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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  September 22, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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neighborhood and now the city is stepping in. the white house says it's no surprise the economy frustrates voters. what the president plans to do about it, coming up. don't let the calendar fool you. fall has arrived, but the summer weather is not going anywhere. good morning washington and five begins right now. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning. it's 5:00 on this wednesday, i am alison starling. lisa baden is standing by with the latest on the traffic in a moment. we start with adam caskey. it is the autumnal equinox today. >> it is later this evening at 11:09 tonight. that is when the rays of the sun are directly over the equator.
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the days will get shorter. that will not feel likes of. -- it will not feel like autumn. 68 degrees at arlington. 58 is the dew point. you will fuel the added humidity today. temperatures are the 60's for the most part. brunswick is the exception at 57. near 90 today, mostly sunny, a few scattered storms this afternoon. 30% chance. now to the sevan. moving nicely on the beltway in virginia. there was will work on 95 in baltimore that should be out of the late now. between richmond and baltimore along 95, looks good also on the freeway and the dulles toll road. it's decent between centreville and the beltway on 66.
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on 270, normal travel times near father hurley boulevard. back to you. >> thank you. not your normal eviction. authorities serving notice to: found a possible hoarding situation. courtney robinson is live along 11th street to tell us about it. >> israa to looked at. we want you to see exactly what we are talking about. these odd belongings of -- these are the belongings of eloisa diaz. she was evicted. they came and took out olivehurst stuff. she's concerned people will take things. she has dealt with that at least
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once overnight. she says that she cannot pick out from all of this what is most important because if she says every item is important. her intention for keeping all of this was to help her family in venezuela. she says she worked hard to collect all these things to have them dump on the street. >> i've worked hard years to collect things to send them to my country. >> we went through a situation with the blizzard and. help thenre's no either. >> councilman jim graeme brought over two pickup trucks. she was able to put some items in there for temporary storage. she says that is not good enough. we will see dump trucks if this stuff is not moved. it is impossible to move all of these things. >> keep us posted. developing story from the
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district, one man died, two others wounded in three separate shootings. one of them killed at 8:00 last night at southern avenue near ninth street se. another man was wounded in the second shooting in the 3300 block of 22nd st. se. a third man shot in 1800 block of i st. northeast. norwest of any of these. police investigating a brutal murder of a greenbelt woman. neighbors found her body outside her apartment. the woman in her 40's was left to die on the stairwell. the neighbors as jackie. -- a woman was known as jackie by neighbors. vincent gray and michelle rhee will sit down tomorrow at the wilson building.
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during the primary campaign, he was quiet on whether he would keep michelle rhee if he should become mayor. a major setback for "don't ask, don't tell" ending in the military. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> senate democrats could not stop a republican filibuster on a provision that would repeal the ban on gays serving openly in the military. democrats will try to pass the bill during a lame-duck session later this year. looking at the day ahead quds, president obama will deliver the first of two speeches at the united nations today. he will review anti-poverty goals adopted in 2000. tomorrow he delivers an address to the entire u.n. general assembly. we are about to get insight into the final debate on a new strategy to the afghan war.
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bob madrassa has written a new book that reveals the president's policy aides were deeply divided over. -- bob woodward. the book goes on sale next tuesday. a shake-up on the president's economic team, a voter fears about the economy have the white house in overdrive this morning. emily smith has the details. good morning. >> good morning. fall begins today. in washington that is a reminder that the election is around the corner. that means an increased focus on campaigning and a focus on the one, people say is number that is the economy. yesterday the census of the american recovery has slowed in recent months. single-family house construction rose 4% in august while more than half of u.s. states saw
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unemployment rates rise. the person who reviews the president's daily economic meetings, larry summers will return to harvard after the midterm elections. the white has says it is not unexpected. former president bill clinton suggests talking points for mr. obama. if democrats don't do better in two years, people can vote against everybody, including president obama. another obama is going to hit the campaign trail. beginning next month, first lady michelle obama, will be stumping for candidates from wisconsin to washington to california in an effort to help democrats hold on to controlled the senate. emily schmidt reporting from northwest. back to you. >> thank you. her approval rating is highr than her husband's these days.
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still ahead, a social network mistake. twitter got hacked. what that means for millions of users. and what is planned for the annual ditch the card d day.
