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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  September 29, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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battleground in maryland. good morning washington continues right now. @ >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington on your side. >> we have an apartment fire to tell you about in northwest, d.c.. first, we say good morning washington. i am alison starling. >> that fire is affecting traffic, but we want to start with meteorologist adam caskey. midnight tonight through about noon tomorrow. we could have some areas of flash flooding. that is a concern later on tonight and into tomorrow. here is a look at temperatures right now. we are in the 50's. arlington at 60. comfortable start to the day. you should not need air conditioner.
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75 the high court today with increasing clouds this morning. more on t$e forecast coming up. we will get to the breaking news in just a moment. i am telling you how this affects your commute. the list lucia -- the solution would be to use of metro rail on normal service. try to avoid 16th street near irving street is the closure. . next, we will go live to newschopper 7. we will tell to the beltway over the greenbelt area. there we are live where things are good. we are following breaking news this morning from northwest washington. flames broke out at an apartment building in the 3100 block of
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16th street. at least eight people were hurt. tk crews are on the scene right now. courtney ro!inson is live with the late breaking developments. what can you tell us? >> the people taken to the hospital, but many more are on the street. many being evaluated for smoke inhalation and other injuries as they were trying to get out of the building. eight taken to the hospital, 5 to the burn center, and one child was taken to children's hospital center. one of the individuals taken to g.w. jumped out of the window, possibly to aavoid the fire. the fire was on the fifth floor and a common area, making it difficult for people to get out. there were a number of latter
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rescues as well. -- number of ladder rescues as well. as for the cause, it is still too early to tell but officers will be looking into that. the call came in at 3:45 this morning. units came out just one minute after the call. a very goodjf response time. we spoke to witnesses who saw one of the guys jump out. a very traumatic experiq'ce. >> it was bizarre to walk up on this and there's nothing you can do. the hope has not even arrived yet. it was pretty terrific. -- the help was not even here yet. many of these people in shock at p @ we will stay on this story and
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let you know the very latest as it develops. reporting live from northwest, courtney robinson. our other top story of the morning, violence erupted at the busy d.c. intersection in broad daylight. juáu moments after a funeral for a homicide victim, shots rang out and another person u(áh"ead. this happened right along the crowded u street corridor. that is where brianne carter is live at this point. >> hundreds of people were gathered outside of the church at 13 and u when shots rang out. people were gathered #or a funeral of a homicide victim. police believe the violence was gay-related. authorities say a car left the area and flipped over nearby after colliding with another vehicle. jamal coats died at the scene,
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another man injured. it is unclear whether he died from a gunshot wound or t$at car crash. "washington post" reporting that police have ta)q' one man into custody. there is justi(q for the big sums of the silver spring yesterday in montgomery county, the judge convicted him in one of dozens of suspected attacks. several years ago dna evidence linking him to a least 25 rapes in three states. local authorities say he raped at least nine women in montgomery county. woman was in the house alone we are hopeful this results in the sentence that would mean he will never ever wa&ked the streets again as a free man.
