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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  October 13, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at noon on your side. >> we begin with the debt -- a desperate search for a maryland boy who vanished nearly two weeks ago. 11-year-old "weather now disappeared from his germantown apartment. his mother was found
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murdered. her body was discovered inside their home on the 1300 block of briarcliff terrace. >> we do have an update to report. montgomery county police say that around 8:30 a.m. this morning, they found the missing suv that belonged to jane. there will not say where they found it, because they believe that her son is still in danger. many of the neighbors at this apartment complex are hoping that the 11-year-old is found soon. they're also hoping that whoever killed his mother is found just as quick. >> detectives spent much of the morning inside and around this second floor condo where 51- year-old jane live with her 11- year-old son william. she was found murdered in her bedroom late wednesday night. now the search is on for the killer and her missing son. >> i hope they find the kid alive and well. >> police said the last time anyone saw william was on september 30.
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it appears jane had been missing for some time, too. >> the neighbor across the street said she was missing. someone had called and said she had not showed up for work. the boy had not been in school. >> it was a concerned friend who called police to report jade missing yesterday. officers who came to check on her made the gruesome discovery. neighbors said they cannot believe this has happened so close to home. >> we really have not had any issues at all. so this is shocking. >> as detectives try to figure out who is behind this crime many neighbors wonder if the killer is closer than that they think. >> there is security so it leads me to believe that she might have known that person and let him in. if there was a scuffle or someone came in, you would think somebody would have heard something. >> we have learned that "weather now was a sixth grader at martin luther king, jr. middle school here in in germantown.
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officials say there are additional police counselors at the school day to help students who cannot deal with the shot of this story. william is 5 feet tall and big -- and 85 pounds. police are asking anyone who may know where he is to call 911. >> thank you. definitely an upsetting situation. we are on a storm watch this afternoon after a messy morning commute. more rain, severe weather control in this afternoon. adam caskey is tracking it in the weather center. >> very damp out there today. drizzly where it is not actually rein. but we do have some steady showers. let's take a look at them. mainly northwest and west of the district pillich west on 66 a batch of light rain pushed northward. where we do not have the study rain it is drizzle. some partial clearing expected further south in southern maryland. you can see frederick and
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northwest of frederick, the showers pershing to the north. cool. 59 in winchester and cumberland. obviously, it will be a lot cooler northwest of town than metro. locally to mid-70's. we will talk about storms coming up later. >> first it was the washington monument. now repairs are under way the national cathedral. workers are taking off part of it pentacle which was damaged by the august earthquake. we're live with the latest on the delicate work being done out there. as the weather caused a problem at all this morning? >> today not at all. the head stone mason in charge of this process says when it comes to the ordeal of removing the top of the pinnacle iran is not an issue. he says the wind is an issue. he said the fog not a problem this morning. he will take the rain and fog over wind any day. they began the oppressive task of moving the two-ton pinnacle,
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just as planned today. workers prepared for the dramatic the construction of the gothic pinnacle left damaged from the august earthquake. >> when the quake occurred and everything should, the top three parts that you just saw remained as one and that top unit shifted over considerably. >> try a 8.5 inches. that is how far the se grand pinnacle shifted during the tremor. masons and engineers are taking them apart so they can stabilize the structure and begin repairs to the remaining pieces of limestone left damaged. >> we decided we had to take them off as one unit. i do not want to be out there breaking it, drilling and, whatever it is, to take them apart because there are eight other stones beneath that that
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are loose. >> he says the damage is drastic, and one pinnacle rotated as much as 45 degrees. he has been working on the landmark for more than two decades and critics the task will take a solid 10 years. but officials said they're more than happy with the progress being made. >> of anything, we're probably ahead of schedule. november 12 was chosen so that we would not have to keep making a decision every 24 hours about not knowing the timeline of things. >> november 12 is when the plan to officially reopen the cathedral. remember the people we saw shimmying down the washington monument, searching for damage there? there will be back at it here starting on monday. there will be going down the west front of the cathedral, doing the same thing, going by each piece of stone looking for any damage left behind from the earthquake. abc 7 news. >> thank you. news at noon today, fire investigators blame a malfunctioning kitchen stove for
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a fight that led to overnight rescues. the flames ignited just after 1:00 a.m. in a condominium in the 11,300 block of cherry hill road. firefighters battled the fire on the second floor of the three- story building. four residents rescued the were trapped on balcony's. luckily, no one was hurt. 12 families with a total of 11 children are now temporarily homeless. police and parents in fairfax county are on the lookout for it would-be kidnapper. authorities say a man tried to adapt a teenage girl early tuesday along blake lane near palm rested. the victim was walking to high school when a man tried to force her into his car. the victim was able to break free and ran away. police said the suspect was driving a small white four-door car with the baby on board sticker on the driver's side. parents, you should be aware of this one. there is a police alert in annapolis involving several suspicious incidents involving
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children. witnesses reported seeing two men in the vehicle taking photographs of children right outside the woodside gardens community. that has happened twice in the past week. the same vehicle may have been seen at georgetown east elementary. the descriptions of the men and vehicles a very, but police still want parents to be vigilant. in southern california, a close-knit community is reeling from a shooting rampage inside a beauty salon. the gunmen opened fire in a salon right in the middle of the afternoon. new today, we're learning more about the gunmen and a possible motive. >> when the gun and started shooting in the salon, every hair dressing station inside was busy. >> all i could hear was pop, pop. >> a man dressed in body armor and carrying an arsenal of weapons entered the salon and started shooting everyone in sight. >> everyone was shook up, screaming and hollering.
