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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 14, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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on storm watch tonight. another cold day and wind as blasting of the region. >> the wind chill will make for another frigid night. let's go live to the weather center. >> temperatures are around 20 degrees with wind chill in the lower teens. temperatures are a little colder than this time yesterday. 21 degrees out of dulles. the winds, still as wendy as yesterday. 41 mile an hour gusts. when you factor in the winds with the temperature, you get a wind chill. it feels like 7 degrees in gaithersburg. hour wind advisory has been canceled, but the wind chill advisory is still in effect until 9:00 tomorrow morning. cold air and snow as part of the
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forecast coming up. >> thank you. people trying to cope with the biting cold -- let's go to dupont circle. >> we're not seeing too many faces here. people are either entirely bundled up or running past us, very impatient at the lights. it is extremely uncomfortable. a different story this morning. downright treacherous in some places. here is some video where the snow did stick around for awhile. even after the sun came out, it was incredibly cold and many of us were incredibly unprepared. >> i'm not properly dressed. i need some gloves. i have to get a have. -- i have to get essentials.
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>> she was just saying she had not heard -- she was not wearing anything she was -- a lot of people are not wearing what they should be tonight. you can't officially consider yourself warned of your going out tonight. >> and the wind was a factor in a deadly fire last night in baltimore where three people -- or six people died, including three children. firefighters found a two-story brick building engulfed in flames. an elderly woman caller granddaughter and her children perished in the fire. firefighters were forced to fight it from the outside as frigid winds fanned the flames. family members believe a space heater may have caused the fire. >> a developing story out of arlington -- a local man is in
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custody accused in a plot to blow up the d.c. mattress system. tonight, the man's father says it's a big mistake. we have the very latest on the arrest. >> he says his son was born in afghanistan and the allegations he planned to blow up metro rail cars is far from the truth. says he'sounis'father not a terrorist. >> and never. >> but the fbi disagrees and arrested him last week and charged with threats to blow up metro subway trains. the feds say they were tipped off by his girlfriend who allegedly told agents that she -- that he wrote on facebook telling her he could make pipe bombs and would pace -- and would place them on metro subway cars.
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>> if your going to make everyone else's lives miserable, that's not fair. >> this is the second threat against metro in the past three months. writers we talked to said they're happy law enforcement is doing its job to foil potential terrorist throb -- terrorist plots. >> they need to keep the security at. >> court documents say he was not only targeting metro. he said he would place bombs under manholes in georgetown and that would cause massive casualties. his family says their son is a college student and he has never made a pipe bomb. when the fbi raided the home -- >> they could not find anything. they were here for six hours. >> the justice department released a statement saying prior to the arrest, agents were keeping a close eye on him and at this point, there is no threat to metro rail or the general public.
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>> a deadline is living on the hill for congress to stop a tax hike. the senate appears on the verge of passing the compromise bill. it is a compromise between president obama and the republicans, but the fight is uncertain. >> we know one thing for sure -- democrats are feeling the pressure to pass it. if they don't, the middle-class will see a tax hike come january 1st. the key elements are the 13- month and -- 13-month extension for and implement an extension of all the bush tax cuts and a estate tax that has been distasteful for democrats. criticisms were heaped on the compromise. >> i am opposed to those provisions that give overly generous tax reductions to the wealthiest among us. >> it do i feel passionate that the people who earn over a
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million dollars don't need a tax cut? you bet i do. >> conservatives are concerned over the unfunded them -- unfunded unemployment benefits. >> and those are the bill's supporters. hours earlier, led a move forward by an over more -- an overwhelming majority. they are expected to pass it in the next 24 hours. >> the time has come where we have to start doing things that are so important. >> the supporters agree on two things -- >> no one thinks this is a perfect bill. >> that and it is worth passing anyway. >> this set will overwhelmingly passed this package. >> the real test is in the house were few democrats support the plan. but the white house expects enough conservative democrats will join republicans to push it through. >> the president has had some good conversation that we are on a path toward getting this agreement through the house and to the president's desk.
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>> a signature he hopes to get by the end of the week. a christmas present worth $858 billion. house democrats plan to meet and talk strategy in the next day. many want to jack up the inheritance tax rate, but it's not clear that they have the votes. >> thank you. >> a new white house reports as a troop drawdown could start in july. >> president obama and top security officials met today to talk about the report. the white house spokesman, robert gibbs, says they have showed progress halting the momentum of the taliban and increased cooperation with the government in afghanistan. >> world leaders say the death of richard holbrooke has left a hole that will be very difficult to fill. he was best known as the architect of the peace accords ending a bloody ethnic war in bosnia. he was recently serving as a
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special envoy to afghanistan and pakistan. mr. obama called him a true giant of american foreign policy. the 69-year-old died last night following surgeons it -- following surgery for a tear in his aorta. >> coming up, chaos and violent protests erupt in rome. >> a veteran army officer is facing court martial. why he says an order from president obama is illegal. >> a remarkable story of a local man giving away $10 a day for one year comes full circle. man giving away $10 a day for one year comes full circle.
