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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 13, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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s go right to steve rudin and the weather center perry. >> we are watching these distinct separate storm systems. at right now, as we move into fairfax county, prince william county these warnings will come down. i am more and more confident we will see additional warnings issued probably for arlington alexandria, the district, and montgomery county. the warning just updated on super doppler radar the heaviest of the storms right now moving through central fairfax county off towards the north northeast at about 30 miles per hour. at this point, keep in mind, no tornado warnings. however, it newington 6:00 to west springfield heavy activity. just minutes away. heading towards annandale and falls church by about 6:20 this
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evening. heading off towards fairfax county reston at 6:15, heavier activity. the latest tornado warning includes the district and the media's to rounding counties all the way south to fredericksburg. project and the media surrounding counties, all the way south to fredericksburg. the good news and all of this, we are looking for things to settle down later tonight. the full forecast and we will keep you updated if there are any additional warnings. the president put the blame on a foil the terror plot against the saudi ambassador squarely on iran. >> during a news conference with the south korean president, mr. obama said iran needs to be held accountable. members of congress talked about how iran should be punished. rebecca cooper is following the developments. >> president obama today made
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clear he is convinced the iranian government was directly involved in the plot and must be punished. today, president obama insisted the plan to assassinate saudi arabia's ambassador to washington was run by iranian government operative spirit the real mastermind the many friends say was not smart enough to pull off the plot. >> we will continue to apply the toughest sanctions and continue to mobilize the international community, to make sure that iran is further and further isolated and pays a price for this behavior. >> insisting they have the facts, u.s. officials pressed other countries to tighten the noose around iran with tougher international sanctions. some leaders are privately pressing u.s. officials to provide more evidence. they describe the man behind
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bars as an inept bong koehler, a nice guy with note ideology of the the money to make money. but in congress, there are no calls for caution. both sides are calling for tough action including northern virginia democrat gerry connolly. that it seems the policy of the u.s. government has to be absent evidence to the contrary provided by the government that we will hold them accountable as if they planted this from the highest halls of government in tirana itself -- in tehran itself. >> russia, and turkey requested closed-door meetings for the u.s. to make their case. the state department officials quickly arranged those briefings and insists they have the evidence needed to prove direct iranian involvement. live from the newsroom, rebecca cooper, abc 7 news.
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also following late developments in the case of a missing maryland boy. the police say 11-year-old william mcquain remains missing. his mother, jane mcquain, was found dead in her germantown home. her car was found in north carolina. her husband is police custody -- is in police custody. brad bell has more. >> my hope is that he may be with a family member or friend that perhaps has no idea what has occurred with his mother. but as time goes on, it becomes more and more of a long shot that is the case. >> the police made a horrible discovery last night after a friend filed a missing person report. at 51-year-old jane mcquain was murdered in her bedroom. then the police realized her 11-rolled son william was missing. neighbors say they had seen no
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signs of problems and second floor condo, just an active boy who enjoyed sports and his caring mother. >> she was always clean and would wipe off the car and be tidy but other than that, never saw her upset or angry. just always happy. >> almost immediately police focused on curtis lopez the stepfather and jane mcquain's estranged husband. >> there is a security building so it leads me to think that whoever did it, she may have let him in. still to come, see why members of congress now want an investigation into bank of america's increased debit card fees. >> we will look at barack obama's campaign war chest. >> steve rudin and the belfort furniture weather center, strong
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storms moving through central fairfax county and ports montgomery county and the district.
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several house democrats are demanding an investigation into whether the nation's largest banks are colluding to raise fees on customers. >> 5 congressman have sent a letter to attorney general holder to look into the matter, on the heels of bank of america's controversial new debit card fees. both wells fargo and jpmorgan chase are also testing new monthly fees on the cards. more people are filing for
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foreclosures up 1%, the first increase in nearly a year. analysts say the trend saw a 14% jump in first-time default notices. that means that lenders are cracking down harder on homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgages. nevada tops the list. small signs of improvement in the economy the labor department says the u.s. all a slight drop in the number of jobless claims last week. 404,000 claims were filed the unemployment rate remains unchanged, 9.1%. . and obama and the dnc has exceeded its fundraising goals -- president obama and the dnc has exceeded its fundraising goals. president obama's campaign manager said 90% of the cut additions are and amounts of to a $50 or less -- are and amounts
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of $250 or less. we will hear what the metro board says about this chaos. m and a risk of storms moving through. steve rudin has the forecast. >> the capitals and penguins play tonight in what should be a good old-fashioned donnybrook. i have the latest on sidney crosby. but the eagles coming to town, who will start at running back for the redskins?
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a busy meeting for members of the metro board with a copper braziel item missing from the agenda. -- with a controversial item missing from the agenda. >> that approved a split of the blue line. metro suggests possible changes to the fare structure. not on the agenda, the chaos that ensued in roslyn after a man was hit by a train and clarendon. jennifer donelan asked about the problem. >> today was a full meeting of the board discussing everything from the realignment of the blue line to fares but they have not talked about the incident that has people fresh credit.
