevelopment. moving people out of the camps into the homes. housing always takes the longest. secondly, there's a lag in the aid that's been promised and the aid that's been released because of the economic problems in the donor countries. and so, what i told them today, i said, look. just pick one of these things you want to do. and tell us when you're going to give the money. and all the haitian members came up from haiti. look at them. they know what economic hardship is.
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they will be okay if you don't give everything right away. >> reporter: tell them it's coming down the road. >> tell them what you're going to give and when you're going to give it. >> reporter: president obama did a whole town meeting today. and one woman got up and just said, simply, i'm exhausted of defending you. a lot of democrats, a lot of supporters of the president, feel that way. what does he do about it? what does he say? >> i would say, i know a lot of people are mad. and a lot of people are tired, apathetic. and i respect that because we're not yet out of the hole we got in. it's okay to be mad. but make a choice based on what should we do now? and who is more likely to do it? they want to repeal the financial oversight bill, which is designed to keep this disaster from occurring again. i think our choice is better. we have plans to help small business, manufacturing and clean energy. we know they don't believe in clean energy. and so far, they're not for our
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small business plan. our choice is better. do what's best for you. that's what i think he should say. >> you and president obama get set up as polar opposites. everybody used to hit you for mr. i feel your pain. and everybody says, the conventional wisdom, he's too remote. he's too detached. how does he get that back? >> i think he's doing the right thing by going out and explaining things. i think the problem is not that he's empathetic. i think he is letting people show they're anger, show their disappointment. that's a good way to do it. the truth is, it's the similarities that are getting him in trouble. i knew i had done the right things in '94. i would like to see him do something i didn't do. i would like to see him say, the
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only thing that matters is what we do now. here's the three things i want to do now. here's why i think our side's more likely to do it. and let me tell you something. we couldn't get out of the $3 trillion hole in 21 months. give us two more years. don't go back to the policies that dug the hole. if we don't do better, you can vote against us all and i'll be on the ballot, too. vote against it all. >> reporter: give people permission to vote against you? >> absolutely. people feel disempowered. they're angrily because they think they're doing everything, single thing they know to do. and nothing makes it better. >> reporter: there's a big debate out there about sarah palin. i think a lot of democrats believe she's the best thing to happen to president obama in 2012. mark halperin disagreed in "usa today." i want to see what you think about this. she is much like bill clinton. what doesn't kill her makes her
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stronger. think what you like. but she's extraordinarily strong. is he right? >> i think she's a resilient character. and we may be entering sort of a period in politics that is sort of fact-free, where experience in government is a negative. i mean, even though i was actually slightly younger than president obama when i was elected, i was the longest-serving governor in the country. i thought it was important to do the job and show results and to be able to acknowledge that you made mistakes and learn from them. i don't think we know what's going to happen in 2012. but in the republican primaries, she's popular with the conservative base. she's a compelling, attractive figure. >> is she qualified to be president? >> american people can elect whomever they want. but she served, you know, not a full-time term as governor. and she went out and did this. we don't even know she's going
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to run for president. >> reporter: what's your gut on that? >> i think she's clearly a public figure who speaks well and persuasively to the people who listen to her. and she's somebody to be reckoned with. and she's tough. look, i remember when people were making fun of her, i read that her husband broke his arm in the middle of the iditarod race and finished a 500-mile race with a broken arm. where i come from, people like that. they think that's pretty good. my view is, it's always a mistake to underestimate your opponent. and it's also virtually always a mistake to attack them personally, as opposed to disagreeing with them on what they want to do. >> i also asked the president about walking chelsea up the aisle. he reflected on that. we'll have that our next hour. >> he is as passionate as ever. we're now going to turn to the latest on one family's tragic loss. a registered sex offender is now in custody in connection with
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the death of a police chief's daughter. 23-year-old valerie hamilton's body was discovered over the weekend. her funeral takes place today. with more, here's yunji de nies. >> reporter: concord police chief, merl hamilton, was overcome with grief, as he and family lit candles for the daughter he called val. >> that was our song. >> reporter: hundreds gathered to remember the 23-year-old swim coach and student who simply shined. >> i never had a friend show me and care for me the way that valerie did. >> reporter: valerie was found dead in a storage locker on sunday. she was last seen leaving a local bar with 34-year-old ni e michael neil harvey. >> i want to ask, robin, my law
7:15 am
enforcement brothers and sisters across the country, to help me with this. all-get out there and find this guy for me. when it comes back my way, i'll pay you back. >> reporter: just hours later, fbi and u.s. marshalls arrested harvey, allegedly high on heroin, hundreds of miles away in his hometown of nigra falls. >> we fortunately got a tip. and that tip was successful. >> reporter: police have still not said how valerie died and whether she went willingly with harvey. the last phone call she made was reportedly to a friend at 3:00 a.m., asking her to come to harvey's hotel for a swim. for this officer of the law, the last few days have been pure agony. >> i figured my daughter, wherever she was, she was waiting for me to come through the door. >> reporter: sir, you appealed to the law enforcement community to capture harvey. what do you need from the community? >> to capture the one tomorrow
7:16 am
that does it to somebody else. to help prevent it. >> reporter: now, harvey is reportedly denying he killed valerie hamilton. his neighbors spoke to our affiliate wsoc, and harvey said valerie died in her sleep. a lot of unanswered questions in this case. robin? >> there are. our hearts go out to chief hamilton and his family. juju chang has the morning's other news for us. >> good morning, robin and george. good morning, everyone. the national guard is apologizing for the ongoing wildfire that's burned several homes and thousands of acres near salt lake city. the guard admits no one checked the red flag wind conditions before a machine gun training exercise, which sparked the fire. and they waited hours before calling for help. advisers to the fda say more research should be done before the agency approves genetically-engineered salmon for human consumption. the salmon grows twice as fast as natural salmon. the fda holds a hearing today on whether the fish would carry a
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special label. and a showdown over the don't ask, don't tell policy towards gays in the military gets under way in the senate today. singer lady gaga rallied against the policy in maine monday. she used a colorful reference to the outfit made of meat she wore to last week's mtv awards. >> equality is the prime rib of what we stand for as a nation. and i don't get to enjoy the greatest cut of meat that my country has to offer. >> after the meat metaphor, you wonder why maine? well, the crowd was calling on maine's republican senators to support the repeal. that's the news at 7:17. always colorful. >> she's a brilliant speech -- singer. >> very talented. >> speech needs a little work. >> i think that's a little fair.
