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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  October 13, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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bhutan. >> great day for that country. and the song we heard coming in was peabo bryson. that's what's making news this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." this is breaking news. breaking newsead, germantown. mother is found dead inside her home. her son is missing. good morning. we begin with air traffic every 10 we will check in with lisa and just a moment. good morning. >> we're here at the weather center checking our wayne shower. the sketch of the radar. this is many from fairfax county.
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this is the batch of moderate to heavy rain. it pushes through my camera county. there are some conditions. it is 65 degrees in the district. there are some areas of rain this morning. we're looking ahead. aboutks beautiful what the red road? thought to. a lot of these jurors scared
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away. we will do you one better. harry r.. traffic is leaving as on the way to the beltway. more to come on the traffic side. >> thank you. >> we began the breaking news. investigating the montgomery county woman. dead in herane bedroom. her say it is trauma to body. carl levin-year-old son was missing. his last seen leaving the home. it is also missing.
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going to have a lot more story coming up. >> more than one dozen people are hurt after a collision involving two amtrak trains. this happened a few hours ago at an amtrak station. authorities say the changer both traveling at low speeds. the cause of the crash is under investigation. a busy hair salon. was a restaurant after. >> this is our first look at the suspect. >> when they pulled the shirt
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realize he had on a bulletproof vest. they took it off. the first shots are fired in middle at the afternoon. he walked into the salon and started firing. we are unsure if the shot entrance. ran.e we have fatalities. >> seconds later he got into his car and drove away. >> was taken into custody. we do believe he is the only time.t at this >> he got on the grounds. and he had a cargo pants on. >> magazines were out. reporting.
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we have an alert for appearances morning. streetppened along the early tuesday morning. he was walking to the high school. then was standing on corner. to the crow.lking >> i was kind of freaked out. it is ruined the committee atmosphere. >> the girl was able to break free. not hurt. the suspect had an eyebrow piercing into here. babys a former car with a on board. this was illegal. it could change. the act will be introduced today
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judiciaryse committee. aey can legally carry concealed gun. fbi agents to return to neighborhood today. a crew from pvc pipes in what. be a machine gun. the middle school was briefly locked down. >> officials are assessing the damage after a powerful earthquake rocked bali. residents rushed into the .treet this all happened a few hours ago. so far there are no reports of injury. they're preparing for a
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delicate operation. it is damaged by the august earthquake. make the towers more stable until it can be repaired. it will be inspected by the repeling theme. congress will take a close the federal government one. a house subcommittee will the office of personnel management's. lawmakers will also ask them participating in events. investors are waiting for one the nation's biggest banks. at bloomberg headquarters. the morning. that big bank is jpmorgan case. they have results in a few
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hours. they say they may post a 10% sliding profits. they had investors for losses. they have seen a drop. this is a barometer for the rest of the industry. we get the latest numbers on trade balance. we do have index futures lower open.a users they are plaguing overseas. thosestarting to affect u.s..n the they apologize for customers but anyed to mention reimbursement. failure it is due to a within the structure. they will stop charging the larger passengers to fly. for abce are reporting
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news. want my blackberry back to normal. >> 63 degrees. when it is too confusing the metroo taking fair? you're not alone. metro is trying to simplify things. a disturbing scene caught on video. a school bus monitor beating up a student. why the monitor said he did it. on traffic and weather
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♪ a great thursday
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morning. some rain showers. let's take a look at the radar and give you the details. we see areas of yellow, orange, and red. it goes down toward the county. it is parallel to 95. he could see fairfax county.
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notice more showers to the south. 74 today. it is kind of like yesterday. rain chances tomorrow. >> the web payment this morning. this can adding to your travel time. the accents to report. 270 at the boulevard. will wind this down. >> be careful out there this morning. >> thank you. 63 degrees. a school bus monitor caught on tape. look at this video. beating up a boy. she claimed she was not breaking the law. new details in the case of the missing 10-month-old girl. this
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>> we begin what our top story. breaking news. it a germantown woman and the disappearing of her son. authorities found her body last night. was last seen leaving on september 30. they issued an ever alert. a better cast a bad debt may a
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the gunmen opened fire yesterday. there arrested shortly after. of a pinnacle at the national cathedral. theas damaged by earthquake. it'll make the central tower more stable. it is set to reopen last month. >> measure will consider changes to the ticket structure. the give each your credit card. metro would have to simplify the rate plan. there are now more than 44,000 possible combinations. >> president obama is playing to south korea's president. they had a career and barbecue restaurant.
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it is set for this morning on the south lawn of the white house. and thechelle obama go tolady are said to fairfax high school. the event goes along with her standing of the extending past the white house. correct as a police officer is shooting at an ice shop near pittsburgh. this happened last night at a dairy queen. the man who is believed to have the officer is also dead. it is unclear if you're shot by police are took his own life. >> as gold charge attacking a boy.
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a camera cost yvonne. she says she regrets her behavior. >> there is defense of others. was touching another child. there's some aggravating words him to her. he did not back down. >> the 14-year-old boy hurt another boy. the boy has exhibited this kind behavior in the past. >> in missouri mother is shown before she reported daughter missing. there is an unidentified man for a box of wine. is at 5:30 on the evening of october 3. she said she last saw her
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daughter went to put her to bed. the couple says the girl was gone. the police have no suspects. >> prosecutors are in the final stage of this. there is there to return to the stand. ofterday he was with care the king of pop. called unusual and dangerous. he is backing down from a claim he had a fatal dose of the drug. cracks a surprising development of an underwear model. he went against the advice of his attorneys yesterday. is trying to bring down the jetliner. he acted in the retaliation of muslims worldwide. is 63 degrees outside.
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highlights from game 4 of the american league changing ship -- championship series. warren buffett is opening up broughtw much money he in last year. first check on
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check on youro traffic and weather. >> is a little bit of drizzle. it there is some heavy rain. it is crossing to 70 as we speak. parallel. we go down toward stafford. it is pushing north toward as we speak. it is crossing over 66. we have more areas of rain lined up. it goes all the way down to north carolina. these. have 65 degrees in the district.
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an steady rain will come to and later. there is the chance of thunderstorms by the afternoon. we will be in this weather for one more day. it will clear out with a lot of sunshine. kaiser and the upper 70's. what is the latest? >> there is what pavement for everyone. construction is out of the way. we will show you what to expect. no problems on the beltway. is on 110.amera
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are awayxas rangers the trip to the world series. they led the rangers to a over the detroit tigers. in thew have a 3-1 lead american championship series. they will meet again in detroit. into the are hacking mails of celebrities. they targeted e-mails of several stars. and he faces 27 counts of identity theft and wire tapping. warren buffett calls some self mega rich. idea oftting a better that means. had more than he
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