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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 12, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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h.d., this is abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. the big story at 6:00, remembering a fallen police officer. >> there was a large presence this afternoon for officer deriek crouse. his comrades turned out to salute the iraqi war veteran and father of five as police tried to figure out why gun and ross ashleys shot him. >> about two hours ago, this parking lot was full of police cars from all over the country. there were officers from our region and the arlington police department as well as police departments from all over the country. you can see the makeshift memorial with patches left by
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officers. they were joined by hundreds of people from the community and campus. hundreds of students to break from finals to put this funeral first. that is what family is supposed to do. the support for officer crouse 's family was overwhelming. more than 3000 people packed the arena for the service today. >> i am proud to say i knew deriek crouse and that he was my friend. he will truly be missed and never forgotten. we all love you and thank you for your sacrifice. everyone of us would gladly trade places with you, but i know the events of december 8 worked out the way you would have wanted them to. >> the governor was there to share the condolences of millions of virginians. >> from the moment we heard the news on thursday our hearts were gripped by the sadness and
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emboldened by what heroes will do for the cause of freedom and justice. >> a memorial fund has been set up by students to help out his wife and five children left behind. $70,000 has already been raised in a couple of days. >> i think that sends the message that we are family and there to support each other through thick and thin. >> the students say it also shows the world to never forget the face of bravery. >> heroes are remembered but legends never die. >> the crouse family is meeting on campus with the officers here to support them. they say this is what they are supposed to do for their brother in blue. jerry sandusky will face his accusers in court tomorrow.
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he is 67 and charged with more than 50 counts of child sexual abuse. he enologist showering with young boys but says he did not molest them. -- he acknowledges showering with young boys but says he did not molest them. brad bell will be there for the hearing and we will have a live report at 5:00. a busy week with the drawdown of troops from iraq. the week starting with the meeting between president obama and iraqi prime minister. both men placed a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns in arlington national cemetery. the president says the u.s. will remain a major player in the country even after the troops leave. >> our goal is to make sure that iraq succeeds. we think a successful democratic iraq can be a model for the entire region. >> the president will also travel to fort bragg, north
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carolina for an event on wednesday. the military base south of baghdad has been handed over to iraqi forces. a big protest outside the white house today because of a camp for refugees in iraq. there are concerned about what happens to the camp after troops are gone. scott has more from the newsroom. >> there are plenty of concerns about the future of iraq. one of the big ones is over the 3500 iranian exiles. they moved to a rock and give it their weapons. they were promised u.s. protection but have been targeted because of what some say is an erroneous label as a terrorist group. >> if the goal was to get the president's attention, these iranian-americans put on a performance that must have raised eyebrows.
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they came to protest this. this is camp ashraf. they're using u.s.-supplied humvees and weapons to run down would appear to be iranians refugees. the prime minister was meeting with president obama inside the white house. u.s. troops are leaving at the end of the month. the refugees will be unprotected or forced to go back to iran. >> probably maliki will murder of 3400. >> they will be executed, no doubt. what they're getting a unique show of support from off the allies among them the former homeland security secretary and democratic governor. >> i have been privileged to work in governor in many different capacities. i never thought as a private citizen i would be rallying to
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implore my president to do the right thing. >> do you think you are getting the attention of the white house? >> i think we are. >> the white house did not comment on the issue. there's no way to know if president obama spoke to the prime minister about ensuring the safety of the group. some say was only listed as a terrorist sponsor to appease the government and improve relations with the country. the leading republican candidates in the race for the white house are in the northeast tonight. newt gingrich and mitt romney are looking for votes in new hampshire. gingrich talked to voters during a town hall meeting this morning. also on his agenda is a one-on- one debate with john huntsman. romney has led the polls in the state. he greeted voters at a manchester restaurant. he also talked with politico about the $10,000 bet he tried to make with gov. rick perry during the debate on saturday.
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>> it is a common thing to say i bet you $1 million. when someone makes an outrageous charge, you respond with john -- an i read his response. there will be another debate this weekend. still ahead the nation's high court takes on a controversial law on immigration. we will tell you what is at stake. >> another name for the defense contractor accused of deadly violence in iraq. >> have you ever had to endure the horrible commit down 95 to sfredericksburg? there are new signs to help you on your drive. today was the coldest morning in washington since march. is this the beginning of a trend? the forecast is just minutes away. [ female announcer ] more
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people are using wireless devices... in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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prepared to take -- pay more. tolls are going up. drivers will pay an extra 55 cents for a one-way trip and $1.10 for a round trip. the state has approved a plan to raise tolls every year from 2012 until 2020.
