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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  September 30, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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that rain-free pattern is not going to last. the remnants of tropical storm nicole have been picked up by this channel of tropical moisture. more heavy rain in our area. we will give you some incredible rain totals from the weatherbug network. >> our live team coverage continues with gail penny bacher, who is live in great falls, virginia. how is the driver? a tree fell on this truck. >> that is just one of the miseries that motorists have been enduring today. >> the cab of the truck is crushed, despite how bad this looks -- and despite how bad is folks, the driver escaped being injured.
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there was just another way of getting around a miserable experience. >> it was just terrible. it was awful. >> it -- the rain made it a difficult to get around today, whether it was visibility or just getting around at all. >> it was a lot worse than a vote. >> many secondary roads were shut down due to the rain and heavy drainage. most of the flooding hit neighborhood streets like fairfax where feeble creeks rolled right away. >> it is an inconvenience and can also be very dangerous. i've seen people think that they can for the car and the faster they go the better they will be. -- that they can floor the car
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and the faster they go the better they will be. >> this gives us the ability to know what the critical times are and it helps us to protect public safety by allocating resources in the county where the need to be. >> those storm water management folks have been working around the clock. they say they're looking at the potomac river and all of its tributaries to see if it will cause trouble for the neighborhoods and streets as well. >> calvert county was hit hard by the storms and heavy rains. they had just gotten home from work when a 40-foot tree hit their house. they were not hurt in this. in prince george's and anne arundel counties, where some of the heart -- some of the hardest
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rain fell today, we are live. >> it is at the epicenter of a lot of problems. you can see high water down that direction down highway 450. down here, you can see road closed signs and about 100 feet down, there's water coming across the road. what a dicey day. >> if you are going to fast you will probably go off the road. >> it seems like the rain came down and only hours wednesday. it proved potentially dangerous and particularly difficult in anne arundel county. about half mile away on rutland road, drivers moved very quickly
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across the asphalt. bill made it, but not without worry. >> u.s. seen pictures of cars getting swept up by that, and you -- you have seen pictures of cars getting swept up by that, and i was not sure i would get through it. >> there was no way i was going to go through it. >> we encountered blinding rain and then came down upon a downed tree. firefighters pumped out basements and some were just trying to get to a warm, dry place, but could not, thanks to many closed roads. >> we have a report in glen burnie of a fairly significant tree, a large tree onto a home.
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that is the next place we're going. it could get even dicier tonight. >> metro bus -- a metro bus rented another metro bus this morning. the montgomery county fire department says 26 passengers .ere hurt metra police gave the bus driver a ticket for failing to control the vehicle at the scene. >> flooded streets and overflowing waterways at the carolina beach forced residents to use kayaks to get around town. the storm has used widespread flooding -- has had widespread flooding.
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our it story continues with a look at the district. when the weather is not on, go to >> david talked to these children and is live with their story. >> the bus driver died, several people were injured in this crash, including some small children. we spoke with three of them today, who recounted the terrifying crash in vivid detail. >> we first saw madison alverio moments after the bus crash. >> my head was spinning and i got really freaked out and i was like, ouch, my head hurts and there was blood all over my hand. >> this young man had a gash in his leg.
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>> i saw this little girl amah walking down with her purse. >> reille was among those who did not get hurt. he held tight to his seat. >> it was spinning and i was screaming and shouting. it was pretty scary. >> the other children were on a day trip to washington dc. they say the trip had gone well when it suddenly they heard passengers yelling at the driver, who had slumped over in his seat. >> i heard screaming and we just kind of landed. >> the children said that most of the -- of the moments after the crash were the most terrifying. >> they grabbed us and put us out the window because the windows were all broken. >> as far as the 7-year-old girl
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who was thrown from the bus. -- from the bus, we spoke with her father today. he said she is shaking up, but otherwise, ok. -- she is shaken up, and had some stitches, but is otherwise ok. >> retired pennsylvania police officer had been on the force for 33 years before retiring. driving a tour bus was something he liked to do in his spare time. officials believe that he had some sort of medical a verdict -- emergency and that is what led to the crash. investigation -- an investigation is happening. >> we have some late breaking information just a minute or so ago. i hung up with the maryland state police and they said the investigators were able to complete a full investigation,
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and mechanical inspection, i should say, of the bus. they said they found nothing wrong with the vehicle that would have led to the crash. they are hoping for a full autopsy results on the driver. that autopsy was not complete today. and advocates are calling for changes to the roadway for thrifts >> bomba any questions or root -- remain -- while many questions are waiting to be answered, those who rushed to help yesterday said they saw the bus driver, joseph clybourn, appear to pass out moments before the crash. maryland state police investigators say they're waiting their results of an autopsy to make that determination. they will also look at the
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medical records of the retired pennsylvania police officer. federal investigators say that is just one accident -- one aspect of the accident they will be looking at. >> one thing has been restarted, that is, whether or not guardrails like these at the place of the accident are tall enough. >> it has -- the barrier has not been repaired, but you can still see evidence of how the bus broke through the barrier and slid down it steeped in bank and. a spokesman said that should never have been able to happen and that it is preventable. >> studies have shown if we increase the guard rail 54 inches, free actually decrease -- it will actually decrease that accidents.
