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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  September 22, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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every ten minutes. lisa baden has the latest on the traffic. we want to start with the autumnal equinox, yet it feels like summer. >> it will officially be autumn after 11:00 p.m. tonight when the rays of the sun fall directly on the equator. 12 hours and nine minutes a day like today. just nine hours of daylight in december. there's a light southerly winds gusting at 10 miles an hour. the dew point is 58 degrees. that indicates added humidity in the air. you will feel the changes. it is 66 in la plata. 64 in warrenton. there could be late-day showers and thunderstorms. 30% chance. now to lisa baden. northbound 95 leaving
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potomac mills in the hov looking at a southbound accident on the occoquan bridge. 66 east counseling in manassas and centreville. normal delays expected on route erville road.t let's look at the beltway traffic. there's a tractor-trailer on its side on 70 westbound, 70 disclosed westbound at 94. authorities have a victim of a woman from her apartment and discovered a possible hoarding situation. the belongings are stretching for blocks off the route her northwest neighborhood. courtney robinson is live along 11th street with the story. we can see the evidence behind you.
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>> it goes all the way up and down 11th street. a massive amount of stuff that came from one moment. she lived in the three-story townhouse in northwest. she was evicted yesterday by the landlord for not paying the rent. if she recently lost her job. the landlord brought people to carry about the stuff. you are at a loss for words just looking at everything that is lining 11 street. neighbors are concerned about this. she says it is 15 years worth of stuff. her intention was sending it back to family members still living in venezuela. a couple years ago she sent some stuff back, but there's plenty left behind. at 9:00 a.m. there will be dumped trucks coming from the away.o haul this subwatuff >> i've been working years to
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send this stuff back to my country. >> this seems like a blizzard through.went d >> councilman jim graham brought two pickup trucks to help eloise diaz, the owner of this stuff, to pick out personal belongings to put into storage. that just makes a dent in this. at 9:00 we will see the dull trucks -- dumptrucks. nypd has been watching this stuff during the night. this is one woman keeping all of this stuff to send back to her family. >> courtney robinson live in northwest. keep us posted. following a developing
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story this morning about a violent crime in the district that has left one man dead and two others wounded. three separate shootings in the district. at 8:00 last night a man was killed at 7 avenue near ninth street se. two shootings left two men wounded. no arrests. police are investigating a murder mystery at the greenbelt apartment complex. neighbors found the woman's body yesterday afternoon of outside her apartment on greenbelt road. the woman was assaulted and left to die on the stairwell. the neighbors knew the woman as jackie. they don't allow motives and robbery does not appear to be the motive. -- they don't know a motive. vincent gray and schools chancellor michelle rhee will sit down tomorrow at the wilson building. during the primary, vincent gray
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kept quiet on whether he would keep michelle rhee in her post. a major setback for efforts to end the military posts in "don't ask, don't tell" policy. >> yeas are 56, the nays are 43. the motion is not agreed to. >> senate republicans have blocked a provision that would have repealed a ban on gays openly serving in the military. democrats will try to pass the bill during a lame-duck session later this year. president obama will deliver the first of two speeches at the united nations today. he will speak at a summit reviewing anti-poverty goals adopted in 2000. the mogul mr. obama will address the entire u.n. general assembly. -- tomorrow mr. obama. there is a book by bob
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that says some members of the national security team vowel did that a surgeon troops woodworker. the director of the national economic council plans to step down as the white house scrambled to convince voters that the economy is on the right track. emily schmidt is live with details on this. >> good to see you. the calendar says autumn begins today. in washington that is a reminder that november elections are fast approaching. it will mean a ramping up of campaigning and focusing on the issue voters say matters most to them. that issue of the economy. yesterday the federal reserve said the american recovery has slowed in recent months. single-family house construction rose 4% in august while more than half of u.s. states saw unemployment rates rise.
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now the national economic council director larry summers will return to harvard. the white house's the move is not unexpected. former president clinton suggests some talking points for president obama and the election approaches. he suggests asking voters to give democrats two more years with a caveat. if democrats don't do better by then, if people can vote against everyone in 2012. first lady michelle obama will be stumping for senate candidates across the country, ranging from wisconsin to washington to california. she will do what she canton of democrats tried to retain control of the senate. reporting from northwest, emily schmidt. >> her approval ratings are higher than her husband's, these days. 11 points. thank you. when we return, a new
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cyberbullying study shows some of the dangerous side-effects. know.parents need to know big bucks have taken over a chicago hotel. building wind farms and
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expanding clean energy manufacturing.
