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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  February 12, 2011 11:35pm-12:00am EST

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>> a new era has dawned in egypt. after 19 days of of people, their first full day with out president mubarak in 30 years. he finally stepped down as protesters demanded democracy. tonight they had reason to believe that their efforts have worked. >> for a second night, people in cairo celebrated victory. egyptians spent their first day without president mubarak,. and andonstrating their pride for hope for the future. current and former officials are banned from leaving the country. for now, the military is in charge. they promised to honor the peace treaty with israel and other agreements, he's the nighttime curfew, -- ease the nighttime
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curfew, and uphold other ordinances. >> there have been no opposition party is allowed to develop. >> the political upheaval in the arab world is spreading. there are more protests in yemen, with violent clashes between pro and anti-government forces. one president has announced he will not run for reelection. and thousands of people gathered for democratic reform, getting hundreds arrested in algeria. and a long delayed parliamentary election will be held in september in another area. abc 7 news. >> late ninth service may be cut on weekends to save money. -- late night service may be cut on weekends to save money for metro.
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officials said it will help close a $72 million budget gap. the plans are still in early stages however. the rte. 7 corridor has been undergoing a lot of changes. now they may make plans to widen rte. 7, which is causing some controversy. here are the details. >> to the heart of northern virginia's capital, route 7 has remade for decades. two lanes in each direction. it is despite the extra traffic from one of america's fastest- growing counties. [unintelligible] now plans for a design to widen the section is being hailed and hated. adding a lane both eastbound and westbound could go into some people's backyard. they say it will bring the noise
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and inconvenience for those that live here. >> we would not be able to exit here. >> it has added to traffic misery. >> it is long overdue. >> some say this corridor is stressed enough with construction, but the finished product may take away the need for a wide and world. -- widen the road. -- widened road. >> i do not know why we are not doing this at the same time we are doing everything else. >> officials want to move ahead with this project as soon as possible. in the meantime, it is taking place from one area to the county border. abc 7 news. >> the psa is testing new security -- the tsa is testing new security software.
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it will automatically detect potentially dangerous items without scanning screeners [unintelligible] the program is being tested at airports in atlanta and las vegas. a local airport could look a bit more like big is once a state lawmaker gets his way. he wants to install 2500 slot machines at bwi airport. he says the money raised from airline travelers could pay for some transportation projects in the state. >> it is a great idea. it is good revenue for the state. >> reruns lawmakers are considering this. -- maryland and lawmakers are considering this. coming up, something is
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>> we have one good reason why he should check your groceries for expiry in dates. -- expiration dates. >> i go by the date. >> we went shopping, checking the shells into the freezers and found cartloads of expired food on store shelves. old foods that could have gone home with you. >> i do not normally pay attention to this stuff, but i will now. >> it is brown. >> back in 2008, we found plenty of expired food. we went back and found expired meat for sale, days past the used by date on the package. this time, the store manager was not happy.
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>> why are you selling food that has expired? it is on your shelves. can i show it to you? [unintelligible] >> and down the street, this big lots had organic baby food and more than a month after the boss said to use it. -- box set to use it. the cartload of out of date meets that we bought off the shelves got people talking. look at these chicken wings, days past the expiration date. >> that is terrible. >> we bought it today. it was on the shelves. >> i would not have bought that. no way in the world would have bought that. >> especially if you are buying it for your kids, and they get sick.
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then what? >> we found some items sitting in the freezer shelf of this shop. >> oh my gosh. unbelievable. we are not talking weeks, but years. >> when we saw some employees removing cold cut containers. but some ahead dates going back to november 2007. abc 7 news. >> in most cases, we are said that certain foods are safe to eat after expiration dates. some stores would back -- went back and removed any expiration products -- any expired product.
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49 percent of montgomery county residents are non-hispanic whites. hispanics now slightly outnumber blacks in the county. straight ahead, we will look at top headlines including the stabbing of a redskins player outside of the d.c. nightclub. stabbing of a redskins player outside of the d.c. nightclub.
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kick returner brandon banks is recovering after being stabbed at a nightclub earlier this morning. police say a fight broke out between one of his friends and another man, possibly over a white outfit that the suspect was wearing. his friend suffered more serious injuries. a suspect is now in custody. a locomotive catches fire in the train yard in northern washington. it happened a little before 7:00 tonight. it took firefighters more than one ever to put out the flames. travel was slightly delayed near new york avenue and montana avenue as it was shut down for a while. no word on what caused the fire. it was called a nurse-in. about 100 people gathered in the
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smithsonian hirshhon museum. a woman was stopped from breast- feeding her daughter and told to move into a bathroom instead. but there is a regional and federal law that says that women can breast feed in public on federal property. and we have some tips on how to avoid gift giving and blunders. if the relationship is new, do a little bit less than doing too much. in early stages of a relationship, send a card, a single rose, or a bottle of wine. >> just something to say i am thinking of you today. if a person does too much, it could send the wrong message. >> 326 months into a relationship, a nice dinner is appropriate. -- three to six months into a
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relationship, a nice dinner is appropriate. >> temperatures above average, and we will take it. some clouds starting to roll in the picture in some counties. overnight temperatures will not fall as cold as they can as a result. 29 degrees in alexandria after a high of 44 degrees. 35 degrees in upper northwest d.c.. our official high is one degree above average for this time of year. reagan national at 47. the record is 74 setback in
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1999. it was cool in miami, mid 50's. not a tremendous amount of cold air. temperatures around 30 degrees for chicago and indianapolis. satellite and radar -- this is coming across the great lakes. it will bring clouds to western maryland during the overnight hours. look for clouds to increase as we move into the mid morning. wind gusts 25-30 miles per hour. this will not feel as cold as today however. next 48 hours shows dry
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conditions across the mid atlantic. a cold front approaches on monday from the west. we may get a few snow flurries in western maryland. the cold front will sweep through. temperatures will finally warm for the day on wednesday. 27-32 degrees. we will look for windy conditions tomorrow. a cold done expected on tuesday. wednesday, amid 60's. you can head over to our web site for an updated look at the forecast. we are turning the corner to spring. >> adam sandler and jennifer anniston team up for
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>> love is in the air this weekend at the movies. here are the previews. >> adam sandler and jennifer and mr. try and all school comedy romance in "just go with it." >> for years i pretended to be married. >> my wife and beat me in front
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of the kids. >> no. >> no strings attached, and no one gets hurt. >> adams sailor spondler has a g ring that is spotted by brokklyn oklyn decker. and the best new movie is "gnomeo and juliet." 3 stars. bopper alertie with justin bieber. speech."o the "king's
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3 stars for "gnomeo and juliet." "cedar rapids" and "no strings attached" are new movies. have a nice weekend. abc 7 entertainment. >> a rising local stars celebrating a big win. they had a victory across top ranked st. john's. >> it all came down to the final seconds for wilson and cross. >> we had a fight all throughout the game. it came during crunch time. >> they trailed by a point against st. john's. wilson got great position,
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grabbed the rebound, and went right back up. they upset st. john's 59-58. >> it was exciting. we beat the no. 1 team. >> she did what she does best. >> congratulations to pandora wilson


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