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captioned by the national captioning institute welcome back , meteorologist adam caskey. yesterday it was 80 degrees. close enough to call it a seasonable day. the average high yesterday was 78. today it is 77. we will be much above average. near 90. if the record high is 98. that was set in 1895. temperatures are noticeably warmer than yesterday at this time. interfax and marshall, 66. 58 in martinsburg. hagerstown, 63. no big difference is this afternoon. and 90 basically. a little cooler along the water's. high temperatures tomorrow, low 90's. a few isolated thunderstorms
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this afternoon with instability developing in the atmosphere. they are painting lines on new york avenue in front of the attendees at florida avenue. everybody is forced to wait behind them. -- in front of the wendy's. kenilworth avenue at riverdale, normal. looks good on 270. looking at northbound 95. the left side of the screen to the springfield. back to you. >> thank you. a social network security breach, millions of twitter users get flooded by mystery texts. and the latest state to leave the rest race behind -- rat
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race. the rest race behind -- rat race.
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welcome back. our top story is, the woman got evicted from her apartment. the belongings are scattered over several notes was d.c. streets. eloise diaz fell behind on her rent after losing a job and some of her stuff was taken to a storage facility while police are temporarily guarding the rest of its. she said she saved everything she could descend to family members in venezuela. president , is losing another member of his economic team. lawrence summers retires at the end of this year to return to harvard. the president is grateful for this service. two men accusing the head of an atlanta mega church of sexual misconduct. this edition used his role to
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coerce them into sexual relationships when they are teenagers, the two men. if the bishop's lawyer says that his client denies any such allegations. today will be the first day of smfall. we will reach 90 degrees today. strange weather. it has been quite a year. >> we look back to the snowfall and the record heat, what a year it's been in washington. this morning we are starting off with a nice breeze. things are going to change once again. on this thursday of autumn, it will feel more like summer. >> we have set records. >> if we hit 90 degrees five more times this year, the washington region could set
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another record. warmer weather is putting us on the right track. however, the warm, dry air is not coming without consequences. >> it rained two weeks ago for the first time all summer. >> this farmer is feeling the impact in west virginia. >> my grandfather is 82. he said it was the driest year that he has ever seen. >> you have seen the impact we are noticing because of the lack of rain and the dry air we've been getting over the summer. brianne carter reporting. today is car-free day in d.c. and many other areas. use more environmentally friendly transportation. if there's progress reported in the d.c. metro area. the percentage of workers has dropped from 71% down to 64%,
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workers driving alone. playstation makes a move to motion control and twitter gets hacked into. emily smith has those stories and more. >> twitter has fixed a flaw after getting back. hackers cause popular windows to open even if users don't click on the militias messages. twitter does not believe user information was compromised. this weekend's the sony playstation move went on sale. it is more precise than the nintendo wii. >> i can have a virtual sorted put into my hand or a tennis racket or a baseball bat. it really looks incredible to see the lay your hands looks after uconn look at the tv
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screen and interact with that virtual worlds. i thought it was a lot of fun. >> re-castleview all "the wall street journal" website. those are your "tech bytes" and im vinita nair. edolphus olivant warmer than yesterday. 65 degrees. that tells us what to expect later today. >> the southerly wind arrived last evening and that is what is causing this. it is officially autumn later this evening. it will feel more like summer. the autumnal equinox occurs at 11:00 this evening. the direct rays of the sun will fall on the equator. the direct rays of the sun will be in the southern hemisphere until december 21 when we have the winter solstice. you will notice it is a little warmer outside than yesterday
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because of the 70 flow that started yesterday, pushing in a little added heat and humidity. it is 57 in frederick. 65 in fairfax. in martinsburg, 58 degrees, 64 in front royal. dew points yesterday were in the 40's. now they are in the '60s. later today and tonight they will be in the low to mid '60s. you will feel the added humidity today. clouds and showers off to are midwest. that is a cold front that will not move through our region. that will stay to the north on the cold side of the jet stream. we will be on the one side of the jet stream until this weekend. high pressure moves offshore. we are getting the returns low due to the clockwise rotation of brown that high. that means a southerly wind the
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next couple days. a few isolated storms possible later this afternoon with instability in atmosphere. the next couple days, low 90's, like summer with humidity. by the weekend we should cooldown, 77 by sunday. upper 70's by early next week. that is average for this time of year. possible crash on 95 near the occoquan river. be careful if you are getting ready to leave. 270 traffic, southbound at shady grove road moving at speed with heavier volume. back to you. >> thank you. 65 degrees. coming up, the redskins have sent off a running back. that's coming up. and on "the oprah winfrey show"
