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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  December 27, 2011 2:35am-4:00am EST

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both those incidents. missing 9-year-old girl the subject of a widespread search in indiana in her neighborhood has been found dead. the girl disappeared last friday while in the care of a family friend. that friend, a 39-year-old ex-con is charged with her murder. the fort wayne mobile home park where the girl lived is home to at least 15 registered sex offenders. but the accused killer is apparently not among them. >> the company that makes infant formula suspected in the death of a missouri baby declared its product safe. but now the parents of another newborn say that same formula may be to blame for their daughter's serious illness. jason knolls of wls reports from suburban chicago. >> reporter: after a 10 day baby in missouri died a week ago, tracy pittman started noticing problems with her infant daughter. she said she had been feeding her the same kind of baby formula suspected in the missouri baby's death.
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>> only gets a supplement at night. i breast-feed during the day. i notice aid few days prior, a low grade fever one time. >> reporter: her one-month-old porsche is being treated on the strongest antibiotic available. >> just a lot to take in, you know. this holiday, christmas, you want to be at home. to see that a baby in isolation is hard. this is the baby's first christmas. my family comes up. and they have to, wear gowns, gloves, masks. >> reporter: they believe the product they fed porsche, may be to blame. they're waiting for test results. the baby who died in missouri tested positive for the rare bacteria. >> the concern is there may be some contamination of baby formula that hasn't been completely proven, the company and the fda and certainly cdc are investigating it. >> reporter: the makers of enfamil said in a stateme statement ---ed me johnson nutrition has conducted a new
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round of rigorous testing on samples of a batch of enfamil premium newborn powdered formula. drawn from samples parallel to those being tested by public health officials and following the same methodology the new testing did not detect any presence of the bacteria. several stores including wall greens and wal-mart have pulled the suspected match of it zp 1 k 7 g, the same lot number given to porsche. >> my main concern for them to pull it off the shelves. if it saves one kid's life. that's all that matters. some people don't watch the news, don't read the newspaper don't see this happened and they're still selling the formula. >> i think this is very important. we did tell viewers yesterday there was also that test which apparently led i think a lot of people to believe there was no connection between the rare bacteria and enfamil formula. i think parents need to be careful. zp 1 k 7 g. if you have it in your home throw it away for now.
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throw it away. >> always better safe than sorry. as they continue the investigation. also turning to a federal level as well. want to turn to politics. the president's job approval rafting on an upward trend for the first time since last summer. a new poll shows 47%, in fact, approve of the president's performance. that is up 5% since mid december. the same poll showing 45% do not like the job the president is doing. now that number, that is down since the president pushed congress to pass a payroll tax cut extension. republicans who want to replace president obama are heading into a crucial week. the nation's first caucuses are a week from today. a new poll finds that it is going to be a tight race right down to the finish line in iowa. newt gingrich has 26%. mitt romney is close behind with 23%. and ron paul is third with 12%. abc's lisa stark looks at the candidates and their strategies. >> reporter: rick santorum the only republican out hunting for votes and he is literally
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hunting. the former pennsylvania senator went pheasant hunting in iowa. with only days before the first votes are cast, the other candidates will be joining santorum soon in the hawk eye state. on tuesday newt gingrich will visit dubuqe. romney in davenport. and michele bachmann resumes her 99 county bus tour. texas congressman ron paul will hit the trail again on wednesday. some analysts believe the race comes down to mitt romney, newt gingrich, and ron paul. >> paul has the the authenticity even if some people don't like where he stands and he has got the passion. >> reporter: paul also has some baggage. questionsariz any bout news letters that included racist, anti-semitic and anti-gay remarks. >> some pretty nasty stuff in there. certainly disqualified for him to be president of the united
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states. >> reporter: winning in iowa became even more important for the gingrich campaign. after he failed to qualify for the ballot in virginia the state where he lives. of the seven receive maini rema candidates. romney and paul will be on the ballot in virginia. jon huntsman the only gop candidate who will not be in iowa this week. banking his entire campaign on a strong showing in new hampshire which is up next. and where polls show mitt romney currently holds a double digit lead. lisa stark, abc news, washington. >> you know what i thought was interesting -- that santorum has campaigned in all 99 iowa counties. but he hasn't made his mark there. >> yes. and not the presence there doesn't necessarily work. the grassroots politics you. have to be able to press the flesh. if you don't have a message that will connect with voters all the time can be for naught. have to wait and see. january 3 literally creeping up on us. turning now to sports. some where rob is watching this story with a huge smile on his face.
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new orleans saints quarterback drew brees is now the nfl's single season passing leader. brees broke dan marino's 27-year record last night with a touchdown pass in the fourth quarter. he has now thrown 5,087 yards, three more than marino. the saints, destroyed atlanta. 45-16. kevin garnet of the boston celtics will not be disciplined by the nba for a post game dustup. sunday after garnet missed a potentially game tying shot against the new york knicks. both players said heat of the moment type of thing. maybe the lockout is over. pent up frustration. either way no one will be discipli disciplined. >> nice they said, it was heat of the moment. we want to play. >> let's not screw this thing up. let's just play. >> we want to play. your tuesday forecast -- rain, seattle to portland. snow in the cascade. northern rockies. detroit to nashville. stormy in the south.
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dangerous wind. chance of tornados, fwra georgia to virginia. >> upper 40s in boston and new york. upper 30s from omaha to indianapolis. 19 in fargo. 40s in the pacific northwest. phoenix, 65. sacramento, 56. >> i have a good friend that lives in fargo. >> 19. >> we call her fargo. she is always cold and in fargo. >> don't you know. >> very cold. she loves it there. herere is a question, what t do with all of those unsold christmas trees that don't find a home before christmas? doesn't everyone have the question? >> that's the question. we have the answer. how about give them away. some exotic animals in southern california can enjoy them. that's right. that's what they did yesterday. when truck loads of the trees were delivered off to angelos national forest. the bears, what do you want me to do with this thing now? >> animals got to enjoy the trees nobody wanted. they didn't know it wasn't christmas anymore either. look, he's eating the tree. >> is that like dental floss?