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but in america, gridlock has held us back. now, the senate can change that - by passing a renewable electricity standard. it will spur development of clean energy and boost manufacturing in america, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. so we can make our own energy future - not just buy it from china. call your senators and urge them to pass a renewable electricity standard today. welcome back. meteorologist adam caskey with
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the forecast. we reached 80 degrees yesterday with mostly sunny skies due to the high pressure. a few patchy clouds today. we will be under the influence of that high. we will be near 90 today. the record is 98. the average high temperature is 77 today. seasonable. it is warmer than yesterday. 70 in bowie, 65 in la plata. 65 in cumberland -- 55. a little cooler at the auglaize. water temperatures are in low 70's right now. partly cloudy this afternoon. upper level energy. 30% chance of rain later today. -- a little cooler on the waterways.
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a tractor-trailer accident westbound interstate 70 after vowel 94, gadahn exit. traffic westbound is getting by this accident single file to the left. there's a lot of cleanup to do. eastbound traffic is not affected. all of baltimore heading to frederick, interstate 70, very popular commuter route, only one lane to the left. elsewhere, in virginia and accidents southbound 95 on occoquan bridge is gone. northbound traffic, give yourself extra time leaving potomac mills. back to you. >> thank you. bedbugs are becoming a problem across the country. there are unique ways to try to fight the pests. experts have gathered in chicago if to check out to the newest weapons in the war against them.
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they include dogs trained to detect the in sex. and there's a suitcase with a heater to bake the bugs. there's a trailer-sized version 2 sanitize your mattress. and there's another option to freeze bugs. 65 degrees. coming up, it is 5:00 somewhere. budweiser has a free beer waiting for you. and the latest push to leave the rat race behind. hot, dry air this summer is having an impact. in brianne carter. de boss: and now i'll turn it over to the gecko. gecko: ah, thank you, sir. as we all know, geico has been saving people money on rv, camper and trailer insurance... well as motorcycle insurance... gecko: oh...sorry, technical difficulties.
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boss: uh...what about this? gecko: what's this one do? gecko: um...maybe that one. ♪ dance music boss: ok, let's keep rolling. we're on motorcycle insurance. vo: take fifteen minutes to see how much you can save on motorcycle, rv, and camper insurance. welcome back. in our top stories, and a woman got evicted from her apartment
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and the belongings are scattered over several northwest d.c. streets. eloise diaz fell behind in the event after losing her job. some of her stuff has been taken to a storage facility. police are temporarily guarding the rest. she saved everything she could sense of family members in venezuela. president obama loses another member of his economic team. lawrence summers will leave his post as director of the national economic council at the end of the year to return to harvard. the president is grateful for his service. the mayor and several other former and present officials in bell,, calif. "today. they were arrested yesterday and charged with bilking millions of dollars from taxpayers. residents had impromptu celebrations after the arrest. it is the first day of autumn and it will feel more like mid july.
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we are in reach of another record. brianne carter is live in bethesda with the impact of the wild weather is having on the region. it has been a crazy year. >> yes, it has. from the snowfall in the winter to the 100-degree days this summer. we had a nice break the past couple weeks. more changes conaway. on this thursday of autumn, it will feel more like summer. if >> setting records we have not imagined. >> the washington region could set another record. warmer weather is putting us on the right track, but the dry air is not coming without consequence. a lack of rain is impacting some farms. >> it rained for two weeks ago for the first time this summer. >> is on the west virginia is feeling the impact. >> my grandfather is 82.
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he said it was the driest year that he's ever seen. >> it feels rather nice this morning, contrast to the committee that we expect -- contrast to the humidity. today is car free day. the council of governments reports progress in the d.c. metropolitan area. the percentage of workers driving along dropped from 71% down to 64%. the percentage of transit riders climbed from 3% up to 6%. budweiser wants to give you a free beer. and the white house has an opening on its economic team. rob nelson has those stories and more. >> we begin with president
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obama's top economic adviser stepping down. demaris summers off plans to leave at the end of the year. this gives the president the chance to reshape his economic team. it recently lost two other members. the federal reserve is ready to take action if the recovery gets weaker. it will put more money into the economy if necessary. the fed is more concerned about prices falling and rising, which could lead to a drop in wages and dallas values. apple mac scored the highest of any pc of customer service. anheuser-busch is testing a new strategy to sell more budweiser. they're giving it a leg, its biggest free sample campaign ever, that campaign starting next monday. i'm rob nelson. -- they are giving it away.
