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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  October 25, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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"america this morning." >> you can of course get more on >> have a great monday. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> it's incredible. >> the moment that captured the nation 10 years ago. the accused murderer faces a jury for the first time. good morning, washington. thanks for joining us on this monday. i am alison starling. >> i'm scott thuman. we begin with traffic and weather. lisa baden in a moment. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> it is my old, 60 degrees at reagan national.
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57 in hagerstown. a mild start to the debt. let's start the day with sunshine. partly cloudy right now. mostly cloudy conditions later this midday and afternoon. a few scattered showers and thunderstorms later today after 3:00. partly cloudy conditions. temperatures in the '70s. sunshine dominating by the end of the week. construction on the inner loop of the beltway towards andrews air force base. beautiful otherwise. connecticut ave. common knowledge of kensington, looks good through prince george's county. the next picture is trafficking and virginia, off to a good run of 66 and 395. there's nothing of the 14th street bridge. 4:31.
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the suns lead the murder trial, one of d.c.'s most notorious crimes. chandra levy murdere tthe trial. >> it has been more than nine years since her disappearance and murder. today the man that prosecutors say killed her will face a trial that could last more than a month. it took several days for attorneys to choose a jury for the 29-year-old ingmar guandique. that is the man they believe tried to sexually assault the woman while jogging in rock creek park. it took 13 months to find her body. international coverage focused on her alleged affair with gary condit, a california congressman. he was ultimately cleared of any
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involvement. ingmar guandique made statements to another inmate while serving time for assaulting two other businessmen in rock creek park. he described in gruesome detail the crime, apparently. he faces first-degree murder charges and several other charges. we will hear from the family of the victim in the next half- hour. some businesses in bethesda are cleaning up the mess after two cars smashed into two buildings. the early sunday morning elderly woman hit a parked car winslet a strip mall and went into a dry cleaners and a woman's car went into a hair salon. no one seriously injured. police are investigating a deadly shooting at a party in fredericksburg and happened in the 100 block of early street
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saturday morning. a husband and wife got into a fight and another man got involved and that is when the husband got a gun. the two struggled over the gun and the husband was killed. jason jett is the victim. lawrence tiller is in custody and the children are placed in children's social services. investigators are trying to find out what led to a fire in alexandria at the emmanuel chapel at virginia theological seminary. the 29-year-old chapel is severely damaged. >> it's devastating to see. >> i was baptized here -- my daughter was baptized here and i was married here. >> it was a very special building. i hope they will rebuild. >> federal investigators joined
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alexandria firefighters as they worked together to find the cause of the blaze. looking at what's happening, three men arrested at georgetown university for drugs. the two georgetown students and visiting friends were trying to make a substance known as a hallucinogenic. police were called to the ninth floor of the dormitory after neighboring students said they smelled a strange odor. the trial begins today for a maryland man accused of killing his girlfriend's on mother's day. bernard bellamy ran over the woman behind the military academy in 2009. family members say that he wanted third to have an abortion, but she refused. drivers on the beltway near 66 will expect lane closures overnight beginning tonight. crews will be working on the beltway hot lanes project and
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the interstate 66 west bridge demolition. it will be through early december on thursday nights -- monday through thursday nights. all lanes of the beltway will be closed in both directions for up to 40 minutes. vs. bears's redskins game. there were some fantastic individual efforts. >> deangelo hall snaps it. >> he tied an nfl record with four interceptions. they each of google and their record is four and three. beat them. >> a win is a wi andn.
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>> we will take it. >> i was kind of apprehensive. i am looking forward to a playoff game. >> next sunday the redskins will face off against the detroit lions. >> do you think they were happy? >> i think that is a good word for it. >> 60 degrees outside. >> still to come, a gym in schwimmer suddenly dies. how did this happen? swimmer dies.mpion how did this happen? swimmer dies.mpion
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welcome back on this monday morning. time for traffic and weather. >> adam caskey has the latest on what to expect. >> i am starting with milder readings. light wind. 59 in takoma park. stafford at 58. 60 in oxon hill, 59 in manassas.
