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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  October 11, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the man is being photo shopped. >> he's a 30-year-old london investment analyst. look, there he is with abe lincoln. >> he dressed up captioned by the national captioning institute >> straight ahead, a heart-stopping showdown at fedex field. for the first time in more than 30 years, the skins take an at home win from the green bay packers. "good morning, washington," glad to have you with us on this very early monday morning. >> very early if you stayed up to watch football. more on that exciting win in a minute but we begin with the traffic and weather every 10 minutes. here is adam. >> good morning. it will be another warm day. we were upper 70's and some 80's
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yesterday. today widespread mid 80's for the afternoon highs. the average is close to 70 so n unseasonably warm. mostly clear, a few scattered clouds. 64 at reagan national. manassas 55, frederick 63. cumberland a little cooler at 59. mostly sunny, with some scattered clouds midday and afternoon. can't rule out an isolated thunderstorm this afternoon into early evening. very few and far between but a couple could pop up. west winds five to 10, now lisa, welcome back. >> thank you. great to be here. unfortunately i need to tell you riverdale has route 1 closed in each direction at east-west highway to document a crash. i want to go to georgia avenue, an accident at aspen hill road gone.
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interstate travel looks decent. there is road work on the inner loop at arlington boulevard at route 50 and two right lanes are closed. >> following a developing story, prince george's county police are investigating a shooting that appears to have ended with a pedestrian being hit by a vehicle. police confirm one person suffered life-threatening injuries after being hit by a car on central avenue in capital heights. so far detectives will not say how gunfire was involved. >> two families are coping with tragedy. two friends died after being struck by a car. >> the men were crossing rockville pike in north bethesda when they were hit. courtney robinson has the latest on the investigation. >> montgomery county police say around 3:30 yesterday morning these two were crossing rockville pike coming home from
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a night out in d.c. officers believe they had tape metro back here to bethesda. they were crossing the street when they say somebody came up and hit them. they say the map potentially is -- the man was pulled over and arrested and processed for d.u.i. he is yet to be formally charged. officers believe roman initially stopped to help the men and got back in the car and drove off. he pulled over a short time later. the two victims were ultimately pronounced dead at the hospital. this is a particularly tragic situation. the two 26-year-olds grew up together and attended good counsel high school and graduated from the university of maryland. they were trying to do the right thing by taking metro home. still they seem to be victims of drunk driving. back to you. >> thank you, courtney. this morning, a prince george's county firefighter is recovering after he was hurt responding to
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a while. officials say the 20-year-old fell off a truck at addison road and 60th place while on the way to that emergency. he was taken to the hospital where he is in stable condition. no word on why he fell. >> looking at the day ahead, two major metro stations are shut down this morning. farragut west and macpherson square are closed while workers install a new track switch. the lower part of the metro center station is also closed. free shuttle service is being offered. metro says the work is on schedule and the stations will reopen tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. a traffic alert for anyone not off this holiday monday. the new transformers movie begins shooting around town and that means road closures and parking restrictions. they are in effect on parts of e street in northwest and tonight filming will shut down roads around air force memorial. for a complete list of the affected areas go to our
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online home of abc 7 news. >> it is a question for you, what makes the difference between a redskins win and a loss in is it mike shanahan? donovan mcnabb? who is to say. but this year is not last year's redskins. >> down the middle and up. armstrong, touchdown washington. >> mcnabb hooked up with anthony armstrong in the fourth quarter as the redskins managed to keep green bay within striking distance. then forced overtime. in o.t. laron landry had a huge interception to set up the game-winning field goal. the skins pull it out 16-13. of course, that overtime win fired up fans all over the region. >> slightly. kris van cleave shows us some action from northwest d.c. >> hail to the redskins. stop sleeping on us, redskins nation. >> she is excited.
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she is living up to her name. she is full of, well, joy, after the heart attack redskins pick up an overtime win against the packers at fedex field. >> i'm worried every sunday. i'm being honest. we came up with the w, that is all that matters. >> every game has come down to the wire. a win is a win. >> i'm optimistic. we have been in every game. >> too early to talk playoffs, do you think? >> way too early. that is a dallas cowboy fan there. >> as long as the redskins win this city is better. >> these are die hard fans and i love this man. >> 's complete stranger she's never met and i'm not sure how she got my mike, but whatever. >> i will need that back. thank you. >> we did find a die hard packers fan. can you believe he wore this to the game?