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its wednesday morning, first day of autumn. >> later tonight. >> it will feel like the middle of summer. >> feeling like summer in autumn. that will begin at 11:09 tonight. the direct rays of the sun will be over the equator. between now and the winter solstice the direct rays of the sun will be in the southern hemisphere. they are going into springtime down there. let's look at conditions right now. it's warmer than yesterday. winchester, 70. 66 in march 0. actually, 71 in winchester. frederick.t roya the dew point temperature measures the amount of moisture
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in the atmosphere. 70 is when it is oppressive. the dew points are higher today than yesterday. they will continue to rise this afternoon and evening. you will feel good humidity and the heat due to the southernly flow. clouds are along the front. the front will stay to our north. the jet stream shows purple. warmer air to the south. we will be on the southern side of the jet stream the next couple days. that's through friday. mostly sunny this morning. patchy clouds this afternoon. isolated thunderstorms as we develop instability. 90 today. low 90's tomorrow and through friday. we are going to jump up to newschopper 7 flying over a
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tractor-trailer on its side on 70 westbound after 94 devine exit. there you see the truck on its side. people going single file to left on interstate 70 at the woodbine exit. now to virginia. everything is open, but going slowly. northbound 395, noble delays from edsall road to duke street. back to you. >> thank you. 66 degrees. coming up, the side effect of cyberbullying and a new look at the present. and on "oprah," ingrid bettencourt was held captive six years in the jungle, and she details her story, today at 4:00 on abc 7. ♪
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and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. a house panel will hear from the heads of the two iowa egg farms at the center of the massive recall. the eggs have been linked to salmonella outbreak that has made 1600 people sick. investigators uncovered filthy conditions at the farms and they say the owners may have known about the problem. now look at the impact of cyberbullying. boys or more likely to engage in cyberbullying while girls were more likely to be the victims.
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victims are at risk for depression. some bowleys suffer from depression as well. donovan mcnabb led 600 schoolchildren in the 30-minute workout session on fedex field. it tries the guinness world record for the largest. part of his efforts to fight childhood obesity in his campaign. >> 12 years ago my father was diagnosed with diabetes. diabetes continues to take the lives of friends and family. >> d.c. has one of the highest tally could obesity rates in the nation. donovan mcnabb pulte to inspire young people to order out at least 30 minutes a day. they are off to a good start. we still have another half
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hour. coming up, the health care overhaul. the changes around the corner. and the stage is set for an historic execution in the commonwealth. >> meteorologist adam caskey. it is officially autumn later this evening, but it will not it is officially autumn later this evening, but it will not feel like
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>> live and in the hd, this is" good morning washington" on your side. >> i am working hard for years and. and apparent according case in northwest washington and one woman's stuff is lining the streets of the district. what a story this is. we will have more on that coming up. it is wednesday, september 22. let's begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes this is
6:30 am
the first day of fall in a few hours. we will reach 90 degrees today. that is ironic. it will feel like summertime. at reagan national airport, it is mild and warmer than yesterday. the dew point is a little bit higher which indicates added moisture in the air. higher humidity will continue to rise later today and add to our instability in the atmosphere this afternoon. that will be combined with upper level energy could make for some late day storms. your forecast calls for a 30% chance of storms later this afternoon and early evening. today tomorrow and friday. it looks like we will cool down by the weekend. we will jump up to
6:31 am
newschopper7 flying over a tractor-trailer accident westbound on i-70 after the exit 494/woodbine. the truck is on its side and traffic is getting by to the left. it will cause quite a backup. use 97 and 144 as alternates. 270 southbound, look at the delay before father hurley boulevard. it is 6:31 on this wednesday morning. our top story today -- the u.s. supreme court will not stop the execution of a virginia woman. the woman is scheduled to die thursday night. she was convicted in may 2002 murder for hire scheme that left her husband and stepson dead. the court said two justices voted to stop the execution but they would not comment further. she will be the first woman to be executed in virginia in nearly a century. police are trying to unravel
6:32 am
a murder mystery in greenbelt. they found the body of a woman outside her appointment -- apartment on greenbelt road. a woman was assaulted and left to die and a stairwell. investigators say that robbery does not appear to be a motive. they are still searching for a killer. some serious issues after in eviction reveals an apparent according case in northwest washington one woman's belongings are stretching for blocks around the columbia heights neighborhood after authorities kicked her out of her home. courtney robinson is live on 11th street. the city council is helping to sort this out. >> there is stopped in front of the and across the street, behind me, it really goes for blocks. we saw councilman graham come out last night and help make up