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>> like a tasty treat for them. >> sappy. nice. nutritional value in pine. >> who knew? >> it's the new diet for 2012. we'll be right back with more "world news now." ♪ 'o christmas tree 'o christmas tree ♪ [ other merv ] welcome back to the cleaning games. let's get a recap, merv. [ merv ] thanks, other merv. mr. clean magic eraser extra power was three times faster on permanent marker. elsewhere against dirt, it was a sweep, with scuffed sports equipment... had it coming. grungy phones... oh! super dirty! and grimy car rims... wow! that really works! ...all taking losses. it looks like mr. clean has won everything. the cleaning games are finished? and so are we. okay, but i just took a mortgage out on the cabinet. [ male announcer ] clean more, work less, with the mr. clean magic eraser extra power.
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[ male announcer ] clean more, work less, now there's no need to hold back. new revolutionary scope dualblast obliterates strong food odors leaving your breath minty fresh. hey. [ male announcer ] so there's no trace of evidence... new scope dualblast. >> hooray for hollywood. >> all there. >> movie executives had little to cheer about when it comes to the 2011 box office. >> yeah, ticket sales at the lowest levels in almost 20 years. so the question is has the curtain dropped on the movie going experience? here is cecelia vega.
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>> it was supposed to be the year of mega hits. now movie executives have a new mission on their hands to get people back into movie theaters after a year of death defyingly low turnout. 2011 ticket sales are on pace to be half a billion behind last year and attendance hasn't been this low since the mid 90s. are people still in love with the silver screen? >> i think people love going to the movies. but it is getting more and more expensive and that is excluding a lot of movie-goers from going out to the theater. >> it's not like really worth it. i just watch it at home. >> reporter: not even conan's muscles were enough to draw the huge crowd this year. among the other forgettable block busters in 2011 that turned out to be so unforgettable, the green lantern, cowboys and aliens and mars needs moms, it cost $150 million to make and sold $39
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million in tickets. >> alvin! >> critics say there were too many family movies pushing out teens and young adults who typically pack theaters and one too many dark flicks. >> it's over. i'm sorry. >> reporter: movie-goers are getting the movies they want in new venues too, streaming big hits on line and at home. >> i don't see the point of coming to the movies and to watch it. when i have a tv at home. >> reporter: there is still hope for a mad rush to the box office. and if not, well there is always 2012. cecelia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> that is our facebook question of the day -- have you cut down on movie attendance? what sort of movie will you pay top dollar to see? let us know at bottom line, i want to see it at home. i don't want the cold movie theater experience with the sticky floors, with everybody looking at their iphones and chatting. >> the atmosphere. you don't like it. >> of i've don't like it.
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i want to be home. >> more "world news now" just ahead. band. in 1999, i was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis c. ultimately, i decided to take the next step and d talk to my doctor about my options. that step was a big one. but i'm glad i made it. instead of looking back on memories. i was determined to keep on making 'em. don't wait to tunune in to your hep c. talk to your doctor now about your options. and find out more at tune in to hep c dot com.
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♪ let's get physical physical i want to get physical ♪ ♪ let's get into physical >>. ♪ let me hear you body talk your body talk ♪ >> remember that? >> the leg warmers. the head band. >> right. >> so cute. >> it is an image forever burned. 2012 around the corner, new year's resolutions they're not far behind. for a lot of us that means making over the workout. we are going to lose the weight. >> if you are someone who gets bored easily in the gym, cameron math son has some workouts just for you. ♪ >> reporter: we have all hit the gym to pump iron, do a little cardio, but how about a workout that does it all on one machine?
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imagine catching a wave without ever hitting the beach. it's called the rip surfer xcht, a surfboard mounted on three half moons that simulate surfing and all right benefits. >> down. >> reporter: the brain child of this guy, 28-year-old pro-hockey player turned entrepreneur, mike hartwig. >> my whole life in the gym training for hockey. after i got out of hockey it was tough to go to the gym. lifting weights. running on the treadmill. i needed something to spice it up. >> reporter: marketing director sarah pawn showed me how the ripped surfer x indeed can put you through a rigorous workout. we started paddling just like real surfers. this is great. lower back. >> lower back, triceps, muscles in the core, your obliques. >> i am like a drunk swimmer.
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just like surfing we paddle and jump up to ride the waves. steadying yourself, strengthens your core, but it's tough. looking for a workout that its a little more zen? jennifer of manifestation yoga teaches classes in los angeles and offers retreats around the word. but at equinox, she heard of a spin class where they were doing karaoke. and jennifer got an idea. ♪ sweet carolyn >> reporter: they rock it out with a room full of yogis. ♪ you're the one that i want >> when my nephew got diagnosed with a syndrome, a cruel disorder, i realize you can't take life so seriously. why should yoga be any different. yeah, karaoke yoga.
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don't worry about making it perfect. perfect people are boring people. >> reporter: not ready to step out of your comfort zone? step into this. all ter g anti-grave tity treadmill. ss pain in your joints for those recovering from injuries. and with nethe new year and resolutions sure to come with it this machine can help in a very practical way. >> with this thing, this is what it feels like if you lose five pounds or this is what it feels like if you lose 10 pounds or 20 pounds. >> so it is a new year, a new you. so forget the same old workout. ♪ >> ha-ha. >> having such a great time. i think you should try it. >> the karaoke.