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the average high temperature is 65. it's going to be born today in the '70s. -- warm today. near 58 in spotsylvania. paliton conditions expected most of the morning. down to the southwest, an area of rain will push in our direction. thunderstorms possible later this afternoon and evening. 75 by 5:00 p.m. highs in the mid 70's. not lisa baden. i will of the blood quiet traffic. -- -- talking about quiet traffic. looking normal on the dulles greenway and the dulles toll road. nothing complicated. back to you. >> thank you. 4:41 on this monday, 60
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degrees. >> the countdown to election day, the names on the trail. >> and ups store chain has opened a new store in our regi
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we are just hours away from opening arguments in this chandra levy trial. she was a federal intern when she disappeared in may of 2001. her remains were found in rock creek park and ingmar guandique was convicted. the trial will take a month. 14 people died in a shootout at a birthday party in mexico on friday. the did ranged in age from 13to 32. -- the dead ranged in age from 13 to 32. the city is near the center of mexico's drug war. charles smith, john romano, and another will try to make a hallucinogenic. officers made the discovery in the dormitory after getting reports of a strange smell on saturday. a new poll in the governor's
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race has martin o'malley widening his lead over bob ehrlich. the poll shows a 14. gap with 52% for ole. one week before election day, the republican former governor is bringing big support. rudy giuliani was in maryland on sunday campaigning alongside bob ehrlich. they spoke at a farm in montgomery county. rudy giuliani criticized martin o'malley for anti-business policies. only eight more days in the campaign for the midterm election. we are in the home stretch. >> this is the only guy that will get you a balanced budget and a smaller government and job growth. >> bill clinton was back in michigans and the drumming up support for democratic candidates. including charles schumer.
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they faced off against opponents. republican leaders say that they are growing more confident. >> i think there will be an unprecedented wave on election day that will surprise a lot of people. >> this morning president obama goes back on the campaign trail in lodi and urging democrats to vote. sarah palin's tea party express will move across the country until election day. >> to developing story, competitors believe hot weather played a role in the death of a champion swimmer in the united arab emirates. they would not release the official cause of death, but temperatures were 100 degrees. the swimming coach released a statement saying that there can only 71 fran crippen. -- only be on fran =.
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eileen was the top finisher in the army 10-mile race. local leaders today will show 178 affordable new homes in northeast d.c. catholic charities first of affordable housing complex is located on t street. it's a partnership. donald wuerl will be on hand for the ribbon cutting this morning. yesterday morning wegmans opened its doors in landover. some people waited in line for hours to be among the first shot that dinuba was restore of which will anger the center.
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it only opened two new stores each year and this area was picked from over 3000 applicants. . citing. it is a nice store. -- that is exciting. 60 degrees outside. still ahead. >> it has been terrible and i have done everything i can do. >> there are big bucks at a local building. >>
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welcome back. 4:51 on this monday. adam caskey was talking about the science fair. >> it was a perfect weekend for the science festival. great weather. 73 but gen. patraeus today at reagan national. the average is 65. keep that in mind. the average low is 46. normally right now we would see about 48 degrees. we are near 60. we are closer to the average high temperature. increasing clouds this morning giving way to mostly cloudy skies with a few areas of light rain and a few thunderstorms this afternoon and evening, a round after 3:00 p.m.
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partly cloudy tomorrow. mid rain. cooling and drying out on thursday. nothing major going on. we will jump to a couple of maps. things are moving nicely. spawns 66 in and outside the beltway. 95 sali in lorton there's construction not causing major delays. looks good on 270. interstate 70, in and all of baltimore on 95 and baltimore national party. route 4, 228, 5, looking good. trachta moving nicely in germantown. the lights are southbound in this camera. 95 in springfield, the red headed to lorton. back to you.
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>> thank you. we love seeing green arrows. it is 60 degrees outside. >> still ahead, an infestation. one area apartment
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welcome back on this monday morning. bedbugs has an arlington apartment complex taking action. >> a growing problem in the region. >> it is a part of the woman's
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day the routine. checking for any trace of these tests making a comeback in the d.c. area. >> i have to start over. >> bid books are in issue at the apartment complex in arlington. unhappy tenants. >> people have had to sell their furniture. >> there's a heavy infestation. the apartments will be fumigated starting tuesday. >> there's nothing i can do. >> marion murphy has boxed up many of repossessions even though she swears that she has never seen any of the bugs. >> i have packed all of my clothing. >> some units have not seen any of the bugs. >> it is negligence.
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they just keep switching management. >> residents will have to pay a fee if they don't move out during the fumigation. >> that is not going to solve the problem. >> that is a hassle. more still a lot ahead in the next half-hour. >> a murder-to grab the the nation's attention almost a decade ago. the accused killer faces a jury today for the first time. >> republicans and democrats both say that they will take a dose next week. which one is correct, coming up. >> victory for the burgundy and gold. we will tell you how the fans are reacting this morning. good morning washington at 5 begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your
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side. >> welcome back, good morning, washington. i'm scott thuman. >> i am alison starling. it is a new fresh work week in the nation's capital. lisa baden is standing by with the latest on the commute. we start with adam caskey. what a nice weekend. for the high's temperatures. it will be cooling back down to the low 60's by friday into the weekend. shifting. it is 60 in springfield. 52 in hamilton. let's go to the maps to look at a satellite and radar composite. scattered clouds overhead right now. increasing clouds from the southwest with areas of rain for this afternoon and evening. late-day showers and this afternoon and evening. late-day showers and


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