6:33 am
stuff. in a few hours, we will see the city bring in dump trucks to haul all this away. nearly four city blocks are allied with the belongings of eloisa diaz. >> the job, no money >> she recently lost her job and your landlord evicted her. she wanted to help family members in venezuela. >> i was working hard for years and collected things to send to my country. >> the concern from neighbors came from the amount of stuff when it came out of her home. >> we have been calling the mayor's office. we have been calling the police. we have been calling politicians. >> residents got no help. we got involved in called councilman jim graham who came up with a short-term solution. >> if she can identify the things that have value to her,
6:34 am
we have a truck, we have a place to take it right now, we can store it on a temporary basis. >> she has been out here all night long watching her belongings, making sure people don't take them. i spoke with sharon asked her if she could pick out some personal belongings that had meaning and she said that everything out here means something to her. all of this came out of a town home that is only three stories tall. >> keep us posted. it is 6:34 and we move on to take a look at the day ahead. > there is a man accused of killing chandra levy and his defense attorney is expected to block testimony. a man charged in the slaying of an off-duty marilyn cooper
6:35 am
faces a preliminary hearing today. he faces first-degree murder charges in the death of a trooper wesley brown who was gunned down outside a restaurant in forestville back in june. the move to end the don't ask don't tell policy -- >> the motion is not agreed to. >> senate democrats did not have the votes to stop a republican filibuster on the provision to repeal the ban on gays openly serving in the military. democrats said they will try to pass the bill during a lame-duck session later this year. another shake-up in the president's economic team. lawrence summers will leave his post as the leader of the economic council at the end of the year and will return to a position at harvard. president is trying to rebuild the sluggish economy. key components of the
6:36 am
health-care overhaul are set to take effect tomorrow but it is reported today some major insurance companies will stop selling policies for children rather than comply with a provision in the new law. here are some other changes. >> six months after president obama signed landmark health reform into law, americans will now begin to see the effects. starting tomorrow, young adults will be able to stay on their parents' insurance plan until they turn 26. insurance companies can older deny coverage to children based on pre-existing conditions. insurers must provide preventive services such as mammograms and colonoscopy is without charging copays. insurance companies can no longer drop people when they get sick. the only reason would be cases of fraud. >> consumers should talk with their human-resources department or their insurance plans to make sure they are aware of when these changes
6:37 am
actually occur. >> republican leaders have pledged to do all they can to chip away at the health care law but even if they take back a majority congress, a full repeal is next to impossible. it is no 6:37 on this wednesday. still ahead, and then there were 11, we will hear from the first celebrity to get the boot from the ballroom. first, a another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes.
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>> my name is jimmy. we are from mexico. we are at the international children's festival. "good morning washington." good morning. 80 degrees was the high temperature yesterday. the average high today dropped down to 77 but we will be well above that. the record for today is 98 degrees set back in 1895. we should be near 90 this afternoon. it is already warmer to start the day. bowie is 70 degrees. front royal is 64 degrees. ♪ captioned by the national captioning institute
6:41 am
yesterday, we had widespread 40's. inare in the 60's especially the immediate suburbs. it is cooler along the shore. we will build some instability with some opera level energy and you cannot rule out a few isolated thunderstorms later this afternoon and early evening. we will take a look at the extended forecast coming up. live to northbound 395 so you get a feel for the pace of traffic which is normal. this is from edsall road past duke st. and up to kent street. -- king street. i-70 west bend after the exit 494/would by now. there is a tractor-trailer on its side.
6:42 am
it is 6:42 and we have 65 degrees. the first lady hits the campaign trail with a former president. >> some more weather for the building wind farms and
6:43 am
expanding clean energy manufacturing. but in america, gridlock has held us back. now, the senate can change that - by passing a renewable electricity standard. it will spur development of clean energy and boost manufacturing in america, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. so we can make our own energy future - not just buy it from china. call your senators and urge them to pass a renewable electricity standard today.
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clause 44 is your time. a woman's belongings are scattered over four blocks after she was evicted from a nw, d.c. apartment. she fell behind on around after losing her job. d.c. councilman jim gramm got some of her stuff moved to storage facility.
