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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  December 26, 2011 5:03pm-6:00pm EST

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if you look to the lower left- hand corner, that is an area of low pressure that will make its way into our area. we may pick up half an inch to 1 inch of rain. for the evening hours, it will remain dry. temperatures 45 to 53 degrees. changes on the way tomorrow. what can we expect for the final days of 2011? my full forecast and the extended outlook not in a few minutes. -- coming up in a few minutes. a suspect in a double murder and child abduction on christmas eve in richmond. the 27-year-old has just been taken into police custody. police say he shot and killed two people and then stole a vehicle with a two-year-old and
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the back seat. police found the boy unharmed. the mystery of a missing blind man intensifies tonight. there is due information about mitchell smith. he was visiting the area of the week before christmas but went missing after boarding an amtrak train. his family is desperate to find him. >> back information is coming from two different sources. and i witnessed on the train and a north carolina police detective. the two stories are not backing up. >> the phone rings every few minutes the day after christmas concerned friends, north carolina police, and the manassas woman's. >> can you tell me what happened? >> she said she assault mitchell heading to new orleans. -- she saw mitchell heading to
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new orleans. >> i think something is wrong. a.m. job put him on the wrong train. >> she bought the ticket to birmingham herself and never knew about the transfer. another call with conflicting information from a police detective in north carolina. >> he wished to go back to washington and they put to him on the back -- on the train back to washington. >> mr. smith -- mrs. smith worked for years in the d.c. postal inspection. >> that is different from what the witness said. >> the only phone calls she needs is the one from her grandson. >> your child is missing. and you are concerned. >> if the detective said is true mitchell has been back
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here in washington ever since december 17. we've reached out to amtrak and the north carolina detective. they both say more information will be forthcoming. a hacking movement calling itself anonymous claims responsibility for the theft of up to $1 million that was meant for charity. in anonymous claims they have credit card numbers and personal information from a global intelligence company. anonymous taunted in a message on twitter that this is just the first of a long list of targets. police arrested a man in maryland for the murders of a woman and her son in new york. his mother lives in maryland. the victims' bodies were found in the long island basement apartment that louis share it
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with them. now that christmas is over, the countdown to i what is on. the candidates who has spent the most time in iowa was the first to resume campaigning. >> rick santorum is the only republican out hunting for votes. he is literally hunting. he went pheasant hunting in iowa. the other candidates will be joining rick santorum soon. on tuesday, newt gingrich will visit. mitt romney will campaign in davenport. michele bachmann resumes her 99- county bus to wur. ron paul will hit the trail on wednesday. >> paul has the authenticity and
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the passion. >> but he also has some baggage. questions have arisen about his newsletters in the 1980's and 1990's. >> some pretty nasty stuff. >> lending in iowa became more important for the gingrich campaign. after he failed to qualify for the ballot in virginia, the state where he lives. only romney and paul will be on the ballot in the virginia. >> jon huntsman is the only gop candidate who is not going to be and i love. he is banking his entire campaign on a strong showing in new hampshire. mitt romney currently holds a double-digit lead.
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>> legal have much more on the countdown to iowa. -- we will have much more on the countdown to iowa at 6:00. coming up next, what a maryland man has been in prison in cuba for two years. what is now being done to get him free. >> a family celebration turns into a murder scene. >> the country's newest millionaire could be a maryland tour after the winning ticket was sold there. >> a stolen van filled of traits with -- for the troops is recovered.
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the van was found wrapped in the district. -- wrecked in the district. >> she was out of town and got a call from detectives in arlington county. they told her that her car was found a few miles away in the district of columbia.
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police told her they have not arrested anyone yet. >> i am a little surprised. >> she says arlington detectives called her this morning and said her stolen trade support troops van has been found. witnesses told police they saw several young people running from the scene. >> it is so frustrating. >> we met her last week just one day after her van was stolen. police say a dozen other cars were either tampered with or stolen from in the same night. >> it is a surprise that we have that much of theft in this neighborhood. >> everyone is now making sure their doors are locked and nothing is left inside their cars overnight. >> we have to make sure we are looking out our windows. not allowing things to go on
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that we can stop. >> since the theft, people have been stepping forward, offering donations. that support motivates her to continue her mission. >> people support each other and the troops. >> arlington police say they are in the process of telling the stolen van back from the district of columbia. they will look at it for evidence to figure out who is behind this crime. although she is curious to see who stole their van, she is more happy that she will finally be able to get it back. bike sharing programs could soon be -- officials have applied for a million dollars state grant. they want to use the money to
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operate capital bike share in southern montgomery county. it would build 29 stations in bethesda silver spring, and other areas. the duchess of cambridge has been her first christmas as a member of the british royal family. she greeted crowds have gathered to catch a glimpse of her. the holiday is marred by held concerns for queen elizabeth's husband. he remains hospitalized. on friday, he underwent emergency surgery for a blocked coronary artery. we are looking in a change -- we are looking at a change in our weather forecast.
