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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  September 28, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, thanks for joining us on this tuesday, september 28. it is 6:00, i am alison starling. lisa baden is standing by. we will see how the rain is affecting the commute. let's begin with meteorologist adam caskey. if it's going to be wet today. >> we will have some sunshine later on today. it's led to be raining again especially thursday, some very heavy rain. let's look at live triple doppler 7 ghadar. there are areas of scattered showers, not as heavy as earlier this morning. as the band stretching from northwestern montgomery county to the seneca area, down towards manassas, the yellow line that you see. that is pushing off to the east and northeast. calvert county is seeing a light rain. it is 72 right now at reagan national.
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low 80's this afternoon with sunshine and becoming less humid. we will start tomorrow with sunshine and end the day in clients. challahs wednesday night into thursday with a great weekend. 66 eastbound is busy. and 20 minutes to your commute with the back up before you get to the exit for the planes. the crash is before haymarket. the left lane is closed and the truck is there. there's a wreck in the hov lane north.and no traffic is moving slowly alice springfield on the left side to the pentagon. metrorail is on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. a two-year-old boy is fighting for his life after accidentally shooting himself in the chest. two teenagers face charges.
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it happened early monday morning along little elliott drive in hagerstown. brianne carter joins us from children's national medical center in d.c. where the little boy is recovering. >> this happened early monday morning after a two-year-old boy found the gun under the bed and began playing with it before it went off. he was rushed to the hospital and is in critical condition. >> it is sad. >> a toddler from the town is fighting for his life. >> he's just a typical little boy. i never had problems. >> he was critically wounded after finding a loaded handgun under the bed and accidentally shooting himself. it happened before 1:30 monday morning at the cortland apartments in hagerstown. mario was found shot in the chest. thehey can't him about on
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stretcher and his arms and legs were hanging their. him.hey carried >> 17-year-old rivera tried to hide to the gun at a nearby playground after the shooting. >> the gun had been reported stolen. the two teenagers are being charged as adults. > in brandywine a car that a baby was riding in hit a tree. four other people were taken to local hospitals with minor injuries. fed the infant suffered critical, life-threatening injuries. no word as to what caused the crash. the doctor who survived the
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deadly shooting at johns hopkins hospital is all of the hospital. pardo shot the doctor after doctor delivered bad news about his mother's condition. the man shot his mother and then himself. nearly 50 cattle died when an airplane raised through virginia livestock market. -- when flames went through. one firefighter was treated for minor injuries. or on the cause. from the white house on this tuesday morning, president obama could still and be looking for another chief of staff. rahm emanuel is polis to leave his job to run for the mayor of chicago. an official announcement could come as soon as friday. parents and teachers are responding to president obama
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bush's blunt criticism of d.c. public schools. >> the d.c. public school system is struggling. >> mr. obama told nbc yesterday that his daughters could not get the same quality education at a public school that they could get their private school. some said they agree with the president's assessment but the schools are headed in the right direction. >> there's also a lot of potential in the school system and a lot of room for hope. >> others believe michelle rhee's approach is not working. they also say parents should push for the same quality of education the president's daughters are getting. we turn to campaign 2010. president obama is hitting the campaign trail. he's covering four states try to help democrats old on to their majorities in congress. for demolition it joins us with details. what is the president's strategy
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for district? this trip?distri >> when he was a candidate he would go to college campuses. the lines with stretch as far as you could see. at energy translated into a lot of votes. he's trying again. a college rally at the university of wisconsin, hoping to once again captured the voter enthusiasm. the president's name is not on the ballot, but the party is on the line in congress. young people or less motivated this time. recent poll shows 55% of young people are certain to vote in november, compared with three- quarters of older voters. some students acknowledge it's not as an excitement like casting a ballot for the first time. president obama told young people they cannot sit vowel out. the dnc will pick up the tab for tonight's rally.
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the president's backyard conversation that is going to have in three states over the next couple days will be declared official presidential business. president obama's trip highlights how the political landscape has changed. in 2008 to record number of new voters turned out mostly for democrats in wisconsin. this year those races are much tighter. emily schmidt reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. an audit found flaws with the boating equipment during the d.c. primary. there were differences between electronic --[no audio]
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there were differences between electronic --[no audio]
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there are scattered areas of rain right now. moderate showers from western montgomery county and towards the dulles airport. it's moving off to the north. the skies will clear out this afternoon, becoming partly cloudy. 82 is the high temperature. eddie payne likely on thursday. -- there's heavy rain likely on thursday. coming out of loudoun county in sterling, 7 eastbound before 28, there is a car on fire. traffic is being very careful. emergency equipment is on the lake. that's leesburg pike near 28.
