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tv   Inside Washington  ABC  May 1, 2011 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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>> these are the lders i have osen to guide us throuough the didifficult days ahead. >> this week on "inside washington," preside obama orders a major restructuring of its national security team. >> if s prices are $6, he certainly isn't going to win. >> we are not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers. >> the president releases his long former bird certificate. why did d he take the bait? >> i feel i have accomplished something really, really portant, and i am honored by it. >> and the royal wedding. but he knows how to throw -- a party like the throw -- nobody
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knows how t to throw a party likike the brititish. captioned by the national captioning instititute as the week ended, americans were glued to their television sets watching princeilliam mary kate middleton. the president was on the road to a alabama. more than 30 people lost their lives in states hit by huge tornadoes. the president was also scheduled to watch the final launch ohe space shuttle in florida mobile 4 he left washington, he shook up his national security team. leon panetta at defense general david petraeus at cia. what is the decision to put a four-star geneneral who isn expert in counterinsurgency mean it for the cia, charle >> the most important counterinsurgency we are running right now is in afghanistan and
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pakistan, and he knows it. if you want somebody atat the center othe somewhere impoant, he is it. he is a great general and he will make an excellent cia director. >> colby? >> he is a leader, and that is what the cia needs, a lderr and a good manager who understands how it works and howow it relates to other institutions of government. >> na? >> he seems to be the right person. sometimes you watch events unfold and you don''t like what you see but therere is nhing you can do about it. we are watching the intelligence mmunity and the defense community emerge as one, and that means much less oversight from anybody outsiside but i don't know w what you can do o about it. >>? - -- mark? >> he will not be chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and one not the nato commander, and
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he will be a four-star general reporting to a three-star general at national intelligence which is interesting. but he does come with high marks, amy colleagues said. >> former congressman, white housuse chief of staff leon knows how to lead, which is why he has held in n high esteenot only in this city but around a world. as a cia director, he has played a decisive role in our fight against violent extremists. he understands that we began to transition in afghanistan and we must remain unwavering in the fight against al qaeda. >> the president added that as a former omb director, panetta would make tough budget decisions while maintaining military superiority. read betweween the lines on this one, mark. >> leon panetta did not know barack obama becso it was all this on his performance. he did not go in with a big
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retinue at the people that president bush sent in. he went in with one person and one of the respect of those there, and in the process one of the r respect of the white hse. he was budget director, was a budget hawk en he was in thehe house, and has a great religions on both ends of pennsylvania avenue -- great relations on both ends of pennsylvania avenue. >> the key word that mark said was "budget." this i is not a guy who was appoininted because of the strategic vision, but it is the guy who knows how to cut the budget. president obama earlier in the week, in talking about debt, that is the one place he wants to cut and panetta will be his instruments. >> i amot quite sure that is entirely true. panetta went into the cia and e cia was very antsy about him. he won over the agency.
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that agency keeps people alive -- eats people live. you are lookinto replace bob gates, probably the best defense secretary in modern times and you want somebody who is a proven commodity sebody who managed to do ok at thehe cia. that is a good recommendation. >> and somebody savvy politically into 2012. >> met leon panetta in 1970 wheen he was at the department of health, education, andelfare and office of civil rights under richard nixon -- >> and quit. >> on principle. he knows this down very well. he is the ultimate go-to die. jim baker was another o -- go- to guy. jim baker was another one in it but reagan adminisatio >> another thing is, he actually
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wore the uniform of this country in military service whih makes him a rather rare. >> he was an army intelligence offir. >> what is important in the two appointments is what underlies them politically. mark is right in pointing out that petraeus is the obvious guy you would think to be chairman of the joint chief but he would be a guywould be out in public, and if and when he retired, he would be a political presence in the countrtry and a very attractive presidential candidate. this way petraeus will be silent for a while. and on panetta cuttinghe budget is his job. is not outlining strategies for how to win and afghanistan or libya. >> the cia has had for some time been paramilitary. i wonder if that will be built
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up. >> that is exactly what i was talking about. i am assuming it will. that means less and less oversighght. one of the great things about the amerin military is that it has really held people to certain kinds of standards in warfare. the cia does not necessarily have tse same standards. it is a classic intelligence agency. i don't know what happens when you meld the two. >> you have a good situation where you have panetta who had to deaeal with that problem of the relationship between the cia and the national security people and petraeus, who understands tt dynamic as well. >> two quick points. bob g gates was the one cabinet secretary that barack obama could not fire or replace. he had tenure in that office because of where he was -- because of who he was and where
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he came from. he put pressure on barack obama i afghanistan. another area of -- the other thing is ryan crocker is back as ambassador. >> came ouof retirement. it is a pity he is in afghanistan. he ought to be in iraq, where he did a spectacular job..