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>> he is are reserving back-to- back sentences in new york and new jersey. he will be sentenced next month in montgomery county. jimmy carter still expected to speak tonight at the smithsonian and george washington university. that despite a health sc are yesterday. he is expected to be released sometime this morning. president obama is tour will take him to virginia today. he will hold a similar event in iowa this morning. now to a developing story from across the atlantic the eiffel tower shut down again because of terrorist threats. law-enforcement agencies are working on credible threats. this is the second time in as
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many weeks. >> it really shows you what the world is starting to look at. i will give you some background and some degree of talking about last week. just a few days ago u.s. homeland security, janet napolitano, said authorities were seeing more terror activities from our broader, more diverse set of threats. today this is giving us 'ew evidence that perhaps what she was talking about. in paris on tuesday night officials evacuated the eiffel tower a#ter phone in threat. this is the second such evacuation in just two weeks. a senior u.s. official tells abc news this is a credible threat. it comes after the questioning of a captured to suspectesuspecn
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g. hottest. -- german jihadist. officials actually says some of these recruits are looking for the same german moscoque that members of 9/11 attended. back to you. forward, two steps back. why women in the work force are still making less than men. there is a growing gap in the race for governor. we will break down the list. first, whether
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of comfortable wednesday morning. we are in the 50's. culpeper is 52. we will have little bit of morning sunshine, but the clouds will quickly increase from the south with all lot of moisture coming into our region. this will translate into heavy rain later tonight and into most of the day tomorrow. for today a pleasant day. some late the showers, but the
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heaviest rain between mr"night and noon. flash flooding a possibility. plenty of traffic. 9566. the direction of the traffic, you can see the pace out of springfield. 95 is 66. no disruption in service. no disruptions from metro rail. 16th street closed because of a major structure fire in northwest on 16th street. think through your alternate route and steer clear of 16th schaerbeek thank you. 59 degrees. we will be right back with more on that news of a ♪ storyteller: the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout.
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we continue to follow breaking news were an apartment has broken out in northwest d.c. this fire was in a hallway so it made it difficult for people to escape. eight people have been taken to the hospital. paramedics are evacuating 40 others. more on that a little bit later. our top story predict a man is dead after gunmen opened fire on a funeral procession in broad daylight. this happened yesterday on u street. police say a vehicle fled the scene that, smashed into a car, and then flipped over. jamal coats dyed at the scene. police believe this could be gained-related.
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investigators believe they had intercepted a second terrorist threats of eiffel tower. the senate expected to approve a stopgap spending bill that is needed to keep the government running. the house is expected to approve the bill and get it to president obama at the end of that fiscal year on friday. we turn now to battle from maryland but right now. a new poll shows one candidates is that out in front, and it is gov. martin o'malley. he has an 11. advantage. -- he has an 11 point advantage. it is a big job for all mali. back in may poll showed a dead heat. -- it is a big jump for o'malley. it you would like to see more
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on that race and other major races turn into our election special tonight at 7:00 right here on abc 7. local officials are still skeptical about the plans to3c+ station above ground. the metropolitan washington airports authorráy says the cost of the second phase of the3 officials tell the examiner that moving the station above ground and away from the terminal would save $640 million. andmtrak planning to spend 170 billion over the next few decades to save travel time. it could reduce the travel time between d.c. and the city to just 82 minutes. > the government wants out of
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aig. good morning. we begin with the government's as part of the plan, the government will sell off its 80% stake in the company to private investors over time. analysts say there is no guarantee taxpayers will recoup all their money. the pay gap has narrowed between men and women but only slightly. women with children make less than those without. johnson and johnson, cbs, and walgreen's have been warned by the fda to stop making (sprsá @ there mouthwashes remove plaque corporate debt mouth disease. the benefits have never been proven. -- johnson and johnson, cvs, and
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walgreen's have been warned by da to stop making claims that there mouthwashes remove plaque and prevená gum disease. it will be late tonight for all of this starts, but a couple of inches? >> two to four inches. >> here we go. >> probably a little too much. the heaviest will be midnight to noon. all of the county shaded in green is the flash flood watch, which will take an effect later onight. rivers and creeks should rise rapidly with the downpours we are expected later on today, especially tonight and through the day tomorrow. here is the latest radar composite. it shows showers down in florida. it is a slow progression
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northward. we will have a little bit of morning sunshine. otherwise increasing clouds. a big conveyor belt of moisture coming from the gulf of mexico, this is the cloud coverage. we also have a tropical depression 16. this could turn into a tropical storm nikole. this is the last picture i will show you on the storms can. notice the green areas. this indicates a saturated atmosphere. what can this turn into? very heavy rainfall. the orange on the screen is actually dry air, but we are in the conveyor belt of moisture that will all come together to help caused a heavy rain showers. now let's go to the forecast for today. right now we're inñthe 50's for most of us. 75 for the high today.
