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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  September 30, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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get ready for the f >> friday night lights and a big personal score for a very special 12-year-old. >> it is amazing. >> the heartbreaking reason why his time on the field is running out. game changer -- two top gop
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politicians it could spell big trouble. one makes a decision while the other changes his mind. danger while driving -- why this is only part of the story. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00 on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> we began with breaking news in the death of an american-born al qaeda leader, anwar al- awlaqi. officials say they believe the drone of a flight that killed al-awlaqi also killed someone else. the men were killed during a drawn-out strike in yemen. al-awlaqi grew up in the u.s. and served as imam in the falls church mosque. he applauded attacks against times square and fort hood. closer to home, a new controversy for metro as a metro rider text a driver reading a
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book while driving. richard reeve was live with the exclusive details. >> take a close look at this photograph. here we see the driver operating as normal, but look what is in her lap. that is a book. the person who took this photograph also says this driver was detecting. passengers are outraged. it was along this route where this picture was taken. >> she has all these people's lies in her hands. it is pretty careless. >> this passenger snapped the photo of around 9:44 a.m. friday. the driver is not only reading, but is texting. >> she should close our book and put her phone down while she is operating a vehicle. >> a constant tapping of the
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brakes. >> she has people's lives in her hands. i think that is irresponsible. >> we showed the photo to other passengers, there was outrage. >> keep your eyes on the road all the time. >> this man has driven tractor- trailers' for 24 years. he depends on the metro to get around. >> did bloomy a way to see that picture. i know it could happen just like that. >> this is not the first time. several incidents back in 2009 -- metro made this kind of multitasking an offense. the man who took this photo is hoping for a thorough investigation. >> and gives me where i need to go. i hope and pray that nothing happens. >> there you have it. the picture tells the whole story. the man who took this photograph has been riding with metro for about five-six years.
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he would like to do it again. tonight, we tried to reach metro, but they did not return our phone calls. we are on storm watch tonight. rain is moving across the region this evening. the big story is the chilly temperatures that are about to arrive. bob ryan joins us right now with the first look of what to expect. >> they are arriving. boy, in september we had all that humidity early in the week. now we are going into november. with the arrival of the chilly air, there have been some showers earlier today, even some thundershowers. a bad weekend to head out to the beach. look at our temperature. we made it into the mid 70's. remember it well. we will not be seen that kind of warm air for a rigid for over a
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week. already you can see out to our west temperatures are in the 50's. the chilly stuff is coming in tonight. it will be kind of a november weekend. i will explain that and show you ophelia. let's turn to the big development of the day in the race for president. sources say chris christie is reconsidering his decision to not run for the white house. the combination of president obama's approval rating and concerns within the gop of the strength of the current can this field -- we are told christie is expected to make a final decision soon. my cut to be shot down speculations he was waiting -- going to run for president. up to be ran in 2008. ultimately, he dropped out after senator john mccain became the gop nominee. a local 12-year-old boy
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battling internal brain cancer gets a high honor during a high- school football game james dobson was an honorary captain of chancellor high-school. john gonzales z is there for the emotional evening on and off the football field. >> heartbreak cannot describe what folks were feeling at chancellor high-school. tonight, james, who is battling a brain tumor, was named the ultimate fan. note tackle on this high-school football field could possibly hit harder than the bloke life has dealt 12-year-old james dodson. >> he was here every day at every field in every practice. >> james was diagnosed with brain cancer when he was only five-year old. he fought off tumors several times.
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doctors say he only has months to live. tonight he was named honorary captain for his of hometown chancellor chargers. >> he is the one who deserves to step on to that field. he is an inspiration to them. >> they can barely speak, but he expresses himself with his animated face. when james turned 12 this month, all he wanted was birthday cards. since then at his retreat -- receive close to 5000 of them along with a slew of memorabilia from football coaches and celebrities. >> you got a lot of football -- baseball cards. tell me about that. >> at last count, it was 2200. we think close to 5000 now. >> support for change is visible everywhere tonight. especially from the crowd's warm embrace. >> the has gotten cards from all
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over the world. >> the chargers lost the game tonight, but it was never about the final score. the booster club raised hundreds of dollars to help with past medical bills. james will no longer undergo treatment. he says he does want to be with his friends -- with his family. coming up, casey anthony's released to the public. this provides new insight into our high-profile case. first, why a local group is celebrating breast cancer awareness month early.
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>> andrea evans revealed she just want a battle with breast cancer. she tells people magazine she found a lot in our breath in
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april, underwent treatment, and is now cancer free. she returned to "one life to live" after a three-year absence. >> the wife of senate majority leader harry reid is battling breast cancer. she was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. the 71-year-old is undergoing chemotherapy treatment at a d.c. hospital. tomorrow is the start of breast cancer awareness month. a group got an early start by lighting up the northwest washington in pink. >> these banks society members are not only bathing in pain they are wearing it. >> i have a nice pink ribbons in my hair. >> showing off their passion for take is one way these young advocates aren't taking a stand against the disease that has hit close to home for many. >> breast cancer runs in my
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family. >> with each young woman comes a personal story and a mission. they are calling on congress to take -- to pass a breast cancer protection act. patients would get a minimum of hospital stay of 48 hours after a mastectomy. >> there are so many people dying. it has been in congress for over 15 years. we are trying hard to get it passed. >> they hope they will hear loud and clear with this. bright pink light shining over washington for the month of october. >> i got tears. >> this breast cancer ... it -- survivor says sharing this experience with her daughter is our hope for the future. >> this is something that is good. it makes me happy that i can be here. pamela brown reporting.
