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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  September 27, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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they said they had to drive him in an ambulance. they say that he did survive the trip and that is a positive piece of news. we will stake out the information and to be the latest later on. >> we have more breaking news coming in. this is coming out of baltimore where a building has collapsed into the street. someone saw a woman walking near the building and they fear that she might be buried under the debris. you can see firefighters rummaging under the rubble. but there is no word as to what caused the building to fall. >> we are on storm watch tonight. we have been getting much-needed rain throughout the day. there is more to come. doug hill is tracking the storm from the weather center. >> we have a flash flood watch in effect. this will be in effect through
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tomorrow morning for the entire viewing area. right now, a super doppler 7 radar shows a fair amount of rain in the metro area. this area of rain is moving through manchester. we see a lot more rain to the south. areas of rain developing through eastern and northern carolina. there are some areas of heavy thunderstorm activity in the western sections of north carolina and is dragging the moisture northward. that will be with us through the night and the first half of tomorrow. we have a very heavy rain, 2.3 in. in the area. 1.79 in. in bethesda. potentially more heavy rain overnight. we will talk about that in more detail. >> this brain has been good for the drought situation, but it
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can create some complications when it mixes with huge construction projects. we are live from an intel with the details. what show you exactly we're talking about. this is part of the construction area off of the turnpike going towards the beltway. you can see where some of this construction is staged. there are puddles and mud and some of this run onto the roadway i. just a few drops of rain, and this is what happens. a sudden road hazard on an exit ramp. it makes driving dangerous. >> all of a sudden, when you were trying to get on 495, there is a lot of water when it rains. >> since construction started,
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the landscape has been changed or removed. this causes flooding and it has become common. >> a lot of places where construction is going on, there is quite a bit of accumulation. >> you cannot avoid it. you have to drive through it. it splashes all over the place. if you cannot see where you are going. >> fences have been built to keep the dirt from turning into a mud slide. much of the problem is the lack of drainage. some type ofto have drainage. >> this business owner is worried about his business. his shop is bordered by road construction and it runs heavy with debris. his business was destroyed by a flood four years ago after construction started. >> [unintelligible]
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>> the situation is particularly hazardous after sunset and before dawn. the construction is on the situation. they say try not to drive through it if possible. >> thank you so much. for more on doug's forecast and damage around the area, go to >> still ahead, we will have the verdict for a man on trial. also, how the south west and airtrans merger will affect you. all of that is coming up in just a bit. >> a young woman is in the hospital after she was hit and left for dead on the side of the road. the 24-year-old was walking on carroll avenue on saturday night when a car hit her and and just
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kept going. police said they found a side view mirror at the scene and at the car likely has damage on the right side of the vehicle. anyone with information should call montgomery county police. the trial for a man of killing chandra levy has had his trial postponed. issues need to be resolved including a fight over a defense expert witness. he has pled not guilty to the 2001 murder. >> president obama had critical words about washington d.c. public school system. we are live from northwest washington with the story. >> the president made the comments on a network talk show after being asked why he did not send his children to washington d.c. public schools. >> the public school system is
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struggling. they have made some important strides over the last several years to move and the direction of reform. there are some terrific schools in the system. that is true in every city across the country. >> none of my kids have been in private school. >> this man has five children in the public school and he says he cannot afford to do anything else. like many parents, he is not offended by'president s and, but he wants the same quality of education for his kids that the president's kids get. >> byron sweeney was a school teacher and retired. >> i think that the president should seek the best possible education for his children. i would do the same for mine and i continue to do the same for
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mind. more parents need to demand that the schools be an excellent school that some of the top private schools are. >> for other parents, the president's statements did not sit well. >> if the schools are not to park, he should get them to be. >> one teacher that we talked with said that he would expect the quality of education at his school to be put up against a private school where the president sends his daughters. >> president obama would also like students to have a longer school year. the president says that most u.s. students attend class is taught in one month less than students in other in advanced countries. they lose a lot of what they learned over school break. a longer school year would keep the education system more globally competitive. >> they are facing a $175
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million shortfall. gandhi says is short because of a drop in income tax revenue. $25 million of overspending in public schools and medicaid over spending makes up the rest of the shortfall. >> montgomery county police said that a woman was attacked early sunday morning in a wooded area near rte. 355 in germantown. she was walking on frederick road near high point drive when she was grabbed from behind and forced into a wooded area. >> and abuse scandal is fighting allegations. we are live with the details. >> it has certainly unleased a
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hypocrisy. >> bishop eddie long as a vow to fight the charges against him. >> i feel like david against goliath. >> he is accused of ordering children into sex when they were 17 and 18. he has ties to washington dc. years ago, he was a springfield baptist church pastor and got to be a minister under the late pastor. >> he is a good preacher. that is all i can say. i cannot judge in the body. >> after a weekly fellowship, and his name started to come up until they saw our camera.
