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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  December 15, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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dozens left in the cold. >> plus, and other metro bomb plot. we will have a live report. >> the senate's final push for the tax-cut compromise. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> welcome back. good morning, washington. great to have you with us on this wednesday morning, i am pamela brown. >> i'm greta kreuz. there's one school closings. rappahannock county schools are closed today because of a water issue. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> lisa baden in a moment. first, meteorologist adam caskey. another bone-chilling day. >> i'm sorry to hear about your pillow that you lost. i thought i was the only one.
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let's go to the graphics to look get a chilly temperatures. 18 in gaithersburg, 20 in martinsburg, 22 in the district. it feels like we are in the single digits when you factor in the wind. it feels like 5 in martinsburg. high temperatures today in the low 30s. cold and blustery with winds from the west at 25 miles an hour. now to lisa baden. inner loop at telegraph road for virginia commuters, there's a broken-down tractor-trailer blocking the right lane at the exit. expect to find a little slowdown starting to form on 66 out of manassas, but it is open inside the beltway. eastbound to get to the roosevelt bridge, 95 in virginia is starting to see more action. northbound is open out of fredericksburg. red on the right is going southbound. we hope to have newschopper 7 in
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a little while. for now, back to you. >> thank you. a bitter cold morning on the streets. that is exactly what to dozens of people are dealing with around the area. >> brianne carter is live in bethesda with more. >> that's right. this is another day and another round of cold weather that we are experiencing this morning. this is having an effect all across the region on people who have had to deal with this without heat. another round of bone-chilling temperatures. >> its freezing. >> dozens of people in this case of an apartment complex found themselves without heat after an electrical problem with the boy. the section of the department has been declared unsafe. the displaced residents were kept warm. in landover, firefighters worked
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to battle a blaze. >> with 20-degree temperatures, windchills below zero, there is ice all over everything. >> that was a problem. a lot of the water turns to ice. been to this morning is not blowing nearly as bad as yesterday morning. we are still talk about windchills that we will experience today, in the teens and single digits. remember to bundle up this morning. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the canadian military rescued 300 people trapped on an ontario highway during a blizzard. look at this video. much of our country is dealing with bone-chilling gold. we will have more coming up in a live report in a few minutes. checking news on capitol hill, the senate is expected to take a final vote today on a
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bill to extend the bush-jarrett tax cuts and unemployment benefits. once the measure cleared the senate, it goes to the house, where it is expected to face a real test. few democrats support the plan. some say they want to change it. the house could pick a bill this week to repeal the ban on openly gay troops. democrats hope to put pressure on the senate to act on ending the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. some advocates say it could be their best shot. breaking news from iran. 38 people are dead after a pair of suicide bombings at a mosque in turnaround. the attackers targeted shiite or super sutta morning ceremony. no one has claimed responsibility. -- worshipers at a morning ceremony. a suspect was plan and it to
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bomb georgetown. but this is the second floor of attack on metro. the suspect is 26-year-old awais younis of arlington. he was studying to be a doctor at george mason university. he spoke with his girlfriend about building a pipe bombs and planting them in crowded metro cars as well as georgetown manholes. he describes the types of shrapnel that create the greatest amount of damage. the fbi seized a facebook photograph of him in afghanistan molding an ak-47 rifle off in front of a 10th of explosives. the caption read, "my family business." we spoke with his father yesterday. we will have some of that interview later in the morning. so stay with us.
