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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 13, 2010 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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>> jeannine: how about dustin hopkins what he went through last week and then to face a 55-yarder? >> i said, he can kick it from 65, but i said this, i don't want anybody in america kicking it but dustin. the kid is as good as there is. he has a lot of character and better person than player and you saw that by what he went through. >> jeannine: how about your quarterback, i asked you at halftime if we might see christian ponder. you said emphatically, no. where was that confidence coming from? >> i knew the reason we were backed up. it wasn't anything he was doing, we at offense controlled it. it was a matter of making adjustments. >> jeannine: this was an elimination game and you guys survived it. >> we're still in it. >> jeannine: congratulations. >> mike: yes, you are, jimbo! >> mike: he picked the right game to bring his mom to.
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>> craig: you said it, mike. this ball could have gone 65. i mean, the height. great snap, great hold. drilled it! >> mike: like a golfer, he knew he had flushed that thing. >> craig: go back to the time-out jim fisher called. why is he doing that? because he went and told the quarterback, we will hope for pass interference to get us back to the middle of the field and one more ball that they throw in replacement of injured christian ponder. >> mike: that's why he's the coach and we're going, why did he do that? >> craig: he earned it there. >> mike: what a remarkable finish, considering the last two
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games for florida state, heartbreaking fashion. florida state has regained the lead by a half gain in the atlantic division, they will play at maryland next week, with a chance to knock off the terps and temp terps have the chance knock off florida state. nc state is this wild card. they control their own fate. >> craig: what do you say we go to that? >> mike: once again, florida state wins so long from tallahassee. now, back to new york and robert flores to the ford wrap-up. welcome to the ford wrap-up. earlier w we had real contention for bcs chaos.
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on the road against cal. aaron thomas. 50 plus points in the last three weeks coming in. but cal held them in check for most of this game. had a chance for a go ahead field goal before they can't convert. number b1 oregon survives. 15-13. cam newton despite all the controversy surrounding him, auburn comes from behind to beat georgia, 49-31. tcu, in trouble earlier at home against san diego state. spotted aztecs 14 points before they came rolling back. dalton, texas cu rolls 40-35. lsu outside the s.e.c. to take on rival louisiana.
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michael ford, not the way they drew it up but they'll take it. maybe that is how they drew it up. lsu, 51-0. south carolina will meet auburn in the championship game. they beat florida. look at them getting in the end zone. gamecocks win the s.e.c. east, 36-14. senior day in columbia, missouri. november 17, missouri took on number 24, kansas state, third quarter, a whole lot of smiths. alvin smith. smith recovers and goes 53 yards the other way. missouri wins with at least eight or more wins. oklahoma, no problem with texas. tech, 45-7. handry jones, five touchdowns. . crazy game for iowa. rupturing his achilles, out for
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the season but not before hitting demetrius fields for the go ahead score. upset number 13 iowa, 21-17. ohio state and wisconsin both stay alive for the big ten championship. wisconsin, 83 points on indiana. ohio state takes care of penn state at home. we'll see you next week. glory days tale from look, if your best football story is some a two-hand touch pickup game, do your friends a favor: enter the ford f-150 bcs tailgate sweepstakes. win this, and you'll be talking about a trip to 4 bcs games including the championship and have a shot at the ultimate tailgate f-150. yeah. that's a new 2011 f-150, customized with a tailgate grill, five satellite powered plasma tvs, and an x-box 360. bet your friends won't mind hearing about that. enter now at
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holly has something she'd like to say. bye, camry. a maryland county rocked. people in prince george's county are reeling from the fbi arrest of executive jack johnson and his wife. the latest on the federal investigation. >> i did the heimlich maneuver. >> the usual chain of events that led to a local middle school where saving his friend's life. and which country blocked facebook on moral grounds? abc 7 news starts now. captioned by the national captioning institute tonight, prince george's county executive jack johnson seems to be sitting inside of his house and keeping a low profile, one day after he and his wife were arrested by the
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fbi. is accused of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars of bribes from developers. the fbi says that have video of some of the alleged transactions and the obligation getting the biggest headline, johnson instructing his wife to hide $80,000 in cash in her underwear as fbi agents knocked on their door. richard reeve is live with the latest on the federal investigation and reaction from residents. >> no sign of jack johnson outside, but lots of visitors. a lot of talk about the timing. the new administration starts in three weeks, and errors concerned reputation of prince george's county may have been tarnished by this case. a number of visitors came to the county executive's home saturday night. but none of them would speak with us. has he talked to you at all? county residents reeling from headlines like this. >> nobody is above all.