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thanks, george. thanks, juju. she won't be coming here anytime soon. thanks, george. now, to the weather. over to sam champion. good morning. >> good morning, robin, george, juju. lady gaga. good morning, everyone. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to talk about. we're going to start with pictures out of cameron county, texas. more than nine inches of rain in three days. about 200 homes flooded. water rescues yesterday. and there's additional rain falling today to the tune of one to two inches in that brownsville area. flooding continues from that heavy rain. big-time heat all over the board today. look at memphis, almost a record at 98 degrees. houston at 88. dallas at 90. chicagoland, you're getting up to 88 degrees, as well. and the heat moves into the northeast, starting tomorrow.
7:19 am
tuesday morning, 7:19, and sonny and it feels like yesterday but it is noticeably cooler. 57 degrees at reagan national airport. frederick is at 50 degrees so widespread 40's and 50's to start our day. 82 will be the high temperature with mostly sunny more on the heat in the next half hour. george, we're getting to the
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point in the country where this heat is not only unusual. but in many cities, it's never happened this late before. >> no kidding? >> no kidding. >> what happened to old indian sum center. >> we'll talk about it next half hour. >> okay. right now, we get to more trouble for lindsay lohan this morning. the actor is scheduled to appear before a los angeles judge on friday. her provags has been revoked and a bench warrant was issued for her arrest, following a failed drug test. mike von fremd has the latest. >> reporter: lindsay lohan has warned her friends she could end back in jail for twice failing her court-ordered drug tests. on her twitter page she says, substance abuse is a disease, which unfortunately doesn't go away overnight. >> right now, she's done about 20 days. now, she can expect to have added consequences and do another 30 days. and if she has another violation, it might be more than 30 days. we'll just have to see. >> reporter: what makes this
7:21 am
latest setback so sad is that lohan seemed on the verge of a career comeback. >> pull it together. you're a mess. do you think anyone wants to work with a drunk? take it from me. they don't. >> reporter: she mocked herself in a skit at the mtv awards. >> that's it, kid. go get 'em. >> reporter: "saturday night live" reportedly wanted her to host the show. the movie "machete," in which she plays a pistol-packing nun, is now playing in theaters. and in a cover story with "vanity fair," she said she was turning her life around. i'm a completely different person now. different from that woman with obscenities painted on her fingernails in the presence of the judge. lohan will be back in beverly hills court friday, facing a judge who will again decide if this talented but troubled actress belongs back behind bars. for "good morning america," mike von fremd, abc news, hollywood. >> boy. you were just hoping this wouldn't happen. >> we all were, george. coming up, remember last week, the story that got so much
7:22 am
reaction? the father that got on the school bus to confront the bullies of his daughter? he's going to join us live and tell us why he did it. that she would take care of her children. but she needed help. i used my american express open card to get half a million points to buy building materials to help build the jackson family a new home. well, i know if my dad was still around, he would have told me, with no doubt... he would have told me it's a no brainer and i knew that from the start. it was an honor. booming is moving forward by giving back. trying to be big like you, dad. you're so good at keeping everyone full... and focused with your fiber. [ laughs ] but you already are great at doing that. really? sure. you're made with fiber, just like me. but best of all, you're the perfect size for smaller kids. [ female announcer ] give your little ones kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats little bites™ cereal in chocolate and now original flavor. they're an excellent source of fiber packed in a smaller size. [ doorbell rings ] oh, it's original little bite™. we're off to practice keeping 'em full and focused.
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america needs clean energy, and america needs jobs. wind power can deliver on both - but only if the senate encourages investment by passing a strong renewable electricity standard. with a strong res, we can keep 85,000 wind power workers on the job, and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, too. jobs that america could really use right now. for american jobs, tell your senators to pass a renewable electricity standard today. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning, everyone. 7:26 on this tuesday, september 21 and i am greta kreusz with your local update. we begin by checking local commute. there is a 19-mile backup on
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the inner loop in virginia for 10 miles because of a longstanding car wreck just hauled away, the inner loop at the leesburg pike. 66 delays begin out of manassas to the beltway and the inner loop delays are out of springfield to get to leesburg pike. 95 northbound has delays leaving springfield for the pentagon and on the outer loop at georgia avenue, there was a car wreck. we know that summer is coming to a close but we will get to adam caskey after this. it is 0 officially autumn at 11:09 tomorrow evening. it is comfortable outside right now. 48 degrees in frederick with total sunshine. locally, sunshine everywhere.
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just like yesterday with high- pressure overhead. mostly sunny today and lower 80's, winds are the south and that will bob our temperatures up over the next couple of days. it will feel like summer with highs near 90. authorities need your help to track down a serial armed robber. the fbi says the man seen in this surveillance but has held up 38 restaurants in maryland, virginia, delaware, and pennsylvania since february, 2009. there is a reward leading to an arrest and conviction. we will be back with another update at 7:56. for continuous news coverage, tune in to tbd news on news
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♪ "dancing with the stars" is back. we knew jennifer grey would do well. and she's on top of the leaderboard. "dirty dancing" once more. we also saw kyle massey. he was fun. so much fun to watch. and, of course, the situation from "the jersey shore." an exciting, new season already underway. we're going to get the behind the scenes scoop from someone who has been on that ballroom floor, erin andrews on who had the right moves and who has explaining to do. good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> the situation is making
7:31 am
excuses. he only had five days. good morning, america. there's a story coming out. you may have heard of this college senior who wanted to do a paper on apple. she wasn't getting answers. so, she decided to e-mail steve jobs directly. he replied. and it created a little bit of a cyberspace e-mail war. we're going to get into that this morning, as well. and stay tuned. we have a special reunion. the cast from the unforgettable -- one of your favorites. >> i love this movie. >> "the breakfast club," 25 years later. we'll have that for you. now, a story that's touched ouch a nationwide discussion on what parents should do if they find their child is being bullied. a father in florida confronted some that had allegedly bullied his daughter. we're going to speak to him, about why he snapped. first, the latest on this controversial confrontation. you're watching a father at his
7:32 am
breaking point. >> everybody sit down. everybody sit down. >> reporter: surveillance cameras were rolling when earlier this month, james jones boarded his daughter's school bus, demanding that students stop tormenting the 12-year-old who has cerebral palsy. watch as he asks his daughter to show which ones are bullying her. earlier that morning, jones said his daughter broke down in tears. fellow students, he says, hit and shouted at his daughter, twisted her ear, and even threw condoms at her. >> this is my daughter. >> reporter: he confronts the middle schoolers and the driver. >> if anything happens to my daughter, i [ bleep ] you up. you call the police. call them. my brother's the damn deputy sheriff. >> reporter: police were called. and jones was arrested. in a police report, jones told officers that past incidents on the school bus has his daughters so scared, she doesn't want to ride the bus anymore.