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>> we want to be able to give the law due process in order to find out what is going on. >> he has legions of supporters but others are skeptical. >> it is horrible, because i am scared of what happened. >> it is not only hurting the church, it is hurting the community as well. >> bishop long has been an opponent of gay marriage in the gay lifestyle. he counsels people to try to change them from gay to straight life styles. live in the newsroom, greta kreuz, abc-7 news. >> coming up, the fight against migraines. researchers have found relief for millions of sufferers. >> a to what is still one of
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family's porch-h a what is stolen off of a family's porch. family's porch-h a what is stolen off of a family's porch. >> to low-cost carriers
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>> two of the country's largest airlines are merging. southwest is by alan -- is buying airtran. we are live from reagan national airport with the details. >> right now, southwest has several flights out of dulles airport. after years of trying, southwest had not made its way to break a national airport. that is about to change. >> the surprise merger of the nation's largest carriers means that southwest airlines will move into 37 new cities and loses -- including washington's way the national airport. -- reagan national airport. >> there are a lot of fun to fly within the keep you entertained. >> this expert says that the merger would benefit bargain
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seekers at reagan national. >southwest is buying the company for $1.7 billion. >> we have continental and united emerging as well. >> southwest carries more passengers than any other airline. this family is looking forward to a completed merger. >> they keep the prices low and then you have to pay for bags on error trend. -- on airtran. airtran stockholders still have to sign off on the deal. bargain seekers may not fare as well. southwest is currently the no. 1 airline, there. the other airline is no. 2.
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we are live at reagan national airport. >> new at 5:00 p.m., the verdict is in for the man charged for murder in the 2009 murder of a loss angeles angels pitcher. his blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit when he crashed in california. he faces from 50 years to life in prison. >> new details tonight about the embattled wisconsin prosecutor who would mets to sending a rep. -- sending receive text messages to a defendant. it was revealed that he is sent the text messages while he was prosecuting her boyfriend on
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domestic violence charges. tonight, as many as 100 homes can be in danger. the levees and near wisconsin have cost the government to call a state of emergency. the river is expected to reach flood stage until wednesday. we are happy to see a little wet stuff. >> the metro area to howard county and mcgovern county will see more heavy rain tonight. another system will bring rain on thursday. let's get started. doppler radar shows most of the rain is west of the metro area. it is staying there. the elements of rain have moved
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to the south. we are on the eastern side of this image. most of it is moving south and north. the storm system over georgia is pushing northward. we will have more rain to deal with. we will see the heaviest rain in the morning and the possibility of more flooding. 72 degrees in buowie. 70 degrees in myers will. -- myersville. we want to keep you it buys about the watch status. the entire viewing area is under a flash flood watch. these conditions could cause flash flooding with very little
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notice. the temperatures are comfortable. 77 in gaithersburg. most of the area will be influenced by this brain pattern, keeping temperatures mainly in the '70s. just because this popped into my mind, loss angeles is getting cooked right now. the temperature is 112 degrees in downtown los angeles. that keeps things in perspective. they are getting fried with some incredible heat. low pressure over georgia. there is the moisture. all of these elements of heavy rain are coming our way. just as quickly, the storm will pass through our area and clear out tomorrow afternoon and it
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will be sunny and near 80 degrees. this could come right back up the coast and give us more heavy rain by thursday. it will be beautiful tomorrow afternoon. temperatures will climb into the 80s. check out this weekend. it will feel like fall with highs in the mid-60s. i do not know why the loss angeles thing popped into my head. -- i do not know why the los angeles thing popped into my head. >> the 11 remaining celebrities hit the dance floor like tonight on dancing with the stars. it then, -- and then, on castle, --
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>> i am sorry, i cannot be more specific. a psychic predicted her murder. >> you will have to watch and all live "castle" tonight at 10:00 p.m.. stick around for a seven news at 11:00 p.m.. what's coming up, the man that brought us the segue company dies in a tragic accident. >> an emergency landing caught on tape by a passenger who lived through it. >> columbia heights is giving job seeker hope. >> columbia heights is giving job seeker hope.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%.
