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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  October 15, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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i always feed in the fall. but, it's the best time. feed your lawn in the fall. the fall feeding makes all the difference in the world. what the fall feeding does is build the roots.. that's when the roots sorta want nutrition. i give my lawn scotts winterguard. it's like a root building machine. it builds your lawn from the roots up. next year you get this! the stronger the roots, the stronger the lawn. all year long. the best time to feed is when it will do the most good. there's no substitute for the fall feeding, trust me. it is the best thing you can do for your lawn. i use scotts winterguard. >> live ending hd, this is "abc7 news at noon," on your side. thank you for being with us. i'm pamela brown. a man died after a violent scene outside d.c. nightclub, and this afternoon two very different stories are emerging from police and a witness. quote robinson is live in northwest where all this
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happened. we understand that a press conference just wrapped up. >> it certainly did, pamela. it all began right here at the dc9 club, but then moved down ninth street. according to chief lanier, when police arrived, the victim, 27- year-old kareem ali mohamad was barely conscious. this was the scene at 2:30 in the morning at the corner of u street and ninth street northwest. officers say a man died after he threw a brick through a dc9 club and several people chased after him, caught him, and severely beat him. doctors pronounced dead at a local hospital, but hours later a different story is emerging. damon dixon works at the nightclub and says he saw the whole thing happened. in fact, he called 911. >> the gentleman was awake, alive, and was being subdued but in no violent way. he says the doctor my >> the
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victim was intoxicated and belligerent, it and two times he came into the bar, and dixon told him to leave. the man threw two bricks through another window and ran. dixon says that the people chased him, knocked him to the ground, but did not hit him. >> i am really blown away that something so random can be turned into this. i mean, this is a fiasco, but there is no way in the world that any of the people that they have in custody had it in them to beat this man. >> according to dixon, he says that the five people in custody are a bartender manager, two bouncers, including the owner of the bar the chief says they are all charged with homicide. she's planning to shut down the dc9 club for up to 96 hours.
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she does have the power to do that. the witness says that he watched him get up and walk into a police vehicle. chief lanier says that is not true, that he was barely conscious. now to a developing story. police in prince william county are looking at two separate crashes involving pedestrians, including one that -- bring us up-to-date. >> the first and fatal accident happened here on dumfries road. a man coming from this mcdonald, trying to cross the street. according to a witness, it happened in an instant. >> i have been wondering what was going on. it is pretty scary. >> at 6:30 this morning, a 38- year-old man was crossing dumfries road from a mcdonald's across jefferson davis highway. he was struck at at high speed by a dodge pickup truck and was
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pronounced dead at the scene. >> unfortunately at that time in the morning it will be dark out and people might not be p paying attention. >> the victim's brother and cousin were ready to talk, and this man saw it all. >> shocked. just surprised to see the pedestrian bridge >> it is not uncommon for people to cross here, because that -- just surprised to see the pedestrian. i'm not it is not uncommon for people to cross here. >> they cannot cross randomly in the middle of the road. >> residents hope this can be a lesson, with one man's death leading to a cross walk that can save others. >> drivers should slow down coming off the exit off the interstate. >> we have also got word that less than an hour after this accident, at 7:30, less than 3
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miles from where i'm standing now, another pedestrian was struck. this time a low-speed collision. no life-threatening injuries. but in this case the pedestrian was in the crosswalk, so the driver will be charged. turning now to the weather w. at least we are seeing some peaks of sunshine. doug hill, how is the weekend shaping up? >> the weekend looks pretty good. today a different story. let's get a look from the roof up here in arlington looking across the city. the clouds will linger along with a gusty wind. temperatures are on the cool side in the upper 50's, low 60's. down to 40 in rockville, so a cool day and with the sunshine at a minimum, we are in the low to mid 60's for a high.