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>> nice, i knew we were going to find those old pictures some where. >> i can't believe. >> look at those legs. my goodness. it's a family show. morning papers are up next. i'm just a piece of dirt stuck here in a rut.
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well, i love this story coming out of yahoo! news. remember there were the tickets to the christmas night game with the packers/chicago. >> very big game. >> very big game. there was a woman who had a sign so terrific it said my cheating boyfriend is watching from couch instead. that is a you go girl moment. you go girl moment. >> look at that big smile. she probably has proposals lined up now. >> she is cute. she has a great attitude. i love that. >> big smile. good for her. daily mail reporting, last year, reportedly 100,000 brits changed their names. one woman in particular chose an
2:56 am
interesting one. i think it is catchy. don't know hon a drivon a drive license. renamed pink, sparkly, all things nice. that's her new name. >> pink, sparkly, all things nice. i like things pink, sparkly. >> say my name. say my name. >> your name is pink sparkly all things nice. >> pinning sparkly. >> that's what the boys do, anyway. uh-huh. >> this one is interesting out of the daily mail. there is, 547-acre, fbi academy in quantico. in virginia. some of america's best marksmen fire off apparently more than 1 million bullets. every month. there are all these deer that live there. on the range. hanging out. look, look at them. and they never get shot. >> really? >> in fact they apparently don't even flinch when the bullets go off. >> a million bullets the deer just hang out there. >> hang out. no stray bullets they are good.
2:57 am
>> listen if you are going to have a dead shoot that's where you want to have it right there. >> fbi, some marksmenship. >> huffington post picked up on the story. everyone, you have already got the soured look on your face. traveling this time of the year absolutely fantastic when the tsa confiscates a cupcake. a woman traveling from las vegas to boston had her cupcake in a jar confiscated because the tsa said the frosting had turned into a gel like substance. and so therefore it was considered a security risk and she could no longer board with her sweet delicious. >> she offered to put it in the zip lock. that would be more than 3 ounces. are you kidding me, tsa, southwest airlines, and word with friends, alec baldwin can't play his game on the ipad, though the pilots can use the ipad. >> the pilots are controlling the plane. exactly. there is your excuse next time. want to bring a baked good. can't. sorry, tsa.
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>> what is going on? some kind of [ thunder rumbling ] [ birds chirping ] [ gunfire ] [ helicopter blades whirring ] [ gunfire ] [ explosion ] [ gunfire, whirring fades ] [ veveteran ] i've never been the type to ask for help, but i had enough. [ operator ] thank yoyou for calling the veteransns crisis line, how can i help you? [ veteran ] life still has its challenges, but my family and i can deal with them better now. [ male announcer] veveterans crisis line. it's your call.
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this morning on "world news now" -- chopper crash. a medical team from the mayo clinic is killed in the middldl of a le saving mission. >> their helicopter crashed in a florida forest while flying to pick up a donated heart for a transplant. it is tuesday, december 27th. good morning. i'm sunny hostin. >> i'm dan kloeffler in for rob nelson. on this tuesday. that helicopter crash, a very difficult story. killing three people including the heart surgeon, a hospital technician, and the pilot. adding to that tragedy, the donor heart that cannot be used in that transplant. >> tragedy all around on that one. also this morning, warnings for
3:01 am
parents who give their young children a common liquid for pain relief and fighting fevers. what the fda wants you to know before the next dose. very important information. >> yeah. absolutely. big changes. apparently a. cross the board changes we will have to let you know about coming up. later this half-hour, what is wrong with a classic piece of art? this art right of here of course marking a major moment in american history. the painting showing george washington crossing the delaware, there is a major flaw. >> who knew? >> i am very interested to find out about this one. got to the bottom of this. stick around. >> first this morning. tragic new developments in the crash of the helicopter on an important medical mission. >> the team was rushing to pick up a donor heart for transplant and that heart can no longer be used. abc's jessica clark has the latest now from the crash site near palatka, florida. >> reporter: the helicopter crashed in these woods behind me. this is part of a hunting club
3:02 am
in the southern part of clay county off hogarth road. investigators are coming in to find out what happened here. >> you can see behind me, 10 acres burned. >> reporter: late monday afternoon smoke rose from the site where a helicopter crashed and caught the woods on fire in southern clay county. >> we set up a perimeter. >> reporter: on board the chopper, three people, a pilot, doctor and medical technician on their way from jacksonville to gainesville to pick up a heart for a heart transplant. authorities knew around 6:00 in the morning there was a problem. >> all that we knew there was a helicopter missing until about 12:00. and then -- a helicopter had located the wreckage in the woods back off this road about a mile. >> reporter: from the road you cannot see the wreckage. from the air, it's hard to see too, but those who flew above it say you could see clipped tree branches. >> you could see trees had been cut by the rotor blades. >> reporter: the crash site was
3:03 am
difficult for emergency personnel to locate and access because it is wooded. but local hunters knew something major was under way. they had never seen so much travel uk there. >> the firetrucks were headed towards our hunt club. he said that's when he got word that the plane, helicopter had went down out here on dynamite road. >> reporter: dirt roads in the middle of the woods by the hunt club. an area where three people died while trying to save another person's life in the mission to puck pick up a heart. federal investigators are expected to come to site to begin the investigation. in southern clay county, jessica clark, abc news. >> this is such a tragedy all around. apparently they were flying from jacksonville to gainesville which is really not that far. but because it is, you know, a transplant, every minute counts a parentally the chopper they were using is not normally used for, for this, just not fast enough. >> exactly. you know when you have the loss of three and then the, the organ recipient also still on the list and waiting there for a heart
3:04 am