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>> many tried to understand the front arrest of jack johnson and his wife, county council woman elected leslie johnson. >> if it is true, it would be horrible. >> the charges include witness tampering and destruction of evidence, part of a federal corruption probe. -- probe dating back to 2006. >> we were trying to get ahead. and the court documents say johnson took bribes from developers in exchange for favorable treatment in the county. at $5,000, $15,000, $100,000 in alleged payoffs, two recorded on video. >> i cannot wait for the facts to come out. >> friday night, a defiant johnson denied any wrongdoing. hours before he and his wife were formally charged, an agent carried boxes and bags of
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evidence out of their house. >> they betray your trust working behind closed doors. >> johnson was arrested but has not been convicted. he is free to return to his job as county executive. he will have to be electronically monitored. these are serious charges. if he and his wife are convicted, they could face 20 years in prison. richard reeve, abc 7 news. the police are searching for four men in the fatal shooting of a man ndp to restaurant. this is a total of one of the suspects. at last night's at mr. wings and pizza, four men walked in and announced a holdup. one of the men opened fire when a 20-year-old man asked him to leave. the man later died at the hospital after he was shot. anybody with information should call anne arundel county police. police are looking for information in a string of
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vandalisms in p.g. county over the past two months. vandals have been using a bb guns to damage car windshields. the police are looking for two suspects driving what is believed to be a black, but convertible -- in a black honda convertible. an unusual set of circumstances has won the child to save the life of a fellow classmate. john gonzalez has the story from the school in silver spring. >> it was a textbook that help the sixth grader teaches classmates a valuable lesson about life. tonight we spoke exclusively with the young hero. the 11-year-old is demonstrating on his older brother how he saved his friend's life at school this week. >> i came behind him and went like this until it came out. then we told the teacher.
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>> tuesday, his friend john began choking. with more than 100 children in the cafeteria, daniel sprung into action. >> i administered it. >> his mom believes his hact of heroism would not be possible without this encyclopedia she purchased this past summer. the curious sixth grader just happened to read the section on choking victims just days before he was put to the test. his mother does not believe this was a coincidence. >> whatever they do, god leads them to do it. >> daniels said it was scary, but he says his friend would have done the same. >> he said thank you. >> the school nurse told both families the incident could have ended tragically if it was not for daniel's quick response. tonight, he is still getting
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used to being called a hero. >> it is a nice title. and i am proud of him because he saved somebody. >> his mother, a native of nigeria, said she bought an entire set of the books for hundreds of dollars from a door- to-door salesmen. she said money very well spent. daniel will be honored at the school by the principle on monday. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> touching story, thank you. slowed down if you're driving through college park on monday. a new speed cameras will be activated on paint branch parkway. if you are caught going more than 12 miles over the 35 mile per hour speed limit, you'll get a $40 ticket. more speed cameras will be installed on greenbelt road, route 1, and university boulevard. there are lane closures on the 14th street bridge in effect
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this weekend. vdot has closed the right to lainez from northbound i-395 for the bridge rehabilitation project. the closures will remain in effect through 6:00 p.m. on sunday. signs are posted to die drivers. -- signs are posted to help guide drivers. metro is doing track work from shady grove to twinbrook and new york avenue to rhode island ave. it also be from the green line on the prince george's plaza to call the park. parts of the midwest are digging out from the first major storm of the season. nearly a foot has -- nearly a foot of snow has fallen in some places. >> snowflakes came down fast and furious in the twin cities. thousands of residents reported power outages. officials issued a winter storm warnings and snow advisory's,
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and three midwestern states extended those into sunday. in iowa, the first winter storm was an annoyance for some. but a happy time for this person. >> i love it. >> so soon after halloween, the jack clinton made a nice addition to the snowman. -- the jackal lantern made a nice addition to the snowman. >> when you hit the brakes, they react the same way. >> snowplows quickly went into action. near whiteout conditions may travel treacherous. accidents littered the highways. at by the time the storm and sunday, more than a foot of snow is expected to be on the ground in some areas. one couple refused to let the snow stopped the show. and i have to roll with punches. >> they got married, had a snowball fight, and even took their pictures. i for more on this storm, we
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turn to steve rudin in the weather center with more. >> the storm continues to dump a lot of snow in the upper midwest. doppler radar, the system located in minneapolis st. paul, a duluth, nasty weather at least the next 12 hours. swinging back closer to the mid- atlantic, clouds rolling in from the west. not amounting to much. 39 degrees gaithersburg, 47 in the district, lexington park 39 degrees. cold and calm overnight, mild sunday. are you ready for a little bit of rain? maybe just in time for the redskins football game. it details and the forecast coming up. thank you. still ahead, pricey treasures. they once belonged to one of the nation's most of them as criminals. today they were auctioned off.
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plus, facebook band, which country tried to temporarily block the website on moral grounds. and a marriage proposal turned violent.