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first two games. they replaced him with jenson son from oregon state. johnson ran backwards and ran off the roster. the redskins are last in the nfl in rushing, averaging 54 yards a game. ssanyong less than anybody else in the league, but there are still confident. >> the running was not there. >> the head coach, mike shanahan. >> the nationals were trying to snap a losing streak. pasted up in the bottom of eighth. years adam kennedy at that. its course. roger bernadina of giving the nationals their first win of the night, defeating the nationals. -- they go on to defeat the astros. 65 degrees. the news continues at 5:00 erie
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county. -- 5:30. what to expect with changes in health care. and a historic execution in the commonwealth, a stage being set. and a historic execution in the commonwealth, a stage being set. >>
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> i've been working hard years to collect these things. >> a possible hoarding case in northwest washington. one woman's belongings lining
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the streets of the district. what a story this is. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, september 22, i am alison starling. much more on that in a moment. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey has a check of the forecast. the autumnal equinox is upon us, yet it will feel like summer. >> tonight is when autumn starts, but we will have high temperatures in the low 90's today. 6390-degrees so far this year. it is 68 degrees at reagan national. sunrise at 6:56. dew point temperature of 58. that measure is the comfort level, how much moisture is in the air. you will start to feel the humidity. dew points will rise to the mid
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60's later today. in winchester it is currently 70. 66 in chevy chase. la plata, 66. the record high for today's 98. hi and bye today. a few scattered thunderstorms this afternoon possible. near 90s for the high temperature today. low 90's to muggle. -- tomorrow.mos southbound on the occoquan bridge there's a motorcycle accident. northbound drivers are trying to see what's happening. don't even try it. let's take you to maryland. let's see if we can get this going. nothing reported on the beltway
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in montgomery county, through prince george's county, and it's good of waldorf. on this wednesday morning, the supreme court will not stop the execution of a virginia woman. 41-year-old theresa and always will die. she was convicted from a murder for hire scheme in 2002. two of justices voted to stop the execution, but the courts would not comment further. she will be the first woman executed in virginia in nearly a century. a murder mystery in greenbelt. neighbors found the body of coleman yesterday afternoon outside paris apartment on greenbelt road. a woman in her 40's was a salted -- assaulted and left to die. there are searching for the killer. it does not appear to be robbery.
5:32 am
serious issues after an eviction in northwest washington. a woman's belongings stretch for blocks around columbia heights after authorities kicked her and a lot of her apartment. now how the city council is trying to help sort this out. we clearly see this situation behind you. >> an unbelievable amount of stuff that stretches down 11th street all the way up 11 street. a massive amount of stuff and it belongs to one woman. this is 15 years worth of her personal belongings now out on the street. if she does not get it removed in the next couple hours, dealt trucks will take it away. nearly four city blocks lined with the belongings of eloise diaz. >> no job, no money. >> she lost her job as an as keeper, could not make the rent. landlord evicted last night. she says her intentions for
5:33 am
keeping all of these things was to help family members still living in venezuela. >> i worked hard for years to collect the the things to send them to my country. >> neighbors saw the amount of stuff brought out. >> people are getting what they want from the stuff. >> we have been calling the mayor's office and the police, calling politicians. >> president's got no help. the residents. >> we contacted councilman jim graham. >> if she can identify the things important to america, we can store the stuff on a temporary basis in the truck. >> councilman jim graham brought two pickup trucks to the woman put away some of the belongings in storage. she has been followed here all
5:34 am
night and she says it is impossible to pick out the belongings most important to her. she says every item is worth something. we will see dump trucks this morning. but police have been keeping an eye on things tonight. >> unbelievable. >> it is a three-story town home. a lot of stuff. >> keep us posted. let's look at this day ahead. the motions hearing is set in the case of the man accused of killing d.c. intern chandra levy. ingmar guandique day is trying to block experts from testifying at trial on the album and died. the witness is expected to say the woman was strangled based on the conditions of her body. the man charged in the slaying of a maryland state trooper has a preliminary during today. darryl williams faces first- degree murder charges in the
5:35 am
debts of trooper wesley brown, gunned down outside a restaurant in forestville in june. a major setback for efforts to end the "don't ask, don't tell" in the military. >> the yeas are 56, the nays are 43. the motion is not agree to. >> senate democrats did not have the votes to stop republican filibuster on the provision to repeal the ban on gays openly serving in the military democrat. will try to pass the bill during a lame-duck session later this year. the shake up for the president's economic team, lawrence summers will be leaving his post as director of the national economic council at the end of the year. he will return to a position at harvard. the president is focusing on tried to rebuild the nation's sluggish economy. as the midterm election campaign kicks into high gear, it is starting to look like a battle of political tysitans.