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increasing clouds later this morning and especially in to midday. late day showers. this will spread north and we have strong, low level winds at 5,000 feet above the atmosphere. all it takes is a few downpours to drag the winds closer to the surface. i think this will happen. do anticipate the gusty conditions within the downpoñrs. two to 4 inches of rain by the time this is all done. cool and senate by the upcoming weekend. -- and sunny by the upcoming weekend. here we are live at structure fire at irving street.
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16 street clothes. want to use connecticut avenue, 13, 14, or georgia ave. pyou have a lot of options. this is not your commute -- 16 st. nw. >> a picture's worth a thousand words on that one. we have 59 degrees. coming up next, the nominees are. we will tell you who could make the cut for the next rock and roll hall of fame class. later today on oprah, meet the cast of "modern family" tod.
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you should see credit stance move right now. -- see greta's dance moves right now. the conduct these will be revealed in december. the induction ceremony will be held in march in new york city. findings about diabetes.
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key in helping overweight patients control their diabetes. lifestyle intervention includes program and regular meetings ad phone calls. when men who exercise regularly have a 30% lower risk of developing endometrial cancer. researchers at the national cancer institute are not sure how much physical activity is needed to lower their risk. > with alcoholook out nike a. australian women establish the new record in that stiletto heels. they ran 80 meters in just over a minute at a competition down under yesterday. grand. that is enough cash for at least a pair or two appeals.
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-- or two of heels. >> have to be careful with that race. there is still another half- hour of good morning washington. and coming up, another ballroom data bytes the desk. we'll tell you who is heading home this time. one person dead and one person injured after violence erupted at a d.c. church. those details coming up. tropical moisture streaming in our way. that will likely trp'slate into
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because the future has always been our business. at&t. >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington on your side. breaking news. an apartment complex goes up in flames. terrified residents jumped for their lives.
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it is september, 29. >> much more on the breaking news. first, first a quick check on weather and traffic. clear expecting big changes later on today. >> already the clouds are pushing into the region. they are starting to move in. that is a precursor to the rain. it is all over the region. i hope you're ready for rain showers. when i say rain, i mean cold rain showers. we have heavy rain headed our way. temperatures are comfortable and at the's. -- at temperatures are comfortable in the pit the's. 50's.
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late-day showers starting in southern maryland and pushing off to the northwest throughouñ the evening. the heaviest between midnight and noon. flash flooding possible. two to 4 inches of rain anticipated. not a good rush hour tomorrow. when we say avoid 16th street, we mean employeavoid. this is why. newschopper 7 flying over the mp%or structure fire. more details on this. let's go to that now. >> we're following this breaking news from northwest washington. flames raced through this apartment building on 16th street. emq)gency crews raised at least eople this. courtney robinson is live at the scene with a late-breaking developments.3
6:32 am
to figure out exactly how this fire started, exactly why this fire started. you can see on 16th street, it all began inside an apartment building. you can see the fire trucks over there with the latter's extenddders extended. the fifth floor and a common area. because it started in the common area, it made it difficult for residents to get out through normal exits. many had to sq&l a evacuate. eight people were taken to the hospital. one child was taken to children's hospital. we also know that one individual jumped from the six story tried to get away from this fire. he is an extremely critical condition at this hour we will get the latest on his condition as soon as we can.
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it is a very a scary experience for them. -- it is a very scary experience for them. many had to evacuate. >> there was of fire in the fifth floor. there was smoke everywhere. people were panicking. >> crews arrived within one minute and found heavy fire coming from the test floor. they encountered numerous rescues. at this time, we have transported eight patients, two of them severe. i >> all of the other individuals that have been of value it had been moved. a number of them have been put on shelteshuttle buses so they can get shelter from this. we will bring you the latest as it becomes available. thank you.