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tomorrow will be one of those umbrella kind of days. the clouds are beginning to increase. there is the white house. this is nothing compared to the wind we will have across the mid-atlantic on wednesday. high temperature at reagan national airport made up to 50 degrees. in another day of above average temperatures. for the entire month of december we have yet to see a high temperature below 40 degrees. the record is 72 setback in 1889. did the jurors today made well into the 40's. -- temperatures today made it well into the 40's. 46 at the airport right now. 43 in chantilly. next stop will take us over to
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the district, 46 degrees at george washington university. the wind chill factors are not much of a problem right now. dulles at 45, winchester at 43. not a lot of really cold air out there. 37 in syracuse. things are beginning to end prove just a little bit. wind chill factors are holding into the low were 40's. not just -- not much of the temperature change over the last 24 hours. this will slowly make its way to our area as we move through the
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day tomorrow. the timing at this point could be around the midday out were for the heaviest rain, 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. here are the clouds that will approach from the west during the overnight hours. the heavier rain will be around 2:00 in the afternoon. winds will begin to pick up, up 30 or 35 miles per hour on wednesday. it will feel a lot colder. 30to 36 for an hour overnight lows. -- our overnight lowers. temperatures will be around 45
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degrees. mid-40's hagerstown. it is going to take us through the end of 2011 with temperatures in the adult love or 50's. -- and in the lower 50's. there is no sign of any winter storm in our forecast. >> raindrops, melt snow. -- no snow. >> the salvation army local chapter hopes to double its donations for the holiday season. adc-based businessman has promised to match up to $150,000 in donations for the salvation army. just last week, the nonprofit announce donations are down in our region. anyone who wants to give can go to the website.
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the holiday shows continued tonight in prime time. 8:00, it is "rudolph's shiny new year." >> it will be december 31 forever. i will send dealt a search party. >> you can watch it tonight at 8:00, followed by "castle." the most popular youtube video of the year. >> or its campbell is here to tell us if "war horse" lives up to the hype. >> $10,000 for a prescription? it is a problem that is a crisis for their patients. >> a crime -- six killed moments after on wrapping their
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a massive investigation after a terrible crime on christmas day in taxes. >> a man is believed to of killed six people during a christmas celebration. quaggas we are learning the alleged shooter was dressed as santa at -- we are learning the
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alleged shooter was dressed as santa claus when he opened fire on relatives and then turned the gun on himself. >> it is shocking. >> it is the worst investigation that we have had to investigate in many years. >> just after 6 relatives opened presence around the christmas tree a segment showed have dressed as santa claus and opened fire. there was a 911 call. by the time police arrived, all six were dead. an apparent murder-suicide. local reports indicate a mother and her to a children were living there. they recently moved away from her husband and the children's father. there had been financial troubles. >> it makes it a lot harder.
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christmas should be about celebration. >> at the dead range in ages from 15 to 60, for women and three men including the shooter. police are now notifying other relatives before publicly releasing their identities. some are calling this the worst crime in the city's history. still ahead you could be holding onto a $125 million power ball ticket. if you bought it at one specific store in maryland. >> a court took matters into his own hands to stop an armed robber. the whole thing was caught on camera. " the desperate call for the release of a m
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you are watching abc7 news at 5 on your side. a maryland man has been held in cuba for the last two years. today, people took to the streets of d.c. to call for his release. >> we are live in northwest washington with more on their fight. >> he was arrested in a cuban airport two years ago this month. his family says his health is deteriorating and is hope for ever been released is fading. his wife stood with her head up and her voice strong on 16th street today. she called for the release of her husband. >> keeping alan gross in present
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shows that in cuba, there is not a true change. >> his name is not on list of prisoners to be released by the castro government, of her exterior began to crack. >> trying to remember the feeling of being surrounded by his loved ones. >> he was working for a bethesda company distributing satellite phones to the small jewish community in cuba. >> we will like to bring him home. >> his wife says her husband is losing hope as the days go past. his mother and daughter have been diagnosed with cancer. and his health is deteriorating. their only hope is another holiday comes and goes is that the u.s. government can somehow negotiate his release.
