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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 15, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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there the dc 9 bar. >> a spokesperson said the charges against the five employees may change. the d.c. police chief is waiting on word from the medical examiner's office before saying anything else public. we spoke with the victim's family at their home in silver spring. his family is not only devastated, they are confused. he died earlier today after a confrontation outside a club. no one is telling if he was or was not the victim of a homicide. >> everybody is on shocked -- in shock. >> employees said at to 30 a.m., a drunk and belligerent mohammad was denied access. he threw something shattering
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the glass. >> he threw to bricks through the window. >> employees chased him and held him to the ground until police arrived. he insists his co-workers did not assault him. >> we wanted to catch him so the cops could take away and do their job. plain and simple. they went after him and they caught him and we called the police. >> but he died in police initially level blame on the employees. >> you talk about a beating like this as a result of property damage, someone who lost their life in a savage beating that appears to be vigilante justice. >> a member of her office said the chief was now ready to talk about this case and shall -- until she received documentation from the medical examiner's office. we were told by a member of h er office that the report maybe
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leaning against this case being a homicide. >> the suspects face second- degree murder charges. their court appearances scheduled for saturday. the medical examiner's office said the results are pending and they do not expect conclusive results for another few days. >> thank you. two and a half weeks before election day. the candidates are fighting more fiercely than ever. we have the latest on the tone of the campaigns. >> these midterm elections have become vicious, to say the least. shy of name-calling at times. candidates are on the offensive to a degree we do not often see. >> introducing sharron angle's crazy juice. >> is that what these midterms
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have become? >> it is difficult here. >> president obama is right. two weeks before voters cast their ballots and the candidates are attacking each other at a furious pace. >> man up. we have a problem with social security. >> everything she has said is false. she knows it and she should stop saying it. >> democrats understandably are worried about losing majorities in the house and senate. both sides firing away. in west virginia, joe manchin is taking aim at cap and trade and making up ground. republicans are countering with cash. out raising their paropponents. more cash means more
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commercial. there is the star power. mr. obama and joe biden were in delaware trying to hold on to the vice-president for mercy. sarah palin said she is willing to make fun of yourself if it means more votes. >> november 2 is around the corner, i can see it from my house. it is right there. >> you can imagine it is a mad dash to the finish line. it will raise money and generate excitement. some of the energy from the 2008 election has faded. >> the defense department is issuing a new warning to gay troops over the future of don't ask don't tell. a new memo said areas a-- there is a legally uncertain environment. troops could suffer adverse consequences if the court's decision is reversed. this memo comes after the
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justice department said it will appeal. the judges willing to overturn it. >> social security payouts are stay where they are for the second year in a row. it will not pay cost-of-living adjustments for the 50 million retirees and disabled americans who collect social security. officials say inflation has not risen high enough to warrant an increase. the decision to hold automatic adjustments marked the first year without an increase since 1975. a crew member was identified who was killed during a training exercise. he fell into the river near newport news. he was weighed down by 60 pounds of tactical gear. his body was recovered last night. he was a member of fake security base near new york city. marine will spend the rest of his life behind bars after kidnapping and raping a
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university of maryland graduate student. jorge torrez was found guilty for raping and choking her and leaving her for dead. he will be sentenced on december 10. now to the latest at the miracle on the mine. >> the doctor say all 33 will be home by tomorrow. while the group has no serious medical injuries, some are having a tough time adjusting to the fact they are free. >> some of them, they're just realizing that this -- the days ended. one of them when he woke up said, i have to work. >> the group is reportedly hiring an accountant to handle
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their earnings from book and movie deals they are being offered. they will split the money evenly. a mother and father murdered. the big break in an international manhunt. the new way of virginia school system is fighting the problem of bullying. >> more problems in tysons. i think you will like the forecast. pretty good for just about anything outdoors. we will highlight the details.
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you are watching abc7 news at six. >> eric bellucci was picked up in israel. detectives believe he fled to tel aviv after stabbing his parents to death in their home on staten island wednesday. he suffers from schizophrenia. he is expected to return to new york this weekend. >> when virginia high school is taking on the growing problem of bullying. the principal is taking a unique approach by having children fill
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out a form. they asked if you nee know someone who was bullying. >> with everyone recognizing it is a bad thing, it will put a stop to it. >> people that bully other people, i think they do not understand that everyone is different. >> those forms are voluntary and not a requirement. a dry and to the week and a forecast you will like. traffic nightmare. midnight madness is upon us. gilbert arenas is fined. midnight madness is upon us. gilbert arenas is fined.
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bob ehrlich says he wants to fix maryland. but he increased state spending by record amounts. ehrlich raised $3 billion in taxes and fees... including property taxes... and a 40% increase in college tuition. and now he's made over $1 billion in new promises... with no plans to pay for them... except for cutting education. cuts that will lay off teachers and increase class sizes. that's not a budget. and bob ehrlich's not the kind of leader... we can trust.
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the bad situation in tysons
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corner will get worse. >> shutting down for demolition work on the beltway. more on the impact this will have on drivers. >> it will be a big impact as you mentioned. the dodd says -- vdot says 30,000 vehicles use this each day. less on the weekends. the holidays are coming up. this whole thing shutdown at 9:30 p.m. tonight. tysons traffic normally bumper- to-bumper most days is about to get a lot worse this weekend. >> pretty frustrated but i have a flexible schedules, have been leaving early every day. >> vdot will shut down three lanes to allow demolition of the old 495 north bridge. >> it is a necessary thing to get it done. it will be a good result.
