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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 14, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts. it is tuesday, december 14th. and this morning, frozen nation. the deep freeze takes hold of 38 states. from frozen homes to frozen fountains in atlanta. to frozen fruit, rising food prices. we're live north to south. america's top diplomat to afghanistan dies overnight. now richard holbrooke's sudden death will affect the country's war. juz how easy is it to get pain pills prescribed by a doctor, without seeing a doctor
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first? chris cuomo's investigation. and hugh jackman, zip lines into the oprah show in front of 6,000 fans. but ends up crashing into the set. why he says he didn't hit the brakes in time. and good morning, everyone. >> welcome back. >> thank you. back to this cold weather. i think it's the coldest morning of the winter so far. that powerful arctic blast, nearly two-thirds of the country, in a deep freeze today. even the sunshine state is shivering. the governor has said that extreme temperatures may cause a major disaster. sam is tracking the storm. we'll have the latest. it already is a major disaster for so many across the midwest. we'll have the latest on the jets coach that tripped a player along the sidelines. he's on the sidelines himself. the jets have suspended him for the rest of the season. they won't see if he's going to get his jobs back.
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we'll hear from the coach himself this morning. >> people say he should not come back. some people say, the suspension and fine is enough. we'll see. and the cruise ship battered by extreme wind and waves in the caribbean, docked early this morning in malta. we have new video and scary stories about the rough time onboard for the 2,500 passengers. >> a lot of them didn't know if they were going to make it. we begin with the blast of winter hitting so much of the country. the midwest digging out of the storm that's taken 15 lives. and sam with the latest on what's sure to be the coldest day of the year up and down the east coast. >> you said more than half of the country colder than normal. 40% of the nation has snow on the ground. 40%. like in yankers, new york. an icy blast is making driving a problem through the new york area. deep south, six of our deep south states have hard freeze warnings. this is an early arctic blast that is not going down easy. on indiana highways, more than 100 cars trapped in snowdrifts are finally free this morning.
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some stuck for over 12 hours, as temperatures outside dropped to a dangerous 11 degrees. three indiana counties declared states of emergency, as 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts sent snow swirling, making the rescue job even harder. >> cars in snowdrifts about four or five foot high. there's about 15 of them. >> reporter: frigid winds are sweeping across more than two-thirds of the nation. gusts as high as 45 miles per hour, made planes at cleveland's airport barely make it off the runway. this missouri home, frozen solid, when temperatures were in the teens. >> water shooting up in the air. you could see it going up and the wind catching it. >> reporter: actual temperatures are plummeting to 30 below zero in the midwest. and below freezing in the northeast. water, frozen in these atlanta fountains, as temperatures dropped to 19 degrees. expected to plunge to 13 degrees today, breaking a record set in
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1917. charity groups are passing out blankets to miami's homeless, braving 30-degree temperatures overnight. this second outbreak of arctic air to hit the u.s. in two weeks has claimed at least 15 lives. believing more than 50,000 people without power. and forcing dozens of school closures in north carolina. their sixth snow day in just over a week. >> it's never like this. i haven't seen it like this since i was born. >> after the morn states being the headline for the last days. it's the southern states. miami expecting a record low. and matt gutman is in florida to talk about the problems down south. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, sam. they call this america's winter salad bowl. but get a look at this. this is cauliflower. looks more like the inside of your freezer. broccoli over there. tomatoes behind. pe and strawberries over there. all of these crops are destroyed. crop growers saying this is bad
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news. and we're going to see some sort of shortage over the next couple of weeks. in terms of green beans, sweet corn, one grower said 100% of his crops have been destroyed. now, we did dodge a bullet here. you see the orange groves behind me. i have an orange in my pocket here. these are okay. that doesn't mean we're not going to see orange prices continue to spike. they hit three-year high just yesterday. and we may still see those prices rise, even though this orange looks pretty good and pretty sweet to me. sam? >> it depends how long the cold air stays in the area. we'll have all of america's forecast in a moment. >> it's not even winter officially. now, to the death of america's top diplomat in afghanistan. and the architect of much of our policy there. we were very sad to learn that richard holbrooke had died last night in washington, after undergoing emergency heart surgery. and according to a official, his last words to his surgeon were, quote, you have to stop this war
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in afghanistan. martha raddatz has much more. >> i thank you for your confidence in offering me this daunting assignment. >> reporter: anyone who knew richard holbrooke knows what a force he was. a man with enormous energy and confidence. >> he is simply one of the giants of american foreign policy. >> i'm sure there are some shoulders here tonight that are still a little bit sore from his arm-twisting. >> reporter: holbrooke fell ill on friday, during a one-on-one meeting with secretary clinton, complaining of chest pains. he was rushed by ambulance to nearby george washington hospital, where all weekend, doctors performed a number of surgeries to repair an aortic tear. ultimately, however, they were unable to control the bleeding. the president issued a statement saying, the united states is safer and the world is more secure because of the half-century of patriotic service of ambassador richard holbrooke. secretary clinton said, america has lost one of its fiercest champions and most dedicated
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public servants. this is a sad day for me, for the state department, and for the united states of america. in a career that spanned from vietnam to brokering peace accords in bosnia, holbrooke was used to challenges. and never shied away from using blunt language to get his point across. >> it's silly to even respond to such a ludicrous charge. >> reporter: it was his experience and straightforward approach that led president obama to tap holbrooke for the afghanistan/pakistan job, just days after taking office. >> ambassador holbrooke is one of the most talented diplomats of his generation. >> reporter: richard holbrooke died with his wife, children and step children by his side. he was 69 years old. >> he was such a presence and such a force. want to bring in martha raddatz, along with jake tapper at the white house. martha, you just came back from afghanistan and pakistan. what are the implications of our policy going forward now? >> well, robin, i think the
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stamp of richard holbrooke was already on that policy in a very strong way. and the review of the afghanistan policy is essentially done. so, it will go forward. admiral mike mullen just released a statement saying, i know richard holbrooke would want our work to continue unabated. and i know we will all feel his bully presence in the room, as we do so. as you know, robin, he was a very, very tough negotiator. but they want consistency. they want someone with a strong personality. he is going to be very, very difficult to replace. >> he earned that nickname, the bulldozer. jake, at the white house, the president will be meeting with some of his top afghan advisers and talking about having to move, of course, forward at this point. and how to best go about doing that. >> that's exactly right. and of the people around that table, there are very few who are focused exclusively on afghanistan and pakistan. and his candor will be missed. i was told by a top official who will be in that room later today, later this morning.