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if >> the hunt is on for it -- >> h. hunt is on for a group of robbers who held up -- but the hunt is on for a group of robbers who held up an armored truck this afternoon. officers are now looking for the getaway vehicle, a dark colored dodge magnum with tinted windows. >> former president jimmy carter is out of the hospital. doctors say a viral infection caused him to become ill on an airplane on tuesday. hospitalization it kept him from his book tour last night, but he is scheduled tomorrow with a meeting here in washington. >> coming up, a college student commit suicide after his sexual encounter is caught on a wed
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can. web cam. and the how the anticipated and controversial facebook movie hits the screens this weekend. >> and folks, you better check your kid's toy box
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>> a huge recall from fisher- price. but the toy giant is recalling more than 10 million toys, tricycles and high chairs. >> this is a big recall for fisher-price today. it is all coming after some of their products were to blame for kids getting hurt. now parents are scrambling to check for what toys they have in their home. >> it is a major recall involving four different fisher- price products, nearly 1 million high chairs. here is the danger, a bolt on the back legs to attach the trait can stick out.
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it also a danger, some 7 million bicycles, hot wheels, barbie free spirit to name a few. juliana and kristie write a blog out of their homes. they have three kids each and plenty of toys. >> you will end up having to go through your entire house and every toy box looking at every toy. >> nearly 3 million inflatable dolls are also being recalled. these valves can come off and there were 14 different incidents of children putting them in their mouth and at least three choked on them. >> it makes me nervous between the fisher-price recall and all of the concerns about lead. i'm starting to feel like maybe new toys are safe. >> for more information, go to
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our website and then click on abc7. >> a fresh debate over whether women in their 40's should get mammograms. having a breast cancer screening between 40 to 49 lower as a from's chances of dying breast cancer by 50%. some said the benefits for so small that the decision should be left to each woman and her doctor. >> guests at a certain hotel may need more than a sunscreen to protect them. a new energy-efficient solar system -- a new energy-efficient energy system can act like laser beams. it can be enough to melt plastic
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cups. a former guest says he felt like the light was melting him. but i was sitting there for maybe 30 seconds and i suddenly started rubbing my head and my hair felt like i had a chemical burn. but the curve of the building captures the desert sun light and concentrates the heat. the report says the timeframe is brief, but it is working to make greenery and umbrellas for more shade out there. it and talk to about the rain. we're not finished with this system yet. that pale blue, those are active flash flood warnings until 10:25 p.m. prince george's and outshot -- and charles county have been
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dropped. the new badges of rain are starting to come up the bay. -- the new batches of rain are coming -- starting to come of the bay. check out our storms deannstand. this shows it well off the carolina coast. this is the remnant moisture of tropical storm nicole that has been picked up. it is all headed back. here we are in the metro area. i want to assure you 3 canellis from our weatherbug. i went in and found the 12 highest totals for rain it so far today. over 7 inches in san diego. -- zinck in ago.
