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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  May 5, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> this is abc 7 news news at noon. >> solemn tribute to the victims. the commander in chief on the
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ground at ground zero. here is a live look at where the president will lay a wreath about one hour from now. president obama is meeting in private with the families of victims of 9/11. days after the mission to take on the world's most wanted terrorist. >> this morning president obama arrived in new york to speak privately with the families of loved ones killed on 9/11. his visit is less than one week after u.s. special forces killed osama bin laden, the mastermind of the september 11 attacks that killed nearly 3000 americans on u.s. soil. >> we have been heartbroken for 10 years. this is the first bit of good news. >> the president will visit ground zero as he and many mark the death of bin laden. details of how navy seals to got the head of al qaeda inside this compound in abbottabad, pakistan continue to come out but
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pictures of osama bin laden's dead body will be sealed. >> it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence, as a propaganda tool of. >> navy seals shot bin laden once in the chest and once in the head. there's also concern releasing photos could stir anti-american sentiment. former new york city mayor rudy guiliani and others who disagree are calling on the president to show these photos to americans in the world. >> the pictures eventually will get out. why not put them out now to satisfy a least the rational people who have questions about their identity of bin laden? >> osama bin laden's wife was wounded during the raid and his
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13-year-old daughter who were in the room are cooperating with pakistan authorities but are not speaking with the u.s. >> thank you very much. more details as the president meets with the new york families who lost loved ones on 9/11. vice-president joe biden will mark the attacks in the d.c. region the second-in-command will lay a wreath at the pentagon memorial this afternoon. defense secretary robert gates will also be attending that. the battle over voting rights in the district heads to court. more than a dozen protesters arrested last month face the judge this morning and this comes as a rally last night ended an even more arrests. live at d.c. superior court with the latest on this story. good afternoon to you. >> good afternoon. in total, 17 people were faced in court today faced a judge and were given to them options.
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pay a fee of $100 or continue on with the process. we know eight decided to continue with the judicial process, saying they are again exercising their rights. >> fre d.c. >> hats, t-shirts dozens gathered outside d.c. superior court once again to rally for rights in the district. >> we have fights ahead of us. we need statehood. >> it is not that we wanted to be treated differently, we just want the same rights that other people have in other places. >> #5 of the so-called dec 41, he was arrested last month along with mayor vincent gray during a similar rally about local taxpayer dollars facing charges of failure to obey an unlawful assembly. this morning he and a dozen others faced the judge. >> we will see how far and what
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democracy looks like here in washington, d.c. >> this comes on the heels of the arrest of councilwoman cheh last night. >> it is not a question of show but a question of our doing whatever measure necessary to get our rights. >> speaking to the 17, the judge said this morning it is always good to see people stand up for what they believe in. a lawyer for the group says if any decide to go to trial, in fact, they could do that, these eight that have not posted at sea. there is a status hearing scheduled for june 28. if any of them are convicted, the maximum fine could be up to 90 days in jail. >> thank you very much for the latest out there. the house voted to limit tax breaks for insurance policies that cover abortion. yesterday, the house passed the no taxpayer funding for the abortion act.
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every republican and 16 democrats voted for this bill. the bill adds to the senate where it has little chance of passing their. the white house has threatened to veto it. a prince george's rescue teams spent the morning rescue what appears to be a trap to burglar. officials say the man got stuck in some duct work while breaking into gerry's subs and pizza. he was trapped for more than eight hours and firefighters were finally able to free him. the would-be burglar was taken to the hospital after we're told he had difficulty breathing. police will question him later today. local park reopened hours after a shooting that created a traffic nightmare. police say someone opened fire on baltimore washington parkway near riverdale road. the crime left two men shot and shut down the northbound lanes of the parkway during this morning's rush hour.
