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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 13, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> it is windy and cold.
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bitter cold and windy equals bearish conditions across the region. where things stand with the metro. why weather caused this crash. a runaway shuttle bus. they suspect's boss is talking. are you sick of those pesky airline fees? 7 is on your side with a new surcharge. and you will not like it. captioned by the national captioning institute we begin with the biting cold conditions as winter weather in trenches the south and beyond. we have team coverage for you.
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jay korff is out there in the elements. let's begin with doug hill who has the word on what we can expect overnight. >> gusty winds and cold on temperatures. let's make a few quick stops on the weatherbug network to give you a taste of what is happening. 18 degrees in frederick. the winds go up and the wind chill goes down. it feels like one degree in ashburn. 19 degrees in the district. let me show you the advisory's we have. they are through 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night. through frederick county in washington county. a wind advisory until 7:00 a.m. gaithersburg is a point. 19 degrees right now. when you factor in the wind it feels like it is in the single digits. for tomorrow morning scumbag it
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will only be colder than that. -- for tomorrow morning, it will be colder than that. >> you will want to bundle up at the bus stop. >> they winds have already caused damage. jay korff has more on the problems left behind. >> a short distance from where we are in these woods a massive tree toppled down onto beach drive in upper northwest. for now, it is shutdown. the debris is that widespread. the likely culprit is the wind. >> very, very cold. >> cold does not quite describe this night. >> it is just cold. >> howling winds wreaked havoc on the region, toppling a massive tree on both lanes of beach drive. forcing park police to shut down
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the road until a crew could clean this up. whipping winds also took manageable temperatures in the mid 20's and pulled them into single digits. >> it is supposedly just to cover the wind. >> it is freezing. >> this man made an error in judgment when he left his home without a hat or clubs. >> i do regret that. >> there is always someone who goes with the flow regardless of the weather conditions. >> sometimes it is hot and sometimes it is cold. what are you going to do? >> as far as the big tree goes, it is such a mess. park police are not sure when the tree trimming crew can come in. the hope is it will be cleaned up by the morning rush. this just in, schools in
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morgan county, west virginia will be opening two hours late due to the cold weather. why will it -- why we deal with the cold these situations are far worse elsewhere in the nation. we are learning more about the shuttle driver accused of causing hit and run accidents on two major highways. this started on interstate 66 and ended on the dulles toll road. boris homes spoke with the suspects employer. -- horace holmes spoke with the suspects. muhammed teshale was not officially working today what -- but was driving this man when he took a dangerous trip on interstate 66. it was a mind-boggling trip
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along interstate 66 for the driver of a super shuttle bus. a trip that resulted in the bus crashing into four cars. what was the driver thinking? >> when i first heard i could not believe it could be him. >> the shuttle manager says he knows the man who was driving the van. he is muhammed teshale. he said he had only worked as an operator for a couple of weeks. >> he was talking about his uniform and how he wanted a uniform. he was very nice. >> other drivers we talked with were baffled, 2. >> i don't want to say anything. >> some told us they have no clue what the driver was trying to do on 66 today. this man did not know either,
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a special when he saw the van coming towards his car. >> he pushed me into that ditch and kept going. >> the driver had the car going 95 miles per hour. a mother and her child were hurt when the van crashed into her car. police were able to catch up with the van and arrested the driver. the people here at the shuttle companies say muhammed teshale was an independent contractor and had a spotless driving record, and had also -- also passed a driver safety class. he faces hit and run charges tonight. we are monitoring two stories tonight. the first is from montgomery county where a grandmother in her grandchild were struck by a car. they were hit when trying to walk across the atlantic avenue
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in rockville. both are expected to recover. longtime diplomat richard holbrooke has died. he died at george washington university hospital. he underwent surgery to repair a torn a yield of our -- a torn a warpath. richard holbrooke was 69-years old. all eyes are on the house after the senate takes the first that towards passing president obama's tax-cut compromise. cynee simpson is live in the satellite center with where the deal stands tonight. >> a final vote could come as early as tomorrow. after that it will move on to the house which could be the test of whether this plan sinks or swims. even before the test vote was complete, president obama claimed victory. >> this proves that both parties can work together to grow our economy and look out for the american people.