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abc 7 news, arlington. some people living in anacostia plan to protest a recent spike in crime. they are calling for more police in the neighborhoods and they wanted to administration to come up with a plan to reduce crime. the protest is at 6:30 this morning at martin luther king avenue near w. st. se. montgomery county schools are bracing for some big budget cuts. the county council voted to cut more than 32 maiden dollars from the budget yesterday. $19 million will come from the school system. the council rejected plans to remove 9 police officers from county schools. the county is trying to close of $300 million budget gap. there will be lane closures on the beltway during the overnight hours because of the 495 hot lanes project. four southbound lanes and three northbound lanes will be closed at route 7 from midnight tonight
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until 5:30 tomorrow morning. that's beginning at midnight tomorrow. we have a chilly 22 degrees again today. >> still to come, harder than a rock pools cleveland's hall of fame goes to the diamond it in cleveland. >> record low temperatures struck from florida to the state of maine. >> and a chance
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welcome back, everybody. 5:00 then, time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> any news today besides the freezing cold? >> it is still cold and gusty. not as gusty as what we had yesterday. i think we will be looking at some areas of light snow across the region tomorrow, especially locally and south of the metro area. close to the mason-dixon line, you may get a snow flurries. it is 17 in front royal and warrenton, 20 in the district, 18 in rockville. front royal feels like 3 degrees. feels like 6 degrees in
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sterling. you like 11 in the district. sunny today, gold and breezy, is near freezing in the low 30s. increasing clouds tonight in advance of the low pressure system that could bring late morning and midday light snowfall across the region tomorrow. i think the morning rush hour will be fine, but the evening rush hour could next six spots with maybe an inch and a half falling across the region. we are paying close attention to what adam caskey has to say. pay close attention to these maps. notice that i am going to give you all cleared out of southern maryland. no problems reported on 5, 301. there was a crash overnight, but that is gone. looks good on route 4 between dunkirk and the andrews air force base exit. the green light on 95 and baltimore washington parkway. 270 has a low volume growing
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south into montgomery county. no evidence of that act 109. back to you. >> thank you. 5:11 on this wednesday morning, 22 degrees. >> get with a program. google is here to help parents. >> more than half the nation in the grips of a bitter cold spell. farmers are or about their crops in the south. more on that is coming up. >> the laforce vs three speech. why the military branches can'
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welcome back. checking our top stories. it will be another bitter cold day across the d.c. area, but the freezing temperatures are taking a toll. firefighters had a tough time
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battling this blaze in landover. dozens of gaithersburg residents are in the cold after the boiler problem left their building without heat. an arlington man was arrested after allegedly using facebook to threaten metro. awais younis told a friend that he produce pipe bombs. he's under mental evaluation now. the air force has banned access to "the new york times." and other web sites that have published sensitive data. the army and navy have not taken similar actions. >> more than half the country is still in the grips of a cold snap. the bitter cold will be sticking around a few more days. now, the latest on the storm. good morning, karen. >> good morning. this massive arctic blast has
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swept down from canada, but it has affected our neighbors to the north. in canada, people were stranded on the highway and they had to rescue people by helicopter. there were no deaths or injuries reported. in the deep south, the record cold has turned crops into popsicle. farmers are doing all they can to fight the frost, spring water to keep the temperature above freezing around their fruits and vegetables and are using helicopters to funnel warmer air closer to the ground. warmer temperatures are expected to reach the deep south by friday. the cold weather overturn next week. abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. the minnesota vikings run of bad luck continues. the metrodome roof cannot be fixed in time for monday's
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football game against the chicago bears. that game will be moved to the of minnesota stadium. investigators are trying to find out what caused a fire in baltimore that killed six members of the same family. relatives believe a space heater may be to blame. an elderly couple, their granddaughter, and their children died in yesterday morning's fire. the fire spread to two other homes, displacing 30 people. the man found in california with a missing virginia girl is headed back to face charges. he was with the 12-year-old outside the san francisco safeway after a shopper alerted authorities. the girl disappeared after order was found murdered in the roanoke, virginia house. he was the boyfriend of her mother. the dc9 nightclub which
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shutdown in october after a man died outside the club. five employees were initially charged in the death of ali mohammed. if the charges were dropped and the medical examiner has yet to rule on his death. age p packs everything you need into one device, but does it work? rob nelson as those stories and more. >> google is offering tech support. it has launched "teach parents tech with 50 basic videos on how to copy and paste, change wallpaper, and show videos. hewlett-packard has a photo smart station that prints, copies, scans, faxes, and has a detachable touch screen. the device is a little confusing. >> i find that using a tablet device like the ipad makes me
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prince less, so i take the ipod with me into the kitchen for baking. they seem to be giving you a way to progress, but they are selling you a $400 a printer at the same time. it is a little strange. >> i am >. quick reminder. tabb a hynix county schools are closed this morning because of the water issue. -- rappahannock county schools. now garrett county and morgan county schools are opening two- hour is late. adam caskey is here to talk about the weather and a carbon copy of what the experience yesterday as far as the cold weather. >> the weather pattern has not changed much. an improvement in the wind. the wind will billy died down tomorrow. it's probably going to cause light snow, late in the morning to midday especially.
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today's cold again. not as cold as yesterday. tetris have dropped -- will drop a few degrees as we go through the morning. 22 in the district, 19 in manassas, fat 18 at gaithersburg and fredericksburg. i have seen one reports in maryland of a few snow flurries flying, but i am not picking up anything on the radar. don't be surprised to see that especially along 15. there's a storm system developing in oklahoma and north texas. the storm is going to try to eastward. it will pass just to the south of our metro area. enough to put us on the cold side of this storm and give us some areas of snow across the region late in the morning tomorrow after the morning rush hour and into the midday. the areas of light on the screen now is where they are expecting snow to develop.