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the family and supporters said they will continue their vigil here at the cuban intersection on 16th street every monday until alan gross is released. prince george's county police have new video of a robbery at a burger king earlier this month. three suspects can be seen entering the burger king. the first suspect? as a lookout while the second point and handgun and demanded money. all three flee the scene. if you recognize any of these men, contact police. post christmas discounts are luring shoppers in. it is a popular time to return on wanted -- unewanted gifts. the search continues for a
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33-year-old blind man from d.c.. mitchell smith bordered an amtrak train to alabama from union station, but police say he never made it there. a van full of care packages for the troops that was stolen last week has been found. detectives call be under this morning saying the van was in an accident in d.c. witnesses told police they saw several people running from the scene. and afghanistan war veteran it remains on my support after being shot at his own party. christopher sullivan returned home to california on friday. at his party, to amend began arguing about football. -- two men began arguing about football. he was shot twice.
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police are searching for that gunmen. >> he got a purple heart. >> he had just returned from kentucky, where he was being treated for a brain injury. a connecticut home has been torn down. officials ordered the home to be demolished. officials are still investigating what triggered the fire that killed a 10-year-old girl and her sisters, along with her grandparents. you will want to see this surveillance video from a holdup in north carolina. a robber got a lot more than he bargained for. he tried to hold up a store for
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a second time. this time, the clerk was not going to stand by. he handed over the money and delivered a left hook. >> he did what he did last time. when he took it, i hit him. >> he held him until police arrived. he is now being held on $100,000 bond. and i welcome christmas visitor shook up some homeowners in florida. they found a python curled up in the corner of their family pool. a response team showed up to take away the reptile. he was not too happy about being taken from his spot. no one was hurt. time now for a check on the
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traffic situation. >> good afternoon. you are looking at the springfield interchange. hov lanes are pointing northbound this evening, and not helping the traffic. this is the american legion branch. we are seeing some delays. things are running very smoothly. still to come, test results are in for baby formula for pulled from walmart shelves. >> a boy a horse and world war combined for a holiday classic. i am arch campbell. >> some good news may be coming your way.
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see how apple is working on keeping the juice flowing
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>> arch campbell joins us with what he thought of "war horse." >> he still has the magic touch. the story of a bond between a boy and a horse that not only -- that not even world war i can stop. his father buys a resource to work his farm. -- work horse to work his farm. but war intervened and the british cowberry takes the horse. -- cavalry takes the horse. it feels like the kind of movie day used to make, sentimental inspiring. 3.5 stars. beautiful to watch.
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"mission impossible" what the holiday weekend box office. movie attendance went down this year, a kind of a surprise. the biggest movie of the year honors go to harry potter. >> people love that. you guys are in the minority. up next, the most vital video of 2011. >> the song may have gotten stuck in your head a lot. >> the $125 million power ball ticket sold in maryland. >> a prescription that cost
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thousands of dollars. it is a reality for some people.
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doctors a calling it a crisis for cancer patients. >> many are having difficulty finding the treatment they need to stay alive. >> after being diagnosed with leukemia last year, -- >> i gave it to the pharmacist. he said, it is $8,400. >> her insurance company required her to pay all $8,400 upfront and wait a month to be reimbursed. something she could not afford. it is a problem thousands of cancer patients are facing. >> the insurance companies have decided it is not chemotherapy. >> the drugs can run anywhere
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from 5000 to $10,000 a month. the copiague could be 20%. -- copay could be 20%. >> many of the new work chemotherapies only, and the pill form. -- many of the new work chemotherapies only, and the pill form. ko'd some states have passed laws requiring insurance companies to provide equal coverage. others are considering the idea. >> the american cancer society has been lobbying to try to get something passed. right now, it has not been passed. >> md. oncology center helped her. in january she will have to start the process again. >> i do not have a choice.