5:36 am
sarah palin is up against first lady michelle obama and former president bill clinton. they are campaigning to keep democrats in power. >> opponents of the health-care overhaul are surging on. some companies are going to stop selling policies for children rather than comply with the new law. >> six months after president, milan martic of care reform, americans will begin to see the effects. starting tomorrow, young adults will be able to stay on their parents' insurance plans until they turn 26. insurance companies can no longer deny coverage to children based on pre-existing conditions. doctors must provide mammograms
5:37 am
and colonoscopy is without charging a copiague. insurance companies can no longer drop people when they get sick. >> consumers should be talking with their human-resources department or their insurance plans to make sure that they are aware of when the changes occur. >> republican leaders have pledged to do all they can to chip away at a health-care law. even if they take back the majority in congress, a full appeal is next to impossible. abc news, washington. 5:37 on this wednesday morning. still ahead, and then there were 11. we will hear from the first celebrity to get the boot from the ballroom. first, another check on traffic the ballroom. first, another check on traffic and weather every ten
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come see this thought- provoking like sculpture at the national gallery of art's. good morning, washington. welcome back. meteorologist adam caskey with a forecast. for 80 degrees was the high temperature yesterday. the average high yesterday was 78. 77 today. seasonable day. noticeably warmer than yesterday. near 90 degrees.
5:41 am
far from the record of 98. that was set in 1895 during the record low is 39. starting to get warmer than yesterday. 17 winchester. it is in the '60s for the most part. 57 is an exception at frederick. 990 degrees this afternoon. there could be isolated thunderstorms, a 30% chance, after 3:00 p.m. and you did a mogul. high temperatures will be a few degrees warmer, low 90's. we have all kinds of things going on. 66 is good. dulles greenway canceled are quiet. all will travel times on 275 between father hurley and the beltway. if nothing complicated on the beltway. possibly a tractor-trailer overturned.
5:42 am
interstate 70 west at 94 woodbine. use 144. 70 west is blocked. back to you. >> thank you. 5:42, 65 degrees. coming up -- >> the viewers have spoken. who is ll cellule whtell you going home after one night on the dance floor. ♪
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%.
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and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. 5:45. welcome back. a woman's belongings are scattered over several blocks after she was evicted from her northwest d.c. apartment. eloise diaz fell behind on the mend after losing her job. councilman jim graham was able to get some of the stuff moved
5:46 am
to a storage facility as police officers are temporarily guarding the rest of it. key provisions of the health care reform law are taking effect. that includes provisions that ban insurance companies from dropping someone's policy if they get sick. a large number of americans were among the nine service members killed in yesterday's helicopter crash in southern afghanistan. the cause is unclear. nato says there were no reports of enemy fire at the time of the incident. looks like summer is going to end just like it began, hot. this year could go down in the record books if we have five more days where the mercury topped 90. brianne carter nez what impact that someone has had on the region. >> the past couple days have
5:47 am
been a break from the past six months of weather. when we look back to those snowfall in the winter and add that to the 100-degree days this summer, it has been a year of in the hot, dry air is having an impact. a number of farmers across the region say this was the driest summer they have seen and they're seeing an impact on their crops. because many have not seen rain in weeks and that's having an impact. as we head into autumn, we are seeing another change. we expect 90-degree days and we could set more records if we have five more 90-degree days. we are on track to have warmer weather. back to you. >> thank you. mitchell says ridership is
5:48 am
rebounding. the agency says ridership between april and june rose more than 1% from the same time last year. 59 millionmore than 150 trips from april to june last year. 58.7 million this year. a woman has died after being struck by an suv while riding a bicycle sunday morning in prince george's county. latasha died early yesterday morning. the driver thought she had hit an animal. she called police when she got and discovered the bicycle under her cadillac. bedbugs in books at the frederick county library. the drop box has been closed at
5:49 am
the urbana library because an employee found dead bugs in two children's books. the library is expected to reopen the bulk drop today. the number of big bucks in the u.s. has skyrocketed lately. the head of the d.c. teachers' union is firing back at michelle rhee. he called her comments on firing teachers and overexaggeration. he says that she has more authority to fine teacher than most superintendents' into urban districts. wednesday morning, 65 degrees, the first day of autumn. it is not going to feel like it. it will feel like summer. >> the autumnal equinox after 11:00 tonight. it will feel like some of the next few days. near 90 today. low 90's the next couple days.