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and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. >> a new restaurant is opening in columbia heights and with it or 100 new jobs. >> today, more than 300 people applied to work at the new eye- hop -- i-hop. we are live in northwest washington. >> the new i-hop is set to open in mid november. in this economy, nobody is complaining about low-paying jobs. >> unlike many of the job appears to know where, many of these folks will actually get one of the 100 jobs.
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a 24-year-old father. >> you got to keep food in your child's mouth. what's a woman that worked years at another restaurant. >> i need something else. >> more than 300 have submitted applications so far. the restaurant is owned by the same drama that opened a restaurant elsewhere. they made this new opening possible. >> we will do some training and hiring. >> they have sought to hire in the neighborhood, people that can walk to work. some applicants have no jobs. >> i am just trying to get some cash so i can get an apartment.
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>> others want a second job. >> [unintelligible] >> though clarence jackson is one of the bosses, he is still holding onto his first job as a d.c. police officer. >> i love helping people. >> clarence jackson says that the other restaurant in the southeast is doing ok with unemployment at 30%. a lot of people do not have money to open -- to dine out. the hope is that they will have enough work going on to keep 100 people busy as this restaurant stays open 24-7. reporting live from northwest washington, sam ford, abc-7 news. >> coming up, a police officer is in hot water after handcuffing a teenage boy who was in a sexual relationship with his stepdaughter.
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>> you are watching abc-seven news at 5:00 p.m. with leon harris, a sense and, chief men urologist doug hill and --
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meteorologist doug hill. >> a local family is on the lookout for a tent and the culprit. >> someone stole the dog off of a front porch early saturday morning. we have the story from middletown, md.. >> the family is distraught. the cage is empty. >> to think that someone would hurt her, that is the biggest fear. >> they say that when it is hot, the left there to watch -- let their dog outside. someone opened the cage and took her. >> when i heard her screaming, i never heard her like that. i saw a person and not solve
5:31 pm
the cage. i pull a muscle and i fell. >> he says he saw what looked like a getaway vehicle. he said that it took off and the sheriff's department is investigating what the family believes is a well thought out and land of the action. -- and planned of the action. they say that getting -- planned a deduction -- abduction. >> we drive around with our windows down hoping that we can hear her bark. we just want to get her back. >> the dog has characteristics such as a flop the year and a missing lower front tooth.
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stephen cheetah, abc-7 news. >> thank you, steven. a man has pled guilty to animal cruelty charges after leaving his dog in a hot minivan. he left the dogs while he toured a museum. the smaller dog died and the beagle was treated for heat stroke. he was sentenced to 40 hours of community service and one-year probation. >> a casino opened for business three days ahead of schedule. the employees and the state are betting on slots and maryland. >> that was the welcome to the hordes of people that flocked to the casino 30 mi. north of the baltimore beltway today. some told us that they did feel
5:33 pm
lucky. >> of one about $500 today. i am not finished yet. >> it is nice. this place is nice. >> after years of politics, the slots parlor opened its doors three days early at 8:00 a.m.. the manager says the business is already good. >> it has been a great start to the day. it started with a line at about 7:30 a.m.. >> this was the soft opening before thursday's grand opening and he did not allow us to shoot video inside the casino. there are 1500 slot machines, a buffet and a bar and they seem to be doing good business. patrons were not complaining much. >> someone has got to win. i hope we are the winners. >> another casino much closer to
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washington is planned for the random hills shopping center, but that project remains embroiled in controversy. this hollywood casino remains the only game in town. >> now, a look at news from around the region. people came to play homage to the patron of the young. it was at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. there was a wax replica of the legendary 19th century st., including an actual bone from his arm. it will be on display tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.. it is part of a worldwide coverage marking the 200 anniversary of his birth. >> the federal government once trashed cleaned out of the river.