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there is new help for drivers on interstate 95. >> new signs are offering estimated driving times. jennifer shows us how the system works and why drivers have mixed feelings about it. >> minutes can turn into ours. >> with traffic, it is more than two hours. >> now you only have to look above to know how much time you will spend on the highway. >> i want to see how long i will have to sit in traffic. >> that is between washington and fredericksburg on 95. v-dot unveil the new signs on monday morning. the display travel times. it starts near the pentagon and fairfax county parkway. >> i do not pay attention to the
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signs. traffic is a mess most of the time anyway. >> there is a sign near 123. >> i will be able to know if there's trouble ahead or not. >> i am on 95 northbound. we've just passed a sign. it seemed to be normal driving time. look at the traffic. it turned out to be because of an accident in the southbound lanes. the travel time was not too far off. not everyone is a fan. >>most said it is better to know than not, no matter how painful. >> you do not want to sit in a car that long. >> >>, a holiday spectacular right off of the beltway. we have a look at the mormon temple christmas display. >> it feels like a holidays with
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cold temperatures. doug says milder temperatures are on the way. >> he is evaluating players and says he was disappointed in hall losing his cool. look at tom terrific.
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a security firm is changing its name for the second time. it will now be known as a new name. it originally changed its name after accusations that the guards in iraq were too violent. the company says it continues to reshape its focus. the u.s. supreme court has agreed to decide whether arizona can enforce the controversial immigration reform law. >> the obama administration challenge the law saying that regulating immigration is the job of the federal government. arizona officials argue illegal immigration creates financial and safety concerns. this is the federal government has done nothing to do with it. the court will hear arguments in april with the ruling by gen.
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retailers are hoping for a major spike in online sales today because shoppers are scrambling to purchase gifts and get them shipped on time. big chain stores are promoting green monday special. fedex expects to ship more than 17 million packages today twice its daily average. some very bright lights in the area. more than half a million lights are eliminating the grounds of the mormon temple -- illuminating the grounds of the morgan -- mormon temple. admission is free. you need to get there early to get tickets. >> it is nice weather to go see the beautiful eyes. the only chance of rain we're seeing is on thursday. that will just be scattered showers. it was a chilly start to this morning.
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this is typical of what we have seen today. there have been some high, thin clouds moving overhead. there was a gorgeous sunset. the official low was the reagan national, the lowest since march 3. 46 was the actual high today. we're just a touch below average. it will tbe that way through the evening. we will see a warm-up over the next few days. we dropped to 28 in frederick. -- 41 in frederick. it is 42 degrees in boston. it is 39 in indianapolis. the weather is under the influence of high pressure across the mid-atlantic area.
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some warmer temperatures are starting to bubble up. that is moving in our direction. tomorrow we will be near 50. we will be in the lower 50's on wednesday. that is ahead of a cold front that may deliver showers on thursday. most of the clouds and rain were south this morning and moved offshore. but tomorrow evening, there could be some high clouds moving in. there could be more clouds through the day on wednesday and thursday. the southwest winds will bring in the warmest in the church. the cold front will come through on thursday was scattered showers. tomorrow will be a very pleasant afternoon after a cold start. on thursday, we will hit the upper 50's with scattered showers. the skies will clear behind the front. it will be clear but not much colder. a very pleasant weekend again is heading for the viewing area.
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the toyota sports desk is brought to you by your local toyota dealers moving forward. >> they have a terrible defense. >> they are dead last in the nfl. everyone is talking about the redskins yesterday and how close they came to be in the pages. they have the best fans in the world. there were a lot of good things yesterday, but they lost because of the same old issues. this is the play that got me. he gets dried. no. 23 stands around and watch as. he picks up the first down and finally gets tripped up. here comes hall. in the third quarter brady gets the magic he wants. the play goes 37. it was a tough match up for the
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redskins. >> is a good player. that is the reason why he set the record for the season. i have to make that tackle and play. kudos to him. he is a good player. >> halls refused to get involved on that run. it was a good call. he was holding. he even threw the flag. he got 15 more yards. he is emotional but emotions get in a way of concentration. >> regardless of whether you like to call or not it is your job to him yourself in a professional manner and not pertain in a hole with a 15-yard penalty. those of the things i talk about with the football team. if you make too many of those mistakes eventually, you are not with us.
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>> when you get off the field you can let it fly. look at tom brady get off the offensive coordinator. they were fired up. it would be great to see that emotion on the field. there were the first two to hug after beating the redskins. the redskins will play the giants next week. the cowboys should have won it. watch the past by tony romo. he has time. romo has to get that baby. dan bailey with a field goal. rekick. some time to think about it. the cowboys lose again 37-34 to the giants. giants and redskins play next weekend.
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the miami dolphins have fired the head coach. the chiefs have fired their coach. let the speculation began as coaches start to get fired with a couple of games left. >> it is a tough business. we will
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it should be a quiet night. there will be a slight warm up the next few days. there will be showers by thursday. there will be cooler temperatures for the weekend. keep up-to-date with the changing weather at we will have a fresh look at the weather at 11:00.
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