7:33 am
jones, who has no prior criminal record, was released on bail. >> my daughter is not going to be hazed and beat up and touched on. and joining us now from lake mary, florida, for an exclusive interview is james jones, his wife, deborah, and their attorney, natalie jackson. good morning to you all. thank you very much for being with us this morning. >> good morning. >> james, let me start with you. you have said all along, this is not about you. this is about your daughter. how is your daughter doing this morning? >> well, my daughter's still in the care of a doctor. but she's doing better this morning. >> she's being treated for stress? is that correct, deborah? >> correct. >> when do you expect her to be coming home? >> right now, we're not sure. >> and she's going to be going to a different school. i know, mrs. jones, you had gone to -- that you talked to the guidance counselor at her
7:34 am
school. what did the guidance counselor tell you? >> well, at the present time, we had that talk with her, it was just a call to set up an appointment to do so. prior to this. and i did not receive a call until close to when this got aired. >> so, james, take us back to that morning because as your wife said, you had placed a call to the guidance counsellor. you had tried to talk to the school. what was the breaking point for you, james, that morning? >> actually, that morning, i wasn't thinking about going there. i received a phone call that my daughter wasn't going to go to school that morning. and she was crying. she wasn't going because she didn't want to ride the bus no more. i apparently came back to the house and i found her and said, let's go. i said, i'll walk you. i'll take you to the bus stop. so, i took her to the bus stop. and when i got there, there was a few other people there.
7:35 am
at that time, i was really going to confront with the bus driver and just ask him what was going on or how the situation was being handled. and at that time, when the bus was running a few minutes late, which not more than a few minutes late, i just waited. and then, just tried to get on the bus with my daughter, i wanted her to know i supported her. i took a little too much. you can see the tape from there. >> so, what did she exactly tell you, james? >> well, poking on her. called her names, words that i won't say on tv because i expressed that once before. you know, can't get a seat on the bus. you know, you're not my friend. you move to the back. you know, the bus was so crowded. she was just, from day one, day two, you know, just tormented. going back and forth. >> and so, you decided --
7:36 am
>> yes? >> robin, the thing here is their bus stop was the last stop. so, by the time their daughter got on the bus, the bus was crowded. so, it came down to getting a seat for her. >> thank you, miss jackson. and i'm going to ask you in a moment about the charges that were filed against your client, james jones. but i want to say to you, james, when we first aired this last week, the response was overwe overwhelmingly positive in support of you. one that we received said, okay, his anger caused him to say extreme things. but i totally support him. and i'm sure nothing he said was equal to the abuse put on this little girl. another wrote, way to go, dad. i wish my dad had done something like that when i was a young girl and being picked on. and another one wrote, i applaud this father for speaking out. you have to fight fire with
7:37 am
fire. i am behind him 100%. but you have expressed some regret in the manner, not the fact that you stood up for your daughter. but the manner in which you went about it. there's many people that are getting their kids off to school on a school bus this morning, james. what is your message to them about this? >> first of all, i would like to still apologize and regret for all of the kids that weren't involved. the kids that had nothing to do with this on the bus at the time. i don't think that we should promote anti- -- bullying like that. but i think what we need to do is talk to your kids. ask your kids. call your schools. just whatever you have to do. make sure that your kids are safe, going back and forth to school. and not just about kids. it's about grown-ups, too, and the workplace also. >> and many people saw as a positive that your james -- it's obvious that you have a good relationship with her. that she was able to talk to you and let you know what was going
7:38 am
on with her. and, miss jackson, james jones is now facing -- he was charged. and if he is brought to court and convicted, could face up to 13 months in jail. so, what is the status of his case right now? >> i want to clarify some things. there were some things that were put out that are incorrect. the arrest affidavit had second-degree misdemeanors. second-degree misdemeanors are punishable by 60 days in jail or a $500 fine. that's what he's facing. obstruction of justice and interference with a school function charge. mr. jones -- and i think this is important. he wanted to get this message out. we have criminal attorneys in my firm who advised him not to speak on this issue until the criminal investigation was done. however, he felt it was important.
7:39 am
he told me that this is a message that he can get out. and next month is anti-bullying -- i think it's a bullying -- anti-bullying support month or a month where educators are -- and teachers and kids are working together to stop bullying. so, he wanted to get this message out and to encourage people to talk to these organizations and support these nonprofit organizations for bullying. there's many of them that have free resources. >> miss jackson, thank you. i know, mr. jones, you want people who are sending you money to help you in your defense, you say it to send it to those organizations to stamp out, do what we can to put an end to bullying. >> yes. >> mr. and mrs. jones, thank you. and miss james, thank you very much. >> there's one other message that he had. i wanted to make sure that this is -- he wants to make sure that parents don't react in the way that he did.
7:40 am
to contact these resources and contact these organizations that prevent and help parents and kids with bullying issues. >> and many people weighed in about that. they had some concern in the manner in which he went about doing it, which he has expressed, as well. thank you all very much for shedding some more light into this. and we'll be following. thank you. and if you'd like to continue toe weigh in and let us know what you think about james jones and what he did, go to weigh in on our shoutout board. time, again, now for the weather and sam. >> good morning, robin. we're getting pictures of flooding in houston from the early morning rain. that's going to continue for the morning commute. we're watching this rain spiral in. off the coast of texas and continuing to push in. another day today. most of the heaviest rain will be in south texas. the big heat continues in mostly sunny skies right
7:41 am
now and 57 degrees at reagan national degrees above 45 degrees in manassas. mostly sunny today, on our way to the low 80's. all that weather was brought to you by the amazon kindle. robin? >> all right, sam. coming up, steve jobs, the head of apple, responds to a college student. but did the ceo go too far? or was he right in what he did? ♪
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and not what you get? like electricity for gadget power at your seat. room to stretch your legs, and your wingspan, food when you're hungry, and taking off your shoes, only if you feel like it. these aren't luxuries, they're basics. get them back on acela. apple ceo steve jobs makes a habit of answering random e-mails directly from customers. but maybe he should have hit delete when one from a college journalism student got under his skin. instead, he fires back. and john berman has more on what happened next in cyberspace. >> reporter: in this corner,
7:45 am
worth $5.5 billion, the father of the iphone, ipod and ipad, apple ceo, steve jobs. and in this corner, a college senior with a paper due, chelsea isaacs. it all started when isaacs was working on an assignment for her journalism class on ipads in academic centers. she wrote to the apple for comment. when nobody responded, she wrote -- >> the completion of this article is crucial to my grade in the class. my deadline is tomorrow. >> reporter: an hour later, this response from sjobs at he said, our goals is not helping you to get a good grade. chelsea fires back. >> i never said that you were to help me getting a good grade. >> reporter: now, jobs' turn. we have over 300 million users.