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other stops the other top storys morning -- gunmen opened fire in broad daylight. brianne carter attracting the very latest developments. -- tracking the very latest developments. >> police continue their investigation into just what happened as the violence erupted outside a chu)ch. islands outside walter memorial baptist church claimed the life of jamal coats. he lost his life just moments after the funeral for a homicide victim. according to police, an argument erupted between rival gang members gathered outside the church. shots rang out. >> it was very disrespectful towards my daughter and her family. >> authorities say a car fled
6:35 am
from the scene and a couple of @ later slipped after colliding with another car. jamal coats was in that car and died at the scene. he was a young an working to turn his life around. >> i viewed him as a man on t$e rise. >> police telling us there was also another person in that car that was injured. custody. it is unclear at this point whether any charges have been filed. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. another conviction for the jury found him guilty of one of dozens of suspected attacks. severalxyears ago dna link him to 25 rapes in three states. authorities say he raped at least nine women in montgomery county alone.
6:36 am
he is already serving back-to- back señtences in new york and new jersey. it does not look like a health scare will keep it did mcartor from events in washington today. he is scheduled to speak at the smithsonian in george washington university. he átq't the night in the cleveland hospital after complaining of an upset stomach. the current president will be in virginia today. he will head to richmond to talk to people about his administration's efforts to improve the struggling economy. he will hold a similar event in iowa this morning. president obama is trying to energize young voters ahead of áhe midterm elections. >> for your country and for our #uture. >>ñhe spoke to college students in wisconsin. democrats will need their votes to keep control of congress.
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a new poll shows that just 55% plan to vote in november. >> right now it is 56 degrees. another con contestant gets the boot. find out who is the latest. we will be back with the latest traffic and weather. you are watching good morning washington. how does that work? hit it! see, other machines only go in circles. this kenmore elite has multi-motions for a custom clean. it scrubs to help lift stains, rolls to wash gently, swings, steps, and tumbles. better than just circles, what! sorry. get a free stainless steel upgrade on top brands, and 15% off all appliances. plus save up to an additional $250 instantly with our appliance trade-in program. sears.
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take at 6:40 a.m. -- cake . a beautiful morning to start the day. the moisture is coming in from the south, the caribbean, the calls, atlantic. a lot of tropical moisture pushing into the region. this is translating into increasing clouds. 61 right now at reagan national. dew point at 51. it feels good. fredericksburg's york 58.
6:41 am
here is the forecast. becoming cloudy within the next few hours. later this morning and especially by midday. lee day showers. this will lead to heavy rain tonight and through most of the day tomorrow. we will talk more about rainfall totals in your seven-day coming up. major structure fire at irving street. we have closure points on both treet. here we are live on the beltway. the volume is increasing, but the pavement is dry. we will have more from newschopper 7 and jacko. right now back to the news desk. -- and picwe will have more from newschopper 7 and geiko. michael bolton has been eliminated from "the ending with the stadancing with thtee stars.
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>> a gunman opened fire right @ procession in northwest d.c.. jamal coats dyed at the scene. >> there is a credible threat of terror attacks in the pri, france, and possibly the u.s. this comes as the eiffel tower was an admitted for the second time in just two weeks. big developments from battleground maryland. a new poll shows one go monitorial canada is pulling ahead. martin o'malley has an 11 point advantage right now. the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3%. the top issue is the economy. urlich has the support of gop
6:46 am
voters but not trying to cross back in 2002. -- but not drawing the cross party appeal that helped him win back in 2002. join us for a closer look at their race tonight at 7:00 and abc 7. house democrats face accusations of abuse of power and the senate moves ahead to a senate bill. >> the gop report comes out+ today. there are really going for the jugular, wrong direction, the wrong bill, they're wrong time. >> basically saying the democrats have done they have not got things done, and there in the rules they imposed, and do not give the minority a
6:47 am
consideration. talk about today, thank goodness the government will keep running. >> not surprisingly congress will have a catch-calall spendig bill. it assignq" congress's giving up, they want to get out of town, go home and campaign and get ready for the midterm elections and deal with this later after the elections. -- it is also a sign congress is giving up. ñ> we hear this every year. is any different the share? >> because of the bad economic times, voters will say why can congress not get a budget? we will see what the voters think about that and a few weeks. >> thank you.