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and his expertise, of course. there aren't that many individuals who are so larger-than-life, the job of special representative to afghanistan and pakistan, is a job that basically required his own secretary of state, the region is so complicated. and one of the issues going forward is there are not that many people who can fill that role to be the special representative, just to focus on afghanistan and pakistan. >> all right, jake and martha, thank you very much. it will be a sad day in washington. a sad day for all the country. and, of course, we're thinking of his family. thank you both very much. i know you knew him very well. that personal loss for president obama and the diplomatic team, came after a day packed with action on the president's agenda. a federal judge knocked down the health care bill. but overwhelming of the tax cut bill. >> i urge the house of representatives to act quickly
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on this important matter. if there's one thing we can agree on, it's the urgent work of protecting middle-class families, removing uncertainty for america's businesses and giving our economy a boost as we head into the new year. for more on this, we're joined live, now, by democratic strategist, james carville, and dana loesch. james, i want to begin with you. i want to get to the tax cut and health care debates. first, richard holbrooke. as robin said, i knew him will, worked with him closely, as you did, as well. he devoted every part of his being to diplomacy, to making peace. his brain. his bulk. and i think he showed over the course of his lifetime that in these central questions, one person really can make a difference. >> yeah. i think the thing i would like to say about richard, he was a real patriot. in afghanistan, i said, richard. and overqualified underfunded candidate. and i say, he doesn't have money
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or anything. and he says, you are a member of the kennedy generation. you have to go. okay. i never got anything. the idea that the united states needed something, and it was something in a you could do for your country and that you didn't do it was just foreign to him. he didn't understand that. and here he was, the culmination of a career that was where he was secretary of state. and he took probably the single-worst job in the government. trust me, it didn't come with trappings. i sat in his office a number of times. it was very small. didn't have a huge staff or anything. but he thought this was an important thing. and he was working on it until -- well, the day he died, as he was going into surgery, he was working on it. >> when richard holbrooke asked you to do something, you say yes. henry kissinger said, you might as well say yes quickly. it will be a long ride. let's move on to health care. dana loesch, let me bring you in here. a federal judge in virginia said
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yesterday, the government doesn't have the right to require people to buy health insurance. but the white house is quick to point out that two other courts have upheld the law. how big a blow is this? >> i don't think that it's -- i was pleased to see judge hudson's -- his actual interpretation of the law. the commerce clause and the way it's used. and it's kind of illogical, too. with the other two cases, it's interesting to note that the other two judges that passed verdicts on this, as well, they did not go as in depth with this case, as judge hudson did. they didn't have opinions that were as in depth as judge hudson's. they hadn't read over the law as much as judge hudson had. and they were -- someone would argue they were clinton appointees. so, it was somewhat partisan. i'm going to leave that to the side. the judge was right in this case. you cannot use the commerce clause with regards to forcing people to purchase a product
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from the government. >> james, i think there are partisan judges on both sides. you look at where the white house stands on health care, they're fighting on so many fronts. they're fighting in the congress. they're fighting in the courts. they're fighting in the states. and we have a new poll out just yesterday, showing that public support for health care is the lowest it's ever been. 34% for the president's reforms. 52% oppose it. how much time and energy can the president and his team invest in this fight. >> i guess i could point out that the judge -- i'm not going to say that. look, this thing is people watch the health care go through a tortuous fight through the congress, through the house, through the senate. and now, we're going to have what appears to be an equally tortuous fight in the courts. and i suspect reading everything i have, it will be a while. but it will get to the supreme court. and it will be decided one way or another. people aren't knowing if they're going to get it. and who knows if provisions are
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going to be there. and how long it's going to take. this is the way our system works. we're along for the ride. >> i'm sure you're right about that. more than 80 votes in the senate for the tax cut compromise. looks like it's heading towards passage. i was struck by mitt romney in "usa today" this morning, saying the tax cut is a bad deal. why is a potential candidate for president coming out against this? >> it's interesting. the writers are split on the tax cut compromise. and i find reasons to like it and find reasons why i don't want to support it. with mitt romney, i think it's interesting. there's other people, sarah palin has spoke about the tax cut compromise. jim ryan has discussed it. mitch mcconnell has discussed it. the bottom line is, republicans have to get some kind of strategy. i don't think they're clear. jim demint has been the most forthcoming about strategy, passing something retroactively.
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but we'll see. all i know is that small business owners and middle-class people like myself, are a little frightened to see what's coming down the pike after the first of the year. there's been inaction for so long. >> james, ten seconds left. democrats in the house, ready to pass this thing now? >> yeah. my daddy used to say when he would pick us up, you have to eat it because you've got to eat it. they're going to eat it because they've got to eat it. >> okay. james carville, dana loesch, thanks very much. new developments in morning in the madoff family tragedy. bernie madoff's lawyer says his imprisoned client will not be at the funeral for his oldest son, mark, who committed suicide over the weekend. our brian ross has an update on it this morning. >> reporter: good morning, robin. madoff's lawyer says out of respect and privacy for the family, bernie madoff will not attend the funeral and will hold a private memorial service at his prison in north carolina. "the new york post" and tabloids resulting this is an insult from
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bernie. but mr. madoff was probably not welcome at that funeral by his family, by mark's wife, stephanie. nor is mrs. madoff, ruth madoff, expected to attend. mark was estranged from his wife, from his mother and his father, the last two years. and his mother was an enabler of his father's crimes. >> we haven't heard from the mother since the death. do you know more about the circumstances surrounding all this that might have led to him taking his own life? >> new york police tell us that last year, this is madoff -- stephanie madoff, called the police to say mark had gone missing. he was found in a new york hotel room, checked in under another name. and told police he was under duress and was going to seek care for his issues. >> a sad story. let's go to sam with more on the weather. >> good morning, robin. when last we left you, the question is how long is the record cold lasting in florida?
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here's the answer. the freeze warning is out until 9:00 tomorrow morning. possible record temperatures as far south as miami. then, watch the highs come back up. jacksonville, 54 on wednesday. miami, to 74 by thursday. in the northwest, this is a big story. 29 landslides, mudslides in the seattle area. ten inches of rain on the coastal range. more rain coming over the next few days. it is a cold start to the
7:18 am
morning so watch out for six spots on the road. we had some overnight like snow showers into the morning. temperatures are in the teens and we could see wind chills down below zero briefly. it feels like to degrees in bristow right now. we have a winter weather advisory in effect for the metro area until 9:00 a.m. a wind advisory as well it is still warm in the southwest, george. san diego had a record high temperature of 83 yesterday. >> let's head there. the new york jets assistant coach that tripped a miami dolphins player on sunday's game has been suspended without pay. sal alosi won't be able to coach with the team for the rest of the season, including the playoffs. and has been slapped with a
7:19 am
$25,000 fine. >> reporter: some want to see him fired. he looked nervous and uncomfortable when he apologized yesterday at a press conference. expressing he wished he could turn back time. >> this is just uncalled for in the nfl. >> reporter: it's the humiliating highlight from sunday's jets/dolphin game that has everyone talking about the man behind it. >> watch the knee here, being stuck out on purpose, to trip nolan carroll. >> reporter: assistant coach, sal alosi, who spoke out just hours before it was announced. >> why did you do it? >> i wasn't thinking. >> reporter: the head coaches from both teams involved also addressed the incident. >> i would like to apologize to the dolphins. sal made a huge mistake. he knows that. >> i don't like what happened because, you know, a player could have got hurt. seriously hurt. >> reporter: many were calling for alosi's firing.
7:20 am
>> the dolphins said, they're cheaters. it plays right in the reputation. horrible for the team. he deserves to be fired. >> reporter: but football legend, mike ditka, was more forgiving, when he called into espn's "mike and mike" on monday. >> i disagree. he apologized for it. >> reporter: it's the latest black eye for the jets that have suffered scandals. a recent pounding by the patriots. to sexual harassment claims by sports reporter inez seance. >> i'm not getting into that. >> reporter: even brett favre put the team back on the defensive, for allegedly sending nude photos to reporter jen surger, something he denies. league officials felt it was the right decision. and will take no further action. and the nfl is sending out a memo to all the teams, reminding them to keep a proper distance from the sidelines. >> i don't know. we were talking about this before we went on the air.