5:50 am
the autumnal equinox at 11:09 tonight. the most direct rays of a son fall on the equator. after this evening the direct rays of the sun will be on the southern hemisphere. our days will get shorter until december 21, the winter solstice. $12.90 minutes of daylight today. temperatures all warmer than yesterday. 17 winchester. 65 in fairfax, 57 in frederick, 55 in cumberland. that is a cool spot this morning. the dew point measures the minister. -- the dew point measures the amount of moisture. the current dew points or into
5:51 am
50s. but he'd will be cranking up as well as the humidity -- heat will be cranking up. high-pressure still influencing our weather. that translates to a sinking motion in atmosphere and mostly sunny scalise. a few clouds today. there's a cold front off to the northwest. that will not make it to us. the cold air is to the north of the jet stream and the warmer air is to the south. we will remain on, the budget stream until this weekend. -- we will remain on the warm side of the jet stream. low 90's thursday and friday. upper 70's by sunday and monday. metrorail reporting normal service. nothing abnormal in the
5:52 am
district. looks good through northeast and southeast. if there's a motorcycle wreck in virginia south on 95 on the occoquan bridge affecting northbound traffic out of potomac mills. maryland commuters, interstate 70 westbound, all lanes blocked off at 94 gadahn because of a tractor-trailer on its side, west on interstate 70. coming out of hagerstown, you'll have to use 4. seems to be working. > now to "dancing with the david hasselhoff says goodbye after once been around the ballroom floor. >> right now is david and kim. >> he was in a three-way tie for
5:53 am
the lowest score along with the situation from the jersey shore and another dancer. >> i felt sorry for kim. it was a great ride and it was great fun. life is a journey. we will stay friends. >> 11 dancers remain. each of them will form a new dance on monday. >> he gave a good effort. i am sure his daughters were disappointed. 5:53, 65 degrees. you are watching "good morning
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>> a battle brewing in north was d.c. over trees. workers cut down two large trees on garfield street yesterday to make room for two mansions that are going up and this has some neighbors upset. they have a meeting set for next month to try to stop developers from cutting down the trees, but he had a city permit and did not wait. >> this neighborhood is unique to washington. why are you doing this? >> because they are building houses. >> if this is part of a larger fight.
5:57 am
many residents are struggling to keep the neighborhood to the latest. they say building small mansions will ultimately rule in that area. -- ruin that area. coming up, donovan mcnabb set a new record on the football field. this one has nothing to do with being a quarterback. good morning, i am courtney robinson live in northwest. it's possible hoarding case reviewed by this eviction. we will give you the ♪ storyteller: little miss muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey. along came a burglar who broke into her home, and ransacked the place making off with several valuable tuffets. fortunately, geico had recently helped her with homeowners insurance. she got full replacement on her tuffets. the burglar was later captured when he was spotted with whey on his face.
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straight ahead , one woman's life scattered along the streets of her northwest neighborhood and the city is stepping in. the white house says it is no surprise the economy frustrates voters. what the president plans to do about it, coming up. fall has arrived, but the summer weather is not going anywhere. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good to see you this morning. 6:00 on this wednesday, september 22, i am alison starling. . starling. .


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