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in -- over 4 inches in prince frederick. chevy chase, 3.64 inches and well over 3 inches in burke and quantico. and the district. and the list goes on. let's go to the maps and we will try to predict where this heavy rain is going to travel. these lively green jade counties are under flash flood warnings until 10:45 p.m. this evening. there's also a tornado warning in effect from the bay through baltimore. that is until 7:00 p.m. tonight. one thing is interesting, down south, there are no radar
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locations to show the rain. but trust me, all of this area is blossoming with heavy-duty thunderstorms. in time it will push off to the east. we are thinking generally along the interstate 95 corridor to the east will be the focus of the heaviest rain, this next batch coming through the overnight hours. a broad 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning it will taper off as the sun comes back. breezy with clearing skies during the day tomorrow. as we get into the day on saturday, it will be really nice. saturday looks great, in the 60's. pleasant, autumn weather for
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early next week. from the district east will be the next chance of heavy rain and that will be late tonight. >> coming up, [unintelligible] >> and a fairfax county couple is suing baltimore and it all stems from the death of their daughter. >> coming up, why girls
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again
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tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. >> botox is not for the desperate housewives any more, in fact, is serving number of teenagers are now trying to chase these -- the fountain of youth. >> i have a really expressive face. >> but believe it or not, it is that smile that brought her to the doctor's office. >> i'm concerned about the wrinkles on my forehead. >> at only 24 years old, she is getting botox. >> i'm concerned with what i can do in the next 20 to 30 years to prevent some kind of major surgery from having to take place. >> this doctor in georgetown says he has noticed his patients getting younger and younger.
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and no matter their age, they are encouraging their patients to lift, tap, and fell. >> -- lift, tuck, and sell. in 2009, at 13% of those who had botox for between 13 to 19 years old. more than 36% were in their 20s. >> almost everyone is getting it done nowadays. >> the question is, is it safe? it is perfectly legal for teenagers to get it done. there is no guideline four age groups. and doctors admit that they do not know the long-term impact. side effects include muscle weakness and high blood pressure. >> hopefully, i will not have to have a facelift. >> in my opinion, she looks beautiful. botox is a nerve toxin derived
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from the bacteria botulism. teen-agers ages 13 to 19 had nearly 12,000 botox injections last year alone. >> a woman trapped in her flying car and why firefighters at the scene could not help her. and a sexual encounter, on its leads to aat caweb cam suicide. >> and searching for information chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪
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>> we're keeping an eye on the sky tonight as more rain had our way. >> we are live in southwest washington with details on the water rescue and more tonight. >> caroline, there was a tree struck by lightning that caused problems in southeast washington. a number of roads had standing water on them had to be -- and had to be closed temporarily. the city came under some criticism at one point. >> smoking analyst at 8 street northeast where waters -- water overwhelmed one power system.
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>> it was filled up with smoke. >> but for many, there were caught in a flash flood at the metro station. >> the water was coming so fast. >> it forced her and her grandson and another passenger to flee for their safety. >> these pictures show just how high the water was. the fire department was on scene, but no one got in the water to help them. >> after screaming so loud and long. >> this man came over and helped my grandmother. >> the man who swam to their rescue disappeared. >5 fire personnel watched, including the man who took these photos. >> we all thought the fire department with. to help and i think the people in the water thought they were going to help as well.
5:32 pm
>> firefighters are forbidden to get into the water until their equipment is in place. >> there were no injuries today. if firefighters had actually believed that the grandmother was in danger, they said, they would have assisted. obviously, bernice clark felt she was in danger. quick check another of how much more rain is headed our way. at the super doppler radar. there is a separate line of small, but intends downpours just west of town that is stretching from manassass back down toward gaithersburg and frederick. there's the potential for some
5:33 pm
parts of the viewing area to pick up another couple of inches of rain at least. look at this shot of fast-moving clouds in the district. hang on because more rain is headed back to the nation's capital before long. >> tonight, a fairfax county couple is suing the city of baltimore. at the center of the fight is the baltimore police department 's handling of the death of their daughter. >> she ran away from home and three days later was found dead in baltimore. her parents say baltimore police did an inadequate job of investigating their daughter's death. >> i will never, ever stop looking for who murdered any. >> mary jane and dan mccann say they are in a suspended state of grief. their 16-year-old daughter annie was found dead in baltimore in 2008.
