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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 14, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute blistering called, wicked blistering called, wicked wins.
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b> the brutal fallout from earish weather. we are live with team coverage. the terror plot, the suspect, and the social networking lead to an arrest. >> he was nothing. >> a shocked father's reaction. a year of giving comes full circle. >> it started with a blog. >> a guardian angels a new plan. and this in city get away. the casino paper caught on tape and the new revelation tonight. live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00. on your side. we begin tonight on storm
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watch once again with the deep freeze a firmly entrenched in every corner of our region. hats and gloves are a must for anyone going out side tonight. brace yourself for some bearish conditions in the morning. we have live team coverage with cynee simpson. we will begin with bob ryan you has that forecase. >> look at wehrhere the areas under a wind chill adviser. those folks in rappahannock county and in the mountains of west virginia. temperatures are in the 20's. we are not even close to the record low. 22 degrees in town. with a northwesterly wind it 15-20 miles per hour. it means the wind chill is into the single digitss. in germantown, it feels like is
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3 degrees. dress accordingly tomorrow morning. even tomorrow, it will continue to be windy and cold. this is what it looks like in west virginia, with its still snowing and the high elevations. this is the wind chill. this is what you should be feeling throughout the day tomorrow. you will start feeling about 5- 10 degrees, the high temperature will be 22. snow? you betcha. i'll tell you about that when i join you. stery conditions caused problems for firefighters, some that had to battle a cold tonight. >> the fire is contained. firefighters say that getting to this point was no easy task. the water was freezing on those instantly. you will notice where it is leading this dangerous glaze
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everywhere. it looks like a blizzard as firefighters saw through walls and installation, looked through hot spots in town homes in garrett boulevard. snow was not the challenge. it was i. ce. >> wind chills are well below zero. we have ice all over everything that is here. >>burning embers were quick to ignite. neighbors watched the unimaginable. >> if you take a look at the flames, it was shooting over the house. >> it only took 20 minutes to spread to the other house. the back street is nothing but ice. it is terrible. >> a bubble firefighters and brave the cold and the heat hoping to ensure that the hot spot does not spread. >> with this wind, the least little bit of fire could cause a
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flare-up. >> plow trucks trying to clear the streets before traffic heads back down these roads. these icy conditions creating quite a problem. the firefighters are on the scene at this hour, working to make sure all of the hot spot are extinguished. six families were displaced tonight. the investigation continues into what happened. firefighters say the preliminary investigation reveals the fire started in one of the home's garages. now, as tough as things are here, it is worse in other places. more than 300 stranded drivers. one night after they were stopped on the high weight in o-- on the highway in ontario. buses had to be used to rescue the people.
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we are monitoring every development and our weather. bob will be back in 11 minutes with the complete forecast. we are monitoring the developing weather stories from the west coast where we're getting our first look at extensive damage left behind after a tornado touched down in oregon. the twister uprooted trees and destroyed numerous homes. a barber was in his business. >> the guy was in the chair. he hunkered down behind the chair. the roof blew off the building. >> no one was hurt. the last time or trade hit that state was back in december of last year -- the last time a tornado hit that state was in december. a video shows the gunmen after he spraypaints a red "v" and fired at the school
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superintendent and exchanged shots with a security guard. after he was hit by the guard, the man shot himself. police believe the motive was over this man's wife tried to get or keep a job with the school system. "nightline" will have much more on the story. first on 7 tonight, we are hearing more from the family of the man who is at the center of a metro terror plot. that threat was made by a northern virginia man on facebook. he said he wanted to detonate pipe bombs and he talked about which tactic would cause the most damage. john gonzalez is live in arlington with more about what the suspect's family is saying tonight. >> he is 26 years old, lives in arlington. his family says he is not violent, but tonight, he is charged with making threats on facebook to use explosive devices to kill people. his father spoke with us
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exclusively and said his son is not violent, but the fbi says the threats are serious. the father of 26 year-old awais younis tells us there is no evidence of any bomb making material inside the family home. authorities say the young awais younis wrote about placing georgetown.s in >> should i not go along with my dad routine? >> when his girlfriend reply to him on facebook that he would never do that, he told her, watch me. he said the christmas trees would soon go boom. he said that one of his photos shows him in the middle east toting an ak-47. the caption reads "my family business." >> he had some picture with -- the gun.
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>> his neighbor watched fbi agents raided a house last week. >> they had their guns and everything. it looked like someone was hiding in our yard under a blanket. >> court documents described that on facebook he talked about what kind of shrapnel would inflict the most carnage. >> with social media, who knows what could be taken seriously. i am glad the authorities looked into it. >> authorities said that when he awais younis got word his girlfriend when two fbi, he wrote to her on facebook that you are sticking your nose where it does not belong. metro says tonight it will not make any changes to its security security efforts. live in arlington, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. deep budget cuts could mean layoffs in montgomery county. the county council voted to cut $32 million from the budget.
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$19 million will come out of the school budget. nine school police officers will not lose their jobs after all. the county is facing a $300 million shortfall next year. a resolution over the tax cut could accelerate in the senate tomorrow. it is expected to take its final vote to extend current tax cuts to all americans. but house democrats are considering making changes. they are angry over a provision that would ease the countries estate tax. a new poll shows the country may not be sold on the new incoming gop the issue. slightly more people trust president obama instead of republicans. the gop will take over leadership of the house following last month's elections. the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5%.
