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tv   Inside Washington  ABC  January 8, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EST

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>> you would think we could get more thaan eight-vote margin in new hampshire. >> this week o on "inside washingtonon," romney squeaks' out a win in iowa. >> thank youou so much, iowa. >> rick santor's campaign pays out with a s strong second place finish. >> this is going to continue. >> ron p paul scorza respectable third, and in fourth place, and unhappy newt ggrich bunning for mitt romney. >> i find itncredible that the news media at says he is the most electable republican when he cannobreak out in his own party. >> we are headed t to new
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hampmpshire and then to south carolina. captioned by the natioional captiong institute >> not since jimmymy carter finished second to uncommitted in 1976 has there been this much excitement about iowa caucuses. ck santorum had every right to take a victory lapuesdayay night. nobody has ever worked harder. two weeks ago, was a long shot. ron paul -- hats off to him for brbringing in n younger voters. newt gingrich and rick perry -- gingrich is ming perry decided that south carolina is nice this time of year. is t santorum in forhe lonong haul? >> thinknk heould be paid we
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have pretenders to have crashed and burned -- i think he could be. we have pretenders to have crashed d and burned. he had been written off because it his disastr last go around in 19 at -- in 2006 where he lost by a a huge margin. but he showowed that you can resurrect yourself in iowa with hardware, like jimmy carter in 1976. -- with hard work, like jimmy carter in 1976. >> what do you think, colby? can he set mitt romneney off track? >> he will have a rd t time doing that. he would get scriny, and he has the ante of john mccain. -- emnity of john mccccain tate hee worked for rick santorum with that losing campaiaign, responded to santorum'm'sequest forelp. in 2008, he went after john mccain in a big way, not just
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endorsing romney but also to attack mccain for his government anthings like that. -- his temperament and things like that did mccain not only went to new hampshire to endorse romy, he went down to sth carolina to continue to poke santorum. >> evan? >> i don't thinknk santorum can win. this is kind of fun, but charles wrote a column in "the washington p post" on friday that sounded pretty dutiful to me. he is kind of plausible, but not really possible. there is a big kabuki here. >> i am with evan. i suppose that he could knock off romney if the social issue people coaoalesce around him. but at the moment that is not look like it is going to happen. if he got the nomination, obama could win quite easily.
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>> a few minutes ago, mark shields, in iowa for the caucuses, sat in front of a camera in new hampshire for us. asked him what we learn from iowa. >> first of all, we learned that every vote counts, but also, rick santorum in his election night spch was able to is that isis a narrati that was lacking in his campaign, and thahat is that he was thehe product not of power but the grandson of an italian immigrant coal miner who lived in a company town in a shack. he drew a rather r stark line between himself and a background of mitt romney without ever once naming romney. it was quite moving, too. >> if you are more interested in the candidate who can beat obama, romney is your man, right? >> absolutely.
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his card remains electability. his credenntials, experience background and a j jeep and electability -- and its defense and electability. >> what aut newt gingrich? he blames the super cat pro- romney ads. 45% of all the advertising o on television in iowa was attacking newt gingrich. newt gives them a lot of material. >> centaur's spepeech tuesdayy night stirred the blood. -- santorum's speech tuesday nights for the blood it was good stuff. romney seems to be saying i i am confident and not obama and a vote for me. that does not stir the blood. >> sasantorums a social conservative who cannot beat obama. i think enough republicans are going to figure that. >> there is that schism in the republican party between
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business conservatives and social conservatives. romney is the business conservative. this happens almost every time. it is really kind of inresting. what is the clinton linabout republicans, that they fall in line? that is what yu see happening with the establiment, and falling iline at 4 romney. itit is not going toe a cakewalk, but i don't quite see how -- there is an alternative that really works. even the money is coming in now to santorum, butut it is late. >> but it is not too late to derail mitt romney. even if romney does well in new hampmpshire and south carolina, evenen florida, this is goining to be a long slog. this is all about getting delegates, not just winning primaries. there is a very strong anti- romney feeeeling in the republica party that is going to manifest