transplant. obviously it is heartbreak for so many families involved in the accident. an update on a story we told you about yesterday. police in southern california arrested a suspect in the shooting of a u.s. soldier. 19-year-old reuben ray jurado surrendered to police monday. police say he shot 22-year-old christopher sullivan at a party friday night after arguing with sullivan's brother about football. sullivan's gunshot wounds could leave him paralyzed. new details emerging this morning after that christmas day fire that killed three children and their grandparents in connecticut. authorities now believe they know what caused the fire and that it might have burned for an hour before anyone knew. wabc's kimberly richardson has the latest from stamford, connecticut. >> reporter: there is so much darkness in a place where there was once so much light. >> my heart is bleeding for her. i can't even imagine. excuse me. i can't even imagine what she is going through at this time. >> reporter: one can't help but
3:05 am
stare into what is now a pile of burned debris and wonder what happened? what sparked this fire inside 2267 shappan avenue inside a home where a family was fast asleep on christmas morning. >> just horrific. and the whole neighborhood, we just, you know, kind of -- >> reporter: 47-year-old madonna badger and her male companion also her contractor escaped the fire. she was rescued from a second floor landing. fire fighters desperately tried to save her 10-year-old daughter, lily, her 7-year-old twins, grace, sarah, and her parents, the johnsons. but couldn't. just hours before, lomar was in his element working as santa claus in saks fifth avenue midtown. crews demolished the home under renovation, confident they found what they were looking for. the fire most likely caused by
3:06 am
embers from a fireplace that the blaze was burning for about an hour before anyone realized it. >> just couldn't believe it. that it, that it, a house -- of that stature burned so quickly. >> unbelievable. really when i first heard about this story on christmas day. i just couldn't get my head around it. i couldn't wrap my head around that. >> to think about the -- the woman and her, her boyfriend trying to break into the house trying to, to get everyone out. and the little girls being lost. her parents being lost. and he aparentally was a fire safety director at a liquor store, his entire life. his job was to make people safe. and it's something luke thike t santa claus, heartbreaking all around. >> i recall someone said when they spoke to her outside the home. she said my whole life is in there. i will never forget those words. >> tragedy. very difficult day as well. the search for a missing little
3:07 am
girl in fort wayne, indiana, ended with the discovery of her body. the 9-year-old had not been seen since last friday. now the family friend who was watching her before she disappeared is charged with murder. police say the friend is a 39-year-old ex-con, who had been babysitting the girl along with her two sisters. >> a significant reward is now offered in the case of missing toddler, ayla reynolds in maine. $30,000 being offered by police to anyone offering information that helps find her. she was reported missing by her father, 10 days ago. for the first time authorities are saying there is evidence she was taken from her father's home. >> still a lot of hope being held out for that story. parents with infants are getting word of a warning, popular pain reliever found in nearly every home. because of fda changes they're being told to double check labels to avoid potentially deadly dosing errors. more now from abc's senior medical contributor dr. tim
3:08 am
johnson. >> reporter: food and drug administration is telling parents to watch out if they give liquid medicine to their infant children. the problem is potential for giving kids the wrong dose of medicine. the fda got manufacturers to agree to make the liquid version insingle concentration to reduce the chance of dosing air roz. not all drugmakerers comply, products with different strengths remain on shelves and in medicine cabinets. packaging is often so similar that parents may not notice that newt product has a different strength. the fda stresses that the older products come with droppers. while the newer ones have an oral syringe for precise dosing. and that it is very important to use the dosing device provided with the product. obviously if you have any doubts about how to give liquid medication to a child ask a health care professional. i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> and one more, tip, for parents that i think is very
3:09 am
important. pa ir parents often toss out the outer packaging for the box when they open the medicine. if you keep it all dosing instructions are right there. i didn't realize. i always toss it. i think most dosing information on the label. >> imprinted on there. >> every parent's nightmare. trying to help your child out they're sick. >> giving too much. overdosing. >> warning out there now. here is your tuesday forecast -- gusty winds, flash floods. isolated tornados from savannah to richmond. heavy afternoon rain in t northeast. up to 3 inches of snow, detroit, cleveland. white christmas, little late. flurries in knoxville. rain, seattle to portland. >> 43, boise. 50, colorado springs. 65, phoenix. 19, fargo. twin cities, 28. omaha, 39. 49 right here in new york. 50 in atlanta. >> i love that. baby it is cold outside. that is so sweet.
3:10 am
>> my grandma used to sing it to me. >> visual evidence, a christmas one family in utah will probably never forget safe to say. waiting for santa and his reindeer, one huge full grown buck. look at that guy. like an eight-point. comes rushing through the basement window. >> they said all they heard was a window crash. when they opened the bedroom door, wow, there he was. eventually, wildlife control officers had to put the 5-foot tall buck down to get him out. which is sad. >> the room the deer was in just happened to have the family's christmas gifts in it. a few crushed boxes, nothing broken. wow. unforgettable. probably the christmas card next year. >> yes, i would think so. >> we'll be back with more "world news now."
3:11 am
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george washington crossing the delaware river. one of the most iconic images of our first president to be during the revolutionary war. >> what he did after that voyage changed the war and of course history. but now it seems that picture is not as accurate as first thought. ♪ this is the painting that gave americans their mental image of the crossing. washington soldiers rowed his small boat through chunks of ice. the general stand lit by the sun. it is heroic. it is glorious. and it's wrong. this is more like it.
3:14 am
we know washington crossed at night in snow and rain. artists researched the history, spoke with historians and began sketching. now you are beginning to see a flat boat with george washington centered and higher up than everyone. >> reporter: the famous version was painted by an artist 75 years after the crossing. it is 21 feet wide. he charged admission to see it. he gave the public what they wanted. the general most likely crossed on an existing cable guided ferry with fold up ramps on each end to take on horses and wagons. true to both art and history, he kept washington heroic. >> i have him with one leg up on the ramp bracing himself and holding on to a lashed down cannon. then i worked on the foreground figure holding a lantern. the lantern in the front lights washington in a very dramatic way in the final painting.