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north of the beltway getting to the pentagon and beyond to the 14th street bridge, not very wild. that's 395. next, and want to take you to maryland. nothing to report along the beltway. in decent shape and on angela avenue. back to you. >> thank you. in california it's cool to be another day of scorching heat in southern california. yesterday los angeles reached a record high of 113 degrees. some people suffered through that without air-conditioning. others used it as an excuse to go to the beach. engineers will inspect a levy on the wisconsin river to determine whether it is sound. floodwaters breached the levee. the rain caused the river to rise nearly 20 feet, setting a new record.
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floods in wisconsin as well. there was a mid-air merger. southwest and airtran merging, what will it mean for frequent fliers? on friday, no talking behind ♪ storyteller: little miss muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey. along came a burglar who broke into her home, and ransacked the place making off with several valuable tuffets. fortunately, geico had recently helped her with homeowners insurance. she got full replacement on her tuffets. the burglar was later captured when he was spotted with whey on his face. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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>> a two-year-old boy accidentally shot himself. his teenage brother and another teenager are being charged. rahm emanuel is likely going to be going back to chicago to
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run for mayor. president obama will likely replace him with an insider. the president's point man on restoring the gulf coast will recommend it be paid for with fines collected from companies held responsible for the oil spill. the white house will likely endorse the proposal. drivers in maryland will be facing new rules aimed at hanging up on distracted driving. transportation officials are getting the word out above changes that will take affect in three days. courtney robinson is live in college park with what drivers need to know. good morning. >> good morning. by friday if you are caught holding a cell phone behind the wheel, you will get a ticket. this will be considered a second offense. the officer left to pull you over for something else if in order to give you a ticket for violating this law. the first ticket will cost $40.
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any ticket thereafter will be $100. you can have the first fine waived if you can prove that you purchased and handsfree device. you are allowed to talk on the telephone in maryland starting on friday, but you will not be able to hold it in your hand. tamela becomes the eighth state in the nation to announce such a law. if transportation officials say distracted driving accounts for about 5500 deaths last year. cracking down on distracted driving. there are a lot of applications for the cell phones that allow you to have a voice command to get texting and email and dialing. there are ways around the law, including cancer free devices -- hands-free. the washington post reports
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that the irs will not be mailing tax forms and instructions next year because so many people are filing electronically. the agency says this will save $10 million a year. you will still be able to get a paper tax form from the irs offices. you have to go there. or go to the irs website and if you obligations. ben and jerry's, all natural noel lago? no longer?-- southwest is planning to purchase airtran and it will draw up the baggage fees when the two combined in 2012. jpmorgan told the fdic that it wants to recoup the money it used to purchase assets of washington mutual. washington mutual went bankrupt during the 2008 b
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financial crisis. 20% of americans with the highest incomes earned 50% of the nation's wages. those under the poverty line earned about 3%. ben and jerry's ice cream is dropping the phrase "all natural." some of its ingredients do not qualify as all natural, according to a consumer group. i am vinita nair. we have 70 degrees already and it's getting warmer than we first started. the rain is still coming down. it's called to be picking up to monaghan's thursday. >> mainly thursday. likely going to see rain on thursday. heavy rain likely on thursday as well. tropical moisture from the gulf of mexico. >> we need it. >> not a bad thing. the light green is light
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showers. yellow and orange are heavy rain. we are zooming given to look at western montgomery county, northern loudoun county, areas of rain, moving south to north with an eastern component. it's on the western shores, we have spotty showers. down towards sterling and at dulles airport, chantilly, pushing off to the north. reston as well. purcellville as well. the rains are moving to the north. there is an area of low pressure that's pushing through the north. notice the clearing on the southwestern side of this. that clearing line will continue to push through the metro area later this morning. we anticipate some sunshine at
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midday and especially in the afternoon. temperature is right now are near 70 and upper 50's in outlying areas. low 80's this afternoon with sunshine. the humidity will drop. you'll notice that as the temperatures go up. partly cloudy tonight with temperatures in the 50's. more comfortable tomorrow morning. we will have a fair amount of sunshine tomorrow, but the clouds will increase later in the day. slight chance of a few showers later tomorrow with most of the rain holding off for thursday. this weekend will be like autumn, looks good. it has been busy this morning. eastbound 66, started with an accident that will be gone shortly. this is before the exit for haymarket. there's a crash on the
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shoulder on the hov lane is in lorton. ,here's a crash in colombia southbound 95, the ramp 432 east is closed, but the interstate is open. let's look at 270 traffic's to get a feel the pace and the rain. delays into germantown. back to you. >> thank you. 70 degrees, 6:21. we have a health warning. pomegranates may not be the miracle cure that it is hyped-up to be. and today on "oprah," jenin mccarthy breaks the silence on the breakup with jim carrey. this kenmore elite multi-motion washer...