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>> traffic has been diverted onto the new bridge since wednesday. all weekend, when 23 will be a place to avoid. -- 123 will be a place to avoid. >> give yourself time. it will be construction here for the next 45 weeks. >> you will be diverted to 123 to 495 south and vii and back on 495 north. >> i have been leaving at least 45 minutes early every single morning. >> the plan is for traffic to get around easier once this project is done. for many drivers, it is a case of trying to grin and bear it. >> it is crowded but once they're done, it will be better. vdot hopes it has -- hopes to have this construction done. they recommend you take runs
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seven georgetown pike as an alternative. you are urged to stay away from this area on 123. >> officials in alexandria want to crack down on roadways lik r. a new poll in this bill requiring cabbies to be polite to customers. montgomery county has a similar law. a public hearing will be held tomorrow and could vote on it at the maimeeting. you saw the memo to be extra applied to the meteorologist. >> the weekend is here. let's take a look. it will take awhile to get these showers out of the blue ridge
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and supervisor elsbernd: valleys. after that we're good to go on most of the areas. a few clouds and blue skies overhead. the sunset is about 13 minutes. the weekend will be fine. the winds are still an issue. we saw some pretty good wind gusts out there. 58 in landover. temperatures around the region dropping into the 50's. 57 in spotsylvania and gaithersburg 55 degrees. 65 and 54 the high and low. that was the numbers we had on this day. the numbers will be going down through the evening hours for the 40's an. 55 in frederick and gathers bird. 60 in annapolis. the braves will stay up through the evening hours. all the clubs will get out of here and some of the breezes
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will settle. temperatures south and west are warming up nicely. mid-80's through oklahoma and texas. some of this warmth is coming here for sunday. we are still in the 60's. we will be -- there is a combination of low pressure and south -- high pressure. the wynns mold -- winds will be stronger. clouds are gone and the sun is shining. on top of that, warmer wind pushing as up to about 70. a nice day and temperatures about 70 degrees. an ideal weekend. sunny and breezy. 65 tomorrow. maybe highs of 70 or 72 for
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sunday. i will make mention of the weather for sunday night. it will be in the 50's. partly sunny and pleasant weather on tuesday and showers on wednesday. the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving it forward. >> who is more distracting? it is a toss of but we will see. if you are a wizard's fan and upset about gilbert arenas faking an injury, you are not alone. he was fined $50,000. he admitted faking a knee injury so that his teammates could get more playing time. last night, gil did not see too much playing time. in his official return, he
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played three minutes and left the game with a mild right groin strain and did not practice today. it does not look like he would play any time soon. >> he got hurt last night and did not practice today so i think it will be doubtful. we will see how it develops but we will not do much to push it at this point. >> he managed to make a few nice place before leaving. coming up and in his drive down the court. and over the shoulder pads for the basket. -- pass for the basket. midnight madness is kicking off tonight. tonight will usher in a new era for the program. the top three scorers are gone.
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even though the squad is young, is brimming with progress. >> this is -- we have to do a lot of work. we understand that. the work starts saturday after and we're looking forward to getting out on the court again. >> the redskins are known as the team delivering the heads, taking out aaron rodgers and the list goes on. last sunday, many fans shuddered after trend williams went down in the fourth quarter. williams is listed as questionable but is expected to play sunday. the pro bowler has two sacks and four pommells. >> it is nerve wracking.
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you definitely think about it before you go to sleep at night. his a domino player. he is a different type of guy. he brings a load of different gloves. -- moves. even then you are still not really safe. >> here is a little more build up for sunday's prime-time game. this will be the 29th time the redskins have faced a cold but the second time the colts have played at fedex field. the last time they came to town was in 1997. that will roil some fans of. -- rile some fans up. that will roil some fans of. -- rile some fans up.
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woman 1 sync: i knew what bob ehrlich did as governor. man 1 sync: raised my property taxes 60 percent. woman 2 sync: let utilities hike our rates 72 percent. woman 1 sync: but i didn't know what he's done since he got fired as governor. man 2: ehrlich's raked in millions. man 3: he worked for a wall street bank that took 10 billion dollars from the bailout. woman 3: 10 billion of our money. woman 4: our money.
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woman 5 sync: and he worked for another bank that collapsed. man 4: costing tax payers 17 million. anncr: tell bob ehrlich big banks don't need help. middle class marylanders do. the gray skies will clear up. >> some rain to the west clearing the area. it looks great tomorrow. breezy and bright and sunny. sunny and lower 70's on sunday. upper 60's monday and tuesday. the next chance of rain on wednesday at the 30% chance.
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>> abc world news is [ male announcer ] martin o'malley sworn in. inherits a billion-dollar surplus, low unemployment. o'malley signs the biggest tax hike in maryland history. raids chesapeake bay fund to cover spending. gives raises to top aides. business climate ranks 45th worst in the nation.
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now 200,000 jobs lost. o'malley covers up jobs report that proved maryland's economy stalled. if re-elected, o'malley will raise taxes again. whether he does, is up to you.
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