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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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man and his dog trapped on a captioned by the national captioning institute up first two young women remembered hours after they crashed. the two women were killed in a third is fighting for their life after their suv veered out of
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control at university boulevard and langley drive in langley park. tom has more. >> such a sad story leon, this card that the ladies wore it up early this morning was heading east down university boulevard. for some reason, it left the roadway and impacted the brick wall. the car came to rest on top of the wall. two women died of the scene, and tonight a vigil was held on the spot where they died. tonight, her mother mourned at the spot where her 19-year-old daughter lost her life early this morning. the police still have not determined why the car that she was in crashed. >> we are still waiting for answers. >> the police say the car was driven by a 22-year-old, who
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also died. for some reason, the car left the road and crashed in front of this house. the graduated from high point high-school and one of the girls was taken to hospital. tonight, there were pictures, candles, and a lot of tears. >> we will miss her so much. >> among those at the vigil, the man who lived in the crash -- in the house where the crash happened. >> it is terrible. somebody dies in front of you and you cannot do anything. >> many say that we can take a lesson from what happened. >> always tell the ones that you love how much you care about them. >> that is something that claudia will never get to hear her daughter say again. >> she is always in my heart. >> some of the things that people left behind at the vigil.
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a hospital would not confirm the condition of the woman who survived the crash. the people at the vigil tonight say that although she is in serious condition, she is expected to make it. tonight, we have learned the identity of a long time metro bus driver that survived the accident in montgomery county. they say that bryant is recovering at a local hospital, a day after the collision between the metrobus at a pickup truck that shut down rockville pike to the beltway more than six hours yesterday. the driver of the pickup was killed. eight others were taken to area hospitals. d.c. council men that marion barry faces new problems tonight after he is told by the chairman. the issue centers on a formal letter sent by marion barry's office criticizing natalie williams, his former spokeswoman who is now running for his seat in ward 8.
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using government resources for this is a violation of the code of conduct. the police found a 33-year- old man and new jersey this evening. he was last seen two weeks ago at union station boarding an amtrak train to alabama. authorities say at his transfer point, he purchased a ticket to new work. he was found in good condition and is doing fine. a prince george's county man it is outraged after somebody vandalized his christmas decorations. he said his private surveillance camera captured video of the vandals knocking down sections of his elaborate decoration displaced outside of his brentwood home. it features 14,000 lights, wr eaths and a scale model train. he hopes the police will find those responsible. >> it is sad.
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i do with for the kids and the neighborhood, and it made me sad, too. >> he said he was using the display to raise money for local cat rescue and care facility. the d.c. alcohol control board shut down the bar third edition for new year's eve. john gonzalez is in georgetown to explain. >> after a separate police sting operations earlier this year, third edition has been cited for serving alcohol to minors and not checking identities. starting tonight it will be closed six nights, which means that they will lose thousands of dollars during a rare saturday night new year's eve. bars and restaurants in georgetown are busy getting ready. >> one of the busiest nights for a whole year. $30,000, $40,000. >> third edition has been
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temporarily closed. >> i don't like to hear that. that is like an institution. >> the popular bar is dark and will remain that way until next wednesday after getting their liquor license suspended. this woman said she grew up coming here and plan to ring in the new year inside, the same way she has in the past. bu>> i would have come here with my family. >> the bar said they were hoping to serve their suspension after the holidays. they said it will be closed due to circumstances beyond their control. >> it is tough to be shut down, especially in this economy, but when you cross the line, other people get to make the decisions. >> third edition told the abc board they're looking to change their practices. they said, we sincerely hope the management is successful,
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because business as usual at third edition is currently unacceptable. >> i feel bad for the business owner, but that is the law. >> they also face a 3000 of the fight and feared -- and feel they have been unfairly singled out. two other bars have been charged with the same problem but they will be opened up on new year's eve. turning now to the forecast tonight. conditions remain dry and comfortable but what is in store when we wake up? chief meteorologist doug hill has the first look at what we can expect. >> hwereere in the belfort furniture weather center watching this disturbance at moving in from the north. this is the last batch, most of this will stay to the north. cannot be surprised to see a sprinkle or flurry in the next
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hour, then the temperatures fall. not much, that will blow through, and most likely a very pleasant but cold start. 42 degrees at reagan national, 33 hagerstown. the water temperatures are warming the air temperatures, modify and the thermometer readings. that is why it is warmer and annapolis, lexington park, and reagan national. in the morning 28-34, might wind, partly cloudy skies. we are still calling for the big warmup but then it will cool down next week. the timing of that coming out. also coming up, and import alert for every verizon wireless customers. -- an important alert for every for liar. verizon wireless customer. >> today a hiker trying to save
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his beloved pet is rescued himself.
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a young man in southern california is safe and home after being nearly losing his life. firefighters pulled him and his dog to safety after both ended up stuck on a cliff. the young man's father through a water bottle over the edge of the cliff and their german shepherd mix went to fetch the bottle. what happened next gained national attention. >> i was trying to rescue my dog. i tumbled down, then i got stuck. >> 35 at firefighters responded as the boy and his dog waited 90 minutes dangling precariously as rescue workers moved closer on an unstable hillside. >> the helicopters were kicking
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up rocks. >> yeah, they were hitting us in the face. >> wanted to hoist them out, but the wind from the routers forced them to plan b. >> we were able to rappel down, secure the victim and his dog and it with them to safety. >> finally they were slowly brought down and on injured. that's how long were you out there? >> about two hours. >> house. was it? -- how scary was it? >> very scary. i appreciate it. >> two hours later, he was an arms of his family, no worse for wear. tonight, gabrielle giffords makes it an important date.