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>> he said he had a knife. >> should nine people, the gunman calmly got into his truck and drove away. police caught up with a half a mile away and he surrendered without incident. >> that had him by the shirt. when the pulled his shirt up, then they realized he had on a bulletproof vest. they took the best of. by that time they already had him handcuffed. >> the suspect is identified as an ex-marine and ex-husband of a stylist at the salon. her relatives say she was killed in the shooting and the issue is the main target of the attack because an alleged custody dispute. >> i knew that there was a lot of strife between the two. >> police cordoned off the light blue bungalow in nearby huntington beach their home for the past two years. neighbors told reporters that they often saw him playing in the yard with his son. it has shaken this small beach community. >> this is a small, community. we do not experience these
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things, ever. >> eight people died in the rampage. right now, a ninth victim is hospitalized and in critical condition be one year after his mysterious death, police have new leads and the murder of a fairfax county man. the 51-year-old man was found dead in his fairfax home last october. police believe the murder stems from a robbery. they said there was an undetermined amount of money in the home. the car was stolen and was later found abandoned one week after the murder. police are still searching for the killer appeared -- . a new poll finds a georgia businessman herman cain emerging as the clear republican front runner. a survey shows herman cain leading with 27%. mitt romney was close behind with 23%. rick perry to third-place with 16%. new a new first lady michelle obama is paying a special visit to a local school.
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mrs. obama and the first lady of south korea are visiting an adult high school in fairfax county. it is on to a large korean american population. tonight, the first lady and president obama will host a state dinner at the white house for the south korean president. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, caught on camera will surveillance video of a mother giving clues about the disappearance of her 10-month- old baby? then caring hidden guns in the district. any bill in congress sets of controversy. this is a rare sight on a highway. why pilots quick thinking might have saved some lives.
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>> new surveillance video has surfaced in the desperate search for missing missouri baby. the video shows the baby's mother out shopping with her brother hours before the baby went missing. she bought baby food, baby wipes, and a box of wine as well. investigators say she appears normal and shows no signs of stress. the baby has been missing appertain days. her parents maintain to is taken from her bedroom by an intruder maryland health officials
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confirm an elderly person is dead after picking up bacteria in an ocean city hotel. the health department found the water at the plim plaza hotel is contaminated with bacteria that causes legionnaires' disease. six cases have been confirmed of people who stayed at the hotel. it is now closed for the season. officials say anyone who stayed in that hotel in september and is now experiencing ammonia-like symptoms contact a health-care provider. a new bill in congress would allow people with permits to carry concealed weapons in the district. the bill filed by a texas republican would make it legal fault -- legal for people with concealed carry permits from other states to not carry their concealed guns in the city. a delegate is fighting the bill, calling it a violation of home rules to the last week an appeals court upheld washington d.c.'s, restrictions on adult guns. a close call for pilot and
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passenger in florida. a small plane made an emergency landing on the florida turnpike yesterday afternoon the pilot called in the emergency to air- traffic her troll and then somehow managed to miss the oncoming traffic as he landed. but as you can see it back to drivers on the highway for hours. the pilot and his passenger suffered only minor injuries. that is unbelievable. >> tough to pull that off in florida with all the traffic. i know pilots are trained in north dakota, because they have one of the top-notch schools for aviation to kill a lot of rural roads up there with plenty of places to go down if they had to. >> it turns out a lot of plans to actually have a little horn that goes off, so maybe that alerted some of the drivers. >> interesting. we have a lot to talk about. the sun will come out just in time for the weekend. perfect timing. but it will be a little dusty once we get that sunshine. there is a look at the bay today.