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the red cross is helping out about 30 people who were displaced by a fire that killed six. an elderly couple, their granddaughter and her three children were killed when a rowhouse was on fire this morning. the children were aged nine, two, and one. family members believe a space heater may have caused the fire. the shooting at a sacramento
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california mall has left a mother dead and five others wounded. the woman was shot and killed while loading her two year-old son into her suv. she apparently was an innocent victim. the gunfire erupted inside the mall barbershop. the gun battle continued into the parking lot and that is where the woman was hit. there is no word on what sparked the issue in the barbershop. we are learning more about the suspect in a casino highest and las vegas caught on camera. photos so the robber with a motorcycle helmet and pull of a gun at the casino. he took about $1.50 million of casino chips. got away. police say they believe this is the same suspect that pulled off a similar crime at a casino across town less than a week ago. a heart warming story now that highlights the special need at this time of year. it is a story of a new beginning
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for a local man who has spent the past year giving back to those who need it. jay korff joins us now with how your of giving project expanded. >> he gave $10 to a stranger every day for a year. tonight, he celebrated day 365 and thanked his 365 recipients. tuesday marked the end of a remarkable journey. >> i have new friends. >> he never imagined he would fill a room with lives changed by this simple act of kindness. >> it has been of world wind -- whirlwind. >> every day for a year, he handed out $10 to a stranger no strings attached. >> my name is elizabeth. >> on tuesday night, he invited
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them back to say thanks for what was dubbed the year of giving. >> it is about the time and relationships. >> he was laid off, and he gave to people struggling, like tommy and robert egert, whose d.c. central kitchen to distributes thousands of meals per day. >> i think most people felt like, i got to do something now. >> he gave to an iraq war veteran on this bench in arlington. a few days later, he used the cahsh to make cookies for those in need. >> random acts of strangers is something we should share. >> when you posted all the recipients on a blog he inspired acts of philanthropy. >> a little kid who had not
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found his mother, three months later, an average genealogists found his mother. >> my $10 i gave to my church. >> i gave my $10 away today. >> will you take my $10? >> what is it that you leave on this earth? and that is what came into focus by doing as. >> he now has a job and he is ending the year. he is actively committing people he works with to commit to giving away $10 per day. he will dedicate the next year of his life to volunteer work. >> that is the definition of a great guy. how much do we have to give you to give us some warm weather? we will be about 15 degrees below the record low. make you feel warmer? >> not really. now, our rightnow,
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current temperatures are into the teens. it is a dangerous cold. make sure the youngsters heading to school tomorrow are dressed appropriately. here in washington, 22 degrees. well this december is the coldest december we have had since 2000, the year overall will be one of our warm or years. 2010 will be well above average. our temperatures -- 15 degrees in detroit. this chicago is 8 degrees. the jet stream is diving to the south, and these cold winds are coming across the lake. see that plume in chicago? strong winds whipping of lake michigan. this is not the kind of day you
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want to ride the surf in lake michigan. fierce weather across the country. look at the low temperatures in chicago. minneapolis had six below zero. down south. there were records set all over the east today all the way from daytona beach -- 24 degrees -- louisville was 6. mobile, 24. roanoke, 10 degrees. we will continue to see that overall cold pattern as we go to the next 24 hours, with more strong northwesterly winds. there is an area of low pressure that will move to our south. probably close enough to give us a bit of light snow on thursday. maybe an inch or two, especially you folks to the south. in the meantime, for overnight tonight and tomorrow morning, look at the wind chills. it will be 10, feeling like five to 2110 degrees.
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only feeling about 20 degrees. during the afternoon, it will feel only about 20. tomorrow morning, dress warmly and safely. temperatures -- the actual temperature will be into the low teens in the suburbs. a windy afternoon. on thursday, i have increased the chances for light snow, down towards fredericksburg, 40% chance. another one we will keep an eye on for sunday. you can keep posted on the weather all the time on we have a blog of nice presents for aspiring young meteorologist. here's to the believers.
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tonight. >> the redskins make a move on their roster. rumors are rampant about donovan mcnabb. what a night at verizon center. kobe bryant of into the phone booth and once agin
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. the lakers beat the wizards,
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103-89. they have lost five in a row. john wall sat out. the guy is 20, and he is not used to this workload. >> tonight was all kobe. he scored 16 points in the third period alone. the lakers win. in college basketball au traveled to umbc. led the eagles to a 66-53. 6 and 3, 4 and 1 for the eagles on the road. the redskins cut hunter smith this afternoon. i spent the afternoon with donovan mcnabb and asked him about the reports the redskins have him on a short leash.
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>> that is one i cannot focus in on. once your mind begins to focus on that, i miss the throw or what will happen now? it takes you away from playing the game. i enjoy the game a lot, too much for me to worry about anything i cannot control. the most stunning video came from minneapolis. the collapsed roof will not be prepared in time. they will play the next game outdoors. good luck to you, minnesota. the capitals lost six games in a row. you could feel the tension. unk.players are in a fo >> i knew you were going to ask that question, and i do not think about it at all.
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another cold day. we will see light snow, especially in washington south on thursday. testing to an inch. not a big storm. >> "nightline" is next. not a big storm. >> "nightline" is next. have a
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