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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  May 7, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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nearly released videos of osama bin laden one week after his death. never been soaring -- before seen footage. live and in hd -- abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. >> officials at the pentagon released five videos. they've were founded during last weekend's navy seal raided the resulted in the death of the world's most wanted man. we are live with more on this story. >> they showed it relaxed bin laden. it shows the al-qaida leader watching a television program about himself, remote in hand.
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just some of the material seized in the dramatic moments after he was killed. they include a clip showing and almost white bearded bin laden. other clips show him with a diyed beard practicing on camera. >> bin laden the engineer who wants to look at possible targets was asking questions and getting information. >> this is part of a small treasure trove of material seized at his compound. they provided a huge intelligence victory. >> a good job, national security team. you guys did a great job. >> the newly released white house video shows president obama congratulating his team and a vice president wyden calling bimembers of congress.
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>> the reason i'm calling is to tell you that we have killed osama bin laden. >> al-qaida now confirming that bin laden has been killed and releasing a new threat that the american happiness will turn to sadness. these are referred to an outside of playbook including plans for water treatment plants, trains, shopping centers. >> al qaeda is still alive. any place where an alerted citizen is important. >> today, a new look at a now dead mastermind still upset for striking terror in the u.s. involved in tactical planning than previously thought. the defense department is stripped away all of the audio for security reasons. and in one part he appears to stumble over some words which is at a reception at of a
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carefully tended public image. live in the satellite center, abc7 news. >> richard thank you for that report. the material found during the raid at the compound is being called the largest collection of materials ever seized. emerging reports at al-awlaki could be his successor. he survived a targeted attack in a minute. -- in yemen. the documents seized showed that they were plotting to attack a train. live up from union station tonight where they have stepped up security measures today. >> some passengers say they were unaware of the latest plot, but a few say they are nervous
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enough to change their travel plans. most people today say they are not concerned and hundreds came out to check out the national train day a day to highlight the infrastructure in our country. >> i am not as concerned about it. >> as amtrak marks their 40th anniversary with this event, new details about the latest plan to attack u.s. railways. starting in february 2010, they have discussed tampering with train tracks in a valley or bridge. >> just many think things are quieted down. you can never been perfectly quiet. >> she has decided to skip the train and is taking a bus instead, feeling nervous about bin laden's death of. >> i think it could trigger something. there was a lot of people there at union station today. i just wanted out. >> they believe the derailment
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what was in the original stages and no active plans but the fbi and homeland security still issued an intelligence bulletin. >> we were on the phone on light long with our the farmers. metro rail railroad, bus systems, and even those traveling by plane. >> there is a heavy police presence at union station with the bomb sniffing dogs and amtrak promises increased vigilance. >> i was expecting to see more security, really. being on the train coming you do not see everything. >> the fbi has told local officials to be on the lookout for missing spikes and packages left on or near the rails. they say this alleged plot is based on initial reporting so it could be inaccurate or subject to change. but have no plans to issue an official terror alert.
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reporting live in northeast abc7 days. the names of five servicemen were added to the jeter -- the vietnam veterans memorial ahead of dave ceremony scheduled for tomorrow. one of the names added died in 2009 from paralysis from wounds he suffered during the war. the number of names now stands at 58,000. in georgetown investigating a robbery at a georgetown university apartment. the 3500 block in northwest washington. the suspect allegedly demanded money and drugs. two students were reported they tied up and beaten who later escaped with a laptop computer. anyone with information should call police. virginia gov. bob mcdonnell says the man has denied disaster -- fema deny disaster relief.
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virginia was hit by more than two dozen twisters in april. he is considering whether to appeal. we began the day with clear, sunny skies but things should be changing. steve rudin is live in the weather center with more. >> clouds are beginning to increase. temperatures outside are beginning to cool just a little bit. temperatures are in the upper 60's to lower 70's. 69 and the quantico. dulles airport at 66. a few showers mainly to the north and west of us which will eventually work their way into our area over the next couple of hours or so. do not be surprised if you hear a few rumbles of thunder but do not expect anything to become severe. what can we expect for mother's day and beyond? a poll look in just a few minutes. greater than 24 hours after
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the basketball coach resigns new reports that they are already looking at big names to take over the team. we now have the very latest. britt, we could be getting big news on monday. >> it cannot fill the shoes of gary williams. some recruits have threatened to go the other way. maryland has a full-court press to snagging miller. he hosted a nike basketball clinic and kevin anderson reportedly flew to las vegas to meet him. a decision could be made as early as monday. mailer has spent the last two seasons as the head coach of the wildcats and led them to a regular-season title and an elite eighth appearance. he was named to the pack-10 co- chair of the year. -- pac-10 coach of the year. he has the credentials.
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v is from pittsburg and reportedly would like to move back to the east coast. this decision will come down to whether or not he wants to move his family across country -- again. arizona is not going down without a fight. they treated this afternoon, "we want him to be our coach. we will continue to do everything in our power to ensure that happens." >> we will have to wait and see. >> monday. >> keep your fingers crossed. still ahead how the someone folded. near record flooding of the mississippi river and continuing to rise tonight. which areas are in jeopardy? who casey anthony we're with you
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a first grader is recovering
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after he was mauled by a leopard in wichita kansas. it happened yesterday. several were visiting the counties to and saw the attack happened. he climbed over a security fence and the leopard grabbed the boy with his paws. they stepped in and rescue the boy. he suffered puncture wounds to his head and neck. jury selection is underway in the case of casey anthony. she refused to see her mother. the judge ruled that the parents will be allowed in the courtroom. gas prices could soon be dropping. oil prices fell 15% this week and with trading below $100 per barrel, gas prices fell on the slightly but still averaging nearly $4 per gallon across the country.
