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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  October 30, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> coming up, storm clean-up after the rare october snowfall. thousands without power. and an ice cream truck crashes into a daycare center. and the 36th annual marine corps marathon. how the winner set a new record. abc 87 news starts now. >> this is abc 7 news at 6:30. >> we are still cleaning up from the historic snowstorm. in west virginia, frederick and washington counties in maryland saw this and thousands are
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dealing with power outages. richard is in boonesborough. >> look at this tree. a cluster of trees. 100 years old that collapsed overnight. this tree fell one cluster landed on this family's car boat and house. a tough night here. >> reminded me what it would be like if it was a tornado. >> washington county, trying to recover from a storm that some people are calling snowtober. >> i do not remember this before halloween. >> believes are holding this in the trees and they cannot handle the weight.
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>> it brought down this cluster of 100-year-old oak trees. >> one of them was hauling the other way and it got each one of them. >> the family found the roof damage and even this shed was hit. >> power crews are scrambling to restore service. >> this was very scary. >> the roof in front porch were hammered by the falling tree. finally, the snow on saturday is slowly melting away. and the cleanup will begin. >> this is an act of nature and this is how it goes. and you have to cope with this. >> this is the other end of that cluster of trees and you can
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see that ted insult to injury, there is no power tonight and they're hoping to meet with their insurance people tomorrow. >> it may take awhile. this october surprise has left 3 million people in the dark from here to new england. it may be a week before the power is restored. in western massachusetts 2 feet of snow had fallen and the snow is blamed for at least five deaths. they have canceled service between washington and pittsburgh with the leas along the northeast corridor. this is what you get with wet roads and freezing temperatures. there were several car accidents in montgomery county last night. there was a big police response. another driver lost control and
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there is no word on whether anyone was injured. conditions are much better now and for more on what to expect -- >> we are looking at quiet conditions for the overnight hours, with clear skies. the temperatures are holding in the lower 50's. out to the west we have temperatures in the 40's. winchester is at 43 and petersburg -- and yesterday the highs were in the low 40's. this is where we look for temperatures around the freezing mark. we will see a fairly nice halloween monday. just in time for next weekend -- we will have the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> a free text that left 100
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people without power. contact was made with power lines about 1:00 this afternoon around 8700 after a mast was left up. they have restored electricity to all 100 customers. the temperature was 38 degrees yet 30,000 perfectly sane people said that they would run a marathon. the winner of the marathon finish in record time. >> 30,000 runners laced up their sneakers for the 30th annual marine corps marathon. leading the pack was chatd weir. crushing the rest of the competition, he crossed the finish line in two hours 19
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minutes, the best record in 15 years. >> i was just trying to stay on the pace all the way to the finish. and the fact i won by a fair amount -- >> he beat out over 30,000 other runners from 52 different countries, but people in this area say that this marathon means the most. >> these locals have mastered the marathon three times and say there is nothing like the people's marathon. >> we run together in downtown washington. >> taking the top spot -- >> the some of them got a warm up as they tried to get around metro problems before the
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marathon began. the escalator's shutdown about 7:30 this morning a half-hour before the marathon started and they had to climb the third largest escalator span in the western hemisphere. service was restored about 8:35. still to come, the bizarre greeting suspects gave a man before trying to take his car in northwest d.c. and people in a jet blue plane spent 7 hours onboard. and what herman caine has to say about the add
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>> following a developing story where an ice cream truck
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collided with a daycare center, in the 4800th block of 66th avenue. no word on the driver's condition. nobody was home at the time of the accident. >> police are looking for three men who attempted a carjacking at 13th and a rkansas. three men in whtieite masks yelled "trick or treat" and tried to steal his car. another abduction attempt along ennisbrook circle. a 20-year-old woman was walking when a civic pulled up next to her. the driver pulled up and said, "let's go." this is the third attempt in
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recent weeks. union station was closed after a piece of plaster fell on friday, striking a restaurant worker. the plaster fell after the august 31st earthquake. a full restoration begins this week. the end of the road for the tourmobile. the company has provided tours for 40 years. it drove into financial trouble because of the economy. stranded for hours. how jet blue is compensating passengers after they were stuck on a plane. and ring ring hello, progresso.