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any skins fan would say is the way it is supposed to be. >> you can tell at least kickoff next week against the colts all is right in the world if you are a skins fan. 3-2 winning record that is almost as many as they had all of last year. next week they play in prime tile against the colts. >> at least chris was a good sport. 4:37, 63 degrees. still ahead, an nfl legend under fire. how brett favre ended up in the middle of an off-field sex scandal. >> battling breast cancer one step and one dollar at a time. >> the summer-like holiday monday adam has the forecast next.
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>> it is monday, temperatures in the 60's and some about 70. winchester and falls church at 70. gaithersburg at 60 in the district 53 and hyattsville currently 65. wide range of temperatures but the bottom line is it is mild to start the day. it will be another warm day. let's look at the conditions from yesterday. high at reagan national was 78 degrees. the average is 70. we will be well above that, by about 15 degrees. a lot of sunshine, scattered
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clouds. 85 the high. slight chance of late-day thunderstorm. clear and mild tonight. tomorrow morning a few degrees cooler. closer to 60. tomorrow afternoon it will be like today, not as hot. slight chance of late-day storm like a summertime weather pattern and near 80. upper 70's for tuesday. that is it for the forecast. now let's get the latest of the roads. >> a thrilling ride on 95 richmond to baltimore. nothing to report on the beltway in the prince george's county side. lingering road in virginia at arlington boulevard. two right lanes blocked. should be gone by the time you get there. 95 travel times good. good on the greenway and toll roads and quiet on 66 for now centreville to the beltway and easy transition along 270. oops, we are stuck on this camera at georgia avenue and aspen hill road. we will go back to natasha and
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scott. >> it is about 4:41 right now, 63 degrees outside. shaping up to be a good day. coming up, caught on tape. we are hearing the voicemails brett favre allegedly left a woman who is not his wife. >> president obama tries to send a bolt of energy to his base. we will have the latest from the campaign trail. you are
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>> our top stories, right now a
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suspected drunk driver is being questioned after the deaths of two pedestrians. the two died sunday after being hit along rockville pike. alejandro roman was processed for d.u.i. at the scene but he has not yet been charged. people looking to take in a movie today could decide to see one being shot instead. transformers 3 begins shooting around d.c. today and some parking restrictions are in effect. we will have more on that and how long they will last at 5:00 this morning. a win is a win, right? things came down to the end again sunday at fedex field but graham gano kicked a game-winning field goal in overtime. the w means the skins are number one in the division with a 3-2 record. >> americans go to the polls in just over three weeks and that doesn't leave democrats much time to head off what could be
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major gains by republicans. the democrats are fighting back with the president himself hitting the trail today in pennsylvania and florida. we see how the white house is trying to get voters energized. >> president obama is a body surfer. he understands waves. the next three weeks he will try to cut down the republican wave that appears to be washing across the country. in pennsylvania, the president tried to reenergize the youth vote that helped bring him to office. >> let's show washington one more time change doesn't come from the top, it comes from the bottom. >> but the situation for democrats in house races could be tough. republicans could retake control. a respected political report just listed 12 democratic incumbent house members as likely to lose. democrats have seen a wave of republican money which they blame on a supreme court ruling ending many restrictions on
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campaign spending. >> republicans benefiting from secret foreign money. >> now an ad accuses them of hiding contributions. >> they won't release any information about where their campaign money is coming from. that is at the core of the problem. >> this is a desperate ploy by the white house to distract attention from the failed economic policies. >> it is now a sprint for president obama to the november electi election. four campaign stops in the coming week and many more to follow. >>ed federal government is expected to announce there will be no cost of living adjustment increase for social security recipients. it is based on inflation and with the depressed economy inflation has been held in check. this is the second year in a row recipients will in the see an increase in the monthly benefit. despite growing pressure on the white house a top advisor sees no need to put an immediate halt to foreclosures nationwide.