7:46 am
and we can't respond to their requests, unless they involve a problem of some kind. sorry. >> reporter: and chelsea's turn. >> number one, i am 1 of your 300 million users. number two, i have a problem. i need answers that only apple media relations can answer. now, can they kindly respond to my request? my polite and friendly voice can be heard on the first five or ten messages in their inbox. please, i'm on deadline. >> reporter: then, finally, the knockout blow from jobs. please, leave us alone. please, leave us alone? what kind of language is that? >> he said, if i spend this response, maybe all these college students that e-mail on a daily basis, trying to get kwoets, will stop. >> reporter: in case you're wondering, apple declined to comment on this story. and though i did e-mail steve jobs for his reaction, he didn't write back. maybe i'm lucky. for "good morning america," john berman, abc news. >> nice try, john.
7:47 am
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7:50 am
♪ "around the watercooler" this morning. "dancing with the stars" kicked off last night. there's jennifer grey. we're going to bring in our in-house expert, erin andrews. erin, you thought that was the best dance of the night. judges agree. >> i just thought -- good morning, george, by the way. i just thought that jennifer
7:51 am
coming into this whole thing would be the sentimental favorite. they went the song from "dirty dancing." she had the moment where she thought about patrick swayze. everybody that's a fan of the movie knew the part of the movie that song came in. and i have goosebumps talking about it right now. >> what was your surprise of the night? >> it was kyle. i thought lacy choreographed a wonderful rue tine with him. i didn't expect him to have so much of a connection with him and the judges. it seemed like the judges enjoyed it. >> he really had a good time. he had that big smile, too. >> he did. >> and bristol palin, i guess what you can say is she didn't flop. >> no, she didn't. and i actually was cheering for her. you could tell, she was so nervous. and it looked like she was trying so hard. and i was kind of screaming for her. you know, wanting her to get through it.
7:52 am
>> five seconds left. who is going to go home tonight, erin? >> i'm going to say michael bolton. what do you think, robin? >> i think you're correct, my good friend. >> that is a good one. >> thanks, erin. >> tonight at 8:00. [ woman ] i don't want to feel depressed. [ woman #2 ] i'd like to enjoy things again. [ woman #3 ] i feel these aches and pains. [ woman #4 ] the guilt. [ man ] my sleep just isn't right. [ woman #5 ] i'm so anxious. [ man #2 ] i need to focus. [ female announcer ] depression hurts. cymbalta can help with many symptoms of depression. tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens,
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning at 7:56 on this tuesday, september 21. i am greta kreusz with your local update. let's get started with checking out the roads. out of springfield on the inner loop and 66 out of manassas is where we have the worst of it this morning. 95 delays are out of dale city to get into lorton with a crash that is borne out. 66 has a back up out of manassas to go to tysons corner there is a crash from the belt way which is gone. delays are on the toll road this morning.
7:57 am
we will show you the pace of traffic on 270 at falls road. on the outer loop at colesville road, there was an accident. 29 out of columbia in maryland, and earlier car firebombed is resolved. a lot of sunshine outside and high pressure will be here for another day. i doubt we will see many clouds rolling over had today. 51 degrees in frederick. the dew point is 44 and that allows temperatures to drop overnight. 50 degrees currently in brunswick and 51 in bowie. temperatures will warm-up for the 50's all the way to the low 80's this afternoon with mostly sunny skies. wednesday-friday, near 90 degrees. today is the day to pick up your charm card.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
♪ don't you forget about me don't, don't, don't, don't ♪ we can't forget about "the breakfast club." 25 years later. the movie that defined a generation. that's true, george. we're bringing the incredible cast back together again to talk about life then and now. they are fantastic. all four of them. >> can't wait for that. also this morning, the te texting scandal that's pit a prosecutor against a governor. wisconsin's prosecuting attorney is accused of sending text messages to a domestic abuse
8:01 am
victim whose case he was handling. he suggested increasing the sentence if she would go out with him. he says he's not leaving the job. but the governor says he has to go. we're going to talk live to the governor in a moment. >> looking forward to that conversation. also, rachael ray is here. she's celebrating a huge milestone. and she's going to show us how to make a week's worth of great meals in one day. a little of my interview with former president clinton. earlier, we were talking about his global initiative, obama's midterm funk and also on sarah palin. but what really lit him up was his daughter, chelsea. i was looking at those pictures of you at chelsea's wedding. and the look on your face said it all. it was the love and pride of a lifetime. you know, chelsea seems to avoided all of the traps that so many sun sons and daughters of politicians fell into.
8:02 am
how did she do it? >> she's a fine person. and i give her a lot of credit for it. but from the time she was, you know, a little girl, she knew her father was a governor. and then, she had her -- the white house years. and her mother was a senator. all i can say is that we always thought she was our most important job. and there's lots of research which shows, even among kids that grow up without their parents, and miserable conditions, and wind up doing well, that the most important thing in a child's life is that they have to believe in critical years the most important person in the world is somebody. if you grow up in a famous home or you're in a rich home, you also need to be reminded that, in all the ways that matter, you're no different than anybody else. she believes that. so, yeah. i was happy that day. that's a big passage in your life when you hand over your
8:03 am
child in marriage. for hillary and me, it was a very special day. and one i suppose i'll remember until the day i die. >> congratulations. thanks, mr. president. >> thank you. >> one proud father. tomorrow, we'll have a lot more on the clinton global initiative. he could have talked about that forever. >> it's evident he could have. just looking in his eyes. >> big moment for his only daughter. tomorrow, as i said, we're going to talk about the clinton global initiative. they have a great program creating jobs to get small loans to get businesses up and running. now, juju chang has the news. >> a lot of people talking about cgi. good morning, everyone. nine american troops have been killed this morning in a blackhawk helicopter crash in afghanistan. the taliban has claimed responsibility. but early indications are the crash was not the result of enemy fire.