7:21 am
i don't get it. i don't understand how he can't be fired. >> eventually, people like mike ditka that are involved in sports, feel it's wrong. but those that are not participated in sports -- >> it's different, being a player on the field. he's a coach sitting there. we'll see if the jets hire him back. thanks, andrea. >> thank you. let's go down under. movie star, hugh jackman, on a zip line, making that big entrance over the heads of 6,000 fans gathered at the sydney opera house, for the taping of "oprah." he hit the brakes too late. and he smacked into a lighting rig. he's okay. >> he got distracted by looking at the sydney harbor and oprah down below. the paramedics took a look at it. they examined the cut. oprah was there. ooh. >> a big glass of red wine. >> what happened to the wine? oprah takes care of him. and he got australian red, as well. >> they renamed it the oprah
7:22 am
house. >> of course, they did. coming up, the battered cruise ship finally reaches port this morning. passengers speaking out about their horrifying night onboard. and why they're protesting. and the imposter. the pilot that claimed to be a cardiologist when he wasn't even a doctor. how did he fool his colleagues and the american medical association? i must have the wrong house. sister? we missed you so much. they waited up all night for you, you know. it's a long way from west africa. ♪ i brought you something from far away. [ chuckles ] really? ♪ aww. ♪ [ chuckles ] what are you doing? you're my present this year. ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> the time is 7:26 on this tuesday, december 14.
7:27 am
good morning, i am greta kreusz with a local news update. we will check out the roads and a moment but we have some school closings and delays to pass along. now let's go to lisa baden to see how the traffic is moving. it has been very challenging this morning because of the dusting of snow. i want to say the blue line is affected with problems. there was a train malfunction at the van dorn station. there is an additional wait for trends on the blue line. -- wait for trains on the blue line. in maryland, freezing temperatures, a coating of snow on neighborhood streets, we still have blowing snow and adam caskey will tell you about that in a minute and slippery conditions this morning.
7:28 am
virginia has had problems on dry pavement northbound 95 and the 14 sport -- 14th street bridges where we had a stalled vehicle. look at that pace. the sky is clearing out a bit. once we get the sun beating down, it will heat up the road. it is still cold. temperatures are in the teen and the 20's. when you factor in the wind, it feels like we are in the single digits. the roadways can still thaw as long as they get some light. snow showers this morning and again tonight, probably isolated. for the rest of the week it will be cold. we will be back with another
7:29 am
7:30 am
home. you know what? i see this. this is probably a game to you. >> it's not a game to me. >> this interview is over with. >> you know they're giving drugs out, though. >> that's chris cuomo going undercover to find out how easy it is to get powerful prescription drugs without seeing the doctor first. it's a stunning abc news investigation. chris will be here in just a little bit. we say good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> i'm robin roberts. also on this tuesday morning, a man who was too good to be true. said he was a cardiologist. said he was an airline captain. he taught doctors and pilots how to keep hearts and planes from
7:31 am
crashing. but turns out he isn't a doctor. we'll look at how he fooled so many for so long. makes you think of the leonardo dicaprio movie "catch me if you can." >> he actually was a pilot. also, an update on that 12-year-old girl that went missing with her mother's boyfriend. she was found by a good samaritan who saw her on cable television. first, that cruise ship battered by high winds and waves have finally reached save harbor. now, passengers are sharing stories about how they were knocked out of beds, furniture flying everywhere, during the storm. dozens of people injured. nick watt is in malta and has all the details for us. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, robin. here she is. "the brilliance of the sea," safely back in port. she docks here in malta first thing this morning. 2,100 passengers ongourd. 1,600 of them american vacationers. and, boy, do they have stories
7:32 am
to tell. they came ashore. they talked. and we learned much more about an extraordinary couple of days. this footage shot by a passenger. looks kind of like mutiny. >> everybody started chanting. and one of the people came out that he offered everybody a $200 credit. and everybody was moore mad. people said they saved for years. now, their trip was ruined. >> reporter: problems began when the ship left greece. vicious storms lashed the mediterranean. and just before 3:00 a.m. sunday, as the ship approached egypt, a direct hit. >> i was knocked out of bed. and slid across the room. i didn't know if the ship was going to tip over or not. >> reporter: 80-mile-per-hour winds, 30-foot waves slammed the liner. >> we didn't know. it was that scary. >> reporter: the christmas tree toppled over. furniture moved.
7:33 am
you were in your bunk holding on? >> yeah. it was pretty adventurous. >> reporter: justine and jimmy lovelace were from connecticut were on their honeymoon. >> we thought we were going down. >> reporter: they never made it to egypt. too rough. and after the protests, royal caribbean made an offer that will cost them millions. but it stopped that near-mutiny. >> once we talked more and more to our guests, the thing we thought was right was to do full refund for a cruise value. >> reporter: what will you do with the refund? take another cruise? >> of course. i might wait a while. >> reporter: all's well that ends well. the ship will stay in port in malta for a couple of days. all of the passengers we've spoken to, are quite happy to be on dry land. they're happy to get a break from that rocking of the ocean. robin? >> and the way you put it there, nick. thank you. strong winds closer to home prevented a carnival cruise ship from docking as planned in tampa
7:34 am
bay. the cruise was forced to anchor in the gulf of mexico for most of monday, before it could come into port. "carnival inspiration" had 200 passengers onboard. they were supposed to reach tampa yesterday morning. now, we're going to go to that doctor imposter. a respected voice in the world of medicine has been exposed as a fake. he called himself a doctor. and lectured some of the leading cardiologists on safety, even though he never graduated from medical school. sharyn alfonsi on how he finally got caught. >> reporter: it's really a story right out of the movies. dr. hammond was a cardiologist and a pilot. well-respected until his story suddenly unraveled. he was, by all accounts, impressive. dr. william hammond, a commercial and pilot and cardiologists, who used his expertise in both to keep hearts and planes from crashing.
