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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  September 27, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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i give my lawn scotts winterguard. it's like a root building machine. it builds your lawn from the roots up. next year you get this! the stronger the roots, the stronger the lawn. all year long. the best time to feed is when it will do the most good. there's no substitute for the fall feeding, trust me. it is the best thing you can do for your lawn. i use scotts winterguard. >> live and in hd, this is an -- abc7 news at noon on your side. >> good afternoon. from your on brown was. washington, d.c., which of to a rainy start to this work week. and is coming down hard in some areas. adam caskey is your within the get our first forecast. this is much needed brain. it is nice. >> the timing is not so bad for us. i know is not good for the commute and even later this
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evening or tomorrow morning, but we really need the rain. we are getting it right now. we are getting a perfect long soak everywhere. where it is raining in the metro area, it is coming down very hard. the red and yellow you see right here, down the belt way toward extreme north arlington, these showers are falling each other and they move like a train follow each other and dumping heavy rainfall. one point to 5 inches at t.j. elementary. -- 1.25 inches. more on this and the expected accumulation coming up. >> return to the news of the day. police in silver spring are searching for a hit-and-run driver who said a young woman to
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the hospital. this happened saturday night on carroll ave. he left a key piece of evidence behind. courtney robinson explains. >> a 24-year-old woman is fighting for her life. officers say she was left for dead after someone hit her with a car on carroll avenue around 8:00 p.m. saturday night and never stopped. >> they could not have dragged her. >> they say the driver hit her with such force that she flew into the air and landing 30 feet from where she was struck. there is likely substantial damage to the car including a missing side view mirror they found at the scene. they believe the person responsible was speeding. the hit and run happened directly across from this school, a place where children often played on the evenings and weekends. during the school week, officers are here helping children cross.
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>> some cars go really fast. some cars and never stop. >> they say they do not want to release the description of the vehicle. they said the woman is still in serious condition in the hospital. he had any information, they are asking you call police. in silver spring, according robinson. >> a patient at a state psychiatric hospital is facing murder charges accused of killing a fellow patient. this was at the clifton perkins hospital in jesup. she was accused of murdering a social worker in chevy chase. she was of the hospital for committing a previous murder. the search is on for the person who shot and killed a man in landover, md.. they identified the victim as
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pierre medley. the town the victim just before midnight. he was rushed to the hospital where he died. investigators did not say what led up to the shooting. provide in frederick, md., police are trying to figure out who have slashed the tires on these vehicles. someone slashed the tires on some 31 vehicles. all but one of them were light- colored and witnesses say most of them more work vans or trucks. breeze which gears to a little sports on this monday. we traveled to st. louis and they were ready to conquer. there is still no reason to celebrate in redskins nation. we speak to fans but the latest target rate. >> the dance of the burgundy and gold, another dreary monday. >> it does not make any sense. i had to stop watching it. >> after a big win against dallas, the home team has lost
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their two games. this latest defeat comes from the st. louis rams. despite the disappointment, the skins have not wavered. many teen flags are still flying high. >> it takes time to meld them into a team a matter how much talent you have. >> despite the 1-2 record, they remain optimistic going into the game against the philadelphia eagles. >> at first it was over, now another school champion is taking her message to the sunday morning talk shows. if you prioritize education and make the number one issue in the city, you have the political leadership and the courage to make tough decisions that you
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cannot see tremendous progress in a short period of time. >> she appeared on nbc's "meet the press." she said her future with the administration is still not clear when asked. she says she has given a large salary increases to a high performing teachers. meanwhile, washington, d.c., schools have a new credit. obama says her daughter -- his daughter could not get the same quality of education. in an interview this morning, president obama says d.c. schools are "struggling" but they have made steps in reform. we are five weeks away and care. until voters head to the polls in the midterm election. democrats are not leaving anything to chance. they're pulling up the heavy hitters including former president bill clinton. he is campaigning in connecticut and massachusetts.
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republicans now think victory is in sight in those blue states. they know they need to change the congress to change america which will happen on november 2. >> they have a war rooms putting out early ad campaigns. michelle obama will also hit the campaign trip to visit some with some of those candidates for the president obama hits the trail today in new mexico. it is to help small business owners. it will set up a $30 billion fund for small community banks targeting small-business lending. a 91% of small-business owners say they do not need a loan at this point. it also gives $12 billion in tax breaks. return now to afghanistan where thousands of troops are pushing hard to drive the caliban -- taliban out.
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afghan officials say troops are moving into areas around the city to try and block the escape routes. the military is clearing roads and expected minefields. data say their forces in eastern afghanistan have launched a series of airstrikes into pakistan. they were in self-defense. chilling details in the case of five army soldiers accused of murdering civilians in afghanistan. army prosecutors say these murders happened that day forward operating base in southern afghanistan. the five soldiers, all in their 20's, have all been charged with premeditated murder. the video shows one of them confess and on tape. >> the ball down one of his grenades. he popped it and threw a grenade. [unintelligible] >> the parents of another
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soldiers said they tried to alert the army about what was happening but nothing was being done until after three murders. the federal government could soon have access to your e-mail and your facebook account. the obama administration is drafting a bill that would require on-line communication services to be equipped to comply with a wiretap order which includes providers like blackberry, facebook, and skype. they say they knew -- need new regulations because terrorists are using their phones to communicate online. a federal panel is scrutinizing how well the white house reacted to the gulf oil spill disaster. this panel was appointed by the president and is meeting for two days in washington. incident commander thad allen made his recommendations on how to improve response in the future. this is to eliminate a possible
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conflict of interest. coming up on abc7 news at noon -- >> i said my prayers. we held on. it was time to go down. >> terrifying moments for passengers. the flight that nearly ended in disaster. a teenager handcuffed on his own living room floor? a police officer goes too far. why his daughter was the reason behind it. get ready for one last -- one less airline. a big buyout and what it will mean for you. first, storm watch continues on this rainy monday. first, storm watch continues on this rainy monday.