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we will have the weekend forecast for you in a few minutes. the countdown to election day continues, and as republicans battle to take control from the democrats, a number of hotly contested races are turning bitter. for more, we turn to john, live for us in northwest, with more on the races to watch. good afternoon. >> good afternoon, pamela. democrats are not just struggling to hold the house and senate, they're scrambling to save the senate majority leader. >> it is the closest and more important -- and most important senate race in the nation. >> man up, harry reid. we have a problem with social security. >> it is absolutely wrong. >> demoralizing our troops, and you need to apologize. >> polls show sharron angle
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slightly ahead of harry reid. it was carried out in the race's only debate last night. >> i would like to know how did you become so wealthy on the government payroll. >> that is kind of a low blow. i have been on a fixed income since i came to washington. >> and on the where waves. >> she says that rape victims should be forced to have the baby. harry reid, the best friend illegals have ever had. >> harry reid used taxpayer dollars. >> in delaware, another battle. republican tea party favorite christine o'donnell faced off against democrat chris tunes. >> when you brag about balancing the budget but you have done so by raising taxes -- >> ms. o'donnell should work harder to get her facts straight. >> coons may be well ahead in
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the polls, but the top democrats are not taking chances. reporting live in northwest, i'm john hendren. >> today in tysons corner, job- seekers are it invited to a free career fair. d.c. hires are going to be at the crown plaza hotel at changebridge road. career experts are available to provide free resin -- free resume reviews. former prince george's county police cadet was dismissed after he complained in structures give test answers to a class. the $1.5 million lawsuit reports that they tried to silence him as retaliation.
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it was mr. mother is going to jail -- a westminster mother is going to jail after being charged with a dead in the theft. the couple took credit cards out in the names of their two, four, and 6-year-old children. a burglar is still on the loose in northern virginia, and residents are getting anxious for answers from police. at a large turnout less than a great falls, police say that the man has struck with an 100 times in fairfax county, and several times in prince william county. >> they cannot tell us what the person looks like at all. we have no physical destruction of the perpetrator. >> our neighborhood is very much concerned, very much on the alert. >> test and this is the serial burglar is the biggest problem they are dealing with right now,
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and they have -- fairfax county says the serial berger is the biggest problem they are dealing with right now. the lycee a 18-year-old man showed up at spring for less night apparently after being in a fight. he apparently died after being taken to the hospital. we are days away from the trial of one of our area's high- profile murder cases. the man accused of murdering d.c. intern chandra levy is due in court on monday. phony pen pal letters -- she was killed back in 2001. the miners are free and some are even out of the hospital today. could reality tv be their next stop?
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plus, are d.c. area drivers courteous? we'll tell you where a new study ranks washington drivers. local students taking a safety test at school. plus, doug hill will look
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we have breaking news. a jury has convicted a marine in an arlington weight case. -- arlington a rape case. 14 charges in connection with the rape and abduction of a local woman. investigators say he was an active duty marine stationed at fort meyer last february when he was arrested. we'll have more details tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00. looking at news around the
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world -- the miners who were trapped underground for two months are finally headed home. three of them are out of the hospital, and the rest will go home either today or tomorrow. doctors say they are progressing very well. none have severe physical problems. the next challenge is dealing with the memories of 69 days underground. >> thank you from my heart on behalf of the 33 miners. thank you. >> they have been flooded with freebies. from the sunglasses to free ipods, they have been offered a trip to see a and a soccer game in europe. some of them are even being courted by chile's version of "who wants to be a millionaire"? a war of words lead to two
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posts of "the view" stepping off the air. >> hold it for a minute because if you listen to me you will learn. muslims killed us on 9/11. >> my god, no. >> muslims did not kill us on 9/11? is that what you're saying? [all shouting at once] >> barbara walters scolded her co-host for walking off the stage. according to a new survey, courtesy is not too hard to find on local roadways. in fact, at a report ranks the d.c. driver's among the nation's most courteous. d.c. took sixth place, falling behind baltimore.
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the survey rated cities on how often motorists responded driving while distracted. new york city was ranked the least courteous. the weekend is here almost, and lots of sunshine. >> good time to go to the pumpkin patch. >> good call. we will start with one of our hd cameras and put it in time lapse mode since early this morning. a fair amount of blue skies and sunshine, the leaves turning colors. a good time to start watching leaves. the clouds roll in. more cloudiness then sunshine through the afternoon hours. 59 degrees in landover. 62 degrees in fairfax, 59 in bethesda. the air is dry. 59 degrees at the naval academy.
