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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  March 31, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> it is drizzling. it is cold. it does not feel like spring. $100,000 gone. >> we are about making sure that children get opportunities. >> as collette administrator is accused of using money intended for kids for -- a school
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administrator is accused of using money intended for kids for itunes and an ipad. the warnings one father says he did about the mother of his children who is now facing abuse and neglect charges. an investigation of former senator john edwards. captioned by the national captioning institute and local school official is facing some serious charges accused of spending 100,000 those in federal money in to buy ipads and video games for her family and some of the students it was intended for. john has more on this story. >> according to court documents this 40-year-old school
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administrator forged her supervisors signature to purchase a slew of electronics that were intended to help low- income students. they never made it into the classroom. since 2006, she has been in charge of overseeing charles county's title one program for underprivileged students, but is now charged with using the federal money to purchase several electronics for herself and relatives. >> someone who would do this to our school system, i mean, that is outrageous. >> of an internal audit revealed over two hundred items priced at over $100,000 currently unaccounted for. >> it is important to make sure these kids hit the right education and that all of our funds and monies are going in the right direction. >> the scheme included forging documents of lying to investigators according to the
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affidavit. at her home, a woman inside refused to open the door. her neighbors describe her as extremely helpful who really seems to care about her students pierre >> she has a lot of the kids over. i never thought anything of it. >> he knows first hand how essential title 1 money is. her granddaughter is a recipient. >> she did things that she would not otherwise be able to get computers and laptops to do homework. for women to take and by herself those things, it is not fair for those kids. >> the school system became very suspicious last fall when four apple laptops went missing. two of them were located. but after ast about the other cheek -- but after asked about the other two, the mysteriously showed up. tonight, she has been charged and faces up to 15 years in prison. >> thank you. let's turn to the weather.
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it remains cold and wet outside. blog is live with more on what we can expect for tomorrow. >> does -- but to fit your a -- no no, no, it is march. but it feels like february. look at what is happening right now around us. there are some showers and a drizzle. right around us, there is an area of showers and some pretty chilly shares, even somewhat snow flakes mixed in and out around the blue ridge. a lot of this will be lifting up. even by tomorrow morning, we will have an easterly wind. right now, it is 40 degrees in marlborough and. temperatures will remain up above freezing, but we will have
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some dry air. there is a ferocious storm that will be bringing record snows in some parts of new england. you'll hear more about that in a couple of minutes. >> we can complain about what we have here. >> that is right. count their blessings. >> exactly. other parts of the country are experiencing some wild weather. >> they expected to foot of snow tomorrow. but florida is cleaning up after a slew of tornadoes there. >> you are absolutely right. from here in the d.c. area and all across the country the weather has been extreme from sun to snow. it is feeling like anything but spring. the orlando airshows called sun and fun, but, this year, it was
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the opposite. tabaie banda's fear is spring tornadoes and thunderstorms raced across -- a band of fierce spring tornadoes and thunderstorms raced across florida. fallen trees pulled power lines. to the northeast, and nor'easters predicted for april fool's day. but this is no joke. high wind and heavy rain is expected to bring 6 inches to 12 inches to new jersey, new york, connecticut, massachusetts vermont, new hampshire and maine. in the west cause scorching temperatures are a welcome change for california. >> we are ready to hit the hiking trails. >> luckily, we do not have the freezing cold or the extreme heat. new the police is asking
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the public's help to find a two missing teenagers. they were last seen together yesterday afternoon outside of richard montgomery high school. neither has made contact with their families. anyone with information should call police. new developments about a woman facing child of let charges. one man tried to warn social services about christina moreore. but he's not sure what was done with those warnings. >> they had to video twin boys seven and half years ago. after they broke up she went into a personal tailspin. since then, he has been warning the authorities that she has no
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business being a parent. >> i give her credit for being that determined to get out of that room. >> a four-year of a skit from this room and ran for help. there were barricaded in a wall in one room while her mother and her boyfriend were passed out in another room surrounded by drug paraphernalia and pill bottles. as the father of her 7-year-old sons, he knows from personal experience. in 2005, moore were asleep in a camper when the boys wandered along a busy prince william's county road. >> it is hard to think about who i am driving my kids off with. will they make it back to me?
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>> he says he repeatedly warned authorities after his boys were returned to him with horror stories of neglect. >> i took them to the police station and took pictures. they did nothing. i took them to social services and they did nothing. >> while the social services director cannot comment on any cases, she says she has concerns about this case and calls the conditions that the three children were in as horrific she said "i believe we acted appropriately based on the information we have." while the agency conducts a far -- a formal review on this case the mother and her boyfriend will remain jailed. >> what heartbreak. investigation of former presidential candidate john edwards, it was revealed that
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prosecutors questioned a former aide of edwards, andrew young. he spent four hours meeting with prosecutors in d.c. it may indicate that -- andrew young initially claimed that edwards fathered a child with another woman. efforts continue tonight to broker a deal to avoid a potential government shutdown. congressional leaders are continuing to negotiate. both sides agreed to a $33 billion in spending cuts over the next six months. the deadline is coming up soon. the government will run out of money on april 9. still to come, and a tourist bank robber is caught. that dangerous snake at the
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bronx zoo has finally been found. how they managed to lure back the deadly cobra. i checked the tickets and again and again and i could not believe it was real. >> the group that won the $319 million prize in the mega millions jackpot -- you will hear from the winners and one of the co-workers who opted not to buy in with the rest of the group. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer
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two key american defense officials are objecting any u.s. role to aid the opposition groups in libya appeared defense secretary robert gates and admiral mike mullen, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, testified before the house committee today. gates denied cia activities in libya. but he said that rebels are getting -- that its troubles are getting ammunition and aid other countries are doing it.