5:34 pm
she in just a lethal dose of lidocain, a chemical found in the antiseptic, that team. she was a runaway -- police say she was a runaway who committed suicide. her parents dispute that finding. >> there is no way she would have taken her life. >> the mckeown is believe their daughter was poisoned by a killer, but police say a lengthy investigation proves otherwise. her parents believe the baltimore police detectives were lazy. they are now filing and $8 million lawsuit against the city of baltimore. correct we want the truth. if we're wrong, -- >> we want the truth. if we're wrong, we want them to explain how we are wrong. i can tell you this, the baltimore police department is wrong. they have missed this badly. >> the city struggled to make it
5:35 pm
through every day. >> -- they say they struggle to make it through every day. >> sometimes you feel like just shooting in the back of the head. >> police say the evidence is overwhelming that this is not a homicide. the mechanics say there are still too many inconsistencies -- the mccanns say there are too many inconsistencies for them to be satisfied with that finding. >> the virginia family outreach foundation will support those who were affected by the virginia tech shooting and others who are affected by similar losses. >> crawford state university is raising its admissions standards. starting next year, -- starting
5:36 pm
with next year's freshman, students must have a combined math and reading scores. the tougher standards are an attempt to improve the schools academic reputation. and the virginia football team is scrambling to come up with a new game plan. take a look at this giant sinkhole, 30 feet wide and 15 feet deep that has opened up in the middle of the practice field. the coach noticed that the field had a scrushy feeling hours before it opened up. no one was hurt. >> squishy feeling, you bet. i'm guessing the rain has got things complicated out there, right? >> actually, it is moving along pretty well. it looks like there's a lot of
5:37 pm
low volume out there. maybe because it was so crazy this morning that many people did not make it to work. there are significant delays usually. that is not the case today. the beltway at colesville, extremely low volume making things very easy. in the places that it is raining and you will see a little bit of worst traffic. 270 north at 121, obviously, the delays are starting to build their and they will be significant no problem on 95 southbound heading from springfield to newington. >> coming up, two americans go missing in ileanit tilley and ty are missing in a hot air balloon. >> they call it the facebook movie, "social network" and i
5:38 pm
have the review, coming up. >> one major bank is
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5:40 pm
>> the fall movie season is upon
5:41 pm
us and one of the most highly anticipated movies is released. >> it has everyone talking. is it worth the money, though? >> would you like to friend of this movie? [laughter] everybody knows or at least has heard about facebook and everybody will know how to -- will at least hear about the movie "social networks" about a college student who becomes a billionaire and loses his friends in the process. >> jesse plays mark zuckerberg. it it turns into a face mashed ranking harvard coeds for hotness. it crushes the network. >> i believe i need some
5:42 pm
recognition from this board. >> i'm sorry? i do not understand. >> which part? >> it is an idea claimed by two of harvard's elite who filed suit. it skips back and forth between that sood and another by his -- that suit and another by his best friend. and justin timberlake adds even more star power as master founder john parker. its stores with -- as the napster founder john parker. it is a head spinning story about a billion dollar idea. >> it gets movie honors for the week. best bets also include the town, waiting for superman, easy a and never let me go. >> also, waiting for superman
5:43 pm
opens this weekend and that is well worth seeing. it is a good time. >> oscar were the? >> i think so. -- oscar worthy? >> i think so. coming up, a very special place for some very special children opens up in northern virginia. >> and a college student commits opens up in northern virginia. >> and a college student commits suicide after a
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kranitz tonight, the debate is on over technology and privacy. >> it all stems from the suicide of a college student whose sexual relationship was caught on the web cam. >> today, authorities confirmed the body found in the hudson river is that of a rutgers college student. he had written on his facebook 8 days ago that he was going to jump off a bridge.
5:47 pm
after learning he had been videotaped in a sexual encounter -- in a gay sexual encounter. he did not know that his roommate and another friend were allegedly using a web cam to translate why -- live images of him having sex with another man. when he found out that other students had watched on line, he jumped off the george washington bridge. >> he had been videotaped having sex with another man and i do not think if it had been a woman he would have this kind of reaction. >> gay-rights groups say he was the victim of cyberbullies and harassment because of sexual orientation. they say it is a growing problem. >> kids as young as 11. and over the course of the last year, i can count probably a dozen teenagers who took their own lives. >> we talked to those who worked
5:48 pm
at the d.c. center for the lgbt community. >> it is definitely discrimination against the lgbt community in schools. >> i think it is absolutely terrible. >> but for their generation, videotaping sex acts is not unusual. >> ex-boyfriend will do it to ex-girlfriend. >> it is called a revenge video and it may be common, but it is not legal. two students are accused of -- the two students who are accused of setting up the camera and the shooting the video are being charged and could spend time in jail. >> late today, croatian rescue teams joined and already