5:35 pm
trashed floats along the banks and the epa has charged the county is with cleaning up the trash. frederick municipal airport is getting an air traffic control tower. at the tower will cost $4.8 million and is being funded by the american recovery and reinvestment act. >> it is time for a check on the roads. >> 95 southbound here at springfield is seen delays because of a crash that happened about 20 minutes ago with a tractor-trailer. that is the worst that you will see in virginia. 66 is seeing no delays. no problems on the beltway at all. all throughout maryland and
5:36 pm
virginia, it is clear. we are taking a look at the beltway at two a one. -- at 201. usually, there are all kinds of delays through these stretches, but for some reason, we are not seeing any delays on the beltway in any of these areas. maryland is looking good. >> coming up, a new medical discovery that could help millions of people who suffer from migraines. >> a teenager handcuffed in his home by an off-duty police officer. why the officer is in trouble with all. >> can the government have access to facebook and your e- mail account? access to facebook and your e- mail account?
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>> a california police officer finds himself on the other side of the lot tonight. >> officials are looking into whether he abused his authority when he handcuffed a boy that was in a sexual relationship with his stepdaughter. >> a uniformed police officer, a 15-year-old in handcuffs. there is much more to the scene. the officer is an increase that
5:40 pm
father, confronting his 14-year- old daughter's boyfriend after discovering that they have had sex. >> [unintelligible] >> the cell phone video was taken by the boy's parents. they were convinced that it was a real rest. >> he said he would be arrested for sexual assault. what's the boy's mother said that at one point, he fainted. >> he put his hands behind his back and started walking towards me and then he falls to his knees and then he is picked up by the handcuffs. >> officer has been suspended by the police department, but he stands by his actions. his lawyer told abc-7 news that he was concerned about the unlawful sexual relations that
5:41 pm
the young man had had with his daughter. he advised the young man to stay in school, get good grades and be respectful. the defense may not hold up in court. >> it was very bad judgment. the real question is if it was also a crime. >> teenagers are facing misdemeanor charges relating to is the sex. >> up next, upcoming work means night and weekend delays. >> let me know what i need to do to help others. >> doctors may have discovered why some people get migraines and other people do not. why some people get migraines and other people do not. it right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first.
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>> one in 10 americans suffer from migraines. it is a leading cause for disability. >> oxford university men and awesome discovery. >> researchers have uncovered what they called a migraine gene. while they are still nowhere near a kidder, the discovery
5:45 pm
could -- near a cure, the discovery could lead to it. >> for more than 25 years, he has had migraines. every six weeks, a heavy pain smothers his forehead and his vision blurs and nauseous settles in. sometimes, it can last 48 hours. >> when i miss work, i feel like i am letting people down. >> relief may be on the horizon. researchers have found a link between migraines and aging. when the gene is not working, the body of lowers its defense against migraines. before jumping to conclusions, this doctor says that researchers must replicate the results. once they are replicated, and she expects them to be, they can help the vast majority of
5:46 pm
migraine patients. >> we can treated with medication and other kinds of treatments and make the migraine patient immune to pain. >> they can also open doors to other researchers across the medical spectrum. >> if there is a gene that controls had pain, why not find a gene that controls pain in general? >> health experts believe it will be 10 years before it is ready for clinical use. >> thank you. if you are looking to go green in virginia, a new sales tax holiday may help you. the governor has announced that the state's fourth state tax holiday for energy-efficient products will take place. between october 8 and october 11, you will not have to pay the 5% sales and state local tax. it must cost less than $2,500. >> metro riders listen up.
5:47 pm
the metro is doing repair work on all the rails between sunday and thursday night. for more information about go to wjl >> legendary actress gloria stewart died over the weekend at the age of 100. she starred in films during hollywood's golden age. she had a comeback later in life when she played the older version of rose in the movie "titanic." she got her start on the hollywood walk of fame in 2000.