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also still ahead big changes if your a verizon wireless customer. your bill may be going up. >> it will be called tomorrow, but it will be a lot colder this time next week. >> for people ringing again that the new year in alexandria, big changes.
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one year later the survivors of the deadly rampage in tucson will reflect on the january 8 shooting that killed six people and injured more than a dozen including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she has been invited to participate in the anniversary services. it is not clear if she will attend. it includes a community interfaith service and candlelight vigil at the university of arizona. new fees for verizon wireless customers starting in january, customers will be charged $2 convenience fee for paying online or over the phone. verizon said the fees offset the
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processing costs incurred each month. our regions biggest new year celebration is getting an extreme makeover. >> one change may be very unpopular. this year, the alexandria celebration will be for ironworks -- will be fireworks- free. >> this is been a 17-year tradition. this year, the end of the evening will be completely different, and organizers do not have much say in the matter. these people have been ringing in the year here at the last eight years, a family tradition thanks to the family atmosphere. >> i think it is wonderful. they have something for everyone. at>> their plans this year are still in the works after wining the high octane finale will be missing. the explosive finish that typically ushers in the new year
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is a fan favorite for the young and old. >> i love all the colors. >> i love it. it is the highlight of the new year's. >> a new virginia law enacted following several unfortunate accidents, including this in vienna that severely injured several, has made it nearly impossible to use fireworks. that they have increased the setbacks so the explosives are further away. there is nowhere in an urban community like this to do fireworks. >> instead there will be a laser light show. inventive, yes, but -- what do you think of new year's eve without fireworks? >> it is okay, but the fireworks are the big part. >> as the laser light show wraps up, they will be dropping 6000
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ping-pong balls on the spectators, along with directions on how the balz could help them win $500. organizers are pulling out all the stops to still make it an exciting night. >> i guess if you win $500, you did not care about missing the fireworks. >> but if you don't win, you should be told to clean everything up. it is cold north of town, still a chance of rain showers but will not amount to anything. the sunshine in the morning unless you get up to wherley when it will still be too dark. -- unless you get up to early when will still be dark. 29 degrees in laurel. the temperatures are a lot different across town, but north of the city with increased cloud cover, is still 30's. 39 degrees gaithersburg, 37
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stafford. on the almanac page, the numbers are close to its average. 44 and 30 the average 44 and 31 the actual high and low. in canada, this is where winter has been working. the cold air it is slipping to the south, now getting into part of the u.s., no. vermont, new hampshire, and maine and some of this cold air will come to the north and west monday, tuesday of next week. it is lurking, and it will deliver cold there. meantime it is still locked up to the north. our temperatures will rise the next few days. next week, the temperatures will tumble. still a few disturbances in the atmosphere pushing the snow showers and squalls towards us. might have a shower at the next hour but then the skies clear.
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not only will we get sunshine, but a warming trend west/southwest wind into the fifties the next couple days. a little bit of clout bigness. sunday the temperatures will be in the upper 50's. sunday night, the cold front comes to town. partly cloudy and cold in the morning, 25-35. well above average in the afternoon, 51-55. the temperatures fall through the low 40's on monday, sunshine, a gusty wind. tuesday and wednesday low 30's. many outdoor locations may not above freezing on tuesday. this is not a cold wave, it is a little cold snap. it will warm up by the end of next week. >> we will deal with it. what is cooking in sports? >> a lot of injuries, tom brady
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tony romo. we will go from dallas to new england, where the injuries could sidelined the most talked- about quarterbacks.
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you ford. -- moving you forward. mike shanahan it is known as a running back genius, but the redskins' running game is ranked 23rd in the league. there is no definitive starter for the future. speaking of the future, shanahan is locked in to a five-year, 33
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million of the contract. if washington loses on sunday, his record will be worse than jim zorn's benchmark. shanahan had this to say. >> there is no doubt in my mind. hopefully, there is no doubt in his mind. that would be the guy to ask. i said, dan if you don't plan on the coaching here five years and doing it the right way, you are hiring the wrong guy. tony romo hit the practice field today with his hand still heavily damaged. he says he will be ready to go for what is essentially a playoff game with the giants this sunday. and tom brady had x-rays on his left shoulder this week. he was limited in practice today but should be ready to go sunday. if your local college hoops
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fan, chances are your but are not a fan -- you are not a fan of kansas. tonight, kan. steamrolled over howard. -- kansas steamrolled over howard. the respectable seven points, six rebounds, one assist, but kansas blows this up, 89-34. third quarter, champs sports bowl, florida state last-notre dame. baubles, but he makes the catch michael floyd. unfortunately notre dame could not hang on. florida state wins. the fifth annual winter classic is monday. the flyers will host the rangers. however, mother nature is another opponent. forecasts indicate that the
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temperatures may be too warm for the outdoor game. so far the start time of 1:00 has not been pushed backed. maryland and georgetown women's hoops both won tonight and they're
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hundreds of new yorkers got
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an early taste of new year's eve today. they were throwing confetti. this is part of an air worthiness test ahead of the big celebration on saturday. about a ton of the colorful paper will be released at midnight on new year's eve.
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the next seven days, we warm-up nice tomorrow, cold start, in the 50's. upper 50's new year's day. sunday, we cool off not monday 42. >> thank you. i
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