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emergency crews are using an underwater camera to help them locate exactly where radiation is coming from. groundwater near the fukushima plant is now testing at 10,000 times acceptable levels. nearly 100 types of food and drinks have shown greater activity. police have captured in 0 bank robber who wears a mask the president obama. the obama robber was apprehended after his sixth are embry. he is german and is behind some of the most notorious bank heists of 2008. here's a lee wore a mask resuming an old man before switching to the obama -- he or originally wore a mask resembling an old man before switching to the obama mask. more studies are recommended
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to determine whether there is a connection between food coloring and attention deficit disorder. the panel agrees there is not enough evidence to link them. popular fad food chain is out of dough. they will file chapter 11 bankruptcy as soon as next week. remember the sneaky snake slithered out of his enclosure at the bronx zoo? he is no longer sneaking around. the missing egyptian cobra was found alive and well this afternoon inside the reptile house. zookeeper's lured the snake out of its hiding spot with wood shavings that smelled like mice. the snake is poisonous and disappeared from its enclosure on saturday. >> but then it started tweeting. it was hilarious. [laughter] a snickers bar may have been
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the difference between $319 million and zilch. the winners came forward in new york to claim their historic highs on tuesday. >> if the picture's worth 1000 words, this one is worth millions pin $319 million to be exact. >> i checked that ticket and i checked it and checked it and checked it. i just could not believe it was real. >> this is one of the albany 7 the luckiest group of co-workers ever. >> i reached over and i started pulling myself out of line to get the candy bar. this guy jumps in front of me. i was thinking, maybe i should say something? that was pretty group. >> these i.t. workers for the state of new york regularly go in together on big jackpots. >> we have a list every time. if you get in, you are in the
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drawing. >> are you upset that you did not buy index >> i am not upset. i am happy for -- buy in? >> i am not upset. i am happy for them. >> while it may not be $390 million, it is enough to lure and husband. about those jobs, the group has not decided whether they will keep them are not. right now, their plans include a new dishwasher and college indication for the kids. >> i wonder how many wedding offers she will get before midnight. >> and what about the five guys who said, no, i am not in this week. what kind of months is this? we are ending march.
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believe it or not, it will only prove to be chillier than average. >> only a little? >> it is more like an early february. our temperature outside now in many areas, is back into the 30's. where are my mittens? is 41 degrees right here in washington. our high tempter was 42 degrees a year ago. it is spring fever. at the opening day i took my own picture. it was a great day down at national park as the arms services were unfolding that tremendous wonderful wonderful plaque. it felt like opening day at fenway park than a national park. it was warmer up there than here in washington. but all around the east, look at these departures. west virginia, 25 degrees below
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average for the high temperature. there is where the winter storm warning is out. not only into parts of new england, but all the way into the hudson valley. this area used is beginning to get going. it has spread snow into boston, worcester, parts of connecticut. we will be really on the back and into that and nothing really will fall around us, other than the leftover, lingering sprinkles. overnight tonight and during the day tomorrow, it will still be cold, but that is way in the atmosphere. it will rein in the cold air to the north and the storm will move up the coast. in some spots there may be a blizzard warning. the cold relief filters into new england, but, on the backs of that drier milder air begins to come in around us. finally, we will see a change in this pattern. we will get a little bit of sunshine as we head into the
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weekend. not tomorrow, look at the lingering showers. temperatures jamarr will be sunny again in the 30 -- devore jamarr will be sunny, again in the 30's. -- temperatures tomorrow will be sunny, again in the 30's. as we get into the weekend finally, the pattern really changes. there will be a bit of real spring paper by the time to get to monday and tuesday. >> a foot of snow in new england the next couple of [ computerized
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>> and wild and crazy game today at the horizon center. let's go back to the phone
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booth. the capitals are in red. when they took the lead, columbus would respond. the two teams scored four goals in 2.5 minutes in the second period. this game was up for grabs. then, tied at 3, in overtime, the capitals are on the attack. watch jason on the doorstep with a tap-in goal. the capitals beat columbus 4-3. the flyers lost to atlanta tonight. the lead in the east is down to a point. in a cold, wet opening day in nationals park, the atlanta beat the nationals to-0. let's pick up at the bottom of the first -- 2-0. let's pick it up at the bottom of the first appeared in the top of the second with the braves leading 1-0, jason haire word gets the page.
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and it is gone. jayson werth did make some nice plays defensively. here he comes in. but the nationals lose. if not all -- the final was 2-0 . >> it will not happen again for the rest of the year. you do not get a chance to get that list for the game. you just go out there and play. i look forward to the second game and get things going. >> it -- he looks like a mountain man current. butler head coach says, come on, man could do not give me that we see you underdog stuff. >> vcu is not an amendment. whether we call ourselves the underdog or than the under dog, our guys know how good
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vcu is. >> brad stevens knows what he is doing. >> a mental game. >> we will be right back. [ female announcer ] real fruit smoothies from mccafé are real fruit as in strawberries blackberries blueberries, and bananas which
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on it. [ coach ] the appraisal? ...springfield. wherever i was, my citi mortgage consultant had me covered. [ crowd cheering ] and 500 miles from home... [ cheering, cellphone beeps ] ...we finally had a new home. [ male announcer ] from pre-approval to closing, citi is with you every step of the way. what's your story? citi can help you write it. there is hope for the future, right? spring is out there somewhere. >> you have to bundle up tomorrow morning. after that, we begin to dry out. another batch of chilly rain showers are coming. 39 degrees, this is in washington. it is almost april and it will finally feel like april on saturday and sunday. temperatures will then be in the 50's. then it will be springtime. >> it is about time.
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>> there you go, folks. >>
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