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that is actress gloria stewart, known from the movie "titanic." died sunday night at terrazas los angeles. she was 100 years old. if she was in movies in the 1930's. she was nominated for an oscar in that role. we have no complaints against the makers of pom wonderful pomegranate juice. federal regulators say the company made false claims about the ability of the drug to treat many diseases. research shows pomegranate
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juice can treat heart disease, prostate cancer and moore, it claims. relief from migraine headaches could be on the horizon. researchers from oxford have uncovered what they say is the migraine gene. when that gene is not working, the bodiless its defense. the findings could lead to practical applications and could help the vast majority of my brain cases. -- of migraine sufferers. >> it could alter the function of the gene. researchers and doctors say the findings could apply to other areas of medicine as well. if there's a gene that controls head pain, maybe there's a gene that could control pain in general. it is 70 degrees, and still another half-hour or. coming up, the contestants on
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"dancing with the stars" are sharing the spotlight. we'll show you a famous face in the crowd. brianne carter live at children's national medical center where a two-year-old boy is fighting for his life after accidentally shooting himself. those details coming up. the rain may be pushing other region, however more rain is on the la
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, will all of the rain make a dent in the drawn-oought? september 28, glad you are joining us. i am alison starling. adam caskey, will this make a dent?
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>> yes. >> when will it let up? >> later this morning. it will pick up again on thursday morning. on thursday.eavy a least you'll get some sunshine today. right now there's ranging from the south to the north. gaithersburg and north into frederick is where we have an analog of rain this morning. even in loudoun county. it is 73 at reagan national. 83 is the high temperature, becoming partly cloudy midday and afternoon. the humidity will drop. sonny to low until the evening, then some showers possible. there's going to be heavy rain likely on thursday. the weekend looks like small, pleasant. >> ok. the morning drive does not look pleasant. heavy volume and centre vendors.
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be careful. it will take you longer. like yesterday. hundred down and know the pace will be slow. visibility is poor. let's take you to one of the geico cameras of slow traffic on the hon. at route 1 college park pastoral across hospital. -- on the a outer loop. a two-year-old boy shot himself in the chest. it happened early monday in hagerstown. the toddler is in critical condition at children's national medical center. brianne carter is there with details on how this happened. >> good morning. police are telling us the toddler found the gun under the bed and was playing with it before it went off. he is in critical condition. police were called to the problems complex in hagerstown,
6:32 am
md. early monday morning. mario longus was found shot in the chest. they're listed his brother marcus along with 17-year-old fantasia rivera, being charged as adults. rivera tried to hide the gun on a nearby playground after the shooting. if the gun had been reported stolen. both of the teenagers are now facing a number of charges. brianne carter reporting. 6:32. a judge dropped wiretapping charges against a motorcyclist who videotaped a maryland state trooper who stopped him for speeding. the camera on anthony's helmet captured this on 95 earlier this year. the state trooper pulled anti- gun. the man still faces traffic charges. a judge delayed the trial of
6:33 am
ingmar guandique. restripe was supposed to start in october under the judge has postponed it because more time is needed to resolve issues including a fight over a defense expert witness. ingmar guandique has pled not guilty to the 2001 murder of chandra levy. a man sexually assaulted a woman in germantown. the 21-year-old woman was attacked 3:30 sunday morning at high point drive. the victim was walking on the sidewalk when a man approached, dragged her into the woods and assaulted their. she was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. she did not know her attacker. president obama it's the campaign trail once again today. he will visit four states. trying to drum up support for democrats. emily schmitz has more on the president's trip and if the strategy to win over voters. >> the president inspired young voters with "and change.