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48 hours after this on the orange line, the full metro board convened for a committee meeting today. >> people are screaming throwing out passing out. >> this never came up. >> i thought it would have been brought up right away. >> if you missed it, tuesday evening, a man jumped on the tracks. >> we brought in 40 buses but you have trains with 800, 900 people in the station in the middle of rush hour. >> that was the metro general manager today, who has started an internal review. >> i like to see the board tried to figure brought what happened. >> when safety mechanisms kicked in, thousands had to walk out there largest escalators. >> we know what happens if those safeties' did not work. >> until the review is complete,
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the full board will be advised. >> i would hate to have been part of it. we are on the case. >> this board member who represents arlington said people should rest assured. what what three or mind, people going to the hospital, passing out? -- what went through your mind, people on to the hospital, passing out? >> it was a terrible situation. >> the hope to have an internal review complete by the time the safety and security committee meets in two weeks. jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. let's follow-up on the tornados. >> we are getting new pictures out of the damage they sustained earlier this afternoon from a tornado that touched down. going over to the scoreboard, the high temperature 77 degrees, 15 degrees warmer
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compared to yesterday. about a quarter inch at reagan national airport, but more rain on the way. so far today we have had nearly 3 inches of rain in reston manassas coming in at 2.32 inches of rain. the latest, abc 7 live super doppler radar, the good news, no tornado warnings right now but we have storms that will continue to move towards the north, northeast and eventually impact arlington the district, and montgomery county as we move into the early evening hours. the sun is just about to set reports of clearing skies to the west. the doppler radar the heaviest activity is located off to the west. some cities that will be impacted as we move through the next 15, 20 minutes, heavier activity into franconia
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alexandria including old town. this will eventually move towards oxon hill and to prince george's county. looking out the window in the weather center, already a lot of lightning outside. still have to come and go watch until 11:00 tonight, including the district and surrounding counties. we will more than likely see this canceled before then. look at the difference and temperatures only in the 60's out to the west. the moist air mass over head, 73 degrees at reagan national. the cold front of to the west will eventually bring clearing conditions. just-in-time for the upcoming weekend. the cold front arrives tomorrow, bring a chance of showers and thunderstorms, breezy conditions saturday and sunday. tonight, the storms come to an end, left with showers and patchy fog mid-50s, 60 degrees. at 70-75 degrees the daytime
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high tomorrow. the extended outlook looking good 75 monday, chance of showers tuesday. we will look at the damage reports from earlier today. the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. hockey season, pittsburgh? >> this is a big game for washington. this is one of the top robberies in sports. alex ovechkin is ready to go, and the capitals are off to another flying start, 2-0, while the penguins started the season on the west coast and they are 3-0-1. the capitals have outscored the penguins 7-1 over their last three meetings, but this will be tough. the penguins have not allowed a power-play goal yet this season.
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>> the great hockey games, the winter classic last year, it is a good rivalry. they are fun hockey games. >> sidney crosby has been cleared for contact. although he is not clear when he will play, wearing the black helmet again, and he is allowed to have contact for the first time since last january when he suffered a severe concussion. he will not be in the game tonight. the philadelphia eagles are a slight favorite over the redskins, despite the fact the game is being played at fedex and the eagles are 1-4. . skins -- the redskins' running game will be their keep. the more they can move the chains, shorten the game, the better their chances of winning. if they keep the ball, mcvicker cannot play. mike shanahan is not saying who will start at running back
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against philly. >> we will see how these guys do. we have three running backs who i really believe in. he will show us what he could do, and helu has played well. the last time we saw the georgetown basketball team was at the friendship games in china, an indicator of how tough this team will be won the start practice this weekend. fighting is not the reputation that they want, but john thompson iii likes what it did for his ball club. >> and an unexpected kind of way, i think that incident has brought this team closer together and i think there is truly an understanding that we depend on each other. d.c. united's chances to make the playoffs took a hit last night when vancouver scored
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the first minute of both halves to beat the team 2-1. united is five points behind ninth place the order for the final wild-card spot. the texas rangers are just one victory away from the world series. right now they are tied at 2-2 in the sixth inning. the brewers and cardinals play game 4 tonight in st. louis. it
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time is running out for your chance for a trip to the country music awards. >> it includes round-trip air fare to nashville hotel stay, and tickets to the awards show. just go to steve has dramatic video?
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>> this is where they sustained quite a bit of damage earlier today, a picture on the weather computer. this is a plantation home that dates back to 1746. also sustained a lot of damage during the earthquake. the skies have really cleared out since then, the past couple hours. we still have strong storms outside. the video? this is the same plantation home, showing the roof after it was ripped off. no reports of any additional tornadoes, but as we move through the evening, will report will come in. the doppler radar stronger storms moving into arlington and the district. a newly issued a tornado warning for spotsylvania county until 6:45. abc world this is coming up next. >> have a good night.
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