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they believe that they will fall further down to $3.50 by the summer. dangerous lead. in the mississippi river may hit dangerous high levels. we will be back with your complete
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growing concern for cities along the mississippi river tonight. it will crest near high-level. >> meant this is getting ready as waters of the mississippi continue to rise in the city is bracing for a flood the likes of which many have never known. >> i have never seen anything like this. >> this is historic. >> volunteers are filling
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sandbags and the levees are leaking. utility crews are shutting down streets as the river creeps into the city. once before, and in 1937, has met this been threatened with a river this high. the tourists never expected this. >> i have never seen this in my life. >> this is like moving wall of water and is not expected to peak until next week. >> until wednesday? wow. >> of 48 feet, it is a few inches short of the 1937 record when it was as high as this train trestle. >> my dad would say when he was a little boy, in 1937, he remembers the boats being a dog that this bridge on bill streets. >> tonight, thousands are being told to evacuate and city leaders say they may need to build a tent city for all of the evacuees. abc news. >> your heart goes out to those
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people. we have had such crazy rather. >> tornadoes flooding, heavy rain. today, it was quiet and drive for the most part. things will change next couple of hours or so. outside right now outside of the wjla studios, mostly cloudy. grab an umbrella as you have outside. we did have a scattered schirmer or an isolated thunderstorms as we move into the evening and overnight hours. 60 degrees at reagan national. the dew point of 42 degrees. dry and comfortable downside with the wind at 9 miles per hour. 60 degrees currently in germantown. wind is around 5 miles per hour. upper 60's this hour with the wind gust upwards of 20 m.p.h.. at washington lee high school on newer sites, 66
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degrees. temperatures holding in the upper 60's and lower 70's. clear downtown. 66 at dallas. i love that were signed in fredericksburg. you can see the schirmers approaching from the west in garrett and allegany county. across the shenandoah valley, light showers of this time that nwill not amount to a whole lot. the gusting wind and small hail, but we're not expecting anything to become severe. cooler air to the north and west of us with warmer air to the south and west. 81 in st. louis at this hour. the badger lower for the upcoming week. we will get into the 70's for the daytime high. scattered showers across southern pennsylvania and west virginia. these will move out of here by tomorrow afternoon and we will keep this a slight chance for isolated showers for tomorrow,
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about 30%. for the next 48 hours beginning to clear nicely as a move into the day on wednesday. plenty of sunshine on tuesday with highs in the 70's. for tonight, scattered showers isolated storms. it will not be a washout. upper 40's for nighttime lows. mother's day tomorrow partly cloudy and 70-75 degrees for a daytime high. here is the seven-day outlook. a cold front will arrive late on friday to bring summer showers once again. cooler on saturday and look at the forecast. for more, head over to >> so it is good that tomorrow will not be a total washout. >> always good news for mother's day. thank you, steve. it keeps getting worse.
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we need a break. there will be a huge hole in the hearts of maryland fans for weeks to come. is a new coach on the horizon?
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the toyota sports desk. guarantee by local toyota dealers. after an emotional farewell to maryland coach williams they have switched gears. arizona head coach is the terrapin favorite and miller wants the job too. maryland is in a full-court press and the athletic director has reportedly flown to las vegas to meet with miller hit is speaking at the at nike championship basketball clinic today. this season, he led the wildcats
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to the elite eight after upsetting texas and duke. he is from pittsburgh said the decision could be on a location rather than money. a decision could come as early as monday. the national's are battered and bruised. the latest player landed on the disabled list. bernadino was called up from aaa. nats on against the marlins. a bomb to deep left. a 3-run shot. top of the 5th b.j. upton gets his turn. the rays go up 7-0. is that was not enough, in the sixth johnny damon. the birds lose 8-2.
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the golf world is in mourning today. one of the very best died early this morning from complications from a brain tumor. not only was he ranked no. 1 in the world but he was known for being audacious, a personality. but he has won five major titles and most famously capture the british open at age 22 in 1979. he won with a birdie on 16 after teeing off into a parking lot. he always played with a lot of flavor and he will certainly be missed. the lake show is a no show. they have dropped a third straight game to the dallas mavericks. sounds like the caps. unlike hockey kamenetz team has ever come back from a three-game deficit. kidd finds jason terry who buries a 3 from the corner.
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tied at 91. here comes dirk in the lane. finishes. left handed. wins 98-92. >> david beckham was in a car accident today i southern california freeway. the other drivers hospitalized with a neck pain but beckham walked away. a lot of ladies gasping.
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quite a show in northern virginia today for the wings wheels and warriors show.
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today's event helped to raise money for wounded warrior aviation. it helps provide scholarships, internships, and contact for winded service members looking for work in the aviation industry. they had nice weather today. grab your umbrella if you go out tonight. 74 degrees for a high tomorrow. a chance for a passing shower or two on mother's day. for the most part, we will remain dry. warmer on thursday and friday, a cold front late friday night to bring showers and to lure for the upcoming weekend. for the latest forecast news, and sports. all sorts of stuff on there. the newly updated website with lots of interactive doppler radar and you can plug in your home address. captioned by the national captioning institute
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