5:48 pm
she died at her home yesterday. >> the owner of the company that makes segways died while riding one of the units. he made his fortune through his firm that developed sandbags. >> new jersey could be shedding its negative image. rutgers you're versatile launch the new project to get people to be kinder to each other. new jersey is known for its mombasa's and out of control housewives. this new program is designed to make a strong case for good manners, the lightness and stability. we will see how that plays out. >> we will also see what is coming up on abc seven news at
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6:00 p.m.. >> one dozen u.s. soldiers are facing charges, accused of forming a killed seen in afghanistan. one of them is confessing and we will have the latest. a sexual assault in germantown has a community on edge. securityohn mccain's team have to step in when a protester got involved. we will see less 6:00 p.m.. we have been waiting for rain and we finally got some. >> let's check in with doug hill and get the latest. >> we might get some rain overnight. for the past couple of hours, most of the rain has been west of the metro area. another batch is towards martinsburg. we can see that in the storm's
5:50 pm
stand. -- storm scan. that low pressure area over southwestern virginia is pulling the moisture of than we will have a fair amount of it. we will update the rain totals. we have picked up 1.3 in. in some areas. the graphics show the watch in effect for flash flooding for that is a possibility for tomorrow morning. we will keep a close eye on that. by tomorrow morning, the storm will move to our north and it will be sunny by wednesday, we will enjoy a little bit of sunshine before the next system develops. the rain will be mild. as we head through thursday and friday, another system will come
5:51 pm
out of the gulf with a tropical low and it will be funneled up the east coast, a very similar pattern to what we have now. that is the very latest. back to you. >> thank you, doug. >> i am taking back all those optimistic words i had last week. the last six rookie quarterbacks are 6-0. i was shocked that the redskins led bradford had his chance. i thought he was home to let it go to his head, but the redskins played soft. brit has this report. >> the redskin players feel about the same way the fans do. >> we are disappointed.
5:52 pm
>> the redskins defense is struggling to adapt. >> it is shocking. you read about team said give up 500 of -- 500 yds. being associated with one of those teams, is a tough pill to swallow. the houston texas came back from behind. >> right now, they have the us two weeks in a row. >> the redskins will face philadelphia and michael veeck who threw for three touchdowns and ran for another. >> he is making every single throw out there. >> all right, that defense has given up almost 1,300 yds in the first three games.
5:53 pm
the wizards met with the media today and tonight, the kickoff training camp. this is really bizarre. look at this. this was the first media event since the gun seigaga. >> you are getting older, so you automatically -- i am very happy. [unintelligible] there is no need to do that anymore. i play with my passion. that is what i need to focus on. >> i thought for awhile that this was a joke. but it was the real deal. >> he looks like he is
5:54 pm
medicated. >> that was very strange. maybe he is just saving of all of his energy for game time. >> up next, an emergency plan landing caught on camera by a passenger on board. >> the passengers are
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5:57 pm
>> a routine flight turned scary one part of a plane's landing gear would not come down. the crew made the announcement that passengers dread the most. >> the sights and sounds of an emergency landing were caught on camera. >> after walking away from delta air lines flight 4951 on saturday night, passengers were pinching themselves. >> i am just happy to be here. >> a short time before, cellphone video cut the scene. the pilots prepare for an emergency landing. >> i understand your right gear is stuck down? >> the right gear is stuck up,
5:58 pm
the other two are down. >> the pilot's diverted from white plains to jfk airport in queens. >> i think that the pilot did an incredible job. >> not knowing his own fate, this passenger managed to shoot the video. >> he came up with the idea to fill met, hoping that the battery stayed charged long enough. .et's stay down heads down stay down. heads down. >> today, the pilot of the jet is being hailed as a hero. >> delta is working with the faa
5:59 pm
and the national transportation safety board to investigate the landing gear problem. >> that is all for abc seven news at 5. next, a woman is a tax and a predator is on list. >> we are under a flash flood watch 3 i will tell you why. disaster >> from day one. a presidential panel has a response to the bp oil spill. >> alive and in high definition, this is abc-seven news at 6:00 p.m.. >> residents are on alert in montgomery county after an early-morning attacks and a woman to the hospital. this happened near route 355 near germantown. >> authorities say that this 21- year-old female victim was walking down the sidewalk


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