8:04 am
the senate takes up the military's don't ask, don't tell policy today. a proposal to repeal the policy has been attached to a spending bill, which is coming up for a critical test vote. and staggering, new figures on the toll dementia is taking on the elderly. worldwide costs from dementia are expected to top $600 billion this year. that's 1% of global gdp. and if number of patients is expected to triple by 2050. and a terrible sight in brazil. a section of seating collapsed. injuring 22 critically. it points to structural problems in the metal stands. now, diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> a good tuesday to you, juju. tonight on "world news," this is the week health care reform begins to kick in. and we're going to dig deeply to take a look at the changes that take place this week and what they mean to american families. so, see you tonight. and through the week. juju? >> we look forward to that
8:05 am
reporting, diane. that's the news at 8:05. time, now, for the weather and sam champion. hey, sam. >> good morning, juju. everybody say good morning to juju. very nice. my friend, austin. say it? >> i wanted to say hi to jonathan on 60 cook street. >> nice, sir. and a very powerful broadcast voice. let's get to the news. we want to show you one or two things. where it was chilly this morning. do you feel a little chilly air in new england? the coldest number on the board will be saranac lake. the numbers come up during the day today. and tomorrow, the summer-like heat is back. new york city's 87 degrees tomorrow. 86 on thursday. d.c. gets to the 90s on thursday. an unusual push of warm air. this may be the last real strong push of hot air for a while now. another beautiful day outside with total sunshine and
8:06 am
high-pressure overhead and gorges and uncomfortable and noticeably cooler than yesterday. warrenton is 53 degrees. temperatures will quickly rise. we should make it into the low 80's with sunshine. the wind will kick in later on and that will raise the temperatures to near it's a cool, beautiful times square morning. back to you, george. >> thanks. the governor of wisconsin has called for the resignation of a state prosecutor, after the prosecutor admitted to sending 30 sexually suggestive text messages to a domestic abuse victim whose case he was handling. the prosecutor has apologized. but says he's going to stay in the job until he's voted out of office. the governor, jim doyle, is coming up.
8:07 am
but first, andrea canning has the story. >> reporter: stephanie van grol was nearly choked to death by her ex-boyfriend. but she says she feels just as violated by the man who was supposed to protect her. >> my behavior was inappropriate. i'm embarrassed and ashamed of the choice i made. >> reporter: when prosecuting her case last fall, kenneth kratz, the district attorney and chairman of a victims crime boshd, started sending her sexual text messages. i'm the attorney, he wrote. i have the $350,000 house. i have the six-figure career. you may be the tall, young, hot nymph. but i'm the prize. are you the kind of girl that likes secret contact with a d.a.? she reported the harassment to the police, who turned the case over to the wisconsin department of justice. they said kratz hadn't actually
8:08 am
committed a crime. and chose to take very little action against him. in this e-mail, kratz told the department, he was just, complimenting her. they urged him to remove himself from the case, which he did. and the scandal remained quiet until last week, when the associated press revealed the text messages. still, kratz refuses to resign. and has taken a medical leave, seeking psychotherapy. advocates for crime victims are outraged. >> the prosecutor is supposed to do justice to protect her from that kind of behavior. and he's doing the same thing. it's craziness. >> reporter: yesterday, the governor said he will now try to remove the prosecutor. but kratz's attorney says his client isn't going anywhere. for "good morning america," andrea canning, abc news. and governor jim doyle joins us now. governor, i have to say, when we first heard about this story and talked about it in our staff meetings, everyone's reaction was exactly the same. how can this guy still be on the job? >> well, mine was exactly the
8:09 am
same, as well. i first heard when the a.p. reports came out. the attorney general of wisconsin is independently elected. does not answer to the governor. so, i was unaware, as was the public and everyone, about all of this, until just the last few days. under wisconsin law, the governor has the power, after an appropriate hearing, a public hearing, with notice of the charges, to remove a district attorney from office. and what i announced yesterday, just to be very clear, is i would commence that process. i don't want to, for various reasons, say what the outcome of that process will be because the district attorney under wisconsin law is entitled to a hearing in front of the governor on this. but the governor does have the power for removal. and yesterday, i announced that i was going to begin the process of removing him from office. >> can there be any innocent explanation for a 30 suggestive text messages once he begins the case? >> he has a right to come
8:10 am
forward with that. i'm a former district attorney and three-term attorney general in the state of wisconsin. have done a lot of work with crime victims, particularly in the area of domestic violence. and i think my reaction was the same as everyone who has worked on these issues over the year, that this is a terrible violation of trust. i mean, it just hits me at a visceral level when i think of a victim coming to a district attorney, who is in an extremely vulnerable situation, looking for somebody to stand up and protect her. and then, is subjected to this. yesterday, as well, a second allegation came out from a woman who contacted our office. we're still checking this out. >> i want to ask you about that. >> he invited her to an autopsy. >> we have the e-mail there. this is from a second alleged victim. this woman was not part of any kind of investigation. but kratz was clearly using his office to try to influence her. try to get a date. he said, in the e-mail, it says,
8:11 am
this is the letter from the alleged kratz victim. kratz went so far as inviting me to go with him to the autopsy, provided i would be his girlfriend, wear high heels and a skirt. if i didn't answer his texts immediately, he would become insecure and question why i hadn't responded and would attack me or my character. two strikes. >> well, again, this one we're going to check out. we've had -- my office had a chance to talk with this woman. we appreciate her coming forward. but the thought, just the thought that you would use an autopsy as a way to try to get a date is just -- it is beyond anything anyone can even imagine. and so, again, these are the reasons of what has happened here, we've all been finding out in the last couple of days, is such that i believe the process for removal needs to get going and get going immediately. i'll say, as well, one of the other areas of this in
8:12 am
wisconsin, we want to make sure we look into is there was a report, apparently, made to the office of lawyer responsibility in which they closed it out without doing anything. and the other area that i'm interested in is when i was attorney general, i got enacted a crime victim rights board that can investigate complaints against district attorneys who violate crime victims' rights and can sanction them and fine them. apparently, this case was never referred to that board in any way. >> final question, what is going on in the wisconsin department of justice? they get this letter, close the case, take no action. they get complaints from someone who is in the middle of a case. and the prosecutor is sending these kinds of e-mails. they do nothing in that case, either? >> the explanation given to me was they referred to this to the office of lawyer responsibility. and they believed that that office was going to do something, some kind of sanction. and that they were never
8:13 am
informed that that office just closed out this case. all this remains to be sorted out. but the most important thing in wisconsin to me is we want to make absolutely sure -- i worked so hard at this and had so many, the victims of domestic violence and other crimes can come forward and report their crimes and to be treated in professional and respectful way. that's absolutely essential for the working in this system. >> governor doyle, thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you, george. and when we come back, "the breakfast club" reunites, 25 years later. [ female announcer ] nutri-grain -- one good decision... ♪ ...can lead to another. ♪ ♪ ...made with real fruit and now with more of the whole grains your body needs. nutri-grain can help you eat better all day.