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especially in northern virginia. folks in frederick and hagerstown may not even get any snow flakes. then it quickly dissipates and leaves by the evening rush hour. however, we should have a little accumulation. for the evening rush hour tomorrow, the roads may be slippery. high temperatures today near freezing, low 30's and breezy. one. inch at the most respected during the midday tomorrow, highs near 30. temperatures near 40 on friday and saturday. possible storm on sunday. in virginia it looks great. 81, no problems to report on the greenway, or the dulles toll road. 95 and 66 are starting to build in volume a little. if let's look at traffic on 395 north bound. uneventful starts at duke street, good to the pentagon. upper side of town, on the north side of town and the beltway at
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university boulevard, things are running nicely. if you take mass transit, metrorail is on normal service system wide. back to you. >> thank you. 5:21 right now, 22 degrees. >> of next, the lakers go bryant opens a school in d.c. and we will feel disclose outflows, in sports. >> today on "oprah," celebrities take on their dream jobs, today at 4:00 on abc 7.
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welcome back. the washington capitals will try to break out of their slump against anaheim at the verizon center at 7:00 p.m. and then a 10:00 it's more cops on tv. >> first episodes in the aspa stories -- in the hbo series that looks into the capital's- penguins rivals begins tonight. >> tim brant had the rest of this morning sports. qwest the lakers beat the wizard's last night 103-89. they have lost five in arrowed. john wall sat out with tendinitis. he 20 years old. i'm not sure of his body is used to the workload. last night was all kobe bryant.
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by now you know that the redskins cut hunter smith yesterday and signed sam. i spent the evening with donovan mcnabb. >> i cannot focus on that. once your mind begins to focus on that like i missed that throw and what's going to happen now, and that takes your a from the enjoyment of the game. i enjoy the game too much to worry about any other thing that i cannot control. >> we will keep an eye on that. have a great day. they will be playing dallas. >> debts going to be a good game. the news continues at 5:30. >> the man behind "sweet caroline." he takes his place in rock-and- roll history. >> and other form of attack on
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metro. we spoke with the suspect's father, coming up. >> the cold weather will continue.
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> we have eyes all over everything that's here. >> straight ahead this half- hour, stranded in the cold. dozens of people out on the streets on one of the most frigid nights yet. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, december 15. i am greta kreuz, in for alison starling. >> i am pamela brown. we will have more on that story in a moment. first, a couple of school delays.
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rappahannock county schools are closed in virginia. schools in garrett county, maryland and morgan county, west virginia go open two hours late today. >> adam caskey is in the weather center. today is cold and tomorrow and make the white. >> looks like there could be light snow again. adjusting to maybe an inch and a half by tomorrow at midday. if not for the morning rush hour. but it will make the evening rush-hour a little slippery. been devised until 9:00 a.m., mainly on the ridge tops and higher elevations. it's 21 degrees in arlington, 15 in la plata. 19 in winchester. it feels like we are in the single digits when you factor in the wind. scattered clouds today, for high temperatures in the low 30s, near freezing. you will notice the been still
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all day. mostly cloudy tomorrow. trace of inch a up to 1.5 inches by 3:00 p.m. or so. near 30 degrees tomorrow. metrorail is reporting normal service system wide. there are a couple of things to warn you about. 270s zoom over to southbound, building in volume of out of frederick into montgomery county. the beltway at the american legion bridge through tysons is normal. looks good in bethesda. if looks good on 66 and 95. if there was activity northbound 95 in dumfries, confined to the shoulder. route 4 northbound between house,d and brown's there's a broken vehicle blocking the right side. in and out of baltimore is uneventful.
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back to you. >> thank you. day of single-r digit temperatures. from firefighters to people just walking, the bitter cold is taking a toll. >> brianne carter is live in modesto with how the metro area is trying to cope with this. >> it certainly is not easy for us to be coping with the cold weather another day after we face all of this yesterday. the good news is this morning for the morning rush hour, the potential for more snowfall tomorrow, but we are now dealing with that today. however, we are faced with more bone-chilling temperatures. last night it was a message wishing for some residents in a local apartment complex. the fire marshal declared it an unsafe because of an orla problem -- a boiler broken.