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>> u.s. park police had to major situations on their hands this morning. the first, a double shooting on the baltimore washington parkway. police say just after 2:00 thursday morning, two men riding in a silver mercedes were shot, both were taken to a trauma center with non-life threatening injuries. as investigators would for daylight to search for clues they shut down a large section of the parkway from the 410 exit also to the beltway. the reason they shut down such a large section of the parkway is there were dealing with several different crime scenes. there was one right behind with a car ended up, but another one several hundred yards away where they said the shooting likely started. drivers headed northbound on the parkway were detoured at the crime scene and on to riverdale road were traffic quickly piled up. how bad is it? looks pretty bad. >> the longer commute was pretty bad for some. worse for others.
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>> i thought on at 202 and i have been on the road for 45 minutes and i have come two exits and now i have to get off. >> normally busy roads like this become flooded with frustrated drivers just try to find a way around it, there is nobody warning people. obviously, it is blocked but no one sang the detours. i don't know how i'm going to get anywhere. >> i had a 7:30 meeting and now i missed it. i'm not as will turn around and go back home. >> the sunshine is back all across the metro region. we take a look at the first forecast. it is still pretty cool outside. >> it is. at least with sunshine helping it to fill nicer. temperatures are a little below normal. with a few upper 30's this morning out west. look at the beautiful shot.
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just a few small fair weather clouds. what i love about this picture it shows there is low humidity. in the summertime, you get that hazy sunshine over d.c., but that is not the case today. getting comfortable out there this midday. upper 60's to near 70 with up to 30 m.p.h. that will subside. two system is moving into more and mother's day weekend. more coming up. >> a dam it account to police officer killed in a line of duty is being honored -- montgomery county police officer killed in a line of duty is being honored today. he was killed in a car accident last year while responding to an emergency call. his wife was pregnant with triplets at the time of his death. overnight, workers enter the damaged reactor at japan's fukushima nuclear plant damaged
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by the earthquake and tsunami in march. workers are connecting and ventilation equipment in an attempt to absorb in remaining radiation. plant operator tepco decided to allow workers inside after a robot found radiation levels inside the building to be safe. the latest on the gas prices they keep climbing. in some areas the price per gallon has jumped 62 cents in just two months. today, the national average hit $3.99, actually lower than d.c. which it $4.17 today. maryland $3.99. virginia, $3.88. still to come -- >> we just didn't know where she is. >> one week after twisters wipe out homes and entire towns hope is dwindling in the hunt for
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hundreds of missing loved ones. get ready to pay a lot more for one local road. would you pay $20 tolls? hello usa the royal newlyweds are getting ready to see the states. all of that and a look ahead for the weather this weekend. is
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>> we have more on the rising tension following the death of osama bin laden. cynné director leon panetta says pakistan was either an -- cia director leon panetta says pakistan was either involved or in catawba then --incompetent.
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>> how can bid they didn't want undetected living next door to pakistan's equivalent of west point? >> it is easy to say elements within the government were in cahoots with the al qaeda. this is a false hypothesis. >> pakistanis charged the u.s. violated their sovereignty by conducting the raid using a special helicopter designed to evade pakistani radar. one week later reality sets in across the tornado ravaged southeast. many families are losing hope of finding their loved ones who disappeared when the twisters tore through their towns. more than 300 people died, hundreds more are missing thousands remain in shelters in alabama. one man who lost his home is thankful for what he still has. >> i got a duty clothing,
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drinking water. >> from illinois to missouri to kentucky and arkansas, forecasters fear flooding along the mississippi river could break records that were set in the 1920's. in tennessee, volunteers are building a makeshift levee to protect the town from floodwaters that are expected to peak sometime tomorrow. i feel like we've been talking about this flooding for weeks and weeks and these people are still dealing with such terrible situations. it is so widespread. >> because most of the rivers are connected and the tributaries. a lot of snow from the winter was melting on top of it and in heavy rainfall adding to all that. >> just terrible. still living in shelters, awful. around here, it feels cool. >> especially this morning the upper 30's and outlying areas. tomorrow a little bit warmer and into the weekend a little
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bit warmer. were seasonable. two systems will give us the chance of rain. not big chances but we could see a few rain chances. this is sunrise this morning. beautiful shot. not a cloud in the sky. mostly sunny skies, a few clouds over the metro. look at the wind gusts of the northwest, up to 30 m.p.h. and dulles. 25 miles per hour wind in the district. the wind will subside after sunset. that will help temperatures to drop back down into the lower 40's and outlying areas tonight along with the clear skies. high pressure just to the west of d.c., wedged between the low over new england and the height to the west --look at this disturbance in the midwest.