7:35 am
lecturing and teaching at prestigious medical events around the country. >> we're talking a result from the airline industry. >> cool. >> reporter: there's one problem with dr. hammond's story. the a.p. learned the impressive dr. hammond, wasn't really a doctor. >> he wanted to seek this grant. they discovered he did not have an m.d. degree. and then, when they checked further, he did not have a ph.d. degree, either. >> reporter: hammond had no medical residency, fellowship, dak tomorrow degree, or clinical experience he claimed. he attended medical school for a few years but withdrew and didn't graduate. doctors that worked alongside him, were unned. never treated a patient. only lectured and taught. but they say he was completely convincing. walking the walk and talking the talk. >> dr. harris. . >> yes. >> do you concur? >> reporter: but unlike the con man in "catch me if you can,"
7:36 am
hammond is a pilot. the airline has grounded him after learning of his deception. >> i would find no one in a wasn't absolutely shocked. absolutely shocked. >> reporter: and for his part, hammond declined to comment on the story. but his attorney told the a.p., he looks forward to clearing it up. all of his colleagues say, he was a really smart guy. they had no idea. no idea at all. >> can't wait to see how he clears it up. >> exactly. it will be a good movie. >> i'll bet. let's get juju chang with the rest of the developing stories of the day. good morning, juju. >> good morning, everyone. well, the man responsible for releasing thousands of secret u.s. government documents is in a london courtroom this morning. wikileaks founder, julian assange, is trying to win bail today as he fights extradition to sweden on sexual assault charges. this picture was taken inside the prison van. assange said his time behind bars in solitary confinement has only stiffened his resolve to
7:37 am
publish more government documents. big job cuts appear likely att yahoo! the company is expected to lay off 700 workers or 5% of its staff. it's had trouble selling ads while google and facebook thrive. a dramatic rescue in north carolina. a mother and her 3-week-old baby were trapped in this suv. a firestation was next door. firefighters were in the middle of a christmas part by when they rushed out to help, breaking the back window and pulling mother and child to safety. both are adorable and doing great. and with roads around the nation slick with ice this morning, here's a reminder of what not to do if you get in a car accident. an officer in cincinnati stopped to help a driver standing along the road, when a car comes plowing into them, hitting them between the car and the concrete barrier. remarkably, both men are okay. but the lesson here, stay inside your car or get as far off the road as possible if you're in a
7:38 am
crash. he was treated and released, if you can believe it. incredible, isn't it? >> pinned right underneath like that. juju, thanks. back over to sam, now. the icy weather and the roads. >> that's the problem in a lot of places. even that hit in new york, the snow that came down, the roads have been warm when the snow first fell. it became a glaze and put snow on top of it. here's what's going on. let's start with pictures out of north carolina, actually. in the mountains, this is between asheville and johnson city, tennessee. they picked up about ten inches of snow in that area. look at that. it's beautiful. they know what to do with the snow on the roads there. here's what happens with the colder air. in the northeast, there will be a holding pattern. 33 in thursday. philly stays in the 30s. into the northwest, it's storm after storm after storm. ten inches of rain on the coastal range. and that has triggered an awful lot of mudslides. this is what they call the
7:39 am
pineapple express pattern, continuing. temperatures are mild. and it's in the form of rain on the coast. but big snow in the middle of the country. and kind of into the right now, skies are beginning to clear out, giving us some shunned -- sunshine but it is very cold. it is in the teens but wind chill is in the single digits. and all of that weather was brought to you by jared, the gallery of jewelry. george? >> thank you, sam. when we come back, an undercover look at the pain clinics that give out powerful drugs way too easily. an abc news investigation you don't want to miss. chris cuomo is on the case. - that's a peerless diamond. the ideal ideal-cut diamond. what? female announcer: if you want to create your own one-of-a-kind ring, get to jared this friday through sunday,
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7:43 am
we have the results this morning of an important abc news investigation. we hear so much about the trade in illegal drugs. but the abuse of prescription drugs can be just as dangerous, as we all know. and has been exploding. "20/20" anchor, our good friend, chris cuomo, found out just how easy it is to obtain these drugs. >> easy to get. and the danger can't be overstated, robin. we think of heroin, cocaine. in truth, prescription drugs are outpacing both of those combined. in texas alone, there are hundreds of these pill mills. and now, they're pushing a powerful combination of prescriptions they call the houston cocktail. it's taken the problem to a whole, new level. that's why we had to go undercover. >> he was nothing to these doctors but money. he was nothing.
7:44 am
and i'm not the only mother dealing with that. >> reporter: ether lives outside houston. she remembers her son, chris, as a loving, young man with a great sense of humor. but he also had a drug problem. and she says, a doctor took advantage of him. >> it just call brought on by greed. >> reporter: chris died in his own bed after an overdose of pain pills. drugs he obtained after visiting a pill mill. >> we talked to our son that day. >> reporter: authorities say there are over 150 pill mills still running just in houston, where we're told people can get powerful narcotics easily. to see how easily, we went undercover in houston. the goal, to get a prescription for these highly-restricted drugs. the same ones that killed chris
7:45 am
scarborou scarborough. how do i look? our first head flag. they ask for $100 as soon as you walk in. this is an all-cash business. i filled out a medical history form saying i had neck, back and knee pain. the receptionist, all-too eager to coach me in what to say to the doctor to get drugs. >> you got to make your story look good. in order for him to give you xanax. >> reporter: i never see the doctor in the dilapidated office. a physician's assistant checks me out. within minutes. >> all right, christopher. we can give you some lorcets. a few of them, to get by. >> reporter: lorcet is actually hydro coe done, that can get you high. that's why it has a street value
7:46 am
of $5 a pill. we went to various clinic, all complaining of lower back pain. and all walking out for prescriptions for hundreds of pills. including soma. at one clinic, the mood's so relaxed, the nurse chats about nightclubs. >> what club are you running, man? >> club 52. man, i should have brought you a postcard. >> reporter: during the supposed evaluation, the nurse checks his e-mail and answers his phone. >> hey. what's up, baby? >> reporter: after our undercover work was done, we decided to pay a visit to a clinic that gave two of our people plenty of prescriptions for powerful narcotics. we had guys come in here. and they got lots of pain medicine. one of them was homeless. they give them to distribution people that sell them other places. >> they need to be in prison. they need to go in jail. and the minute that we find something like that, we immediately discharge them and report them. if they're actually doing illegal activities, i need to
7:47 am
know about it. and i would like to know about it immediately. >> reporter: you said you're caught unaware by this? >> absolutely. of course. >> reporter: you had no idea? >> sir, of course. you know what? i see this is probably a game to you. >> reporter: it's not a game to me. >> this interview is over with. >> reporter: you know they're giving drugs out. the drugs don't end here. this place gave two people prescriptions for hundreds of pills with very little examination. later, we contacted the nurse that handed out the scripts. and he told us he was trying to help the patient with his pain. but ether scarborough isn't buying it. and says she won't rest until clinics like this one are closed. >> people are dying from what they're doing. and they have no conscience about it at all. >> there's urgency here. the number of deaths from overdoses in texas alone have doubled in the last decade. and those drugs, the xanax,
7:48 am
that's that houston cocktail. you take them together. a very powerful high. they can kill you. they're bringing homeless people and hurdi inherding them in. and the homeless people are getting the pills for secondary distribution. >> people get people to go in. >> get the pills because they're so easy to get. and they'll sell them to kids on the street. >> glad you're on this case, chris. always good to have you hear. thanks so much. you can see more of chris' report tonight on "world news" and also tonight on "nightline." coming up, a happy homecoming. a 12-year-old kidnapping victim returns safe and sound, thanks to a good samaritan. okay, which picture for the card?
7:49 am
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7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning everyone. 7:56 and is there recalled tuesday, december 14. we will check on traffic in a moment but we have some school closings and delays. let's go to lisa baden to see
7:57 am
how the roads are. the freezing temperatures and the blowing snow is not helping much. there was not much snow but it is blowing around. it is just enough to make it nice and slippery on the highway. metro rail had earlier issues that have been resolved and things are on normal service. you can see two things on these cameras -- the snow has moved out of the roadway but the pace is still pretty slow in some areas. we definitely had a winter effect overnight. adam caskey said to expect the same day for tomorrow morning. virginia i-395 northbound is open across the 14th street bridge. we can say a few more isolated snowstorms later today and even tonight and tomorrow morning. we are in that type of weather pattern. it is cold. it is cold and windy.
7:58 am
front royal is 15 degrees and when you factor in the wind it feels like we are in the single digits. air temperatures are in the teens. windy and cold and highs near 30. we will be back with another news update at 8:27. for continuous news coverage, tune in to tbd news on news channel 8.
