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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 8, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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lsu against florida. jared lee. lsu score 30-plus in back-to-back meetings against florida for the first time since 1977-'78. another s.e.c. power, alabama needed time to get on track against vanderbilt but once they got it going, boy, did they ever. a.j. mccarron, yeah, man. that one to deandre white and 'bama leads 34-0. a couple of s.e.c. score, there's the alabama score and arkansas beaten by alabama take care of auburn, 38-14. to the big ten, michigan and northwestern. denard robinson, another big night for him statistic, did throw three interceptions, had 300 plus through the air. a couple of touchdown passes. that one ties the game at 14. he also ran for 100 plus, and
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michigan, 6-0. they win 42-24. last five times they started the season 6-0. they ended the season playing in the rose bowl. other score, clemson gets the win. they are still undefeated but quarterback tajh boyd left the game with a hip injury. the houston cougars are undefeated. another big night for case keenum. kansas state. 2-0 in big 12 play may get texas techniques week. speaking of abc. it's oklahoma state/texas or ohio state/illinois. we'll see you knicks week. most fuel-efficient pickups. s featuring super duty with best-in-class payload&towing&and mpg's. make way for the undisputed, 34-year heavyweight champ, ford f-series.... delivering a knockout combination the contenders can't match.
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you can even choose to cha with a live peon. ♪ and you're always guaranteed the lowt prices onlnline. so don't wait... t, compare and buy at today. because there's never been a better time to build the perfect fios bundle. >> coming up, and museum shut down.
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>> security came rushing out. a bum rush just like a line of football players. and a bizarre fight between of then in the middle sent twowalmart that to the hospital. hazmat is sent in. lawsuit.ow has filed a will have her story. army 10 miler. abc7 news starts now. captioned by the national captioning institute breaking news. police are investigating a bethesda.cide in the bodies of a man and woman inside a man's the 5400 block of an avenue. the victim inside was a 38-year-
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old. and the woman is believed to be in her '30's. autopsies will be conducted in baltimore. on thes no word yet death.f now to our other top story evening. protest took a surprising turn late today. the confrontation between police forcedand of the smithsonian air and space museum. we have more on that in the ongoing activity tonight. >> several groups of protesters have emerged this week and have over this plaza. they have been here several nights. they marched from here to the with guards. that popular museum was forced close on a busy saturday afternoon. a protester captured the moment on their cell phone at the afternoon between
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protesters and the steps -- smithsonian security guards. >> they are celebrating [unintelligible] weapons of mass destruction. >> they are calling for an end .fo he war in protest -- protest. a custody drowns inside. -- they protested the drones inside. >> all of the sudden, we get there and we are blocked. disappointed. while much as that he did on the mall, another group of demonstrators were on the scene. it was pennsylvania avenue that with protesters in d.c. they were protesting what corporate greed. are all just really one
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people. beeney have literally here. up bags, sleeping and the plaza resemble the campground. it is time for us to wake up. we need to try to make it happen together. smithsonian spokesperson they were asked not to go museum with their signs. is when the protesters began shoving the guards. that is according to the spokesperson. one person was arrested. they were released. made themselves comfortable. seeill be interesting to tomorrow when the to protest expires. live in northwest washington, george gonzales. latest news unfolding, launched on to our gallery -- photo gallery
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-- many are leaving for a deployment tonight in northwest maryland. >> we hope to set a good international the guard. >> we still need air support. what we are therefore. we are there to protect the guys ground. >> some will return from this in december. will stay in afghanistan a longer time frame. also tonight, it was a high- murder that remains unsolved. murder -- now the widow man gunned down outside of a $52 works has filed against theuit district. citylaims that the provided to you -- failed to provide proper safety. here is more. >> it was just beyond these gates -- there was -- there were a lot
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of police cars. hutchinson was gunned down up for after showing work. >> whoever killed my husband, i to man up and come forward. >> this weekend, his widow, on, is filing a lawsuit. been never nearly a year later, she has a lawsuit saying despite safety recommendations months before shooting, they failed to secure gates. they failed to install and functioning security cameras. if everything had been there as the cameras, lights, my husband would be today. >> on the day of the funeral, mayor vowed to make improvements. the deathw even after hutchins, there were continuing concerns about people entering the the area washether properly lighted.
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>> they should look out for their employees. be safe to go in. >> for some neighbors, like me anderson, the question of responsibility is a different call. ofthey should be some kind minimum security. time, unfortunately things do happen. >> if it can happen to him, it to someone else. >> the city is not commenting on this coming including the lawsuit. there appeared to be new surveillance cameras and added lighting. the shooter in this case has found.een in northwest washington, abc7 news. >> this weekend, demetra is of the majoreo work under way that is shutting down three stations. they are installing ntsb recommended track switches on the green and yellow line. columbia heights stations will along with others. shuttle buses are operating georgia avenue stations.