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turned shocking when one of the wheels on the plan would not come down. the crew made the announcement that [unintelligible] we have the passengers a terrifying story. >> after walking away from delta flight 4951, passengers were practically pinching themselves. >> i do not know. i am really happy to be here. >> a short time before, cellphone video captured the mood on board as some passengers pray and others cried. the pilots prepared for an emergency landing. >> i understand you have your right gear step down. >> it is stocked up and the other two are down. >> the pilots have diverted from white plains, n.y., to jfk new route -- jfk airport. >> roger. >> i think the pilots did an
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incredible job. >> this passengers still managed to shoot the video throughout the ordeal. >> he came up with the idea to try and film it. hoping my battery stayed alive long enough. >> stay down, stay down, stay down. >> turns out it was a school book landing. no flames or fire. today, the pilot of the jet, navy veteran john conroy, is being held as a hero. there currently working with the faa and the ntsb to investigate the landing gear problem. abc news, new york. security changes will start today near the pentagon. security checkpoint will be moving further away from the pentagon between 5:00 a.m. and
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8:00 a.m. which will limit the walkways. they need to add security checkpoints further from the entrance where a gunman opened fire back in march. california officer is accused of abusing his badge after faking the arrest of a 15- year-old boy. the officer handcuffs the young team and threatens to put him in jail after learning the boy had sex with the officer's 14-year- old stepdaughter. the boy's parents recorded the encounter on a cell phone video. [inaudible] the boy is handcuffed in this video but was not arrested at the time. both of the teenagers in question are facing misdemeanor charges relating to underage sex. the officer says the boy's family invited the officer in use tactics.
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for now, the officer is on paid leave. fannie mae is offering help to military families struggling with the death or injury of a loved one. the payment drinks last up to six months. fannie mae is the biggest mortgage supplier in the country. the federal government wants more trash clean out of the river. and the water bottles, cans, food wrappers, and plastic bags float along the river in the letter its banks. they have ordered prince george and surrounding counties to pick up the river. skimmer boats already removed 400 tons of trash per year. it is time to talk about the weather on this monday. it seems like something is going on. >> we just got word of a tornado warning in howard county. a chance for severe
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thunderstorms. this is pretty 7. i will go to doppler 7 so we can zoom in. it does not look all that impressive on the radar. the national weather service recently issued a tornado warning for howard county. it is shaded in bank. -- in pink. this is the area of concern. i was the agree can get a better look at this storm. -- i want to get a better look. this is along highway 32 and the intersection of 108. if you are near that area, just west of '95, you want to take shelter right now. that is the area of concern. here is the storm relative velocity. not seeing anything there. hold on. let me check this other one. boehme. see where the red and green come
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together? that is where you can sometimes see tornadoes. it developed that impressive, at least right now. nonetheless, we do have that tornado warning issued by the national weather service until 12:45 p.m. for howard county. that is something to keep an eye on and take cover in central and western howard county, mainly west of interstate 95. otherwise, heavy downpours. there are a few breaks in the action as well. excuse me. look at the line of showers from the does the north. let's focus on that. -- from a bethesda north. very heavy rain showers. we see this action going on where we see them popping into the south, one after the other. it moves like a train. they move and follow each other successively. that is where we get the heavy rainfall. already 1.5 inches of rain in
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some areas where you see this red where we have had the heavy showers. that is down towards bethesda as well. that is the area of concern within this polygon west of 95 in howard county with a tornado warning until 12:45 p.m. i did not see much rotation in that storm or getting the upper or lower level blocks from the national weather center, but that is the biggest area of concern. i want to give to the wider view so you have an idea of what is to come. here are the thunderstorm's i mentioned that start in the north and basically follow each other. look at the situation in the south. this is continued in a continuously streaming northward. this is stretching all the way to florida and it is all pushing north. the warm front is making it very monday at least for today.
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how much rain can we expect? i think 2-4 inches but a good benchmark would be 2.5-3.5 inches of rain once this storm is over with. here is a the get the forecast for tomorrow. late day sunshine, but i do anticipate more thunderstorms possible. tornadoes are a possibility with gusting winds as well. let me give more information on the corn -- tornado warning. >> howard county? >> just west of interstate 95. coming up, is this the key to who get my grades and who does not? why this could be a cure for the blinding headaches. overtakes -- oprah as celebrities
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welcome back. 7 is on your side but new research that could help migraine sufferers. a faulty gene may be responsible. the university of oxford researchers discovered that this gene was the direct cause of migraines in some of the bridges and in this study. it appeared to make the bridge is a bit more susceptible. this discovery may lead to better migraine treatments. some major airlines are joining forces. southwest airlines is purchasing air tran for about $1.4 billion. this will include expansion to washington, d.c. the deal is expected to close early next year. still ahead, adamas back with much more on the severe weather.
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we are monitoring severe weather in our region, specifically howard county. >> this intersection in howard county just west of interstate 95, this line is interstate 70. this is a tornado warning issued by the national weather service at 12:11 p.m. which is valid until 12:45 p.m.
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this is not a very impressive looking sell. i am surprised to see a tornado warning on it. let me switch to this over. doocy the greens and the red lining up like this side by side in their orientation? that is where it indicates a green shows the wind's going toward the radar and read going away. this is right along highway 108 and 144. that is the potential tornado right there. that is expiring at 12:45 p.m. afternoon sunshine after more potential storms. the look of the weekend. sunday, down in the 50's and more sunshine. >> is the velocity tracker new? >> no. >> is the velocity tracker new? >> no.
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