3:15 am
>> reporter: he used a small bronze bust to work out that lighting. >> what i have to do is to gain -- an underneath light from a lantern is to hold the flashlight like that get an angle on it. >> reporter: he said washington looked like the older president washington. he painted him at 44, his age that night. and then, there is the ice. it's very unlikely there were chunks. >> reporter: he had what we would call miniature icebergs. and river ice, when a river freezes over, sheets of ice form. i studied ice. i also worked with photographs of the, the delaware when it is iced up. that was a big challenge actually. just figuring out lighting effects of the reflection on the ice from, torches. >> reporter: he publish aid shelf load of books featuring his paintings mostly of war always striving for accuracy.
3:16 am
>> an expert on ten second on time. i have off to paint the picture so if troops -- troops are marching by a particular building, the historians can write they're marching by a particular building. i have to find out what the roof was made of. >> isn't that something? i love the accuracy of it. i had no idea. no ice chunks. >> an historic buzz kill. call you right out on this one. >> sorry, i did buzz kill everybody, didn't i? >> you have to admit you see washington crossing on a barge in the middle of the night no big ice chunks all. you need the ice chunks. >> not diminishing the significance. the image is not quite there. still, excellent job. excellent job. >> coming up a year of scandal, victory unsports. >> chaos, conflict and unforgettable competitive moments. that's next.
3:17 am
3:18 am
>> 2011 ends, i can't believe it. it's time for a look at some of the year's highlights and lowlights from sports. >> heroes were made. champions crowned. and sometimes the mighty fell pretty hard. espn's jeremy schaap has the year in review. >> reporter: the year in sports 2011, will likely be remembered for deeds off of the court as well as on. first big time universities made headlines for ignoring big-time violations and serious alleged crimes. >> joe paterno is no longer the head football coach. >> reporter: the penn state icon was sacked over sexual abuse scandal involving his former assistant jerry sandusky. >> these allegations are false. >> reporter: at another university, this time syracuse, long-time assistant coach, bennie fine was fired after
3:19 am
similar allegations were reported. ohio state's jim trestle lost his job after the ncaa found that several buckeyes had traded memorabilia for tattoos. >> now an altercation. rancher >> reporter: college sports continued to entertain. while the u-conn huskies turned an imperfect season into an unblemished march to the title. coach pat summit brought the sports world to a stop. >> pat summit has been diagnosed with early on set dimentia. >> it is time to get back to football. >> reporter: ultimately, pro football sorted out its issues before any games were lost. back on the field, aaron rodgers, defending champion, green bay packers on an amazing roll while peyton manning watched from the side lines as his colts have suffered. and in denver, tim tebow literally brought them to their
3:20 am
feet. >> if you believe unbelievable things can sometimes be possible. >> reporter: the nba not so fortunate. during this season, for fans, players returning to the court. there were milestones in 2011 of course as well. yankees captain dare uk erek je. rivera became the all time saves leader. >> he stands alone! >> jim thome. the sports world lost some of its most beloved figures. some were lost tragically. indy car is very sad to announce dan weldon passed away. >> tim thomas and the bruins the stanley cup. packers brought the lombardi trophy back to title town. preseason hype didn't help the
3:21 am
miami heat as they fell to the dallas mavericks in the nba final. after reaching the playoffs, incredible final day of season, two teams complete historic collapses. saint louis cardinals took their fans on a remarkable post season ride including unbelievable game sux of the wor six of the world series. and perhaps the biggest underdog of the year, japan, the nation devastated by tsunami, shocked the soccer world by defeating the united states and winning the world cup helping a nation heal. despite the scandals, the player/owner clashes, the heartbreaks, back on the field, the links, 2011, ultimately gave fans plenty of pause for celebration. for abc news, jeremy schaap, new york. >> i love that. tennis is my sport. i just love djokvic winning that.
3:22 am
>> fantastic. >> there you go. football too. football too. >> why do i get the cheerleader outfit? >> ha-ha. >> and football. it's okay. >> that's ought. we'll be right back.
3:23 am
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♪ it's a celebration that should last throughout the year ♪ ♪ happy kwanzaa ♪ happy kwanzaa ♪ baby there is so much we can do ♪ >> as we just heard right there, this half-hour, christmas might be over. chanukah, coming to an end tonight. still though one more holiday to be celebrated before new year's day. >> monday night the beginning of the week long celebration of kwanzaa. karen your dawn of chicago's wls has more about the holiday and its meaning. >> reporter: it's the principles of kwanzaa put to music. families gathered at the children's museum to learn more
3:26 am
about the african-american cultural celebration established 45 years ago. >> it is something that is necessary for our people and all people to know about the contributions of our ancestors. and also to help our children look forward to the future. >> reporter: the museum hold a kickoff event every year on first day of kwanzaa, a week long cultural celebration observed from december 26 to january 1. each day dedicated to a principle. >> this is the found dags of buildiof -- foundation of a community. >> reporter: although the museum has activities geared towards younger kids. people of all ages enjoyed the celebration and learned something new. >> we think it will be good for the kids they're out of school to come back and learn kwanzaa. >> it's important that we not only recognize our history in the past, the present, but also in the future know that they have a tie to it.
3:27 am
>> reporter: at the kwanzaa kickoff at the museum gets bigger every year and organizers say that is a sign that more people are responding to the message of strengthening and empowering the african-american community. karen jordan, abc news. >> well, i didn't realize that kwanzaa has been in existence for 45 years. >> i know. you and i were talking about this, seems at times it can be regional significance, every other year, depending on how chanukah falls. it can some times not take precedence as other holidays. >> santa claus, christmas, gets overshadowed. principles are unity, self determination, collective work, cooperative economic purpose, creativity, faith. important messages there. >> absolutely. each one of the principles celebrated on a separate day. everyone takes a moment to reflect what that principle means to them. >> an important thing we have learned. >> exactly. this holiday season you can never be too thankful or too reflective on emotions. >> that's right.