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it is this or my life. >> in extreme cases patients opt not to be treated at all. the fda is warning parents about giving incorrect dosages of acetaminophen to their children. not all drug makers comply. parents may not notice the difference and the product strengths. the older products, with droppers and the newer versions had syringes. the maker of a popular baby formula says the testing shows the product is free from the bacteria that killed a missouri infant. last week, walmart put all cans following reports that a newborn died after being fed the
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formula. another newborn was sickened in illinois, but is recovering. tests have found no sign of the bacteria. the 42-year-old actor proposed to his longtime girlfriend over the holiday. they have two children together. he announced the engagement on his account. a 14-year-old celebration over the weekend is on the most watched video of the year. ♪ that is her infamous music video. it was viewed 180 million times. what is with you people? the video became an unlikely
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sensation after her parents paid a production company to make the video for her. go to >> you know the lyrics. >> i looked them up. here is a look at what we have coming up at 6:00. >> you have seen the crowds and the sales and we will show you how retailers are crunching the numbers. >> a new report on the response to the earthquake in japan is out and they're not a lot of good things. let's see what the weather situation is looking like outside. >> we are looking at the changing weather situation. the sunshine we had today is a distant memory. satellite and radar from the
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weather center, lower left-hand corner of your screen. that is the area of low pressure. it is going to bring periods of heavy rain, especially during the afternoon and evening hours. we may see half-inch or an inch of rain by the time the system moves out. see where it is located right now? this is all on the way to our area over the next 48 hours. this is our futurecast. the calls will increase during the day. the heaviest rain arrives by 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. skies will clear and the wind will pick up on wednesday. i am talking gusts around a 35 miles per hour. it will make it feel like the upper 20's. increasing clouds and cool for the overnight hours. temperatures will dip into the
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30's. tomorrow, grab your umbrella. high temperatures, at mid-40's. here is the extended outlook as we and 2011. temperatures will be in the law or 50's on friday and saturday. new year's eve, a few have any outdoor activities, it appears to be dry with temperatures in the 40's. for your forecast, go to you can get the latest forecast 24 hours a day. all little bit of rain tonight for those people heading out to the first game of the season. >> id is opening night for the washington and wizards. there is a big upside. after seeing them in their two exhibition games with philadelphia, they're picking up
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where they left off last year. this franchise has not won 45 games in a season since the carter administration. the future is bright and there is optimism. this is going to be fun. >> absolutely. the wizards top pick will likely be out of the lineup with a hip injury tonight. this is a team effort, a lot of excitement. >> there is always the anticipation of opening night. everyone is anxious. i am anxious to see how our young players play together. >> there will be a point guard showdown tonight. john paul has told the media repeatedly that he wants to take
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a more leadership role with this young team. >> it all starts with defense. the redskins have had losses for the third straight season. they conclude the season this sunday in philadelphia. mike shanahan said the loss to minnesota was oddly. we'll have more on the redskins at 6:00. i have to show this again. did you see this? up over, and down. he sticks the landing for a perfect 10. you can talk about an athlete. they play baltimore on sunday. is that unbelievable? up next, waiting for to
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jackpot winners to come forward. >> one ticket was sold in maryland. all the details are
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someone in maryland got a really nice christmas gift. >> the winning ticket was sold in maryland. officials are now waiting for the winner to claim his or her prize. >> it has been a fixture for decades. it is earning a whole new falling out. he still cannot believe his family business sold saturday's winning ticket worth $125 million. he is showing a copy of those winning numbers. 14 16, 30, 51, 52. the power ball was 19. it earns is stored $25,000.
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>>this regular hoped she would be the winner. like everyone else, she will have to wait to find out who that person is. >> i hope it is somebody who really needs the money. it is a lot of money and it will change their life. >> a pretty great christmas present. this is only the second time a marylander has won the powerball. someone bought a $77 million winning lottery ticket six months ago on interstate 20 in georgia. the 180-day deadline is up tonight at 10:30. if no one claims the jackpot
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the money will be split between the participating power ball state's. it is the day after christmas and shoppers are showing no signs of retail fatigue. we will have a live report. >> the final push for i what is under way. who is on top now? -- by what is under way. who was on top now? >> a scathing new report on the response to the earthquake in japan. captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is abc7 at 6 on your side. are big story at 6:00, and another big day at the mall. >> the day after christmas was all about returns and exchanges.
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that is not the case anymore. many stores opened at the crack of dawn. retailers are hoping that people still have money left over to take advantage of the big sales. we have been keeping track of all of the deals. we are live at tysons corner. >> lots


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