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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 15, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a winter weather it buys three has been extended through the
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snow is heading our way. we will tell you how much is expected to fall. marion barry's car is stolen. we are learning new information about the shooting in a florida school board meeting. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts now. captioned by the national captioning institute abc 7 is on storm watch tonight. snow is in the forecast and we are under a winter weather advisory. we have the snow on the way in the bitter cold that won't go away. how people are preparing for the snow? we will begin with bob ryan.
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>> it is our first general area of snow moving our way. let me show you the area under a winter weather advisory. it includes montgomery county and not for tomorrow morning's rush-hour but for tomorrow evening. you can see down there kentucky and tennessee, those are the area under a winter storm warning. there is the area of snow beginning to move out. as snow is spreading into kentucky. it will be coming our way. as we go through the nighttime hours, just increasing clouds. i will give you a probability of the total amounts. there is a 20% chance in the northern suburbs it will not amount to anything other than a dusting. primarily tomorrow afternoon and into the evening rush-hour.
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about a 60% chance for you folks in the southern suburbs of 1 to 2 inches. there will be higher accumulations' to the south. we will show you the timeline and what will follow this mini storm. no repeat of what happened with our first batch of snow last year. >> jay korff is live in springfield. how people are preparing for the snowfall. >> transportation leaders throughout the it region have salt trucks and snow plow crews. everyone is ready. >> i hear there is a storm of some sort tomorrow. >> the home depot in springfield is doing brisk business. >> we are here buying some snow shovels. >> since saturday they had sold 1000 shovels. >> it is imperative to have those in your car.
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>> one year ago this region was hit by a snowstorm. this couple admit they were not as prepared as they would have liked. they are planning ahead now and stocking up on ice removal items for their car. on thee may have to get interstates and get the ice of the windshield. >> agencies tell us they have already treated area roads and salt trucks will be ready to roll thursday morning. they expect most of what falls will likely to stick. preparing for the worst never hurts. in northern virginia, about 400 salt trucks are on standby ready to see what happens. one official told me his biggest concern is what the roads will look like during the evening commute. that is what is to come.
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let's get more on how people are coping with tonight's deadly cold temperatures here. cynee simpson is live in greenbelt. >> 10 days left until christmas. that means time is running out. a lot of people felt it would be better to get out in today's cold rather than deal with tomorrows snow. the weather outside is frightful. >> it is still freezing. >> this woman is determined to make this holiday delightful. >> i have girl scouts and co- workers. gift-giving is important to me. >> people have been braving the cold and the wind at this shopping center. >> i have a share and a sweater -- a shirt and sweater. >> people hope to cross holiday shopping of the west -- of the
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list before snow moves through the area. staying warm and toasty is not so easy for this man and his son. the heat went out in their apartment today. >> do something. they put a note on your door when you need rent. >> he has the thermostat turns 90.up to i called tonight and the lady told me they will check with me in the morning. >> he says his priority is getting the heat turned back on. he is hopeful that will happen in the morning. once that is complete he can focus on this next priority of warming his son's heart with the guests. -- warming his son's heart with gifts. >> bob will be back in about 10 minutes with the complete forecast. we are following breaking news
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tonight concerning the d.c. government. mayor elect vincent gray will make some major announcements regarding his public safety team. he is expected to reappoint cathy lanier as the police chief. he is expected to name kenneth ellerbe as fire chief. police in prince george's county are searching for the man who shot his girlfriend while she was holding their baby. he allegedly is continuing to threaten them and remains on the loose. john gonzalez has the latest on this situation. >> police say the 24-year-old suspect who got out of prison one month ago shot his coat -- shot his girlfriend all-time said on monday. we spoke exclusively with the victim's family. they claimed detectives have not
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contacted them for days even though the gun man has. vernell crawford was shot multiple times and left for dead on monday. her family worries about the boyfriend still on the loose. >> she got shot four times. three times in her back and one time in her face. >> police are looking for jerry williams, jr. he was on probation when he shot his girlfriend. >> he might do it to her mother. >> the victim was able to get out a few words through her mother's cell phone. she says the argument was over money. >> he shot me. >> the mother claims not one police officer has contacted the family since the shooting.
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she wants extra security outside her daughter's hospital room. the family has been receiving threatening text messages. >> he said several text messages threatening more harm. >> as for the claim police has been ignoring the case -- >> i want the police to respond to us. >> investigators have that had any contact with the mother. the mother has not contacted them. >> the family says the baby is safe. williams led on monday in a silver fort taurus. -- ford taurus. he has been charged with attempted murder in the past. as for the extra hospital security, please do not have the manpower to provide that type of security. we were not able to get a comment from hospital staff. thank you.
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also new, the nightclub that was expected to reopen tonight did not. dc9 was expected to open up tonight. it was shut down in october after a man that -- after a man died out some of the club -- after a man died outside the club. there is a notice posted outside the club advertising in the event for this friday. marion barry's car was stolen over the weekend. police tell us his 2002 jaguar was stolen from livingston road saturday morning. the thieves -- the keys were left in the ignition but the car was not running. it has been found and no arrests have been made. the big guessing game, will the house tax the -- will the house passed the bush tax cuts?
