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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  April 30, 2011 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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>> the government in tripoli has warned the rebels to lay down weapons or face a renewed onslaught. in western libya, the carnage continues in misrata. been under siege for two months. >> nato says it cannot confirm of gaddafi's relatives. the rebels spokesperson says he the claims about the deaths. monitor theinue to story. d.c. mayor wants to rid the city streets of trash. he announced a pilot program to against littering. starting may 1, he could receive dropping ticket for trash in a public place. starting june 1, you could be fined $75 or more. police will begin enforcing. expandtiative could citywide. a few weeks from now, driving on thoroughfare could become less stressful. construction on rock creek parkway stops in mid may.
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the work turned cathedral avenue a 1-way street during the morning commute. traffic should resume after the construction stocks. the virginia governor is overing into the fight passengers at the airport. officials want to bury the station's underground. local officials want a cheaper option. >> the virginia governor says the state will not foot the bill underground metro at dulles airport. some say taxpayers will bear the difference when in opinion, there is no benefit to an underground station. i would say the cheapest is the way to go. >> in a letter to the airport mcdonald says he is disappointed in decision and hopes the board come to a more fiscally sound decision.
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she agrees and says the train be above ground. as it gets people to airport, we cannot complain. it is fine. >> others think virginia is taking the easy way out. they're going to spend all money and wind up half a mile away from the terminal. how appealing that folks. to some >> there is concern that an underground option would be more , especially for taxpayers in surrounding counties and drivers who use the tollway. >> i do not want to see the told going up again. peoplet goes out to the virginia. we reached out to the board he had too see what about the governor's letter. a spokesman told us mr. had not received the yet but looked forward to receiving it and talking to the governor. we have a warning for owners.
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>> we have a few clouds moving in. ♪
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the job market is tough for americans. overseas iteturning is even tougher. then upon the rate for young therans is higher than national rate.
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>> this army sergeant figures fight would be on the front lines. >> a lot of people told me it to get a job. >> after six years of service, of duty in tour iraq, that is not what he is finding. you find you are not qualified for the job. it is heartbreaking. >> his dream is to work for the secret service. been toughhas finding work. he says many of his fellow actives went back to be duty instead of unemployment. it is becoming a trend. the and and telerate for is 20.9%.eturning -- the unemployment rate for veterans returning is 20.9%. in the maryland legislature is taking action. the first of its kind website today matching veterans governmenticked positions.
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police in gaithersburg are investigating a possible murder-suicides. it happened on north summit ave.. the man shot his girlfriend in arm. the police say she pretended to dead and waited for her boyfriend to shoot himself. the officers arrived, they dead.him to the hospital tore she is expected recover. identities are not yet been released. the latest on endeavour's into space.n scheduled a press conference for tomorrow to update its status. trying to fix a with the heating system. nasa is hoping to launch on monday. the problem is not fixed quickly, there could be at least a week's delay. it is a glamorous night in the white house correspondents' dinner. president obama spoke. about the release of
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certificate and lower poll numbers. the eyepiece attended the event at the washington hilton. -- vip's attended the event at the washington hilton. the first time, one of nation's top restaurant chains does not sell burgers and fries. it is the third largest chain in in sales.y mcdonald's is number one. number two. tw lot of people like coffee out there. the high clouds are rolling in from the west. it will not amount to much. no need to worry about rain. the wind is out of the south, southwest at 5 miles an hour. 68 was the high at the airport.
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normally we see the high of around 71. there is no rain fall. news.s good 53 in damascus. temperatures are slowly falling the 50's and '40's. 48 in frederick. fredericksburg is at 51 degrees. a warm front to the of us. in the 70's for indianapolis and nashville. the warm front will move in our the afternoon tomorrow. we will see an increase in couple ofes by a degrees. is the satellite and radar showing a final system to the west of us. these high clouds are moving across western maryland into the panhandle of west virginia. rain associated. there is a cold front to the us that will slowly make east.y to the for a few ripples of energy in the atmosphere
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d.c.row west of there could be a few sprinkles tuesday could be rain andr chance of thunderstorms. 47 to 53 for the overnight low scattered clouds. be cool and comfortable. tomorrow will be bright and sunny to start. we move through the the clouds will increase. showers will develop. the wind will be out of the south at 5 to 10 miles an hour. it will be 71 on monday. by tuesday, the chances of rain increase. the cold front moves through. cooler air will move in from the north and west. wednesday will only be in the lower 60's for the highs. back to the upper 60's on thursday. you can look at the forecast
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at the area may be producing a more local authors. there is a local book riding boot camp. but can.riting >> it is a long road to become published. memoir about growing up american and being between two cultures. >> it is about my growing up as translator, my struggles and my parents language,with assimilating, and american culture. years, herast 32 teacher has written 30 books and others, the careers of including politicians and celebrities. >> we bring our assumptions with us. he advises students to use
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props to draw a demotion. it makes his new 10-month school just writing.n >> we explore the inside of you find a power in your voice, what makes you interesting. >> this former marine corps uses the as and journals his time serving in a rock. >> i am going to sit here and prose will flow. quite work that way. stickygests using notes. the storyboard organizes the hopesof his book that he valuable to future readers. >> what kept me going through idea thatges was the to readuld want it someday. his students0% of or are inpublished negotiations. more maintenance work on
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week and is causing delays. -- more maintenance work on is causing delays. the trains are sharing a track between to, and forced when stations. -- between tacoma and forced growth stations. be some changes the 11th street bridge. the ramp leading to martin king jr. avenue is closed for construction. detoured. being that will likely be in effect the of expect delays. coming up, the fifth i'm done with all these lists.
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sequels are very popular these days. the fifth installment of "fast hits theaters. arch campbell joins us with his review. the samefive" reunites another adventure about cash and crashes. they try to play a scam on south america's biggest gangster. a jumpive" starts with -- a jailbreak followed by a
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carjacking from a speeding train. diesel reunites with the of $100skim someone out million in cash. we do not ever let them get in the car. >> except they have to deal with the dea agent who thinks they are bad guys. for the grand finale, they bank vault through downtown rio. just enjoy the ride. the best bet for the weekend. four stars for "water for elephants." ."stars for "rio a couple of stars for "the conspirator." 1 star for "soul surfer."
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have a nice weekend. it is time to meet a future star. star,d a sophomore track school athlete of the week. >> she credits her success on time in the her water. a big swimmer. i had a good basis to start. her second season as a runner. she is really hitting her stride. finalist national during cross country season. last week, she captured first place in the 1,600 meter race weigh in thefield 3,200 meters. i was able to run 1033. that was a personal best for me top times in the country. sophieratulations to country. sophyour lawn is a living, breathing thing.
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