6:34 am
>> we have given young people reason to believe. >> the returns to his college rally routes to convince them to vote again. his party's control of congress is on line. young people say they are less motivated. 55% of young people say there are certain to vote in november compared with three-quarters of older voters. >> i just want mccullah. that is a challenge democrats face with five weeks until the election. -- >> i just want more. >> vice president joe biden has told people to stop whining and consider the alternative. his wisconsin tricom highlights a two-year shift in the political landscape. a record number of blue state voters turned out for the democrats in 2008. now the key races are much closer. a developing story from the
6:35 am
white house, where president obama is only looking for a new chief staff. rahm emanuel exports to leave his post to return to chicago to run for mayor. an official announcement could come on friday. there's a new book that takes us inside the palace. it goes on sale today. >> this is exactly what he said and what advisers said. it is the contradictions and the dilemma. >> journalist bob woodward portrays how the president and his aides made the decision the ballot afghanistan, a secret war in pakistan, and more, and how presidents of the national security team had doubts that sending more troops to iraq would work. ted stevens will be laid to rest at arlington national today. he was one of five people killed
6:36 am
in a plane crash in southwest alaska last month. four people survived, including former nasa chief sean o'keefe. stevens was the longest-serving republican senator in u.s. history and he was 87 years old. we have seven the degrees on this tuesday. , cracking down on distracted driving, the latest state to go hands-free, and what drivers need to know. a new generation of geniuses and a local filmmaker makes the list. and a local filmmaker makes the list.
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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>> ina at the inverted exhibit at the smithsonian national zoo. this is our octopus octavia. she loves seafood for breakfast. good morning, washington. 6:39 on this tuesday morning. damp start. it is a little breezy. the rain is not as widespread as yesterday. be careful where we have the downpours. lingering downpour is crossing 70, north of gaithersburg. that is the yellow. have a few sprinkles in springfield and in burke and
6:40 am
in albany, west virginia. 73 degrees right now at reagan national, 70 in leesburg. today's forecast of becoming partly cloudy and less humid. high temperature of 83 degrees. tomorrow we will start now sunny with increasing clouds and heavy rainfall likely thursday. the seven-day coming up in a few minutes. it is on my facebook page as well as we have delays in virginia coming off the green led on to the toll road with a crash on the eastbound dulles toll road on the left. the crash on 66 eastbound coming ballot of the planes into haymarket is resolved. there's heavy traffic upstream. in virginia let's go to the geico camera. not bad. the laser are out of springfield getting to the pentagon. not very wild or wet. in maryland on the hon.
6:41 am
prophetic field there's a big wreck -- in maryland on the outer loop near fedex field. delays back to andrews air force base. >> t do you watch the > the wire?' >> i have not. not. -- i've not seen the show. for thecreator is up macarthur genius award. he was one of 23 people selected to receive a $500,000 grant. the grant winners include a theater director, a jazz pianist and composer, and an anthropologist. we have 70 degrees on this tuesday morning. mike allen has the details of
6:42 am
the busy social scene, five weeks before election day. >> i am courtney robinson live in college park. a new law aimed at cracking down in college park. a new law aimed at cracking down on distracted driving takes four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> on this tuesday, a toddler suffered critical injuries after accidentally shooting themselves. two teenagers face charges in connection with that. a two-year-old boy found the gun under a bed in hagerstown department. president obama is starting a cross-country tour and then helping democrats hold on to
6:45 am
their majorities in congress. this week he meets with families in mexico, wisconsin, iowa, and in virginia. the gap between the ridges and the poorest americans has grown to the widest amount on record. the top-earning americans receive half of all income generated in the country compared with 3.5% of the people below the poverty line. maryland transportation officials want to get the word out to hang up and drive. in three days if there's a new law against distracted driving that goes into effect and it can cost you big time. courtney robinson is live in college park with details. good morning. >> good morning. you will still be able to talk on the phone and drive, but the cell phone cannot be in your hand in maryland if you are behind the wheel. this is a secondary a sense, meaning officers will have to pull you over for something else in order to give you a ticket.
6:46 am
$40 is the fee. violations thereafter, $100. this will not go to points on your license, but it will cost you. if you are able to show that you have an answer device, you will dibble to get all of the first violation. -- the first fine. maryland becomes the eighth stage in the nation to enact such a law. in the past year, a 3500 people died because of distracted driving-related crashes on the nation's roadways. >> thank you. sent west is dying in bertrand's at $1.4 billion. you will be able to fly southwest of reagan national airport when completed. cities like new york, boston,
6:47 am
atlanta, you will have more options. but beck fees will be dropped when the two combined in 2012 -- baggage fees will be dropped. >> that might make me choose them over anybody else. >> it will cost more to travel in the northeast because there will be less competition when the two merge. virginia political leaders are heading to d.c. to try to stop the planned closing of the joint forces command at hampton roads. defense secretary gates announced the closing last month. the military has not clearly outlined the reasons for the closing. 6:47. we're going to look at politics. blindness is looking inside now for potentially a new chief of staff. we have been hearing rahm emanuel is stepping away.