3:28 am
that's the news for this half-hour. ♪ [ woman on p.a. ] now boarding tck 6. ♪ do not leave b bags unattende. [ male announcer ] maybe you see something sususpiciou. but you n't want to get involved. it's nothing, you think. can you be sure? ♪ if you see sething, say something.
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report suspicious activity to local authorities.
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- close race, one week before the iowa caucuses. the race between the two top republican front-runners is extremely tight. >> while newt gingrich has a slo sloit -- slight edge, mitt romney's and ron paul's race is showing a slight edge. it's tuesday, december 27th. >> good tuesday morning, i'm dan kloeffler in for rob nelson. >> i'm sunny hostin. the presidential hopefuls competing for attention and vote in iowa this week, launching attack ads. while mitt romney and newt gingrich appear to be in the lead, political insiders say do not take your eye off ron paul. >> it is coming down to the wire. >> surprised me about ron paul. i sort of thought he was an afterthought.
3:31 am
who knew? >> everyone taking a turn at the top. wait and see january 3rd. which is literally days away. also this tuesday, outrage aimed at southwest airlines. here's why. after a young new hampshire boy's ordeal on board. he suffers from a debilitating disease and needs a safety seat. the airline crew they told his parents he couldn't use that seat during his flight. we'll find out why the airline made the decision they did and what happened? >> don't get me started on airlines and tsa. i'm already heated up about it. >> you and probably half the country. wait till you hear about that story. later this half-hour, we'll lighten the mood by showing you the most popular polar bear in the world. why this guy, siku, is getting so much attention. >> my gosh. if you could take one of those home right. >> they get really big. little scary. >> something like that. very cute. look forward to that. first this tuesday, we do want to go one week to go before the critical iowa caucus. latest numbers find the race too close to call between the front-runners.
3:32 am
>> that's right the new gallup poll finds gingrich ahead with 26%. romney with 23%. while ron paul is a distant third. his campaign could offer a surprise. abc's ron claiborne looks at what is at stake this week in iowa. >> reporter: here come the air wars, both rick perry and mitt romney launched new tv ad for the stretch run in iowa. >> that's the reason i called for a part-time congress! >> balancing budgets is desperately needed. >> reporter: newt gingrich is preparing to put out a new round of his own tv ads. gingrich is still reeling from the set back this past weekend when he failed to qualify for the primary ballot in virginia, because he didn't have enough valid ballot petition signatures. >> the catch-up newt is having to play organizationally, the fact that in the state he lived in many years, virginia he cannot get on the ballot. >> reporter: at the moment the iowa race is so bunched up,
3:33 am
that gingrich, romney or ron paul could come out on top. the greatest momentum may be paul. the libertarian, texas congressman. but along with his rise, paul is facing increasing questions about that controversial newsletter in his name containing racist, anti-semitic and anti-gay writings. the author suggesting that 95% of black male s in washington, d.c. are criminals. paul's defense. >> i didn't write it. i disavow those messages or whatever was written. so, that's been 20 years ago and been rehashed many, many times. >> the danger here in the news letters is that it makes you think he is more of a fringe political figure. so it could lessen some of the support he has from mainstream republicans. >> reporter: new questions about paul support by anti-government survivalists, white supremacists and anti-semites. paul told "the new york times" he would not be happy about their backing him, but refused to disavow it. he said, extremists who
3:34 am
support him may like what he says but doesn't mean that he likes what they say. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> also, a bit of a political front. for the first time since last summer more americans approve of the job the president is doing than disapprove. a new poll shows 47% approve of the president's performance. that is up 5% since mid december. that same poll shows 45% do not like the job the president is doing. that number on the decline since the president pushed congress to pass a payroll tax extension. >> economists are expressing cautious optimism about a slight rebound in the new year. survey of leading analysts released this morning and predicts the economy will grow at a rate of nearly 2.5% in the new year. during 2011, the economy grew 2%. the poll predicts -- the jobless rate will not budge much from the current 8.6%. and caution -- europe's money crisis could impact the u.s. >> turning now to the horrible family tragedy in texas.