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>> are they really working together? >> in an unusual alliance, the tax cut -- the tax package has support from congressional republicans and the white house. some democrats are concerned the tax package is not the way to stimulate job growth. >> there is no reason to give tax cuts to the wealthy when there are no benefits to anybody. >> time is running out for the congress. president obama says compromise is the only way. >> i recognize folks on both sides are unhappy with certain parts of the package. i understand those concerns. i share some of them, but that is the nature of compromise. >> this economist believes tax cuts are criminal -- are critical to growth. president obama is pushing for quick bipartisan action which could provide results within the week.
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>> he is trying to work with both sides. it is not an easy job. >> a new poll shows 2out of 3 americans back the deal. the battle over president obama's health care bill takes a new twist. a federal judge found part of the law requiring people to buy health insurance was found constitutional. ken cuccinelli argued the mandate overstepped the bounds of the constitution. this comes after two judges upheld the law. the cate -- case will end up before the u.s. supreme courts. >> michael steele has decided to run for reelection. he announced his decision in an e-mail this evening. he was criticized for his spending habits. prior to his job, he was the maryland lieutenant governor and lost a bid for senate.
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the developer of these lots parlor under various -- unveils plans for a temporary facility. the plan was unveiled to the maryland state commission. the temporary facility would open at the end of 2011. the casino will be scheduled to be completed one year later. coming up, the future takes a new twist. a request the new owners are asking for. >> a consumer alert design for the holidays. the airlines are planning a new surcharge. >> big problems due to the winter blast. the dramatic video of a crash caused by the storm
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the man accused of plotting to blow up an army recruitment
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center has been ordered held until trial. the fbi arrested antonio martinez last week in a sting operation. they say he tried to detonate a fake car bomb. his mother says he was set up. prosecutors say antonio martinez came up with the plot himself. a renewed effort to crack down on -- there is a new task force being created. former county executive brad johnson and his wife are among those charged in a scandal. the baltimore mayor and a retired judge will oversee the task force. 7 is on your side about a new airline fee. continental airlines announced something called fairlock. passenger is pay up to $9 to hold a given
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seat. -- passengers paid $9. tickets can still be cancelled within 24 hours. but the fee is non-refundable. one of the most famous bars is looking for patrons to give a new name. the people who are poorest -- poise to buy the brickseller are asking patrons to come up with a new name. the new owners plan to take over the bar next month. >> we are getting word of problems caused by this weekend snowstorm. we have new video of problems from indiana, ohio and pennsylvania. cynee simpson has the latest. >> the storm dumped at two feet
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in parts of the midwest and is responsible for 15 deaths. we have video of an accident that could have taken two more lives. this video you are about to see is graphic. this showcases the danger caused by this weekend's winter storm. watch as a car loses control and slams into a police officer and another man. both are ok. in indiana, black eyes and six- foot snow dress turned roads into parking lots -- black ice. >> technically you are still stock. i cannot go nowhere. >> only repair crews are allowed in the minneapolis metrodome. snow ripped through the roof in three spots. >> this will be used to access the trundle on the west side. >> from the upper midwest to the
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north east, a silly commute in western pennsylvania left drivers on edge. >> there was a car that went off the road 10 miles back. >> the bone chilling cold seems to be lingering on the east coast and the midwest. for now, live in the satellite center. we thought we were in trouble. >> we are just a little uncomfortable. we have high winds and cold temperatures. take a look at the super doppler radar. we have something moving across the area. there is a band of snow. this is a little streamer that came across the great lakes and is just northwest of the district. we might see a little more moderate snow file -- snowfall on the way. we don't think it will have much impact, but it is indicative of the weather pattern we are-.