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a quick look at the storms can because we are watching area showers south of the metro area, south of fredericksburg. they will continue to move in that direction. we do not expect anything more than a sprinkle let most in a couple of sections. the further south you go from washington. let's talk numbers across the area. it is a cool day but it is fall. temperatures in the low 60's, just what you would expect. we are clearly under the influence of the big storm that gave us the rain yesterday, as it is whiping new england with strong wind. that is pushing in land, and the backlash to the circulation, you can see moisture coming down across the mountains. kind of cloudy for the rest of the day and breezy and cold, but things will improve. temperatures will climb a little bit more and we will see temperatures fall off tonight under clear skies. it will be in the low to mid 40's by tomorrow morning, so a chilly start to the weekend. a nice area of fly pressure --
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of high pressure will build in. whether it is local or the metro area or the valley and mountain areas or the beach, the entire mid atlantic will have sunshine tomorrow. mostly sunny skies, breezy with a high of 65. sunday, a high of 70. for the redskins and colts at fedex field on sunday night, kickoff time should be 55, a 65 or 66 degrees. -- 65 or 66 degrees. we'll keep our eye on the weather service to bring the showers back into the area monday and tuesday. we are settling into a comfortable fall climb at. if you stop by union station today, you could get a free bag of groceries. the discount chain is promoting
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target's redesigned stores, now offering fresh produce and baked goods. classic school lunches are getting a makeover at fairfax county schools, coming up with creative ways to make school lunches more nutritious. students at oakton elementary got a chance to taste some new menu items. all the new recipes have healthy ingredients. >> cauliflower, zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes. do you still love it? >> yes. >> that is the recipe for the marinara sauce. the first day was an overall success. most of the students say they like each menu item. coming up after the break, we will go live to talk with
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happening right now, a local organization is asking one group to get out and be tested. today is national latino aids awareness day, and all day long the clinic at whitman walker is open for free testing. whitman walker, elizabeth taylor medical center on 14th street, and the max robinson center at martin luther king jr. avenue are open until 5:00 today for testing.
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break out the soap and start scrubbing. today is global hand washing day. washing your hands keep you healthy, and that is why 80 countries around the world are taking part in this event. every year 2 million children in developing nations die from infections that could have been prevented had they washed their hands. get ready for more delays on
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metro this weekend. work on the orange line between the yen and west falls church begins tonight. crews will repair problems along -- between vienna and west falls church begins tonight. this latest round of work comes one day after metro announced a major change. yesterday officials announced they cannot stick to a promise to reduce the cost of smartrip cards because the cards cost too much to produce. but good news came out of the board meeting. escalators at the foggy bottom and dupont circle stations will be replaced. metro also plans a major overhaul of the blue and orange lines. last weekend felt like summer. this weekend will feel like fall. >> yes, sunny with comfortable temperatures. the color is starting to take off now, but we have to probably give it 10 days to two weeks for
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the blue ridge to be at its peak. >> we all look forward to that, don't we? >> we are tracking some rain to the south. showers south of the metro area. some showers across the pennsylvania area, heavier showers south of metro washington. quite breezy, the high in the mid 60's. the chance of a shower or sprinkle in the afternoon. the clouds will dissipate tonight. it will be clear and chilly, which will set the stage for a very pleasant weekend. mostly sunny skies tomorrow, breezy with a high of 65. back to 70 degrees on sunday. sunshine going through monday, and then monday night, tuesday, wednesday time frame, the next storm system approaches the area with a 30% chance of showers. >> nice for the redskins game, too. we like that. thank you for being with us on this midday.
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inherits a billion-dollar surplus, low unemployment. o'malley signs the biggest tax hike in maryland history. raids chesapeake bay fund to cover spending. gives raises to top aides. business climate ranks 45th worst in the nation. now 200,000 jobs lost. o'malley covers up jobs report that proved maryland's economy stalled. if re-elected, o'malley will raise taxes again. whether he does, is up to you.


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