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equals chili's $20 dinner for two. share an app, like our texas cheese fries. then choose two entrees from 14 chili's favorites, like our new honey chipotle baby back ribs. the $20 dinner for two, only at chili's. ♪ don't you can you believe it's been 25 years since "the breakfast club" was released? i had an opportunity to speak with some of the stars of the most famous detention session in film history. part one of my chat with michael hall, molly ringwald, and ally sheedy. the fifth star, emilio estevez, could not be with us. he's filming in toronto. the year, 1985. the setting, a high school in the midwest. the movie, what critics have consistently called one of the best films about teenagers ever
8:18 am
made. when "the breakfast club" hit theaters a quarter-century ago, it introduced the nation to a cast of unforgettable characters. the brain. the athlete. the basket case. the princess. and the criminal. all forced to serve a saturday detention together. >> does barry manilow though you raid his wardrobe? >> by the end of the day, walls had been shattered. friendships formed. director john hughes reportedly wrote the screen play for the film in just one weekend. basing it on the saturday morning detention program at his own high school. the movie succeeded and captured the hearts of teens. who readily related to the struggles and fierce of the characters. >> why are you being nice to me? >> because you're letting me. >> reporter: and it cemented the stardom of its young actors, who went on to headline other '80s blockbusters. and who became known as an elite circle dubbed the brat pack.
8:19 am
i caught up with the actors before the special anniversary screening, say they're still in awe of the staying power of "the breakfast club." what do you think it is about that film that 25 years later, still people can't get enough of it. >> i think there hasn't been anything else even remotely as meaningful and charming. everybody in high school, no matter what they look like, no matter what ethnicity they are, they always feel that in some way they are an outcast. >> ally, your character was a little eccentric, shall we say? >> okay. >> people were very fascinated by the sandwich you made.
8:20 am
can you still do the lip like that? >> i often make that face when i'm not thinking about it. >> pixie stix. butter. >> m&ms. >> i asked him if we can put captain crunch. it's an angry sort of sound. and she's making a point with her food. i thought the crunch would be great. and he said, absolutely. yeah. i had to eat four of them. and this is the number one thing that people come up and say to me on the street. if i'm walking around. tell me about the sandwich. >> that's a good thing. what are the number one things when someone if they see you? >> i get asked if i can still
8:21 am
apply lipstick with my cleavage. >> i can't believe i'm actually doing this. >> movie magic. >> can you do that? >> i'm actually not doing anything. all we really did was put the lipstick in. i put my head down. there's a cut. and it's all done. but for some reason, people are convinced it's a great skill that i have. >> who was least like their character? >> molly. >> yeah? >> michael is pointing to himself. >> no. at that point, you were just like your character. >> who was the biggest prankster on the set? >> it was written that way. >> reporter: among the actors' chief regrets, that they'll never have an opportunity to star in another john hughes film. the director died last summer at the age of 59. >> i was profoundly shocked. i always assumed that we would all work together in some way on
8:22 am
something. it wouldn't have to be a sequel. but that the same group that made that film would make another film. so, the fact that one day he wasn't there anymore was like -- just seemed very unbalanced. >> reporter: the beauty of john hughes, says the actors, is that he managed to convey profound messages in humor. the case of "the breakfast club" is that we're all more alike than different. >> the idea that we're all connected, that was the message at the end. that we're all connected and we're all the same. >> we all need to hear that in this climate. we're all, you're on that side. >> how can we connect? and how can we see ourselves in each other? >> and understand that other cultures are the same. >> put them all in detention. >> reporter: as for the central question posed by the film, will the characters still be friends on monday morning, after their saturday detention? the actors aren't so sure.
8:23 am
>> no. >> i hope so. >> i think -- i don't know if it's -- it's not like black and white. but one thing is for certain. more than two decades after their iconic take on high school, these actors are friends, forever united as "the breakfast club." ♪ don't you forget about me >> an absolute delight to spend the afternoon with them. we'll hear more from the cast tomorrow on "gma," including where they came up with the film's incredible dance moves. and they'll answer some of your viewer questions. you can see photos of them. go to rachael ray in our next half hour. contact lens materials have tricomfort™ technology. they let up to five times more oxygen through the lens than traditional soft contact lenses... ...are designed to retain moisture for comfort all day long... and have superior deposit resistance for cleaner lenses. air optix®, the lens you can survive a long day in.
8:24 am
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8:25 am
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8:27 am
chase what matters. go to >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> and good morning, everybody. i am alison starling at 8:27 on this tuesday. let's look at traffic and weather. 66 has been a big problem and has delays out of manassas. the inner loop delay is out of springfield up to tyson's. i will take you to live pictures on the other side of town. southbound 270 is clearing out a clarksburg but the allies are downstream in germantown. we will go to the beltway traffic delays which is old georgetown road past of the mormon temple and did virginia of 395 northbound, delays or out of dale city passed the beltway and up to the pentagon. mostly sunny skies now and a
8:28 am
beautiful day today with high pressure just like yesterday. tomorrow, with a slight chance of a few late today storms. we will take every ounce of rain we can get but it is only a 30% chance to mark. -- tomorrow. temperatures will warm up quickly today into the low 80's this afternoon. the south wind will blow up the temperatures up over the next few days mere 90. >> transportation leaders are gathering in d.c. for another distracted driving summit. the event is focusing on the affects of text messaging. this comes one day after the government said fewer people are getting killed in crashes connected to distracting driving. we will have another update at 8:56. for continuous news coverage, tune in to tbd news on news
8:29 am
channel 8.