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>> angry protests on the streets of rome today -- hundreds of demonstrators smashing motorcycles and police responding with teargas. the protest erupted after the controversial italian premier won a razor-thin vote of confidence in the italian parliament. an army doctor could face prison time and a dishonorable discharge. the lieutenant colonel is charged with refusing to deploy to afghanistan. the veteran disobeyed orders because he says he does not believe president obama was born in the united states and says he is ineligible to be president
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and commander-in-chief, so the orders are illegal. >> yahoo! is handing out 600 layoff notices for the holidays. there has been speculation that there would be forced to trim their payrolls. this the fourth time in three years the company has resorted to mass firings to boost earnings. the latest cuts reduce the workforce to 13,500 employees. >> coming up, he spent one year changing lights $10 at a time. one local man celebrate the year of giving. >> blustery winds and biting cold tonight. we will be back with your forecast. >> the caps losing streak boils over. i sat down with donovan mcnabb to ask about the reports that grossman is ready to take over.
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>> breaking news -- the police have a man in custody following its three car crash that happened at about 4:30 on
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minnesota avenue nw. police are questioning the driver of a minivan involved in the crash. police say they have found evidence that they could have a driving under the influence situation. three people have life- threatening injuries and the latest closed in both directions. one year ago, a d.c. man lost a project to surprise someone once a week. >> he was going to hand out 1 $10 bill at a time. the year of. >> the remarkable year of getting comes to an end here on day 365. there is a major celebration here in northwest washington. we have done a couple of stories of a man and we showed you every day for the last year, he has given away $10 to a stranger. he launched this project after losing his job and he wanted to
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reach out to as many people as possible. tonight, he has invited of his $10 recipients and supporters to this celebration which begins but barely. >> what i learned from this year is that it's not so much about $10, it's about the relationships and the time you spend with someone. next year, going to a new committed. i'm going to stop giving away $10 a day and a volunteer my time matters. >> on top of that, his year of giving is not officially over. he is going to hand off the mantle to other people who are unemployed. he is recruiting as we speak people who will take over his job of being a kind as an investor for a week at five. one person will give away $10 a day for a week and then had the off to someone else. he is now gainfully employed. we'll have more on his extraordinary year.
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>> thank you. >> that's a good story. >> the wind is still gusty at temperatures are unseasonably cold. it feels like the middle of january. there is a lot more cold air to go. >> let's give you some representative temperatures. if you live near the elementary school, it feels like eight degrees outside. 23 degrees in dale city. in -- our numbers this tuesday -- 28 and 22. the temperatures today, at 19 degrees colder than normal. that's a significant departure. this is a dream -- the average
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high of 47 is a dream because we are locked in with cold air. air temperatures in the teens all across, with cold air pushing to the south. singable members in many areas that would chill values across most of the area, west of the blue ridge wind chills below zero. our computer program can calculate future when shells -- just an approximation. the numbers change as we get through early tomorrow morning with windchill swarming into the lower twenties. that is what is going to feel like. the low pressure lock them over eastern canada as it spends, it is hooking up and driving the landed occasional snow flurries. this system will not wind speeds
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down dramatically just in time to open the door to a low pressure. south of washington, partly cloudy skies, we might get back to 40 degrees on friday. tomorrow and we will see temperatures warmed by maybe a little worse know by sunday. >> donovan mcnabb is going to the game to watch the lakers. the wizards host the lakers tonight. you are going to the game, he will not play because he has tendinitis in his right leg. for those of you who say he is injury prone, how about this --
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he has had pain in the 15 games he did play in. so there should be some concern about job wall. the redskins cut -- i down with donovan mcnabb and asked about the report he was of a short list last week. no changes made, as you know, but there is a report today that says he may not start against dallas on sunday. >> that is what i cannot focus on. once your mind begins to focus on that, did i miss this throw, it takes you away from playing the game. i enjoy the game too much to worry about any other things i cannot control. >> a former maryland star made the big play for the rate of last night in overtime. the rate of one the game 34-28.
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game, set, match -- way to go. everyone is talking about the caps six straight losses. it's the first time that's happened since 2007 today, everyone was baffled by this and players were flat out met. >> if you don't see it after six losses, how many is it going to take? 16? 20? winning teams stay together at losing teams doubt. if we don't start winning, changes will be made. it doesn't matter what your name as, you can be moved everyone in this locker wants to stay here. >> we ask that a coach as job security. he was not happy. >> i knew you were going to ask that question. i don't think about it at all. it is what is and we had a group. i've never been asked such a
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dumb question. >> trust me when i say it wasn't me. how do you explain this? the rangers wanted him and the yankees upped their offer to $21 million a season for seven years. but then he goes back to the team that them to me your ago. agreeing to less money. maybe he just loves being with them and the red to the world series. now hear this -- the maryland head coach in waiting, james franklin, is taking the head coach job at vanderbilt if a contract can be worked out. the head coach in waiting for maryland, he is going to vanderbilt. >> you can get by on that.
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>> it is so cold outside. >> current temperatures raising from the teens into the 20s. the big story is the wind chill. it feels like 4 degrees. we will at single-digit windchill temperatures. a better chance of snow showers on thursday as the storm's center goes to the south. on sunday, we will see a chance of snow.
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it depends -- one computer model says we will have snow and we it depends -- one computer model says we will have snow and we will i think there are eggnog people and non-eggnog people. and which are you? i'm a fish. on a tree. [ female announcer ] if it tastes like the holidays, we've got it. safeway. ingredients for life.
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