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this little line will push our way. we could see a few brief showers from that. isolated to widely scattered nature tomorrow evening. this shows the increase in the cloud cover throughout the morning tomorrow. mostly cloudy for the majority of the day. as the upper level of that system moves through, and tomorrow in and around sunset, a few brief showers. i think 0.10 inches at best from that first system. the second systems and right around mother's day morning. we could have a few isolated showers as well. upper 60's this afternoon mid 40's tomorrow morning locally. on our way to 70 degrees tomorrow afternoon, low 70's in the metro area. a few showers possible after sunset. both of the systems are fairly moisture starved and week. rain chances are slim.
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>> another setback for the final launch of the space shuttle. nasa it is postponing the launch once again, this time to make -- may 10 at the earliest. a switch box as a broke circuit. the six-man crew has returned to houston along with wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords, the wife of the commander mark kelly. organized prayer gatherings will fill the nation's capital today the 60th annual national day of prayer. groups of religious leaders will gather on the capitol on this afternoon holding a public prayer later this evening. the tradition dates all the way back to 1775. congress officially established the day in 1952. other news locally and a report indicating tolls on the dulles toll road could surge to as much as $19.25 each way by
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the year 2014. this according to the washington examiner. the money would go it toward paying for the extension out to dulles airport. the numbers are said to be preliminary. the amount could be lowered if there could be a federal loan with a lower interest rate established. this morning, a proposal for a new museum on the national receives support from the famous faces. actress eva longoria and joint- and joined to endorse the museum. many contributions of latinos have not been recognized. pledging to raise millions of dollars to build the museum. coming up, from the u.k. to the usa, william and kate get ready to cross the pond. is a common comfort making your toddler fat? the new warning about bottles.
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hollywood heartthrob johnny
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>> the world's newest will newlyweds are getting ready to visit the golden state. the palace says william and kate plan to visit california as part of their first foreign trip as a married couple. they will spend three days in california after they arrive july 8. it is williams' first official trip to the u.s., but kate's first ever visit to america. a warning for parents to
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give bottles to their toddlers. a new study says this may pat on the pounds. researchers found children who still get bottles of the age of two or more likely to be obese by kindergarten. the researchers say children should be done with their bottles by about one year old. in 8 ounce bottle of whole milk contains 12% of a two-year olds needed daily calories. if you're looking for unique name for a baby on the way the social security administration just released a list of choices to avoid, the top baby names for 2010. this year marks the first year since 1954 that the name elvis did not make the top 1000. how about that? still ahead, a final look at
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the weather.
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>> coming up tonight at 5:00, seriously ill, more and more sick that the ban in an area shelters. there is a renewed effort to find them adopted homes. join us at 5:00. >> one of the greatest groups
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around is habitat for humanity. i had a chance to get in there yesterday. >> save this video. >> it is such hard work. i have such admiration for those hundreds and thousands of volunteers. this was a "women build de." i am not sure i am cut out for this type of work, but i was happy to be out there and try to give them some coverage. this was the guy helping us, laughing at me. adam you're so handy. that would be a great charity for you. >> i love to get things done like that. >> one last look at the weather. >> near 74 the high temperature, a couple of systems affecting us, a few showers tomorrow evening and sunday morning. we will keep you posted. >> thank you.
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