5:49 pm
expanded italian coast guard to search for the two men. they took off on saturday in britain for a prestigious race. >> tonight on and on new grey's anatomy, kristie net experiences posttraumatic stress disorder from a hospital shooting. >> gang, help me. >> dni? -- khristine @? >> see if she can overcome her new fears tonight on grey's anatomy at 98-9:00 p.m., followed by private practice and abc news at 11:00 p.m. >> a unique center for children with special needs will open october 14 in vienna. it will provide overnight care and activities for children with special needs. a pastor and his wife wanted to
5:50 pm
create a safe and welcoming place for children that would also give parents a break from caregiving. >> a lady came into our life and taught us what respite means. it changed our lives. >> when we started getting a break and started getting some sleep, we started being able to spend time with our other children. >> it has an indoor pool, a computer lab and a sensory room. a nurse will be on duty there are around the clock. it costs $75 per child per night. >> it is a great idea. >> we are on storm watch. a live report from alexandria. will see what the people are going through down there. also, sarah palin is worried about her safety. she has taken legal action to protect herself. those stories and more at 6:00
5:51 pm
p.m. >> thanks a lot, gordon. in the meantime, the rain continues to come down. >> more light rain we can handle. is the heavy downpour we're not too excited about. heavier rain on the eastern shore at the bay. look at that persistent area just to the west. coming right up through blue ridge and gaithersburg through frederick county. our storm scan shows we are far from finished. the moisture is headed north. most of it should be metro area east late tonight. we will have to wait and see. weatherbug with a live picture out at chesapeake bay. 73 degrees in buie with a little
5:52 pm
under 2 inches. shows itorm's center will return -- the sunshine will return tomorrow. >> this is going to be a really interesting weekend. >> i think it is going to be terrific and everyone is getting geared up for it. donovan mcnabb's returned to philadelphia is all anyone is talking about. it is like the super bowl. even at redskins park it is all you hear. he set the record for wins and titles and even took them to the super bowl. i guess this is all to be expected. mike shanahan, how do you think that the fans will react to mcnabb? >> i'm sure they will react. that is just the nature of our game, but i think out of respect for what he's done, i think a lot of people will be surprised.
5:53 pm
>> philadelphia fans are notorious for being a bit over the line and even rude. we have -- we ask some philly fans what they can expect. >> i do not know. i think surprisingly, he might still get a lot of love for philadelphia. >> no love lost. they wanted him out years ago. he just held on. >> i think he will get some cheers and jeers. >> he will get next cheers and boos, but it will be mostly cheers. >> all i can say is this is going to be some kind of fun. lebron james and his manager maverick carter said race was a factor went he decided to sign with the miami heat. here is part of the interview. >> is there a role that rates paid -- played in this?
5:54 pm
>> i think so at times. there's always a race factor. it definitely played a role in some of the stuff coming out of the media. >> i know this is going to be controversial, but i agree with him. i think it did. >> i do not see it. >> when you have hundreds of thousands of little kids by his years the, there is no problem with that. years the, there is no problem with that. and then he abuses my dad is the supervisor of a train station and my mom's a teacher. my dad's an auto technician. my mom's a receptionist. i'm not sure i would have been able to afford college without the tuition freeze. while tuition in other states is rising out of reach... governor o'malley made the tough choice to freeze tuition. he made my dream of going to college into a reality. i'm the first in my family to go to college. my brother and i never would have been able to afford college. even though times were tough... governor o'malley kept his promise. there's never a doubt... there's never a doubt whose side he's on.
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martin o'malley... moving maryland forward. come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> it has been quite a day for pretty much all of us. one of the worst hit areas at calaveras county. >> the wind was so loud it sounded like thunder. and then just ka-boom, it was so loud the whole house shook.
5:58 pm
>> they had just come home from a night shift when this tree toppled over on to their roof. the couple will have to pay $15,000 deductible. >> they had already gotten 4 inches of rain just by the afternoon. the winds on chesapeake beach reached 50 miles per hour on wednesday and the roads were not any quieter. a woman lost control of her suv, and no one was hurt, but things were scattered on the road. tony lives on a cliff 100 feet
5:59 pm
over the chesapeake bay. he is prevented from preserving the cliff because the endangered beatles' live in the soil, but with each storm, more and more pieces crumble, pulling the homes closer and closer to the of this. >> -- to the abyss. >> ross -- thanks for watching abc7 news at 5:00 p.m. coming up, heavy rain at dredges our area, causing some flooding at, and another round is on the way. plus -- >> there was shouting and it was pretty scary. >> three children are now telling their story from the local bus crash. abc7 news at 6:00 p.m. starts right now.


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