8:30 am
♪ call me cal i do the hard things ♪ ♪ sending all the boys to school take a ride to the rodeo ♪ ♪ i mean they really know how in the saddle bareback ♪ ♪ they call me cadillac and they do call him cadillac. that's randy houser. it's so good to see you again, randy. >> you, too. >> this is your second one. your second cd coming out. first one was a huge success, george. landed him in the top 20. >> first time out. >> yeah. first time out. and so, randy houser, fellow mississippian, is going to be
8:31 am
performing coming up here on this tuesday morning. we do say good morning, america. alongside george, i'm robin. also, coming up. you may remember him as christopher from "the sopranos." this time, michael imperioli is on the other side of the wall. he's in a new cop drama. "detroit 1-8-7." he's going to join us live. also, rachael ray is going to join us live. how to turn one day of cooking into an entire week of great meals. >> the number five is very big for our friend over there. we'll share that with you. and our search for "gma" guru advice. >> huge response. >> more than 1,000 entries already. one of the best questions we ask, what is the best advice you've given. and whitney anderson of oklahoma says the best advise i have given is also what i live by. always look to the positive side of everything, or you miss the great things in front of you. >> also, michelle sent this. my mother once told me never to do anything i would be ashamed
8:32 am
to tell my children. >> and nancy bowser of florida, says one day at a time. the real big deals in life can be counted on one hand. >> if you think you can do this job, giver advice to the whole country, send an application into our website, >> express yourself. right, sam? >> express yourself. >> there you are. good morning, everybody. how are you doing? i got it. i love this. caitlin, right? from atlanta, with your family. all right, now. is that me? >> yes. >> okay. now, and you picked out the clothes. tell me why i'm wearing what i'm wearing. >> because you went to fashion week. >> i went to fashion week. i came up with a whole new look. i like it. thank you very much. i like the sunglasses on top of the head. i'm going to sport that as soon as the show's over. and barefoot. as everybody knows, you picked
8:33 am
that right out. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want you to know about, as you head out this morning. barefoot, sunglasses, whatever. look at this. max has titled it the last summer days. see, max? everybody else likes summer. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on. not in texas. it's been a little tough. also atlanta in the summer heat. from omaha to des moines. we haven't talked about this much this morning, to chicago and grand rapids, going to see strong storms kick up. you're in the slight risk category. but mostly sunny at 60 degrees at reagan national airport. we are on our way to the low 80's and near 90 wednesday- all that weather was brought to
8:34 am
you by chase freedom. oh, robin? with rachael ray. >> why are you hiding the pink dinner jacket? >> i think she put together a lovely ensemble, don't you? >> i think so, too. >> beautiful. beautiful. >> good job. >> he is speechless. this has never happened. >> it's all about food. the unstoppable rachael ray is with us this morning. she has a brand-new cooking show. rachael ray's week in a day. she is here to tell us why her lucky number this year, number five. congratulations. >> five. >> fifth season, just started. >> and today, diane, our girlfriend, diane sawyer, is on to celebrate our fifth anniversary. >> your first guest. >> our very first guest, five seasons ago. like 650, 700 episodes already. it's crazy. today's our anniversary show. and it's coming up on my fifth wedding anniversary with my husband. and the fifth anniversary of our
8:35 am
magazine also. five is my lucky number. >> and number one, too, the number one app on iphones. >> that's right. tasty bites is the number one app on the iphone. it's great. >> you have it covered. this new show you have. you talked about it last time. five meals in one day. >> this saturday, 3:00 on cooking channel, the sister network to food network. in one hour, i teach you how to make five different meals. a whole workweek worth of food. the point is you don't have to make all five. even if you do two or three, you have a leg up on the week ahead. when you're not feeling great, if the weather's lousy, you're tired. you go home and the work is already done. >> i can see sunday coming in, and getting ready for the week. >> whatever your big day off is. you do one main shot. you have a glass of wine, a cup of tea, put your favorite music on. spend a day in the kitchen. maybe do a buddy system thing where your husband or kids help
8:36 am
with the dishes. and you put it all away and reheat all week long. >> okay. what are you making today? >> today, i have an example of one of the episodes was designed to be one-pot meals. people love those. >> just throw it in a pot and go. >> exactly. in this particular episode, i show you how to make a white meat chicken, a poached chicken and mushroom pot pie. the night you reheat it is cook off the pastry tops. you make these off when you're reheating the filling. and you serve it up and top it off. >> what a creative way to make pot pie. >> so cute, right? it cuts down on the work. next up is a mac and cheese. you can snack. the next one is a mac and cheese. but it's whole grain pasta. you have lots of protein and fiber. it's mixed with cauliflower and greens. you have total nutrition. you bake it off when you get home. >> that's good. >> the third one in the week is
8:37 am
a sausage, onion and pepper one-pot. you just turn the stove on and heat up the bread. you can use turkey sausage, chicken sausage, lamb sausage. >> a little thing like that just changes the meal. >> that's right. next up, a nice comfort food. minestra with beef and meatballs. >> juju will help handing it out. >> it's so good for you. and the last one, the payoff at the end of the week. >> right. >> my personal favorite. a chili -- poblano chili. and the night you serve, you top it with nachos. hello? nacho-topped chili pot. right? isn't it great? you can get one, two, three, four, five meals done all in one day. you see it all in one hour. not bad.
8:38 am
>> not bad at all. and they taste good. the little variations here and there make all the difference. >> today on our show, when i got married, i never got a taste of my wedding cake. the cake boss is bringing in a surprise anniversary cake. >> no way. >> i'm finally going to get a bite of my wedding cake. diane's there visiting with us today. it's a big day for us. >> you never forget about us. thanks. with all that you have going on. look at sam. >> the mac and cheese is really fantastic. >> isn't it good? it's so healthy. >> i'm coming. >> and look at the audience. >> is it good? >> see the thumbs up? >> nice breakfast. all right. nicely done. all of the recipes are at your website, too. >> go to, to get the recipes. plus, watch videos of rachael ray showing you how to make easy family favorites this fall. more easy? >> more easy. more better. >> tell them who is coming up.
8:39 am
michael imperioli. i love him. i love h
8:40 am
8:41 am
now may know him best from his emmy-winning roll as mobster christopher on "the sopranos. "but michael imperioli is taking a turn on the other side of the wall in "detroit 1-8-7." and michael's here this morning.