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>> we do not have time for this kind of silliness. we've got better stuff to do. got better stuff to do. we've got big problems to solve and i amonfident it can solve them, but we havave to focus on them >> i am taking great credit, and you hahave to ask the president why didn't he do this in my time ago? >> that is donald trump taking
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credit that the president of the uniteded states has released his long former birth certificate. he h has moved onto questioning the president's academic credentials and how we got into columbia and harvard law school. by the way he was president of "the harvard law review it." "the new york times" said that this was "a profoundly glow and a debasing, in political life." why did he do it? >> he was interviewed by george stephanopoulos, who has become a serious anchor on abc and it was an interview about the budget and foreign policy, and up comes a question about the president, donald trump, and the birtherovement, andt stuck in the president's craw. the otherhing ithat independents -- this thing was spreading.g. there was a growing uncertainty about this. the best statement of the week
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-- i am a new fan of rand paul a freshman republican senator from kentucky, who showed intended humor. he went to new hampshire and said "i have come to new hampshire because i am concerned. i want to see the logg for certificate e of donald trump''s registrati -- donald trump lawsuit republican registration." donald trump has given thousands to charlie rangel and harryy reid. "the new york times" sd that is "inconceivable that this would have been conducted against a white president." >> i do agree, but i think this is a loony tunes stuffff -- >> why did he lowered himself -- >> mark is right, it just stuck
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in his craw. the better thing politically would have been to let it run. donald trump? it is all about him at. "i take great credit, isn't it wonderful, me me me." >> ias disappointed that the president did this, that he stick to this -- he stooped to this. worse than that, it is the fact that 41% of republicans believe that he was not born of the united states, on the basis of what? on the basis of what? no evidencet all, but they believe it. the whole idea of what has been going on the last two years has been to delegitimize barack obama. earlier this week the president takes his family to church on
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easter sunday. during holy week, the president hosts the second annual meeting with -- annual easter breakfast with clergy. e next day, easter monday, the president is accused ofissing christianity and giving easter shor shrift. fox news picks up on it, bringss on this reaionary prereacher from dallas, texas who implies that he has done this because perhaps it is he a closet muslim? this is part o of a campaign to discredit this president on a personal level. trump adds too this and the president needs to not respond to the stupid thing they're doing. >> it is somewhat amusing to hear people on the left talking about how awful it is to delegitimize the president and a day spent half a decade saying that george bush stole the
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election, the bumper stickers "reelect al gor" and questioning the legitimacy of his victory in 2000 brought on that issue there is a double standard a hypocrisy. >> that is not personal -- >> you guys have spoken for about eight minutes. let me have one. the bbirtrther issue was hurting republicans. it was an idiocy, a conspiracy that was fding on itself. i commend the president, and "the wall street journal" editororial board, o is not a friend of the president. the president began a debate three weeks early on the sizef government, at the r rye and -- ryan plan, and this was a distraction and i'm gl ♪ ♪ [ woman
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>> i if the economy does n not get better, ion't thinke wil win a.a. people dn't feel betteter about government-run health care, i don't think he will win. if gas prices are $5 or $6, he certainly isn't going to wind. >> house speaker john boehner in an e exclusive interview with jonathan karl of abc news. do you think he is right colby? >> $6 aallon will heard every elected official in the city, not just the president. but these things fluctuate reflect conditions of the world. >> boehner also told jonathan karlhat ybe itit is time to look at subsidies for oil companies. paul ryan told republican constituents that he agrees. i'm wondering if they will get in hot water for this, marark. >> no, i don't tnk they will
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because oil companies are pretty damn unpolar right now. if it gas is $6 a gallon, you do not want to be elaborate t trusty in poughkeepsie, new york -- to want to be eight librbrary trustee in poughkeepsie, new york running for reelection. it was $1.98 a gallon when he took office, $4 now. icontues to double, that is a big problem for everybody. >> ryan is running into the same problem democrats had in the 2010 e elections medicare for at the unions are dogging him as he goes around wiscsin. >> w what is interesting is i would have thought in the popolling it would be 3-1gainstst. it is actually necand neck, 49-47, who are against him, and that is pretty close. if you break it down by generation the ones who are most opposed are the young