7:59 am
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♪ i really can't stay but baby it's cold outside ♪ ♪ i really can't stay e. it is cold outside. but nice and warm inside our studio, here in new york city, times square. coldest day so far this year. it's in the teens. more cold and snow on the way. we'll have the latest on the deep freeze around the country in a few minutes. >> that song makes it easier to take. >> it does. we have a great story coming up this half hour. amazing survival story. little boy in a car accident.
8:01 am
had internal decapitation. his skull severed from his spine. he recovered. beat the odds. there he is today. just incredible. dr. richard besser is going to bring it to us in a little bit. >> really looking forward to it. as part of our ongoing series, mom, dad, we need to talk. we have discussions how to talk to your parents as they're growing older about driving and other issues. i'm going to share a conversation with my mom about what aging means to her. and how she dealing with the pain she's going through. and even how she feels like she's 19 sometimes. >> she looks 19. >> she does. she looks fantastic. it was a revelation. a little of an intervention for me as much for her. >> i'll bet. >> and hopefully, it can change the way we think about our parents. big day for your mom on "gma." we're also going to get her frappe. >> frappe, please. we're sharing holiday recipes. little things that make us
8:02 am
think, it's christmas. it's new year's. this is mine. i'll share a little later. first, the welcome home this morning for the 12-year-old missing girl since her mother was killed earlier this month. brittany mae smith is safe and sound with her family. while the man accused of abducting her is in jail. and now, a suspect in the murder of her mother. yunji de nies has more from san francisco. >> reporter: good morning, robin. jeffrey scott has an extradition hearing here in san francisco later today. authorities want to get him back to virginia as soon as possible. as you said, brittany smith is now back in the state, safe with her family, all thanks to a good samaritan. after a week-long manhunt, brittany smith is home. all thanks to a woman her family has never met. >> it's not anything that i could say.
8:03 am
to describe you the way my heart feels about you. >> reporter: the seventh grader disappeared on december 3rd with her mother's live-in boyfriend. 31-year-old jeffrey scott ea easley. brittany and esaley were spotted on surveillance video, shopping for a tent, at a walmart on the day they went missing. a week later, across the country, teresa saw the pair begging for spare change outside of a safeway in san francisco. she reck lized brittany after seeing a photograph on headline news's nancy grace. >> the brown eyes. >> reporter: shanle rushed in the score and asked the clerk co-call police. they arrested easley and say brittany appeared unharmed. >> i'm happy she'll be home.
8:04 am
>> reporter: bridttany's father credits this changer with saving his daughter's life. >> a simple thank you and god bless you. >> reporter: easley is said to be undergoing psychiatric evaluation here in san francisco. if he waives extradition, he could be back in virginia as early as this week. now, the other top stories this morning. and over to juju at the newsdesk. >> good morning, robin and george. good morning, everyone. the weather continues to be the big story this morning. 40% of the country is covered with snow. more than half the nation is shivering, thanks to colder than usual temperatures. at least 15 deaths are blamed on the wild weather. there's no relief down south, either. record cold is destroying crops which could cause shortages in the coming weeks. one florida farmer we talked to said he lost 100% of his crops. sam will have more on today's conditions in a moment. this morning, he's being called a true american patriot.
8:05 am
veteran u.s. diplomat richard holbrooke has died following heart surgery. his final words were to his surgeon of pakistani descent. he said, you have to stop this war in afghanistan. richard holbrooke was 69. in economic use, mcdonald's has joined walgreens, warning customers not to respond to e-mails asking for personal information, after the companies' databases fell victim to hackers. the attacks appear unrelated. twitter also fell victim to a security breach this week. the president's health care reform law seems one step closer to a supreme court showdown. a federal vuj said it's unconstitutional to require americans to buy insurance. the law faces several more charges and may not make it to the court for at least a year. a former tv chef has been sentenced to nine years in prison for trying to hire homeless men to kill his wife. juan carlos cruz smiled and winked at his wife when he was
8:06 am
led from a courtroom. the former food network host tried to cut a plea deal. now, diane sawyer with a serious gender gap tonight on "world news." diane? >> the battle of the bulge will meet the battle of the sexes. ever wonder why when it comes to losing weight, one spouse seems to have an edge? we have the new science tonight. and the new insight about how you lose weight. it's on "world news." see you then. finally, a bus driver in illinois has resigned after this video appeared online. it shows him swerving into the oncoming lane to plow down a snowman built in the street. it's unclear who built the snowman is or shot this video. that's under the category of what was he thinking? good morning, juju. good morning, gang. very good. when i came down, you guys were subdued and bundled up, by the way. we're inside the studio. >> we are. i'm from the south.
8:07 am
i'm sorry. >> oh, all right. this seems a little chilly to you, even right here? >> my feet are still cold. >> all right. let's get to the boards. we'll show you what's going on. don't even go outside. you might as well stay here all day. our twitter pictures are lots and lots of snow. we'll start with this one. we like eden prairie, by the way. it usually has the reputation of being one of the nicest places to live in the country. it's buried this morning. let's get to how the arctic air unlocked in the south. even in atlanta, folks from atlanta, you're getting record low temperatures. you're two degrees below your record low. and the cold air goes all the way to the deep south. in the west, we'll find the warmer temperatures leaving. and we get there is some clearing overhead would sunshine to warm you up but it is still very cold outside. in the teens to near 20's. when you factor in the wind
8:08 am
chill, it feels like we are in the single digits. it is very cold and windy with a wind advisory until 10:00 p.m. with ties only near 30 degrees. we cannot rule out isolated snow showers tonight and tomorrow. oh. was that something with the music? hi. we'll have more weather in times square in the next half hour. >> robin said it was the album cut, sam. >> okay. now, just hearing the phrase internal decapitation makes you wince. when i first heard it, i wondered how it was possible and what it could mean. for the parents of 2-year-old mi kah andrews, it was clear. after a car accident, his neck snapped. this is extraordinary. we throw this word around a lot. medical miracle. >> this is one if there ever was
8:09 am
one. george, if not for the quick thinking of the paramedics and the doctors who took care of micah, in the beginning, who recognized the rare injury, the story might not have had a happy ending. micah andrews is your typical, 2-year-old little boy. he loves to play. is outgoing and happy. >> a bubbly personality. likes to make you laugh. >> reporter: but four months ago, this toddler was in a dramatic car accident, that left him in a coma. micah was internally decapitated. >> the worst injury we could imagine. he had it. >> reporter: the impact of the scar accident tore the ligaments that connect micah's skull to his spine. leaving the neck attached only by muscle and skin. it's dangerous because it leaves
8:10 am
the spinal cord unprotected. >> this space shouldn't be here. >> reporter: micah needs emergency surgery to reattach his skull to his spine. his parents are terrified. but they zeev comfort from his surgeon, at the barrow neurologic institute. >> he said i'm going to operate on him like i'm operating on my own child. we believed in him. >> this is an intricate and daal cat surgery. with each breath that micah took during surgery, we could see his skull and spine moving as two, separate entities. >> reporter: to perform the four-hour-long reattachment procedure, micah's doctors used wires, and a piece of bone from his rib, to reattach the skull to the spine. every aspect of this surgery is high-risk. one, little mistake, and micah could lose his life. the surgery is successful. but now, micah's parents wait by his side, praying he will come out of the coma and remember who they are.