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what a dreary day. further to the south, south of chesapeake beach, we're going to get in on a little bit of sunshine shortly. that could help with thunderstorm chances. 67 degrees at chesapeake beach. madison, va, look at that rainfall. this is from tuesday evening. impressive rainfall out there. that is since tuesday evening when this whole grain event it really began. still a few showers north of manassas. it is starting to fall apart. otherwise areas crossing over the mason dixon line into southern pennsylvania. other than that, the shower action is down in northwestern virginia. we have seen a little development near raleigh, north carolina and we will likely see that development as well in southern virginia. because we're getting a little bit of sunshine down there. petersburg is 80 degrees and partly cloudy at this time. but with the type of atmosphere that we have right now actually
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it is fairly moist and tropical, but the cloud cover is keeping our temperatures at bay. but with this atmosphere, that sunshine will likely trigger some storms to our south. they will march north throughout the afternoon and into the evening hours and even overnight. do not be surprised if you hear some thunder and we might have isolated downpours. and you tomorrow we will have this dip in the jet stream. when we get a trough like that he can add to unsettled weather and cause showers and storms. that will swing through tomorrow. 74 at the warmest this afternoon. that will be locally and within that sunshine. storms here and there through the afternoon and evening especially east of blue ridge. tomorrow similar conditions to today with a few showers. but there is that center and by saturday. >> we will see you in a little bit. a washington d.c., a teacher receives a huge surprise at a school assembly this morning.
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[applause] >> and mathematics teacher at mckinley tech high school received the milken educator award, which recognizes the top 40 teachers in america. she was presented with a plaque and a check for $25,000. the mayor and the school chancellor personally thanked the teacher for her hard work and dedication. coming up on abc 7 news at noon outrage. the fallout from the world wide blackberry black out. good afternoon. on my next show, seemingly happy marriages turned upside down after the truth is revealed. quick to discover that my husband actually married another woman while still married to me. >> a real conversation about has been hidin
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♪ >> 7 is on your side this noon with good news for blackberry users. the maker, research in motion says service is fully restored world wide. a three-day e-mail and internet addicts affected the u.s., canada europe, asia, and africa. as many as 40 million people were unable to access or send out data on their phones. they are apologizing to customers. but for many that is not enough. it has been the company's biggest outage in years. it blames it on the european infrastructure for the massive data meltdown. also a new warning for parents using booster seats for their children.
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a new study says that car booster seats and not fit all seat belts. more than 80 were examined. 41 of them fell into the just that category, meaning that they did not properly fit seat belts in every vehicle. 31 booster seats to get -- did get high ratings. for full list, you can go to our website, still ahead, adam caskey is back with a final look what do you think of this one? really? what's this? this is a rose i made from a turnip.
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>> we have a reminder for you about the latest contest on our facebook page. we're giving away a vip trip for two to the country music awards on no temper nine in asheville. just become a fan of wjla on facebook and click to enter. we will announce the winner to mar on abc 7 news at 5. >> that will be a fun trip. very fine. >> you have to listen to this one. a seattle waitress who got stepped on a tip from a customer -- well, she found a unique way to get revenge. on the receipt, the customer not only put zero for the tip, but he also said "you could stand to lose a few pounds." welcome to the waitress was so angry, she posted a photograph of the offending received on facebook complete with the customer's full name. hundreds of people have gone online and commented on the man
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page, some calling the worst customer ever, which would be about right. unfortunately, plenty of people have the same name so they're also catching some of that abuse. the waitress says she apologizes to the men who have been mistaken for that very rude customer. >> that is a problem with the internet these days in general. >> one more look at the weather. >> not exactly a nice guy. into the weekend saturday but gusty winds. upper 60s. captioned by the national captioning institute >> be sure to
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