3:35 am
police expected to identify four women and three men all members of the same family found dead in an apartment. it is believed that one of the men shot and killed the others before eventually taking his own life. the gunman was apparently dressed in a santa claus suit. the shootings believed to have taken place as everyone was opening their presents. in detroit, police are stopping short of saying they're searching for a serial killer. but detectives say that three of four women recently found in the trunks of cars all promoted themselves as escorts on the same website. two of them were found christmas morning in a car trunk on fire. the others were found last monday. there are no suspects. a dream vacation turned into a nightmare for a new hampshire couple traveling with their ill son. on the trip home from disney world they were forced to make a tough choice or get kicked off the plane. josh mckelving of manchester's
3:36 am
affiliate has more. >> we just wanted to go home. that's all. we didn't want to make any waves or anything or cause problems. >> reporter: traveling with kids can be hard enough. but for a family with a child suffering from baton disease, a trip to disney world requires an entourage. >> we have equipment that can help him breathe if he stops breathing. we have the safety seat which is really essential to maintain his body position. >> reporter: as they have become accustomed, they were prepared for just about anything, except for the ultimatum they could receive from southwest flight crew when told nicholas's safety seat violated faa rules. >> it was either we have to get off the plane or he will have to travel with just a seatbelt. >> how could you tell us that he can't be in that seat if you just look at him? >> reporter: they were baffled since they had flown to florida on southwest without problems. faced with the prospect of possibly spending christmas in the orlando airport with a sick child they chose to forego the safety seat, and forced to use a
3:37 am
neck pillow to brace his head for the duration of the flight. >> it was tough he cried a lot. hard to give him his medicines. making sure he didn't have a seizure. diagnosed at age 5, baton disease has stripped a healthy happy nicholas of his ability to walk, talk, eat and even see. and without a cure it will ultimately take his life. the daniaks have been active, setting up a a foundation and website, our promise to while southwest apologized and refunded their airfare, mom heather hopes the airline industry as a whole takes notice. >> we just hope the airlines have a plan for us as we have a plan. >> really? really? >> i mean, no -- >> it's just so outrageous. you look at the little boy. he clearly is sick. his parents are traveling with an oxygen tank. and it's apparently the -- the pilot's call to deviate from faa policies. shame on the pilot. shame on you. you should be ashamed of yourself. >> you know the fact of the
3:38 am
matter is that, this was not just apparently a regular car safety seat. a medical device what the parents were saying. >> yes. >> clearly anyone else that would be traveling would be allowed to take medical equipment on there. >> got to tell you flying these days is not worth it. not worth it. unbelievable. i have got to fly away this weekend. i am not looking forward to it. >> rent a winnebago, it's much more fun. >> it's puerto rico. >> that's true. >> may be a problem. if i could i would. because of this kind of nonsense. >> true. >> better give him more than free plane tickets. >> i think they probably will. i would think so. well a medical helicopter crash in rural florida has killed a doctor, a medical technician, and the chopper's pilot. the aircraft was flying from the mayo clinic in jacksonville to a gainesville hospital to pick up a donated heart for transplant. the chopper crashed in a wooded area. the search for clues will continue at day break. >> a would-be robber, nursing a black eye and busted lip this morning. hauled off to a north carolina
3:39 am
jail after coming face to face, actually, face to fist with a fed up store clerk. our own rob nelson tells us what happened. >> reporter: a would-be robber got more than he bargained for at this north carolina store. wasn't the strong arm of the law but the strong left hook of the store's clerk. derek mothershead. >> he came in the door. had his hand on his waist. he kind of, hoody on his head. crept through here. and was telling me, get the money. you know, get the money. give me the money. give me the money. i got up. threw my hand up. i said, take the money. >> reporter: this isn't first time the 25-year-old tried to hold up the store. >> i was half prepared. he came in did what he did last time. he had a bag. instead of putting it in the bag. i kind of hand it to him. i said here, take it. take it. high took it. when he took it. i kind of just. i came in and hit him. i was scared about the gun. when i made my mind up. i said. i got to hit him with everything i got.
3:40 am
>> after the punch, he was down for the count. mothershead made sure he stayed put until the cops came. >> he started bleeding pretty bad. so i just grabbed the roll of paper towels. made him start cleaning it up. i was laughing the whole time. if he wants money. get a job. work. like everybody else in the world. >> reporter: charged with armed robbery and being held on $100,000 bond. rob nelson, abc news, new york. >> see that punch? >> i don't mean to condone violence. that dude was ready to let it go, right. >> wow, just tired of people taking what doesn't belong to them. >> crime doesn't pay. that's the bottom line. here is a look at your weather. wet day from florida, up to new england. severe storms in georgia, carolinas, virginia. drenching rain from d.c. to boston. snow in detroit. cincinnati, knoxville. rain in the pacific northwest. mountain snow in washington state. idaho and montana. >> 45, billings. 42, salt lake city, 56, sacramento. 39, chicago. 45, kansas city. upper
3:41 am
50s, dallas. new orleans. miami, 81. boston, 48. >> baby it is cold outside. the excitement building in the himalayan nation of nepal. why you ask? >> because right now they're in the middle of the 8th annual international elephant races. more than 20 elephants started the competition yesterday, racing on a 300-yard track. in addition to excitement on the course. the elephants participate in beauty contests and soccer matches. >> it all comes to an end tomorrow. good things can't last right. the finals are tomorrow. obviously. good luck out there. best of luck to those that have to clean up the field afterward, that is no small task. >> who knew they could move this fast? very quick. >> that's right. after all the holiday eating you have done. think you can't get on the treadmill. use that as inspiration, folks. >> he is beating one of the elephants. that's why they move so quickly. i don't think i like that. >> no, no. >> face mask. >> painting. beauty contest. the beating i don't like.
3:42 am
>> no, we are not going to condone that. we'll be back with more "world news now." ♪ ♪ news now."
3:43 am
♪ ♪ jingle bells jingle bells for♪ >> love that song. >> i know. >> imagine you have a dream, a dream you knew you were destined for. would you let anything get in your way to make it come true? >> a big question. a san diego woman knew she was meant to be a pro cheerleader. though she was almost entirely deaf, she wouldn't let that stop her. here's abc's andrea canning. >> reporter: she is beautiful. never misses a beat.