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bundle up today as much as possible. windchills will be in the teens and sigel digits. if you have to go out today, be safe. you need a hat, gloves, and a scarf. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> to check on the forecast any time, log on to, the on- line home of abc 7 news. looking at the day ahead, the senate will take a final vote on a tax-cut compromise negotiated by president obama and congressional republicans. the bill would extend the bush- era tax cuts and jobless benefits for millions of americans. the measure faces a tougher time in the house where some democrats want to make changes to it. president obama will meet today with executives from the nation's largest companies and he is expected to focus on job
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creation, economic recovery, and corporate reservations. 38 people are did in iran after a pair of suicide bombings at a mosque in tehran. the attacker is targeted shi'ite worshipers at a morning ceremony. no one has claimed responsibility . the fbi has broken up and other alleged bomb plot targeting the capital's transit system. his latest arrest is another sign of a troubling trend. the rise of homegrown terror. now more details. >> this is the second foil the attack on metro in the last few months. if the suspect is from arlington. he was caught on facebook. we spoke with his father. >> he never and would never. >> his 26-year-old son awais
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younis is not a terrorist, his father says. and is not violent. >> they talk about him making bombs. they could not find anything from the house after six hours. >> the fbi spoke with his girlfriend. he spoke with her on facebook about putting pipe bombs on metro and in manholes in georgetown. >> it makes me wonder if i should not go along with my daily routine. >> on facebook he describes the types of shrapnel that causes the most damage and says that the local christmas trees would soon explode. his profile indicates a love for automatic weapons and the fbi seized a facebook picture of him in afghanistan if with an ak-47
5:36 am
rifle in front of a tent of explosives. the caption read, "my family business." >> that is our culture, that picture. >> about the stunning american was arrested in october for pplanning bombings. awais younis has been charged with communicating a threat using interstate communications. metro it is trying to fill 214 vacant positions. metro needs 91 bus drivers, 52 train operators, and 61 station managers. under a union agreement, you have to start as a bus driver before you can become a train operator. metro is looking for people who
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already have their commercial driver's licenses. authorities are preparing to unveil the results of a major drug investigation. d.c. police and federal agents arrested eight men with ties to mexico's la familia drug cartel last week. they seized millions of dollars worth of methamphetamine. montgomery county schools will take a big hit as the county tries to fill a $300 million budget gap. yesterday the county council voted to cut more than $32 million from the budget. that includes $19 million for the schools. the council also voted to cut 21 local fire and rescue jobs, but nine police officers will stay at county schools. onere's a press conference that at 10:30 this morning. it's 22 degrees. >> still held, a shooting spree at a school board meeting in florida if it's caught on tape. >> first, another check on
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traffic and weather every ten minutes. stay tuned. minutes. stay tuned. we will be right back.
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>> we are at the washington ballet, performing the nutcracker at warner theater does december. come to see us. -- this december. good morning, washington.
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5:40 on this wednesday morning. still cold and gusty. the wind is not as bad as yesterday. in quantico, it's 18 degrees right now, gaithersburg as well. 21 in cumberland. if temperatures are a couple degrees warmer than yesterday. windchills are still in the single digits. at dulles airport in the chantilly area as well, nine degrees for the windchill. 13 at reagan national. it's cold and gusty with high temperatures in the low 30's. light snow tomorrow at midday, a traced to an inch and a half during the midday hours after 10:00 a.m. i have not much to discuss. 66, 95, 395. route 4 from upper marlboro to andrews air force base, there's
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a broken-down vehicle in what will be the traveling. the crash happened on 95 south, md., between 198 and 212. it's complicated because of construction. there's a crash on the right side of the road. heading from columbia, there's no navigation needed in this camera at the american legion bridge. 5:42, 22 degrees. >> rock-and-roll's class of 2011. some of the new recruits to the hall of fame. >> i hit the floor. it was one of the scariest moments of my life. >> if the school board meeting had a hostage standoff and it's caught on camera. >> the desperate search
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checking our top stories this wednesday morning at 5:45, a cold air is taking its toll
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and the d.c. area. freezing temperatures made it tough for firefighters to battle a blaze on morgan boulevard in landover. and dozens of gaithersburg residents were left in the cold after a boiler problem of to their building without heat. the senate expected to formally approve a measure today to extend the bush-era tax cuts and unemployment benefits. the bill could have a tough time in the house. few democrats support the bill and some will try to make changes to it. 27 people including women and children were killed when a wooden boat packed with asylum seekers crashed in the rocks off the australian christmas island. big waves pounded the people against the rocks after that. 21 people were saved from the water. terrifying scene in the florida school board meeting was caught on camera. a gunman burst into the room and threatening to kill school officials. the suspect lay dead in the end
5:47 am