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tonight, one of the world's most famous political prisoners is free. she has been under detention 15 of the last 21 years. the nobel peace prize laureate has been an outspoken advocate of democracy in her country. they are under military rule and has one of the worst human rights records in the world. president obama is wrapping up his 10-day tour through asia. he focused on boosting international trade to help further the u.s. economy. >> call him the salesman in
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chief. all week, president obama has been trying to convince asian leaders to open markets to u.s. manufacturers and goods. he told business leaders that asian markets are critical to economic growth. >> what happens in japan or china or indonesia also has a direct effect on the lives of the american people. >> the president's focus on trade is directly tied with his most pressing issue at home. >> this is a jobs strategy, because for every $1 billion we sell in exports, 5000 jobs are supported. he issued a warning. the united states can no longer serve as the world's consumer. >> no nation should consume with their path to prosperity paved through america. >> no agreement on a long-sought free-trade deal with south korea. mr. obama could not convince the south korean president to open up his market to american cars.
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no. there on the issue of chinese currency. the white house says the chinese are deliberately undervaluing their currency. the president said he will make no apologies for trying to create american jobs. he said healthy competition is good for global economic growth. no surprise, the white house is pushing back at the notion the trip was a failure. tom donelan said the disagreements were exaggerated. the president's former chief of staff rahm emanuel officially launched his candidacy to become the mayor of chicago. >> because i love this city, the place my family came to, the place where i was born, i want to fight for a better future for all the people of chicago, and that is why today i am announcing my candidacy for mayor. >> among his campaign promises, to fight any tax increases for city residents.
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the election will be held in february. facebook is back on line in saudi arabia. the kingdom block the social networking site several hours today, saying that the site content was offensive and not in keeping with the country's conservative values. it is not clear why the ban was lifted after only a few hours. the police in erie, pa., are calling it a murder-suicide. to say a man shot and killed a woman and their two daughters. a 2-year-old boy was also injured, but not seriously. investigators say the man then killed himself. the police are trying to figure out what sparked today's violence. a man who asked his longtime girlfriend to marry him his job tonight after his proposal took a violent turn. that happened thursday afternoon near los angeles.
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the police say he wrote on the back of his car window, will you marry me, but she said no. he then tried to run her over with his car. >> i could see the car coming down the street. >> it just came flying from the side walk over here. >> she looked frantically scared for her life. >> the police say after he tried to run of his girlfriend, he took off, but officers caught him. he is facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon. they were once some of bernie madoff's most prized possessions. they were among the dozens of items sold off at auction in new york city. the ring sold for half a million dollars, the piano $42,000, and the rolex watch before the grand. proceeds will be turned over to madoff's victims, who lost billions in his ponzi scheme.
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we have positive weather on the way sunday. >> it was great. >> well above average this time of year. looking outside, pennsylvania avenue, the flag is not blowing at all. the wind is calm, and we will have a quiet and dry overnight. at three stops on the weatherbug. ocean city, md., 48 degrees, high of 56. the milder air closer to the city. 67 arlington today, currently 42. 51 at children's hospital. the official high at reagan national, 58, a morning low 37, 10 degrees above average this time of year. 80 degrees was the record way back in 1879. 47 degrees, clouds at this hour. the wind has diminished,
12:00 am
practically nothing. 39 gaithersburg, 32 frederick, hagerstown 42 degrees. milder temperatures well to the west, lexington 57, detroit 56. we have a cold front on the way. this will eventually move closer towards our area during the day tomorrow. monday, clouds increase. it looks like at this point we could be looking at showers by a late game time on monday night. that is the redskins game. a quiet and drive across the mid-atlantic. if your travel plans ticket to minneapolis st. paul, expects travel delays. lots of sunshine and the forecast tomorrow, clouds increase in just a little in the afternoon. at manassas 52, downtown 64, annapolis 60. the future-cast, the next 48 hours, the cold front of initially brings showers.
12:01 am
the time stamp over here, monday evening, showers develop across southwest virginia, eventually making its way into our area, bringing us the potential of an inch of rain tuesday. everything clears out. mainly clear and cold tonight, 32-38. the wind not a problem. tomorrow, sunshine, clouds increase. 60-65 degrees the daytime high. looks nice, 61 monday. the clouds and showers role in late monday night into tuesday. chance of rain, 90%. then we clear out midday wednesday. a cooler and drier thursday and friday, the highs and only in the lower 50's. in the mountains, the highs in the middle 40's. >> reality check, we are in november. thank you, steve. up next, playing at a
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popular children's book game.
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it is the fictional game in harry potter's world, but quidditch is gaining popularity. hundreds gathered to compete in the quidditch world cup. about 40 college teams are competing in the world cup. the tournament runs through tomorrow. interesting. who knew? >> not me. >> in your the sports guy. you're supposed to be keeping up on these. >> technically not a sport yet. the capitals, the wizards in action. the big story comes from charlottesville.