6:48 am
we appreciate you taking the early with us. have a good day. time for traffic and weather. and let's find out when the wet weather will start. >> around sunset is when we will see shower is pushing through the area. already rainshowers increasing into southern's internet. it will become heavy at times later on tonight and into tomorrow. -- already rainshowers increasing into southern virginia. right now clouds overhead. this is a shot over the bay right now. clouts quickly moving from the south to the north because of bill low-level winds. all of the counties in green is the flash flood watch stultified later on tonight and last through the day tomorrow. we could have some areas of localized flooding due to heavivy rainfall.
6:49 am
here is a look at the rain. and mainly in the carolinas, down into georgia and florida. a big area of tropical moisture coming from the caribbean, the atlantic. all pushing northward into the area. the white, yellow, and read this cloud coverage. that will continue to increase from the south. we also have a tropical depression 16, which could become tropical storm in a weln later on today. this indicates high-level moisture in the atmosphere. it tells us the availability of the moisture in the atmosphere squeeze out an atmosphere as well. all of thráhu)s& continue push northwarto push northward.
6:50 am
light rain this afternoon, and especially evening with increasing clouds. high temperatures in the mid- 70's, which is average. tonight often on rain. potential for flash flooding. be careful what you are driving. p @while you are drivin some guáuv winds as well. we will notice some minor dust within the embedded downpours.3 by the weq)q'd, we are looking sunny, cooler. nothing crisp unpleasant about the commute. it is slowing down on 66. we never wrecked for those out of waldorf this morning.
6:51 am
it is right word to 05 traffic merges. it is difficult to get into brandywine. -- it is right at 205 were traffic emerges. 121 is a long way to the beltway. we will go live to the beltway. beltway. we will go live to the beltway. this is that the lane divide.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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my dad is the supervisor of a train station and my mom's a teacher. my dad's an auto technician. my mom's a receptionist. i'm not sure i would have been able to afford college without the tuition freeze. while tuition in other states is rising out of reach... governor o'malley made the tough choice to freeze tuition. he made my dream of going to college into a reality. i'm the first in my family to go to college. my brother and i never would have been able to afford college. even though times were tough... governor o'malley kept his promise. there's never a doubt... there's never a doubt whose side he's on. martin o'malley... moving maryland forward.
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we are following breaking news this morning. flames raced through a northwest apartment building. it is in columbia heights. courtney robinson there with the latest. >> eight people taken to the hospital, 5 to the burn center, and one child taken to children's hospital. i'll tear on the scene you can still see emergency personnel. -- out here on the scene that you can till see emergency personnel. it all started around 3:45 on the fifth floor of the apartment
6:55 am
building. the first unit was here within we understand it started with in the common area of the apartment building, making it nearly impossible for residents to get out. we know that one person actually jumped out of what we believe t+ be the sixth floor. he was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries. officers investigating. still too early to know what started or caused the fire. we can also tell you that 16th strd lamont street in irving street. 16th street, three lanes will open back up very shortly. they're trying to get it open before 7:00 this morning. and >> thank you. a quick last look at traffic and weather. >> 14 street, 16th georgia
6:56 am
avenue at good alternate route. here we are on the beltway where things are smooth. we will go to adam caskey now. >> tomorrow morning will be a very different situation. heavy rainfall tonight through most of the day tomorrow. and the heaviest will be midnight and noon. in the 70's today with some morning sunshine and late day showers moving in. dusty tomorrow with two to 4 inches of rain anticipated with the system. -- gusty tomorrow with two to 4 inches of rain anticipated with the system. looking good. >> we will bring october and in style. >> t$at doesn't for us on this
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