8:42 am
this show is really something, michael. it's not only based in detroit. but the first primetime show actually shot there. you moved your family there for the summer? >> yeah. we started shooting july. so, my wife and kids came with me for a couple of months. they're back in new york, going to school. and i'm kind of going back and forth as much as we can. until we see how we do. if we're going to be around for a while, maybe they'll spend more time out there. >> well, the city's come around on you, as well. everyone knows detroit has gone through such a tough time recently. and when they first heard ant this show, there was a little controversy involved. >> yeah. before anyone had seen it, they were worried that it would be a very negative portrayal of the city. i think they were concerned it would all be about street crimes and gang violence and that kind of thing and drugs. it's much more of a broader portrait of the city and dealing with different types of crimes
8:43 am
and different economic and social, racial, you know, groups. it's not just specifically targeted in one area. >> and you play a homicide headquarte detective, louis fitch, who isn't your normal detective. he stands out from the crowd. and no one knows quite why or how. >> he's an odd bird. he's very inept socially. he's very private. and he has a keen insight into the criminal mind. >> you say he's good at his job. we have a clip, showing this master of interrogation. let's take a look. >> you're not a lawyer. is this the silent treatment? you want to have a staring contest with me? ♪
8:44 am
i'm not going to cry. that's what i'm not going to do. you understand me? i'm not going to have a pity party and all that and break down in front of you. you don't really care. i can see it in your eyes. you don't really care. but i feel like you do. >> you got him talking. you took a class in interrogation? >> i did. and one of the things that he was a veteran detective. and he teaches law enforcement people interrogation. he said, when someone commits a crime, it's almost a confession in itself. when someone commits a crime, it's usually a cry out for something. out of need. out of loneliness, out of disassociation with society. out of lack or love or something. some, deep inside, they want to open up. >> and you have to find the key. >> you have to find the key. >> and your character's also tr training a new guy on the force. and he's not the most patient
8:45 am
teacher. >> he's not very good with change. he has a new parter the who is brand-new to homicide. he has to show him the ropes and teach him how to do it. he doesn't want to deal with that. he doesn't want to have to get too close to someone else. and he's obviously carrying emotional baggage and damage that's gone on in the past. >> and you don't even know. >> i don't even know. >> do you want to know? >> i do want to know, yeah. i trust i'm doing the right job because they haven't pulled me aside and said, you're way off base. but, the details of his past and personal life are given very, very slowly. >> okay. we'll have to watch over time to figure them all out. michael imperioli, thanks for all this. "detroit 1-8-7" premieres tonight. "detroit 1-8-7" premieres tonight. coming
8:46 am
america needs clean energy, and america needs jobs. wind power can deliver on both - but only if the senate encourages investment by passing a strong renewable electricity standard. with a strong res, we can keep 85,000 wind power workers on the job, and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, too. jobs that america could really use right now.
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for american jobs, tell your senators to pass a renewable electricity standard today.
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award winning countrysinger randy houser's second album, "they call me cadillac" is out this morning. run, go get it. download it. critics say, you believe that he has lived every lyric he sings. randy. they do call you cadillac. >> they do. >> we had the privilege of being together at the cma awards. we presented album of the year to taylor swift. i have a really good feeling about this album, my friend. >> i'm excited about it. there's the sophomore jinx when you make a record. but you grew up where i did. there's stories. and this album represents who we are. southerners, mississippians. >> all of that. what i really appreciate is there's some good foot-stomping, great music like that. but also, the lyrics. >> yeah. >> it's good country music, randy. i know that was very important
8:49 am
to you. >> most of things was, it's our job as an artist to be an open book and let people know who we are. that's what i wanted to do on this record. >> it showed your range. >> i hope so. >> and the boys here. >> yeah. we got them all here. >> you didn't use a studio crew. for this album -- >> most of these guys played on it. yeah. >> you're going to love -- >> want some music? >> going to play something that's going to tug at the heart strings. randy houser performing a single from his brand-new album, "a man like me." the album is called "they call me cadillac." ♪ i don't do things like i used to ♪ ♪ i don't stay gone like i used to ♪ ♪ i don't drop the ball
8:50 am
let everything go wrong ♪ ♪ i don't do things like i used to ♪ ♪ i can't believe the way you love me ♪ ♪ i don't deserve the way you love me ♪ ♪ i've caused so many tears honey, why are you still here ♪ ♪ i can't believe why you love me, baby ♪ ♪ so, i wake up every morning glad another day's gone ♪ ♪ ready to start my day with a kiss and a hug ♪ ♪ i sure do want to believe as soon as i'm gone ♪ ♪ i want to get back home and love you all night long ♪ ♪ once you fall asleep i'm going to hit my hands ♪
8:51 am
♪ and knees thank god he made a woman ♪ ♪ love a man like me ♪ i'd do anything girl, to keep you ♪ ♪ forever in these arms i'm going to hold you ♪ ♪ i've come to understand just how lucky i am ♪ ♪ words just can't explain how much i need you ♪ ♪ so i wake up every morning glad another day's going ♪ ♪ start my day with a kiss and a cup of coffee ♪ ♪ i sure don't want to leave as soon as i'm gone ♪ ♪ i want to get back home and love you all night long ♪ ♪ honey, once you fall asleep i'm going to hit my ♪ ♪ hands and knees i'm going to thank god ♪ ♪ he made a woman love a man like me ♪
8:52 am
♪ well i wake up every morning glad another day's dawning ♪ ♪ start it with a kiss and a cup of coffee ♪ ♪ man, i sure don't want to leave ♪ ♪ as soon as i'm gone i want to get back home ♪ ♪ make love all night long once you fall asleep ♪ ♪ i'm going to hit my hands and knees ♪ ♪ thank god he made a woman love a man like me ♪ ♪ thank god he made a woman love a man like me ♪ [ applause ]
8:53 am
8:54 am
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all right, thanks again to cadillac. randy houser. singing the song you can hear at thank you, randy. and coming up tomorrow, the first couple booted off "dancing with the stars" will join us live. >> who will it be? >> and tom jones will sing here tomorrow. how about that? >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back on this tuesday.
8:57 am
i am alison starling with your local update and traffic and weather. they just had a car wreck at the 7100. delays are still from the bypass to get to a new car wreck at 7100 block two lanes. 270 southbound delays begin at 118 and that will take you past shady grove road to the beltway. the belt with delays in maryland are from old georgetown road to get around to the mormon temple. it looks great outside today with a lot of sunshine. it feels good and noticeably cooler this morning. total sunshine, dry air in place and low humidity and it feels like fall this morning. the irony is, it is officially fall thursday and it will feel like summer.
8:58 am
we had widespread 40's east and west of town this morning. we will go into the low 80's this afternoon. wednesday-friday, the high temperatures near 90. a chance for a storm tomorrow afternoon and evening and it looks like it will cool for the weekend. researchers at george washington university have a new study on obesity and a fine that the annual cost of being obese is nearly $4,900 for a woman and $2,600 for a man. that includes sick days, lost productivity, and the need for extra gasoline. we thank you for watching and we will be back at noon.
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