and police are taking a close look at the clip, to determine what happens. the gunman, 56- year56-clay duke started addressing the panama city board members after a group of students left. >> there were only about 20 people plus school board members inside. >> sepang did something on the wall and then pulled out a gun -- he spray-painted something on the wall. >> a reporter left her camera on before she left the room. the only female member of the school board start the suspect with his bursts. he knocked the woman down. board members pleaded with him to put the gun down and he pointed directly at the
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superintendent and began to fire. >> please don't. >> the shots missed. no one was injured. just then a school safety officer in the room fired back, taking duke down. then the wounded gunman fatally shot himself. board members say that they knew nothing of his claim that his wife had been fired. he served time in prison and a decade ago for aggravated stalking and other crimes. a dramatic casino highest in las vegas was caught on tape as well. the surveillance photographs show a robber wearing a motorcycle helmet and pulling out a gun at the craps table at belagio casino. the same man they have pulled off a similar price last week. around the region, the d.c. and from school chancellor says dunbar high school remains plagued with problems. nearly half the seniors are not
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on track to graduate, and the campus is growing increasingly unsafe. those findings were announced to justify a decision to oust the new york-based contractor that was hired to improve the schools. a an army doctor who is obeyed orders to deploy to afghanistan because the question whether president obama is a u.s. citizen says that he will face one count against him. the lieutenant colonel pleaded guilty to one count of not reporting to duty, facing 18 months in prison. he still faces a military trial at fort meade on other charges. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> i don't even know what to say. >> i know. >> its the cold weather pattern that will stick around. we will soon talk about that sticking around a little tomorrow. let's run through the
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temperatures. near 20 degrees again and in the teens in outlying areas. it's 21 in hyattstown. triangle, va., 13. oakton, va., 19. 19 in rockville. when you factor in the wind, if you like we are in the single digits. it is not quite as gusty as what we had at this point yesterday. we have clear skies over there right now. if you look to the west, there is an area of low pressure developing in or coloma and north texas. that will track eastridge and passed to our south tomorrow. as it does that, we anticipate areas of light snow probably late morning and especially at midday. the areas of light indicates snowfall anticipated. by noon id should be in the metro area, especially south of town. the best potential is not much
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in terms of income immolations. a traced to about 1.5 inches is what i expect between 10:00 and 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. so after the morning rush hour and before the evening rush hour, enough to cause a slip response, especially in northern virginia, the beltway, and in southern maryland. richmond will see 1-3 inches of snow. a traced to 1.5 inches. a lot of sunshine, high as in the low 30's. blustery. 1.5 inches at the most, highs near 30 degrees. upper 30's on friday and saturday as the cold sticks around. there is a coastal storm on sunday. we have the potential for all kinds of issues. interludes and telegraph road, a tractor-trailer blocking the right lane. if south out of columbia on 95, crashed between 198 and 212.
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if construction barrels are being pulled out of the right lane and the accident is on the left. they're supposed to be a crash southbound on 270 at 370. looks ok to me. how about the next camera? i don't see it. it is supposed to be southbound between 370 n. shady grove road, but it looks pretty good. one more geico camera before we go inside. moving nicely at washington boulevard on 395. back to you. >> thank you. the rock-and-roll hall of fame has announced its class of 2011. one of the inductees is a fan favorites who has been passed up several years now. >> sweet caroline. >> you may have occurred to that song. neil diamond finally made the cut. he said that he was never that worried about not getting a nomination to join the exclusive
5:53 am
club. he said that they would get round to eventually. he was hoping it would do it before he died. also making the cut this year is dr. john, a new orleans musician. and singer and songwriter tom wait. and darlene love. bon jovi was left off the list. l.l. cool j was not on there as well. >> let's talk about hockey. alex ovechkin and sidney crosby's, come on down. the price is right. the going to put aside their bitter rivalry on a long-running television game show. they will both appear on the price is right and have a hockey-themed showcase that
5:54 am
includes a trip to pittsburgh to see the capitals take on the penguins. the episode airs on monday. >> id10 alex ovechkin is going to win. i don't the they will put aside their rivalry. >> they are getting a lot of air time, even on hbo. >> they are getting a lot of air time, even on hbo. 5:54,
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>> we were telling you about how the roads were dusted with snow 24 hours ago. >> montgomery county is introducing a new tool. the county has launched a new web site that will help people keep track of snow plows in the county. lentz userstoole keep track of where they are and which streets have been cleared. they'd think it's a good idea so far. >> i'm a teacher, so i'm looking out for that. >> the districts and howard county, md., have several tools. access the web site by going to, keywords snowplow. there's lots more to come in the second hour. >> coming up on this wednesday morning, a commitment to giving. one generous spirit is not ready to quit just yet.
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we will tell you about
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coming up, the bitter cold blast, a record low temperatures across the nation. dozens left in the cold at home. >>


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