8:11 am
>> i was praying and pray pg saying this kid's going to come back. >> reporter: four days later, micah wakes up. >> i bend down in his ear. and i said one of his jokes about his diaper. diaper. and he smiled. the biggest smile. >> reporter: that smile sparks a hospital-wise celebration. >> doctors and nurses crying and cheering. it was just unexpected. incredible. >> reporter: just two weeks after the horrific accident, micah is strong enough for therapy, where he relearns how to walk and speak. and after three months -- >> micah, you ready to take this off? ready to get rid of it? all done. all right. >> all right. >> hey. >> you know, miracles happen every day. and when i first saw micah, i certainly wouldn't imagine at this point that he would be looking as good as he does. he continues to surprise us.
8:12 am
>> wow. who knew diaper could be such a beautiful word? >> i know. it's unbelievable. >> this happened in august. you heard from micah's dad in an e-mail. he's doing great. >> he's doing really well. he suffered two injuries. the injury to his spine, which is healing so wonderfully. in the car accident, he had an injury to his brain and had to learn to walk and speak. his dad says he has learned to jump. his latest word is dude. he's really coming along, just beautifully. it's a miracle. >> he's all over the place right now. >> oh, yeah. >> there's an important lesson here. even though this is quite rare, it teaches you again about the importance of car seats. >> there's two lessons. if he hadn't been strapped into a car seat, he would have died. and if the people on the scene hadn't realized you have to immobilize the head and the spine, when you find anyone in an accident, any movement would have killed him, as well. >> so, if anything is going on with my neck, don't move.
8:13 am
>> don't move. you have to get strapped on a board. we have information an, about proper installation of car seats. and i'll be tweeting that at dr. richard besser. those things are important to know. >> thanks so much for bringing us this story. go to to get step-by-step instructions for properly installing your child's car seat. when we come back, robin, an intimate talk with her mom. >> you're being mothered. conge. it's your fault. naturally, blame the mucus. well, i can't breathe. did you try blowing your nose? of course. [ both ] and nothing came out. instead of blaming me, try new advil congestion relief. what you probably have is swelling due to nasal inflammation, not mucus. and this can help? it treats the real problem of your sinus symptoms, reducing swelling due to nasal inflammation. so i can breathe. [ mucus ] new advil congestion relief. the right sinus medicine for the real problem.
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8:17 am
this morning, a new installment of our ongoing series, mom, dad, we need to talk. and dr. maya angelou once wrote a poem on aging. she said, when my bones are stiff and aching and my feet won't climb the stair, i only ask one favor, don't bring me no rocking chair. i know. how do we bring comfort to our loved ones as they grow old center it's a challenge. aging gracefully, that many of us face, both parents and children. so, i recently sat down and talked to my beautiful, beloved, 86-year-old mom about it.
8:18 am
sometimes, momma, do you feel that we don't understand? >> oh, yes. sometimes you feel that you're being smothered. you want to still be the parent. and yet, you feel as if your children are making you the child. >> reporter: my mom, 86 years young, and i sat down with author, missy buchanan, who writes about faith and aging. her two books deal with how best to navigate some of the tricky and emotional issues older adults face. >> your not a child. you have an entire lifetime of experiences that a child does not have. it could be a shift in roles. and certainly, the children may take on more responsibilities or tasks. but it's not a role reversal. you will not be a child, ever. >> hear that? >> reporter: this is great. this is intervention for me, as
8:19 am
well. >> we forget. your body may be different. and your body may be wearing out. but inside -- >> i feel like 19. >> that's exactly right. >> reporter: really? >> i think sometimes we get so engrossed in our own pain and our own sense of loss, that we forget that our youngsters are -- our young adults are aching also because they have seen us go from being extremely active to being sort of a passive person. and it's hard for them also. >> reporter: my mom first read missy's books during time she spent at an assisted living residence. she was going through a difficult patch. and mom said missy's books arrived right on time. one particular passage spoke to her. >> every day, i wake up in pain. every before i open my eyes, i hunker down ready to do battle.
8:20 am
you have seen the grimace on my face, god. you have heard my moans. come near. comfort me. don't let this searing pain rob me of joy. have mercy on these brittle, old bones. >> reporter: i know that your pain is real. and sometimes you look at me like i don't realize. i know right now you're in pain. and i marvel at how you are able to. i marvel at that. >> thank you. >> reporter: and momma can still play a mean piano. ♪ ♪ go tell it on the mountain >> reporter: let me ask you, mom. has this challenged your faith? >> oh, no. it hasn't challenged my faith. in fact, i think my faith grows stronger when you're still. when you can be still. there is in that sense of stillness, a realization that you're never alone.
8:21 am
and that even though you're in the winter of your life, spring follows winter. >> i tell older adults all the time, do not close your book until your story's finished. if you still have stories to tell, don't close the book before it's over. >> reporter: my mom ended our conversation with missy by reading one of her favorite excerpts from one of missy's books. >> "in my life, i often thought you didn't care, lord. but i was wrong. now, i'm standing on the far end of my life timeline. from this vantage point, i can look through my life and see how you brought goodness from difficult circumstances. surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life. and i will dwell in the house of the lord forever. surely."
8:22 am
>> and sure her faith is as strong as ever. we get things that are sent to us. missy buchanan sent me these books several years ago. so, i sent them to my mom. little did i know that my mom had struck up a conversation on the phone with missy over the years. and so, when my mom was there recently, i was like, let me hook them up and meet each other. but these books have been so helpful. >> she's so talented. they are meditations and songs. they have echoes of the old testament and the same beauty. >> often times when we're talking and i know you recently lost your dad and your mom is going through what to do. it's so important to have an ongoing dialogue and discussion. and we hear from them. that we're not always the one talking. that we listen to those that are going through it. >> there's so many universal things. i hear your mom say, i feel like
8:23 am
i'm 19. i have to wrangle my mom sometimes. she'll jump up on a ladder and go to change a lightbulb. we have to remind her. >> when your mom was here recently. your mom is so vibrant. >> as is yours. that's the message we see if that piece. >> i did love hearing from your mom because it touched me. you hear from other people. but when your mom says that she knows -- she doesn't want you to treat her like a child. she still wants to be the parent. that means a lot, hearing from her. >> i'm going to sit up straight, mom. i know she's watching. we always do what our parents say. love you, mom. [ male announcer ] for frequent heartburn relief, nothing beats prevacid®24hr. just one pill helps keep you heartburn free for a full 24 hours. prevent the acid that causes frequent heartburn with prevacid®24hr, all day, all night. nothing works better.
8:24 am
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so why wait 28 days for new releases? blockbuster has hot new titles, like a-team and inception, 28 days before netflix and redbox. rent them in store, by mail, stream on demand, and on the go. blockbuster. less waiting. more watching. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning to you. it is 8:27 on this tuesday morning. we will have school closings and delays in just a minute but first there is a look at traffic lisa baden. mother nature went through and left a little bit of wintry mix on the highway. things are nice and slippery. on 270 southbound, things are improving coming out of germantown. if 29 out of columbia has been a long ride. traffic is moving slowly and urbana -- in urbana.