3:44 am
her energy is electrifying. but while melissa adam's teammates are fueled by the loud music and the roar of this san diego crowd -- this is what melissa hears. what is the sound that you can hear the best out on the field? >> the bass of the music. i just hear a lot of background noise basically. ♪ >> reporter: doctors don't know why melissa started losing her hearing at the age of 5, but since then it has only gotten worse. today she has lost 85% of her hearing and communicates with the help of a hearing aid and lip-reading. if you took the hearing aid out would you hear me? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: it is your life line? >> absolutely. it helps me tremendously. and i need it to be able to live a normal life. >> reporter: out on the field things get more complicated. for the other cheerleaders getting the routine right is dependent on being able to hear the music and numbers called out. and melissa relies on teammates
3:45 am
to show her the way. sometimes it's a head bob from a teammate like this. you are calling out numbers. you can't hear the numbers. what do you do? >> i literally look at her, some times we make up motions as well. if we have a country dance coming up or country song, i do a country move. or fight song, i do look a fight. >> reporter: her story is one of perseverance and dedication. melissa tried out for the charger girls five times to be told she didn't make the squad. on her sixth try she finally heard her name called for the first time. most people i think would have given up. after maybe the second. why did you keep going? >> you know it is something i have really wanted. i have always wanted to be a professional dancer. >> reporter: melissa made the cover of this year's calendar. melissa hopes to serve as an inspiration to anyone with a
3:46 am
disability who has the drive and a dream. >> no matter what happens you shouldn't give up. you should achieve your dreams. that's all i want. i want other people to see my example and push themselves to work harder. >> i love that. my father always taught me, it's, not about the money, not about the fame. what would you do if you knew you could not fail. it's about the dream. about the dream. >> great message. she lived by that. six times. six times. >> everyone else would have quit. many people at least. >> exactly. she perseveres. she started her own web design company as well. a very active, busy woman. this is, you know, so great. makes you get up with a little more energy in the morning. >> doesn't it. love it. >> could maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegger be getting back together? yeah, i know you are rolling your eyes and sigh on this one. >> and hugh. hefner's dispute over a dog. next in "the skinny."
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny >> very concerned about this piece. >> this got you riled up.
3:49 am
>> maria shriver being reported by tmz may take arnold schwarzenegger back despite his affair. remember this affair. he sired a child with their housekeeper. >> collective sigh from a lot of women out there. >> housekeeper. got to tell you. maria shriver, i love her. i admire her. she is a smart woman. has done so much in the world of journalism and great mom, oprah's best friend. bet you oprah is telling her, maria. you got kicked out of the girlfriend league if you take the terminator back. he is terminated. >> spent time at christmas together. been having some exchanges back and forth. >> no, maria. say it isn't so. >> support group. here comes the support group chiming in. >> give me a call. i will help you through this. don't take him back. >> this is a tough one for you. obviously. >> let's just move on. too much for me. too much for me. >> want to speak of marriages, those that almost happened
3:50 am
between hugh hefner, crystal harris. right. she got cold feet at the very last minute. >> smart girl. >> some would say -- i don't know. >> living with hef and the grotto. >> 85 and 25. >> it can work in some worlds. he said you can have the ring. you can have the bentley i gave you. but i want the dog. apparently they bought a puppy, king charles cavalier. he says keep everything else i gave you. i need the dog. the dog has got to stay at the playboy mansion. >> i think he gets the dog. >> i would have to think so. >> she gets a 3.39 carat engagement ring that sold for $47,500 at christie's. give him the dog back. >> older gentlemen like the dogs. >> the most charitable celebrities. get this -- lady gaga, number one. she has this charity, bullying. i think is a -- justin bieber, building schools. and george clooney, number three, still doing his work for the past six years in the sudan. wonderful. >> you know, very easy for
3:51 am
celebrities to write a check. these guys actually go out there and do things. you always see clooney out there advocating telling people stories, the plights. he is advocating. great to see them get recognized. >> it is good. >> steven colbert one of my favorites. look i have $500,000, to south carolina, gop -- for their presidential primary. he wants the name rights for it. he wants tight be called the colbert super pac south carolina republican primary. he says -- you are short on cash. i have got $500,000. let me name it. they said -- okay. not so much anymore. >> kind of a jokester. i don't get this. i don't get this. he wrote no joke on the bottom of the check. he is serious. he loves south carolina. >> i don't like that one. so, you know. anyway. i, i, talk about maria again. maria! maria! >> my goodness. >> don't take him back.
3:52 am
>> new year, new year, mary yeah. >> you are wealthy. you are smart. you have friend. >> could be, got a whole family thing, you never know. all right, more "world news now" just ahead.
3:53 am
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3:55 am
♪ simply having a wonderful christmas time ♪ ♪ simply having a wonderful christmas time ♪ >> well, finally. this is our "favorite story of the day. >> about sichlt -- siku, the polar bear, the latest in the long line of adorable animals to receive this sort of world fame. >> your heart will melt when you see this. the cuter than life cub is warming hearts in denmark and becoming an internet sensation around the world. here is abc's dan harris. >> reporter: this is siku, the baby polar bear taking the global animal scene by storm siku is being raised after his mother
3:56 am
couldn't produce enough mill tubing feed him. when videos of siku, sea ice, started surfacing online, the little dude became a sensation. it is all reminiscent of the worldwide spasm of adoration provoked by another little polar bear. knute overcame rough beginnings his mother abandoned him, to become a superstar at the berlin zoo. even gracing the pages of "vanity fair" with leonardo dicaprio. but, knute provides a cautionary tale, to be blunt the bear did not age well like a later years elvis he got fat, 500 pounds, surly and that beautiful white coat, it turned brown. however, knute's brief, blazing fame during those adorable first few months gave the overall polar bear brand a huge boost. >> what knute did for the polar
3:57 am
bear is unbelievable, the little cub himself could be responsible for saving polar bears for years to come. sadly, knute died earlier this year, so for many, siku's emergence as heir to the ice throne is a welcome development. animal lovers are hoping he could grow into an ambassador for a species desperately in need of protection. dan harris, abc news. >> he as it cute little fellow right now. >> 3 pounds. and now up to 7 pounds in a week's time. >> won't he soon be like a quadrillion pounds? >> look at that -- my birthday wish right there. that's what i'm asking for for my birthday. >> we'll get that for you on "world news now". >> gnawing at my hand. they're incredibly cute. apparently he'll be reintroduced to the rest of the adults kept in captivity in the springtime. >> including his mom. including his mom. reunification. >> that's the news for this half-hour. don't miss our updates on facebook.
3:58 am
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