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it sailed through the senate earlier today but it is expected to have a much tougher time in the house even from some republicans. >> i believe the short term tax deal negotiated by the white house is a bad deal for taxpayers. it will do little to create jobs and i cannot support it. >> it would extend the bush tax cuts for all americans for two years and supply unemployment benefits for 13 months. the house may try to change that if passed by the senate. then the bill would have to come back for another vote in the senate. the house voted to repeal the don't ask, don't tell policy. it will go on to the senate. democrats are trying to squeeze in a vote before the end of the session. with more republicans in the senate next year it will be less likely to pass. it bans gays from serving openly
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in the military. still to come, facebook burglar. this man broke into the home of a washington post columnist and posted -- posted this picture on facebook. the wife of mark madoff is speaking out after her husband's suicide. all this cold weather could be good for your waistline. all this cold weather could be good for your waistline.
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police are looking for a suspected robert that aimed a gun at police officers in prince george's county. officers were called to the area for a robbery suspect. he pulled out a gun and pointed it at the officers. the gunman did get away. some crimes are easier to catch especially if the suspects don't cover their tracks. a man who broke into this man's home in northwest and sold two computers and some cash -- and
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he then posted a picture of himself on the facebook page of fisher's son whose computer he had stolen. >> then he saw on his facebook page the flow the that the burglar pasted -- posted on his page -- the photo he had posted on the page. >> fisher took matters into his own hands and wrote about the burglary and printed the photograph in today's "washington post." police will not say if they are any closer to making an arrest. the widow of mark madoff is speaking out tonight. she is devastated and once privacy for herself and her children. mark madoff is the son of bernie
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madoff. he hanged himself on the two- year anniversary of his father's arrest. the wife of a gunman who fired shots at school board members in florida is speaking out. she says her husband was misunderstood and was acting in anger after she lost her job. >> he loved me and loved his family. he was just trying to tell people to stop. >> duke fired at the superintendent from point-blank range but missed. she says her husband was an excellent marksman and probably missed on purpose. a security guard shot duke and duke took his own life. duke had 25 more rounds of ammunition in his pocket. 7 is on your side with a
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holiday reminder. federal express says you have 48 hours to ship your christmas presents. that >> says it expects to ship 250 million packages -- fedex expects to ship 250 million packages this year. a lot of us want to get out of the cold as quickly as you can but if you can tolerate the temperatures, some say it is a great way to lose weight. the theory behind this diet is your body has to produce heat to keep you warm, so you have to -- so you burn calories. you could burn 50% more calories per work out. give it a try if you want to. >> plus you get pneumonia and cannot eat and lose even more weight.
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>> i will pass on that. >> you are looking for a big storm, not tomorrow. for the afternoon and evening, do your homework. i think there will be some early dismissals because of this snow. it will be arriving around noontime. no problems nor will beat -- nor will there be for your morning rush-hour. our temperature has been below average for two weeks. 25 degrees. our average is 47 degrees normally. remember the first snow last year? over 16 inches. i remember that when i had to shovel. i guarantee this will not be this year. look at our temperatures. we have plenty of cold air. some of the moisture beginning to come our way. here is a little wave in the atmosphere.
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here is the area of low pressure that will be picking up some of the moisture and bringing it over us in the form of light snow. here is the futurecast. we have a cold air on us. there is that area of low pressure that will be moving to southern virginia. then jumping off the coast. a lot of that moisture begins to move off the coast. right on into a good part of the weekend. the next area of storminess is looking more and more like it will not amount to anything. here is the time line heading to work tomorrow and school. early in the morning there will be light snow beginning around roanoke. the air is so dry it may take awhile for some of this to reach the ground. by noon time it will be over all of us. the afternoon and evening rush
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hour will be the time -- maybe even a dusting to an inch around the washington area. the pretreated roads could cause problems. we stayed. dou -- we stayed with what doug was saying earlier, an once or two. certainly nothing like last year. temperatures into the low 20's. the snow begins around washington around noontime. out towards the eastern shore maybe earlier. temperatures below freezing. once again, still a cold pattern and only a slight chance of anything that develops on late saturday will be anything that we have to worry about. we ask you how much probability do you think tomorrow will be the first inch of snow?
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the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers, moving you forward. back and down the hatches and prepare yourselves for a lot of grumbling about the capitals. they had now lost seven straight games. they fell in overtime to the ducks to-one. the capitals are just jamming the front. the goal, it was 1-0 washington. but the ducks slow them down in the second period. they will get the deflections and through the five hole. this game was tied. into overtime. the caps got caught again. john carlson on the board takes it in. the caps are in the longest skid since bruce boudreau took over three years ago.
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>> i thought we played very good. sometimes you play very good and lewis. >> it is tough to lose a game, but we if -- but we fought hard until the end. there was no quitting. >> i spent a good portion of the day with donovan mcnabb yesterday. that is why i don't understand the drama. donovan mcnabb starts -- expects to start sunday in dallas. mike shanahan wanted to play cat and mouse with the media. >> i don't go through the starting lineups. we talk about it every week. sooner or later you will find out who is starting. i am not committing to you to tell you who the starters are at any position. would somebody like to ask the same question a different way? >> the same whether that rendered the metrodome unusable monday vikings game
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night may do the same this week. the indianapolis colts have offered to host a game inside there are rita. the national's introduced jayson werth this afternoon. he is the $126 million wrote fiddler -- $126 million right fielder. he comes in with a positive attitude. they nationals efforts to get a right-handed pitcher in a trade with kansas city has been slowed because they don't want to give up ryan zimmerman. they continue to make
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tomorrow night. this winter wheat pattern as we go into the weakening. >> we need to be careful during rush hour tomorrow. keep your eyes open. is school opened? >> that [ male announcer ] the face of hunger in this country is all around us. 1 in 6 americans live in hunger. at bank of america, we've created the gift for opportunity fund
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