8:28 am
virginia traffic is pretty decent now. accidents for us right now. 395 delays from the belt way off and on to the 14th street bridge. blue, yellow, and orange line customers are in a july with a tray malfunctioned at south capitol and the pentagon city stations. that is the reason for those delays. we are clearing out outsider we have sunshine but it is very cold with temperatures down in the teens. normally, we see morning temperatures around 30 degrees. the wind chill is down on the single digits. windy and cold today and morning snow showers have come to an end. we may see a few more later tonight and tomorrow morning high temperatures today right near 30 degrees and gusty so afternoon wind chill will be in the teens. tomorrow, still gusty and coal, highs near the freezing point. we do have some school
8:29 am
closing and delays to tell you about. we will have another news update at 8:56. for continuous news covera
8:30 am
♪ vacation, all i ever wanted vacation ♪ why are we playing "vacation"? because. look at the water, the beaches. is that where you would like to be spending the holidays? especially when it's cold like this. we have the last-minute affordable travel deals to get you out of town. but we're glad you're in town and here with us in the studio. [ cheers ] good morning, america. on this tuesday morning. >> glad to be here, too. >> body heat. we're glad to have chris
8:31 am
connelly here this morning. big morning in hollywood. golden globe nominations are out. he'll have the play-by-play. everything. we're sharing some of our favorite family holiday recipes. i don't know why i get to go first. but my mother's frappe, how we call it, george. it's lucimarian's holiday frappe. it's three, easy ingredients. >> can't wait for that. mine's coming up tomorrow. now, we have a special holiday treat. "elf," is packing them in on broadway. and you're doing so great on broadway. but you're filling really big shoes. will ferrell played the elf in the movie in 2003. you freshened it up. >> we have. we expanded on the story. and our body sings and dances. we're playing at the al hirschfeld theater. and having a fun time with the
8:32 am
show. >> how do you dance in the shoes? >> they're italian. sometimes i get tripped up, i will say, with the curly shoes. but they're fun. it's going well. >> i'm hoping to bring my kids. you guys are closing on january 2nd. >> come soon. enjoy the holiday season with us. >> great. and you brought some coats today. >> yes. donating for the national coat drive. in the spirit of giving, it's easy to give and hard to comprehend how people can go without basic needs. whatever people can do to donate to the need it goes a long way. it would make santa happy. that, i know. >> all right. thank you very much. >> yay! a pleasure. >> absolutely. a limited engagement of "elf" ends on january 2nd. tickets are available. we want to thank you for giving the coats. everyone can make a donation to our warm coats warm hearts
8:33 am
drive. you can go to burlington coat factory. or get details on speaking of coats, that elf coat is really nice. lots of detail on it. a nice-looking jacket. just saying. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning we want to talk about as you head out the door. we're going to be talking about the cold air. atlanta is official. you're two degrees below the record. a 93-year-old record slammed in atlanta, with a chilly 14 degrees this morning. our friends at wsb know everything about atlanta. they certainly let us know that. in atlanta, the temperatures come up in a couple of days. 57 by thursday. jacksonville, 67 by thursday. miami, back to the 70s on thursday. if you planned that trip to miami, that warm air does come back to the state of florida. don't temperatures are near 20 degrees and even cooler but when you factor in the wind chill, it
8:34 am
feels like the single digits in cannot rule out what are two isolated snow showers tonight and tomorrow morning. all that weather was brought to you by block -- all that weather was brought to you by blockbuster. happy birthday, by the way. >> thank you. >> 9 years old today. doesn't a warm and sunny vacation
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
we are counting down to christmas. and if this latest cold snap convinced you have you have to get away this holiday season, you're not alone. it's expected 46.3 million passengers will be taking flight. expert heidi mitchell is here to tell us about the deals. we're trying to figure out last-minute getaway. trying to get sun, it's not too late. >> it's not too late. i think i'm going to change my plans and go to acapulco. acapulco is back. they've invested in the city. and this 1950s rat pack destination is back on the map. and the hotel boca is $95 a night. >> and right on the water. >> on the water.
8:38 am
it's totally hip. it's like a haute hotel. very cool with the nightclub. refreshing from the '50s, i love it. >> what's the best time to book the flight? >> my recommendation is tuesday night. on monday, the airlines refresh their prices. if you're booking this last-minute, it will probably go up wednesday morning. if you see the flight, book it tuesday night. >> do it right away? >> yep. >> and there's some spa deals out there. pretty luxurious, but at a decent price. >> mirror ball is very luxurious, in tucson, arizona. $1,279 for three nights. you can maybe take some of the cookie weight off at the end of the holidays. it includes everything. your food and all of your classes. you get $130 a day for spa treatments. >> that's a great deal. >> and it's like $100 a night for the room. that's a great deal. >> before you book the hotel,
8:39 am
what's the most important thing to check on? >> the most important thing is to check on the flight availability. how annoying it is there's only a flight on wednesday. i like to bundle everything. there's a lot of sites that do that. your airfare with your hotel and car. >> don't do that last click on the hotel until you have the flight. that's a lot of sense. and you have people that aren't sick of the snow yet, you can get deals on skiing. >> great deals on skiing. sebastian is a new hotel in the center of vail. and they have a deal that's $199 per person per night. but it including your lift ticket and a spa treatment if you stay for three nights. come off the slopes. get an amazing massage. >> and the lift ticket, as well? >> lift ticket included. exactly. >> how about on the east coast? >> on the east coast, we have the equinox in vermont. they are $269 a night. and two lift tickets. so, you end up paying $130 for
8:40 am
the room. >> that's fantastic. one of the issues with skiing, if you're taking your own equipment, you have a lot of luggage. is there any way to get around the baggage fees? >> a lot of people are afraid of the hidden costs there. but there's hidden travel perks. if you want to take your skis, for example, a lot of charge cards and cards have credits for incidentals. my american express platinum card adding $200 a year for in-flight meals and checking your bags. you don't have to worry about the fees. your skis, your boots, your helmet. check that, get rid of it. save some money. >> and finally, a romantic getaway. >> i love mohaunk mountain house. this old-fashioned mountain house up in the hills. you can go snowshoeing and sledding. it's $165 per person per night, including everything. four-course dinner. and that's your midweek special
8:41 am
until the end of march. really affordable. >> all the great deals. heidi, thanks for bringing them to us. you can see the deals at george, you better get down here. there's trouble in the kitchen. you shared your special holiday dishes to us. now, in our 12 days of cooking, we're going to do the same thing. robin's turn to reveal a holiday favorite. it's lucimarian's holiday frappe. you knew it was the holidays when you saw that. >> that's the only time my momma would make it. she had an open house in the past last week, and she made this dish. i call it a dish. my mom says the best thing she makes is a reservation. but this is very easy, simple and says holiday. you need three, basic ingredients. lime sherbet, which we found was difficult to find in new york city. >> it's a summer thing. >> it's frozen, lime sherbet.
8:42 am
see the green for christmas. and you put this in a punch bowl about an hour before your guests are going to come by. continue to put this. >> put the whole thing in? >> yeah. make sure it's frozen. an hour before. >> thanks. frozen. >> you got it all in there. and then, you take ginger ale, the kind of ginger ale you like. >> southern, as well. >> you're my sous chef. >> we made it from scratch. jell-o and stuff. >> all you do is add ginger ale. >> like a science experiment. >> i know. like that. >> do you stir? >> just pour it in a little bit. and let it melt. you don't want to put too much in. you don't want it too soupy. you let it sit for a little bit. and then -- >> george is distributing. >> okay.