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coming up, casey anthony and the new tate that gives insight into our high-profile trial. what this new video reveals. plus, bruce jenner wants to follow in the footsteps of his stepchildren. >> best friends see the humor in a serious the next election is fourteen
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months away. and the people who sent us here... the people who hired us o work for them... they don't have the luxuxury of waiting fourteen months. some of them are living week to week; paycheck to paycheck even day tday. they need help and they need it now. and members of congress iis time for us to meet our responsibilities. [ male announcer ] the democratic national committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. at bank of america we're lending and investing in the people and communities
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who call greater washington, d.c. home. from supporting an organization that helps new citizens find their way... to proudly supporting our washington redskins... and partnering with a school that brings academic excellence to the anacostia community. because the more we do in greater washington, d.c. the more we help make opportunity possible.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00 with leon harris, alison starling, meterologist bob ryan, and tim brandt with sports. abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. the showed no signs of life. the first paramedic who arrived at michael jackson's manchin testified today that jackson was already dead when he arrived. they spent nearly an hour trying to revive a jackson. they testified that jackson's doctor conrad maria, never disclosed that he had given jackson a powerful anesthetic. murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter. joe has video of casey
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anthony at the time she learned her daughter's remains had been found in 2008. a florida tv station requested the video be made public. the video shows at the doubling over which he hears the news. prosecutors wanted to present this tape, but a judge said it was too inflammatory. the judge found in the not guilty of murdering her daughter in july. 7 is on your side with a major glitch hitting bank of america. a day after the bank announced it was raising its fees, customers ran into problems banking online. the bank of america homepage posted a message that it was experiencing problems. it is unclear what caused the slowdown in service. the bank is still investigating exactly what caused the problem. turning to arch campbell in the new movies hitting the theaters this weekend, the most anticipated features a pair of best friends. tonight, arch campbell picks up
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the story. >> me? >> yes. >> that does not make any sense. i do not smoke. i do not drink. i recycle. >> best movie honors go to "50- 50." it's a terrible diagnosis and his pal "to cheer him up with humor and optimism. sometimes they are rated material the tracks. the weekend's best bets are money ball drive sarah's key, contagion, higher ground, and the debt. i am arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. the is an olympic champion yet his dream is to be on "dancing with the stars." bruce jenner was to follow in the footsteps of two of his stepchildren. kim kardashian has already been
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a contestant. jenner hopes producers will call on him next. he is 61-years old. the onetime decathlon champion said the dancing is right up his alley. for more on "dancing with the stars," click on the attached act a poll on whether the latest cast what the right choice. >> be still my heart. maybe if his name was bruce kardashian. >> do we have a shot at decent weather this weekend? >> we have chilly weather. it is the end of the season. northwest to northwesterly winds continue to take a tumble. outside our current temperature in washington already down to 60 degrees. look at the record. 1899 -- 36 degrees. where was it in the 30's?
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out in the west. already they are thinking about snow season. wisp ski resort -- 38 degrees. this is ophelia. this has been over the last 12 hours. look at that eye. that is a major hurricane. there is a tropical storm watch out for bermuda. the eye as about 30 miles across. it is a category 3 hurricane. it will stay to the east of bermuda and off the east coast of the united states. no threat whatsoever. look at what is coming our way. 55. 42 degrees while we are at 62 degrees. temperatures in the bed part of the country and even around us have fallen 10-50 degrees in the last 24 hours. that is a core of chilly air that will be in on us. with that chilly air up above us, it is pretty unstable.
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we have had showers that came through. they were on the eastern shore and out towards the beaches. it is still raining out there as you. that is moving off, but as we go through the remainder of the night, by later on, temperatures even here in washington, will drop into the low 50's. look at the 40's. western maryland -- 30's out around cumberland. a lot of clouds around. they will be adding some great sunshine, but as soon as we see is sunshine, the clouds will build up. there could be some passing showers, even on into the day on sunday. it will be one of those days with morning sunshine. temperatures tomorrow only into the mid 50's. that means about 20 degrees below where we were today. it will really be a shock, a feeling of november. as we get into sunday, once again temperatures only around
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60 degrees. both days will be breezy, and even on sunday. there is the risk of a passing shower. a more dry period than period. >> the toyota sports desk is brought to you by your local toyota dealers, moving you forward. sometimes the most dangerous team is a desperate team that you looked out for. the rams have been outscored during their the 0-3 start. they have always been a thorn in the redskins side. washington fell to st. louis on the road last season. a devastating loss. the scans defense can have all the rounds this time around. sam bradford has completed only 15 percent of his passes. laron landry and crew will be going after him. london fletcher says this is a
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team you cannot underestimate. >> i do not think it is a desperation, so to speak. this is professional football. they have good players. we know that they can have a good ball game. >> the capitals have won more preseason tuneup for the regular season tonight. they took on buffalo at the verizon center. ovey with the past. he gets the shot on net. there is a scramble in front of right and miller. the 1-0 lead. it goes to a shoot out. can he do it? he goes all the way. the capitals win 4-3. they will wrap up this preseason sunday afternoon at verizon. the american league divisional series -- rays at rangers.
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a three-run shot to dead center. it was the first of two home runs. 6-0 tampa bay. that was all the support matt more would need. he was spectacular. he is in the second big league start. he allowed just two hits in seven innings. the rays keeping that momentum -- 9-0. the other game was postponed by rain. the yankees and tigers will play tomorrow night. for all of you a high-school football fans, i will have scores and highlights coming up on news channel eight. it is high school sports final. i hope you join us. >> you have a 100 yard dash to get to the studio. >> a very long run. running back statement. i can do it. >> by high honor.
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>> look at those temperatures. 62. that will be about the highest before the weekend. after tonight, temperatures will dip into the 40 pottery. it is a great weekend for all the fall festivals. head over to 17th street and have some hot borscht. that will warm you up. other great things going on this weekend. >> put another log on the fire.
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