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>> the u.s. military may be on a new mission when the iraq war is over. they will bolster their presence in the gulf after drawing out their troops. after that, they may beef up forces in kuwait. a political ad for a republican presidential candidate herman caine. you may have seen that. mark glock dragging on a cigarette after saying caine is a different candidate. >> we have run a campaign like nobody has seen. we need you to be involved, because together, we can take this country back. >> earlier caine defended the
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ad. >> one theme in this campaign is let herman be herman. martin block is a smoker. let mark be mark. >> he says it was not encouraging people to smoke. he is a cancer survivor who says people shouldn't smoke. yesterday's storm was a day to remmeber but for some, it turned into a nightmare. jet blue is apologizing for passengers who were stranded lrunning out of food and water and the bathrooms were disgusting. >> this airport is leaving us here and not doing anything. >> power is in and out. bathrooms are locked.
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>> firefighters took them off the plane, and jet blue is offering free refunds. this was not a surprise storm. >> a lot of snow fell, and in connecticut, that storm is long gone. as you look outside annapolis the sun set at 6:10. one week from today are you ready? the sun will set at 5:03. daylight saving time ends this upcoming saturday. not tonight but next weekend. 55 is the high temperatures. the average is 64. weather like that on the way. record high is 82, from 1996. no wind chill. 39 at george washington.
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a high at 51. 38 in rockville. some rain earlier. 40's the name of the game. 43 in culpeper, and some snow on the ground. mountainsburg, 46 degrees. the freeze warning is in the east until 8:00 am tomorrow. temperatures will warm. out to the west, this is what is on the way as we go to the upcoming week. look at the temperature change. yesterday, it was 15 degrees cooler. yesterday, with the snow. this storm is off to the north an dd east. this will zip to the east and give us increasing clouds.
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then some low pressure up the coast. it will remain to the east. it will slowly move to the north. our skies will start to clear. 28-35 overnight. daytime highs and a little warmer. there you have it, the mid 60's with a lot of sunshine. give it a big "like" on facebook. >> one thing i don't like, the big game going on. if you lose in a different country, does it count?
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>> it could change, but 8 sacks on john beck. the rams had better luck. shockwaves through the entire country. the miami dolphins and their back up quarterback started out
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>> the toyota sportsdesk, brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> if you are a skins fan watching us, it is probably because the game was ugly. the bills won 23-0. we will have post-game at 11:00. considering miami's 0-6 record, you'd bhee hard to find a fan.
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they had momentum with the touchdown. eli manning went in for a six yard touchdown. 14-10. here they come. manning finds cruz. the tackle at the five to the 25-yard touchdown 20-17 . arizona and baltimore 10-3 cardinals. he breaks it at the 30 and keeps it coming. two more tackles and he is gone. 82 yards. the ravens trailed 24-3, and came back. ray rice punches it in from three yards out. three seconds to go. a 25-yard field goal, final score, 30-27. new orleans at st. louis.
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carpenter and la russa from the cardinals. a.j. throws a strike. brandon lloyd. and 24-14 drew brees, he gets up from the diving catch for the touchdown. the rams win their first game of the season, better luck than the redskins. sometimes, something will take you back to reality. the edmonton oilers snap a 7- game winning streak for the caps. 1-0, canucks. he goes in front to alex who punches it in. tied at 1-1. a 3-1 lead. he fires and scores, 3-2,
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canucks. vancouver piles it on, and kessler can't get it in. he lights it up. the canucks win 7-4. to nascar, tony stewart with the lead trying to hold off jimmy johnson. he is able to keep the lead and take the flag. newton continues to prove people wrong, with 3 interceptions, but he has 5 250 yard passing games one against the skins. >> we forgot about that. we haven ew new stories. a look, every day we're using more
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>> puss in boots is the top dog at the box office. it earned $34 million doubling the take of "paranormal activity 3." "in time" was third followed by footloose and the rum diary. >> we have a spooky daily iwonder. look at this. go to and if you can't find it on the website, go to daily eyewonder. there is the ghost. monday it is halloween dry temperatures into the mid 60's. >> not bad at all.
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that will do it for us. se
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