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-- the weather pattern we are in. first up is leesburg. 19 degrees there. the wind is light but when the wind flares up the wind chill temperatures drop. the wind chill is 6 above in laurel. one more stop for you. we will head to se. it is 20 degrees in this neighborhood brit this is what is unusual about this weather pattern. the temperature and the winds feeling like the middle of january and maybe cleveland. it feels a little bit out of place. 19 degrees in gaithersburg. check these winds bates. 26 -- check these wind speeds. they are driving the temperature is down. it feels like it is 5 in gaithersburg. it feels like two in hagerstown.
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one thing we can do is expand this to show this is part of a much larger pattern. the coldest air is out here. nine in detroit. there wind chill factors are well below zero. it will stay like this as we head through the night. remember the rain? that is pushing to the north. in those areas we are seeing it temperatures still in the 50's. the cold air will continue to slam south. every now and then it will pick up lake effect snow. maybe a few flurries in our area going forward. as we get into thursday, a weather disturbance will pass to our south. perhaps community south of washington may see a few flurries. windy and cold again. most areas will stay in the
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20's. as we head through the next few days may be light snow late thursday south of town. the computer model we have been watching suggests a storm system may come up on sunday. [ steve ] i was registering my citi card for the holiday sweepstakes, when i got this toy from my colleague in japan. turns out robosan was the hottest toy of the year. [ news tv ] robosan 4000 is sold out across the country. [ steve ] i was going to sell it online and make a fortune. but then, i won a $1,000 prepaid card just because i used my citi card. so i made a decision, if citi could surprise me, why not do the same for someone else? [ male announcer ] register and use your card for a chance to win a prepaid card worth up to $10,000.
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santa and his helpers delivered holiday cheer to those stains -- to those staying to the bethesda inn. these kids were receiving treatment. police officers also collected give kurds. -- collected gift cards. >> the reindeer are just not what they used to bait. mike shanahan talks about the future of the redskins.
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the old gunslinger finally sits one out. his great run through the nfl finally comes to an end. when my husband got sick and couldn't work anymore, it was up to me to support our family. karri danner went back to school, to become a nurse. my education made all the difference but now some in washington want regulations restricting access to career colleges and universities, denying opportunity to millions of people like karri, letting government decide who can go to college. it's my education, and my job,. don't let washington get in the way.
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a big story tonight is that
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brett favre's streak was halted at 297 games. 321 counting the postseason. his shoulder was too bad to go. he wanted to do what was best for his team so he sat it out. tevarus jackson injured his knee. he had to leave the game but he did come back in. the giants dominated this from the get go. too big and too fast. this run for 73 yards, his longest run of the season. the giants win 21-3. the story tonight is the historical end of brett favre's street. i was talking to anthony armstrong of the redskins and the coaches said they have to regroup. the question for mike shanahan is how far away are the redskins from being a solid winning football team? >> you are what you are.
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would you have to do is you cannot talk about what is your finished bowl. you have to work every day to eliminate the mistakes. it is easier to say we all want to win, but are you willing to put the effort in to win? >> the play everybody was talking about was debauched extra point which would have put them in overtime. the redskins were bringing kickers tamara to redskins park in case he cannot go. graham has missed 10 field goals this season. if he can go he will be the redskins kicker. the new york jets have suspended their conditioning coach without pay for the rest of the season. he tripped the former player along the sidelines. he was also fined $25,000 and
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cannot rejoin until the end of this season. >> i was not thinking. nothing went through my head. i was not thinking. you asked me to give you a logical explanation for any logical act. i cannot do that. it was a situation where i was not thinking. >> the baltimore ravens are plain the texans in houston. the ravens and baltimore is trying to go to 9-4. >> they are looking pretty good doing it, too. we will be ♪
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♪ i don't mean to be coy and i don't mean to be vicious ♪ ♪ but you'll never find my christmas ♪ >> what is the latest? >> this is our storm scan. it gives you an indication of what we are watching. our doppler radar shows a few showers up river. it will be cold and windy.
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