6:48 am
also, the man-just in time for the midterms. mike allen is with us. good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> we should hear something as soon as friday. >> rahm emanuel probably leaving friday. and as good to be a new national security adviser. robert gibbs moving to a different spot. >> rahm emanuel possibly going to run for mayor in chicago. in effect of all the other potential people leaving. to do we have a front runner? >> the president will likely stay inside his comfort zone. tom donovan is the deputy chief of staff. and there is the chief of staff of joe biden. and there was president obama's chief of staff in the senate. altria are likely options to
6:49 am
replace rahm emanuel. -- all three. >> there will be 400 fund- raisers around d.c.. >> one of the reasons they are staying is to do this. there is breakfasts, lunches, dinners, cocktails. events at national parks and senator harry reid sent an invitation to energy lobbyists saying feel free to send your colleagues. we have the schedules from lobbyists inundated with all these invitations and they're getting a little sick of them. recession in d.c. catering. >> exactly.
6:50 am
thank you. good to see you. >> have a good day. >> 6 zagat 50 on this tuesday. let's get to traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey is standing by. >> severe thunderstorm warning in west virginia right now. heavy downpours and gusty wind just east of romney, a west virginia is one i spoke of, but then extended to a severe thunderstorm warning. northern montgomery county still has light to moderate rain with gusty wind. the county's shady and purple in west virginia and western maryland and western washington county, central and eastern allegany county and parts of hampshire county and clipping northern frederick county in virginia. frederick county, va.. the polygon includes the severe thunderstorm warning. the area of yellow and red
6:51 am
getting severe thunderstorms with winds up to 60 miles an hour or possible. the storm is pushing off to the north and east at 45 miles an hour. very fast-moving a thunderstorm. in the summertime you typically see the thunderstorms moved at 25 miles an hour. this one is very fast. this is north of 50 mainly, pushing north toward paw paw, and got. -- and hancock. forecast, lowthe 80's, partly cloudy this afternoon, becoming less humid. sunshine tomorrow followed by increasing clouds. heavy rain looks likely on thursday. it will be refreshing on the weekend. now to lisa baden. driving in the rain in the morning is challenging. although we need the rain.
6:52 am
let's look at a couple of cameras. the outer loop of the beltway crash near fedex field was moved on to the silda. the pace on the right. the low-speed just to look. the other side at new hampshire avenue, it is stop and go. that is normal. 25 minutes of your life. the next camera will reveal the pace of trafficked on 395, a beautiful at washington boulevard. michael bolton, keep your day job. "danc think about the internet.
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growing, evolving, literally transforming our lives. now imagine the possibilities of what tomorrow could bring. at at&t, we support a core set of standards that will guide the internet into the future... to protect users, and reward innovators, for years to come. we support a fair and open internet - affordable and accessible to everyone. transparent networks, managed in ways that are clear to all users. we support the fcc's plan to bring high-speed internet to everyone in america by 2020. and we are committed to keeping the internet working, as the economic engine that's creating jobs now. working together, investing, keeping information and ideas flowing freely,
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we can ensure that the internet will continue to grow and influence the future... in ways we can only imagine. because the future has always been our business. at&t.
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even in this tough economy, there are a good jobs out there, especially with holidays coming. what are the top five companies hiring and what do you need to know to get the job? that's this week on "good morning america". last night the contestants on "dancing with the stars" david eve best to win over the judges. take a look. >> ♪ >> that is jennifer grey and her partner. they had the spotlight. sarah palin was in the college you're on her daughter bristol
6:56 am
palin. >> i am glad to have her support. but the bombs were cheering us on. i am thankful she was able to make it. >> pristupa fill in is -- bristol palin is tied for third place. michael bolton is in last place. tonight and other contestants will go home. he needs to keep his day job. >> we all have strengths and weaknesses. he was willing to give it a shot. good for him. this is the pace of trafficked about everywhere. >> there's a severe thunderstorm warning in hampshire county, western lorton county, mr. allegany county, western washington county until 7:30 a.m. that's going to the northeast quickly. some clearing later on today,
6:57 am
becoming partly cloudy, 83 degrees. becoming partly cloudy, 83 degrees. heavy rain again on how does that work? hit it! see, other machines only go in circles. this kenmore elite has multi-motions for a custom clean. it scrubs to help lift stains, rolls to wash gently,
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