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david axelrod says many of the foreclosures are valid and should go forward. there is growing pressure on the obama administration to stop foreclosures from a number of state officials including governor martin o'malley. >> later today he squares off against robert ehrlich in the first and only televised debate in the race. the hour-long debate will be pretaped and air in baltimore. two two radio debates are being negotiated. a new york candidate for governor is under fire after comments about homosexuality. carl paladino told a group of orthodox jews he doesn't want children pwraeub washed into thinking that homosexuality is acceptable. when asked if his comments were appropriate given the latest attack on gays in new york he says he doesn't support violence against gays. >> nfl commissioner roger goodell says the league is investigating whether brett
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favre violated the league's personal conduct policy. a website reported that favre allegedly sent inappropriate voicemails and nude photos of himself to a former jet sideline reporter. that is when he played for the jets in 2008. >>. love to see you tonight. buy. still trying. just got done with practice. if you can make it, it would be great. >> if favre did violate the league conduct policy he could be suspended or even fined. >> we are following a developing story from chile. 33 trapped miners could be entering the final hours of their tense two-month ordeal. crews are putting the finishing touches on an escape shaft that will be used to pull them to safety wednesday. they are closely monitoring their mental health. today panic attacks are among the chief concerns as men face
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the reality that somebody will have to be first and another will be the last. >> they were fighting against us yesterday because everyone of them wanted to be at the end of the line, not at the beginning. >> the trip to the fairs is expected to take about 20 minutes. time now is 4:50. >> later, racing for the cure and raising millions along the way. >> first, another check on your traffic and weather every 10 minutes.
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there's no limit to what droid does. >> not a bad start to the day, very 3450eu8d. you can have your shirt she was all day. temperatures will drop a few more degrees compared to right now but it is mild and will be a warm afternoon. here is a look at the current conditions. 64 at reagan national. dulles 62. winchester 68. cumberland cooler at 57. along the water in annapolis it is 66. mid 80's this afternoon with a lot of sunshine, scattered afternoon clouds. can't rule out a few isolated thunderstorms this afternoon in the early evening. only 20% to 30% chance but it could happen. then tomorrow similar conditions, not as hot. partly cloudy, highs upper 01
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with the slight chance of a late-day storm. we will talk about the seven-day forecast but first we go to lisa baden. >> according to police in riverdale route 1 will be closed at 410 east-west highway until further notice documenting an joseph night -- overnight crash. inner loop at 50 arlington boulevard two right lanes closed with road work. that means out of springfield to tysons the two lanes to the left will accommodate you. here we are moving nicely on 270 at 370 and interstate 95 ain virginia. back to natasha and scott. >> 4:54 right now and 63 degrees outside. you are watching "good morning, washington".
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>> thousands of people packed the area for the susan g. komen three-day walk, walking 60 miles to raise awareness and money. we have the story from the finish line. >> after three days and 60 miles, the goal is complete for thousands walking for a cure. >> welcome hole for the more than 2,000 walkers. >> for morgan this walk from
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d.c. to germantown and back is personal. her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in january. >> after the surgery, i felt like i had to do something. >> her mom, who is still undergoing surgery, clears on from the side. she says she couldn't believe her daughter would do this. >> the fact she is willing to do that there are no words to describe. pat, who is walking with an artificial hip, is at a loss of words when describing the journey the past they days. >> the support in this community, i don't have all the words yet to tell you how transforming this was. or is and will be. >> james and renee walked every step together. >> ladies that have to go through mastectomy, lumpectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, they do a lot more than we have. >> they hope one day they will walk together in a world without cancer. >> seeing some of the people and
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hearing the stories and what they have been through or survivor stories or anything of that nature just makes you want to keep going. >> great three-day event. according to wtop radio it raised more than $5.3 million, last year $35 million, all for breast cancer research. >> coming up a lot more in the next half hour. >> hail to the skins. washington wins an overtime nail bite biter tied for the first in the n.f.c. east. >> how transformers 3 could mess you were your morning commute. >> first, a short dose of summer for the holiday. "good morning, washington" at 5:00 a.m. begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> "good morning, washington." i'm natha


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