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brought the seniors a are in favor of this because they are beginning to understand it is not going g to affect them. the young don't vote that much. at this point, with all the demagoguery, is still neck-and- neck. it is not what the democrats are hoping it would be. i think the president is in trouble because the it gdp number was so low this week. if it stays low and gas prices are high, republicans at a much better chance than anybody would have thought two months ago or three months,. -- months ago. >> pray tell, what are they neck-and-neck about? >> ryan plan to voucherize medicare. >> the polls i have see -- maybe we don't move in the same circles. >> t one i s saba asked whether you want -- the one
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saw that ask whether you want fee-for-service versus premium support, cbs/"new york times" two weeks ago shows a majority support of the ryan idea. >> i have seen consistently 2-1 opposition to the plan as describebed. that aside there is no question that were bought the guns have been playing defense in this -- republicans have been playing defense, especially republicans in the northeast republicans who have any ki of constituency that is blue-collar and older. that is where the defense of play has,. why are young people concerned? they are terrified that they will have to pick up the tab for their parents. if you have parents approaching tirement age, yo are looking at medicare to be a cushion in their time. > -- their retirement.
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>> mississippi govnment has decided not to run for president. >> -- mississippi gov. haley barbour has decided not to run for president. >> it means m mitch daniels is slighthtly more lily to run but it leaves a huge hole i in th south for replicans. >> haley barbour has decided he likes to eat too much. he has been on a diet all year, and he decided he hated it -- >> if i had to choose between a pizza and air force one, i would choose air force one. >> you know who loses? everybody who covers this race. he is f a a good politician. >> when you have been a lobbyist, substantial part of your life, my assumption is -- i
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take him at his word, thahe did not have the fire in the belly, and ththat youook at everything you have done in l life and you decide how it might be construed -- >> he is a realist, and he looked at the situation from all angles and realized he would have a hard time winning. >> other potential candidates are looking for s support. >> he will be importt in the race. he could be in t cabinet. he is a respectable guy who knows how to run a state and parties. >> he assembled one of the most able teams in all of politics not sily on the republican side. >> then he saw a giant pizza pie and decided he cannot do it. >> donald trump-severability it -- donald trumparah palin to get --
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>> prince william and kate middleton now husband and wife. charles, what do you t think? good party. >> apart from the fact that british royalty is entirely harmless, somewhat ridiculous, practically empty but rather expensive institution, i think they are a lovely couple and i wish themm well. >> but he has a search and rescue pilot. >> i like a marriage, i like weddings. i had been married almost 50 years i would like to see them five years agfor now, 10 years from now. still married, then a weekend at a celebration. -- then we can have a celebration. >> let me say a good word about
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the royal family -- these privileged peoe served their country in military service. did the united states at the same example of people in high eight positions of leadership have their children to serve the mimilitary in the same way? >> they ha been together for 10 years in onform or anothther. the amazing thing is that she is so discreet that not once has she said anything mean about him in all of those years. >> the other thing is, he said there were that he wanted her to takeke a good hard look at the life she was entntering and give her a chance to back out consididering -- [laughter] >> want to be a duchess? >> why are a americans so in love -- >> it is a great show. >> everything was a wedding. i saw a shot of her paren on
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all the tv's. >> the enormous crowd walking up towards the palace thousands anthousands of people and nobody pushing and shoving? only in great britain. >> americans love looking at twits i sashes. >> i thought was a great show. [ male announcer ] washington, d.c. a landmark of liberty and opportunity. at bank of america, we live and work here with thousands of employees and hundreds of branches and atms. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion... from supporting the arts and howard university to helping revitalize
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