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are also running on the between east and west falls church station. metro will be open in one hour for tomorrows arne 10 mileage. operating atll be those.m. to accommodate the event.ting in there will be a stop at 8:00 a.m.. they will circle back to the pentagon. multiple street closures for the dead. list, log onto -- closes for the event. for a complete list, log onto today mitt romney responded claim that his mormon faith a cold. and results are out. paul won by a significant margin with 37% of the votes. cain came in second. romney as low numbers, but
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be thel will not this week's event. fact that ron paul won the straw poll -- >> restored liberty to the country in prosperity and peace. >> the biggest news spiraled out sound bite from a preacher. a texas pastor who introduced perry at theck summit and later took aim at his rival, former massachusetts gov. mitt romney his religious faith. >> we believe that the bible is sold revelation to man. by a theological definition, are a cold. called modernism a cult voters not to support romney. the do not agree with accusation. that is all perry had to say about the subject. no person said there was
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campaign where an this should be safe. >> [unintelligible] the summit is being held in northwest d.c. up tomorrow morning. taste of the sea is a chance taste food, beer, and one of d.c.'s best restaurants. the event is taking place on pennsylvania avenue nw between ninth and 14th street. far this is the first and thing i have tasted. is chilli with chips. it is delicious. couple of pieces of chilli bowl. >> check out of the deep-fried oreos. tasted d.c. will take place until 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. tomorrow. it will also take place on monday. now on the weather, the army
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miler, and the rest of this checky weekend, let's meteorologist for the first forecast. >> the evening, jennifer. the badgers are cooling off. evening, jennifer. the temperatures are cool and off. 72 degrees in quantico. artie in the 50 p at dulles. -- already 50 degrees at dulles. we do have a race kicking off the army 10 miler, it at 8:00. be sunny but chilly start. it should be around 60's. finish over the next few days. up.r outlook coming thanks. still to come on abc7 news, evacuated. two women sent more than a dozen people to the hospital. to this bizarre incident.
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>> casey anthony gave eight deposition today for a civil lawsuit. the suit accuses her of ruining another woman's reputation. in 2008, anthony told police , ny, zenaida gonzalez kidnap her daughter. -- kidnapped her daughter. tonight, the parents of toaby are once again talking police. thursday, the parents had cooperating. ae couple said they needed from incessant police questioning. they said the child was snatched her crib overnight.
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the mother says police her.iately turned on >> what did they say? >> you killed her. know where she is at. you know you did it. else closure. said, no. that is not possible. >> the mother says she volunteered to take a lie- test.or told her she failed. police have no solid leads or suspects at this point. a bizarre fight inside of a baltimore county. police say two women tried to bleach and another chemical other. fight broke out in an aisle where there were clinging surprise. the store was evacuated. 19 people were taken to the hospital. only one was thought to be injured. when one was arrested. the two women knew each other in an ongoingved dispute. county officials on a 16 children for their heroic actions.
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called 91 to report a family members medical emergency. 911 to report a family members medical emergency. a happy healthy baby, the fast action of her sister. old.11-year- her mother suddenly went on a thursday morning, she was the only other home and called 911. >> you would think she would scared.n >> she and 14 other girls and were honored by firefighters saturday as part of making the right call program, recognizing smart thinking during medical emergencies. i was the only one that could call. >> this child found his mom unconscious on the bedroom floor. was high fromsure stress. i was scared. i did not know what happened to her. say storiescials this remind us why it is
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important to teach children the importance of 911. >> if they did not perform the did, the outcomes could different. >> abc7 news in manassas. >> great story. [unintelligible] things could be different by the the week. it is nice. this dry air can cool off quickly at night. at night, you need a jacket. what does the sunshine comes up. take advantage of an overnight sale here. -- sail. but 1051 at this hour. at this hour. downtown 60.
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77 over here. currently checking in at 54 degrees. in frederick. 50 in martinsburg. i think we will back down a few degrees as we get down to early morning hours. could see 40's this morning. cool, crisp evening. will be up again tomorrow. do its job of warming as mid 70's. 75 this afternoon after a of 63. low we will not be near in the records. picture, clear across the northeast. it warms up and cools off in the evening. this will inch eastward. we anticipate a warmer day tomorrow and even until monday, day.bus temperatures should be in the low 80 piggy. nice warming trend as we progress through the week -- .0's twin -- warming
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as we progress through the week. there is a storm system turning florida. bottom of your screen, it.can see on it. keep an eye it is tropical nature. of that energy could be headed in our vicinity by the middle of next week. it could impact us. sunshine and temperatures climbing to the upper seven tomorrow. a great stretch of weather. it does not get much better than this. somebody is getting married again. time maybe the time. the weekend for paul carling. -- paul mccartney.
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me for years,e do.tomorrow he will say i paul mccarthy is set to wed .ancy shevell the wedding is expected to take place in london. the same spot where he married his first wife linda in 1969. they have been dating for four years. [unintelligible] we are talking football. >> northwestern losing today. but a lot going on today. was a battle. recap the virginia tech and the miami game.


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