6:45 am
police officers were temporarily guarding the rest of it. president obama has lost lawrence summers from his economic team. he will go back to harvard at the end of this year. a book that will go on sale next week says the president obama aides were dealt -- divided about a new strategy for the war in afghanistan. some members of his national security team had doubts that sending in more troops would even work. summer will end today like to begin and that is hot. this year could go down and record books if we have five more days where the mercury topped 90. we go live to brianne carter her. >> what a year we have had. will we ever get a break? the past few weeks have not been
6:46 am
bad but as usual here in washington, more changes are coming. we know what a harsh winter we had to get through. after that, we had 100-degree days this summer and there is an impact from the hot and dry air. farmers are suffering and their crops are suffering because of the dry air and a lack of rain over the summer. more warm air is headed our way as you have heard adam caskey talk about this morning. we will have more 90-degree days and could potentially break more records. if we get five more 90-degree days, we will have broken another record. it has been a record-breaking year as we have seen with all the weather we have been hit by over this past year. crazy here, thank you. metro says that ridership
6:47 am
between april and june rose more than 1% from the same time last year. there were 59.4 million riders on metro rail compared with under 59 million during the same time last year. extracted driving will be the topic of the major event today. 28 leaders from around the country will gather in northwest washington for a youth distracted driving summit. they will create a plan to reduce distracted driving among teenagers and that comes one day after the obama administration second annual distracted driving summit. the head of the d.c. teachers union is firing back at michelle rhee on her appearance on oprah winfrey show. he called her comments on firing teachers and over exaggerations. he says that she has more authority to fire teachers than most superintendents in urban districts. it is 6:47 on this wednesday
6:48 am
and we go to our political minute. the first lady is fighting for democrats. we have looked at michelle obama's fall schedule. they just released her stump schedule. she will help democrats, tell us about it. >> there was speculation as to what she would do. it was reported that she did not want to do the political fundraising thing. the president is still popular in cities but not popular in other districts. at the same time, the first lady's approval rating is sky high. she will go around, they just announced, next month and she will do six states and they will do more. they are doing a fund-raiser for the dnc to raise money for two committees. she will be very active in the next month and we are expecting to hear that she will maybe do
6:49 am
more governor and senate races for november. >> the heavyweights are out there. former president bill clinton is out there and on the republican side, we have sarah palin. >> it is that time. it is interesting to see what the democrats are doing because they have these big figures in and out of government. there is not tight coordination but you are seeing president clinton and president obama and vice president joe biden going to places they are popular. the democrats are doing a good job to play to their strengths. >> there is a very interesting story on politico. go to their website. to it is 6:49 and let's get traffic and weather every 10 minutes it will be a warm day, well above average for this time of year. temperatures will be back near
6:50 am
90 degrees. despite it officially being autumn, it will feel like summer time today and through the rest of the work week. over the district, 68 degrees with clear skies. the heat will increase and the humidity will increase. let's go to the maps and graphics -- all of this is definitely here at 11:00 of 9:00 p.m.. that is when the sun's direct rays are over the equator. until the winter solstice on december 21, we will keep losing day light. our days will get shorter. we officially welcome autumn later this evening and tomorrow will feel more like summer time. 70 degrees in bowie right now
6:51 am
and the dew point measures moisture in the air and we are in the 50's, up from the 40's yesterday and in the mid-60's later today. you will feel the moisture in the air. a cold front off to the west with a few clouds and showers will have our way. -- will head our way. the jet stream will go south for and that will drop our temperatures. we will have a southerly wind today through friday. a few isolated storms cannot be ruled out later today, about a 30% chance and low 90's thursday and friday and cooling down this weekend, 77 by sunday. we will go live to newschopper7 flying over a tractor-trailer that flipped over on westbound 70.
6:52 am
it is still on its side. traffic goes by to the left. one of the 44 is your best alternative and we will be back.
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finally this morning, a "dancing with the stars" shopper, the first elimination. >> leaving right now is david and kim. >> it was david hassle of who became the first to leave the dance floor. he sent up for the show because his daughters are big fence. he is glad they got to see him dense. >> it was a great ride. life goes on. it was great fun. i learned a lot from her. i will continue to learn from her. >> the other contestants said there were sad to see the hoff go. they are preparing for next week's show and half of the dancers will perform the quickstep and the others will perform the job. let's get a last look at traffic and weather. before we go to a live
6:56 am
picture from newschopper7, a live picture for virginia commuters so you get a feel the pace northbound on i-395 which is decent. here we are at 110 and 66 in roslyn. newschopper7 is looking at a trailer traveler -- tractor- trailer that overturned on i-70. a nice day to day but it will be noticeably warmer, near 90 degrees. a few isolated thunderstorms cannot be ruled out later today and into the evening. the 90-degree count is at 63. it could be up to 66 by the end of this week, we will save them a happy first of autumn. that does it for us. "good morning, america" next have a good day.
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