8:43 am
great. and add, again. because christmas. you have the green, lime sherbet. you add strawberries. >> what a festive bowl. that's nice. >> and put some in there like that. and there you have it. so, as the night progresses, you keep adding a little more of the lime sherbet. very simple. and pigs in a blanket. >> would you like to try it? >> it looks beautiful. this is what you serve. >> this is the end product. >> and it has that lovely red and green in it. nice and kind of chilly. >> yesterday, dr. oz was talking about how holiday drinks are so high in calories. but sherbet is low in calories. >> that's really good. >> thank you. it brings back warm family memories. >> cheers. >> where did you go? >> happy holidays. >> i'm serving up pigs in a blanket over here. >> you have -- what are you going to make? >> mine is a coconut cake.
8:44 am
it was my dad's favorite. my grandmother used to make it. i remember it being a mile high and bright, white coconut cake. >> i'm doing a korean rice cake soup. it's not new year's around my house without it. korean food can be intimidating for nonkoreans. but this is friendly for everyone's palate. it will be fun. >> i don't know what you're doing tomorrow. say it again. >> what is that? >> egg, lemon and chicken soup and rice. my mom made it every sunday. but i like it on the holidays. >> going to wash it down a little bit? >> okay. >> it's really good. >> you can find this recipe. >> lucimarian's recipe -- all right for holiday frappe on our website. i was getting into the frappe. on our website. >> frappe. >>
8:45 am
>> tomorrow -- >> we'll be right back.
8:46 am
8:47 am
i'm full. speaking of -- golden globe nominations are out. the nominees announced just moments ago. who were the big winners? the big surprises. our chris connelly is here. you've been poring over it. >> i've been poring over it. nothing like the hollywood foreign press to pull a few surprises. we've seen some. your nominees for best drama "black swan," "the fighter," "inception," "the king's speech," "the social network." that leaves out films like "127 hours." best comedy is the biggest
8:48 am
surprise. comedy or musical, "alice in wonderland," "perlessing," "the kids are all right." "red," and "the tourist." "the tourist" as a comedy will come as a no surprise only to people who have seen "the tourist." and johnny depp and angelina jolie getting nominated for best actor and actress in that movie. sam, you look as surprised as the rest of the world. >> i am. i di't think of it as a -- >> good reaction over there. >> i know. >> a musical, maybe. >> apparently, it's getting funnier all the time. apparently, once they added the laugh track, that was good. and johnny depp gets two nominations. both for comedy or musical with that film and with "alice in wonderland." actor drama, you have a showdown between colin firth, so good in "the king's speech." and people like james franco,
8:49 am
terrific in "127 hours." and natalie portman looks like your leader in best actress right now. a long road to go. in drama, she's up against nicole kidman, jennifer lawrence, who was wonderful in "winter's bone." michelle williams. but her greatest rival when the oscars come out, would well prove to be annette bening, who is nominated as a comic actress for "the kids are all right." >> am i reading this right? no jeff bridges? no helen mirren. >> no. i think people thought he did well in "true grit." >> we had folks in from "the fighter" last week. it did well in the nominations. really enjoyed the film. who got -- we have melissa leo, nominated. >> what a spectacular performance for that. melissa leo. >> amy adams. >> amy adams. >> christian bale. and mark wahlberg. >> wow. >> what a tribute to him, a guy that kept this project going
8:50 am
when it went through matt damon and brad pitt. he believed in this story. and he got it made. it must be great news for him. >> you have the oscars. are the golden globes a good predictor? bad predictor? >> it's the first call, i'd say. you usually see a preference for the foreign films. i don't think we'll see this kind of support for "the tourist," when the oscars come around. but we're beginning to see the competitions that might go down. geoffrey rush and christian bale. that's going to be a great battle for "the king's speech," and "the fighter." >> and for best picture, what? "social network." "fighter." >> we'll see how it gets through these awards. "black swan" has gotten fantastic reviews. that could do well, as well. "the fighter" has a lot of momentum behind it. and "inception," that came out in the summer. people love the christopher nolan movies.
8:51 am
>> no leo dicaprio. >> you're surprised "true grit" isn't in. or "127 hours." or "blue valentine." >> what about the tv nominations? >> "modern family" got three nominations. for eric stonestreet and sofia vegara. and the zombie series got nominations. zombies are big again. it's a thrill to see what these guys do. >> but there's not the buzz that we've had in recent years. >> i think it remains to be seen, right? some of the movies haven't gotten out to a wide audience. i'm not sure the average person has gotten to see "the fighter" yet. >> that just came out. >> in new york and l.a., too. >> people will enjoy it once they get to see it. once the audience gets a bite of something like that. >> who are the voters? >> the hollywood foreign press. you have less than 100 people
8:52 am
making the selections. we'll see who goes. >> guess who is on the phone right now? >> who? >> mark wahlberg. that's great. all of the nominations. you were just here last week. christian bale and amy adams. you fought so hard. what's it feel like with the nominations, mark? >> it's mind-blowing. i got woken up. the phone ringing and everything. you don't go into something expecting this. especially with a movie that was so hard to get made. we're happy people are seeing it. everybody's so excited. >> four acting nominations for this film. a movie you fought year after year to get made. how gratifying is something like today for you, given everything you did to make this movie a reality? >> it's incredible. it's especially gratifying to see my dear friend being nominated for best director. we made three films together. it's been quite some time since he made a film. i told everybody that he would
8:53 am
make the best version of this movie. and it really helped bring all of the parts to life. to have all of the actors. amy and christian be nominated. the movie be nominated and david, it's overwhelming. >> how did you find christian bale to suggest he play this role? >> our daughters went to the same school. i found him in a playground. >> anything. >> a new story. the preschool playground. >> approaching people around the kids and stuff. i had to go up and say hey to him. see if he read the script. everybody committed to portraying these people in the way they should be, with a lot of love and heart. and, you know, we're just so thrilled. >> thank you, mark. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> i appreciate it. >> we'll be back.
8:54 am
♪ i ain't got no time for a nap, oh no, no ♪ ♪ i gotta make this holiday glow, like a light bulb ♪ ♪ tie it all up in a big shiny bow. i'm a "home for the holiday" superhero ♪ ♪ mrs. claus ain't got nothin' on me. i'm dancin' circles ♪ ♪ around the christmas tree.
8:55 am
8:56 am
thanks again to chris, as we head into awards season. your insight, your knowledge, your wit. >> my tuxedo. >> oh. >> tomorrow, little time with barbra streisand. we'll bring it to you tomorrow. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update.
8:57 am
>> good morning at 8:56, i am pamela brown with your local update. we have school closings and delights to tell you about. over to lisas it baden. we are moving well unto 70 out of urbana and now that a crash has been cleared. we'll take you to a picture south from 270 across the american legion bridge where there is an accident in virginia on the outer loop at the dulles toll road. that car wreck is blocking a lame and causing the backup. 66 is getting better in virginia headed into fair oaks and virginia and 395 delays begin at washington boulevard. it is partly cloudy now.
8:58 am
when we get these clouds, we can't rule out an isolated snow flurry or one or two rogue snow showers. it could happen again tonight and tomorrow morning. the main headline is it is cold with temperatures in the teens and the windchill makes it feel like sex in burke. it is a cold day today. we will have wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour. cold and bitterly cold when you factor in the wind with ties and the upper 20's low 30's. if you snow showers cannot be ruled out of the warmest we will get is friday and saturday, near 40. >> thank you for watching and we will be back at noon
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