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itself eve step along the way. >> he cannot get past that 25%. >> if you compare the votes he got in iowa in this year with what he got in 2008, the difference was six votes. not 6% . essentially, exactly the same support four years ago -- >> he almost didn't go to iowa -- >> the line is replica don't fall in love, and they fall in line, and that is what is goingg hahappen. >> when i say that santorum is plausible, i don't mean he as much of a chance off beating rodney. he has a path, but it is unlikely. second in new hampshire, it does really w well in south carolina, all the others dropped out perrys and newts dropped out and he is one on one. nonetheless, he does not have
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organization or money paid what i mean by plausiblis that unlike cain or perry or bacachmann or even gingrich, you can -- ntorum has the experience and background, the stability, if yo like, of somebody who could be president -- >> whoa, whoa, whoa, "new york times," front page, he is part of the paper plate culture in washington he was very cle to lobbyists. it he tried to get jobs for rerepublican lobobbyists, part of the constellate k street strategy. en he got out of office, he got -- part of the tom delay k street strategy to when he got out of office, he got a lotot of money because of earmarks.s. once. pi -- you start picking over his record, he looks like a creature of washington. >> he is not a smamall governmt republican. >> that is what i wrote to this
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morning. he has his weakness is pai2010 was a year of republicans insisting on a small government and rebeling against obama's overstretch. santorum is n a small government rublican. i am just s saying, compare him with the other pretenders, he is a guy who stands -- >> he is the last man standing here.
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ndidates. >> he wishes he could say that about mitt r romney, who the former speaker says is a liar. the enememy of my enemy is my friend, evan. >> this is not the best newt. i like the happy newt. the angry, petulant newt is not the best figure. >> i love the petulant newt because it is great copy. when politicians his b.a. and you see them as human beings and t automatonss, it is an interesting enomenon. >> he argues that it was this super pac money that brought him down. >> no question about it. the money from romney's pac -- ron paul, too, but u have to think that the romney money -- >> you look at a g graph of a gingrich's p pac and you see the spending overlaid on it, you see
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his downfall is directly attributable to negative ads. >> romomney had something to work with. >> of cose. >> $1.6 milln newt got from fannie or freddie, iorget which one it was -- >> the mostt effectived was the one from ron paul,l, called "serial h hypocrisy's." it ran over and ov again. newt shot up in the polls because of his rececord in the 1990's, but there were elements that were not generally known. i do this for a living, and i did not know about nancy pelosi ad until two weeks ago. when i saw it i was surprised. i also had not known about his connection with freddie mac. it came up the first time that one of the debates. that was the first i heard of it. if you are a voter in i iowa and
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you hear about newt running and you remember what he did in 1994, you would be inclined to support cann. then you learn about this, hammered home in the ads those two elements with the single m most important. >> bloomberg news reports that romney's 8-vote margin, $75.44 a vote. rick santorum, " $10.12 a vote. $218.65 a vote -- rick perry. [laughter] >> what about john connally? $17 millllion? one delicate trade that is the world record. -- one delegate. that is the world record. >> the on kind -- unkindest cut gingrich received was not frorom romney but the establishment i'm talking about republicans inside the beltway, those who served with him inn congress.
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they really went after him. columnists also. he is not going to forget this. it is that rejection that is going to bother him, and will go beyond new hampshire beyond of florida. he will teach those folks in lesson. -- a lesson. he will teach them a lesson in await the experience is at --a way they experience -- >> there is still t this angry white middle-class vo out there. romney is not really there guy. santorum for the moment. that is a force to be tapp and nobody has really found a way to do it. >> if you listen to santom's speak or read the speeeech he made tuesday night, he talks about hiss appeal, how hard work paid
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off for him, have his father and grandfather taught him the value of it -- >> but you have got to think about santorum also in sioux city iowa last sunday, when he talked about entitlements, that "i don't want to make black peopople's lives better by givingng them someone else's money" the suggestion that black people just shiftless lazy, and the hard-working people are white people. when you look at the statistics, it blows his speech out of the wate as to who is getting entitlements and who is not. but that pandering that he did in sioux city is something that is going to haunt him. >> well, except that pandering works, and there is a lot of angry, white middle-clasass males out there.
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>> we know that new hampshire can turn on a dime and that new hampshire voters do not like coronation. they do not expect to be part of a coronation. one man who is under the gun his last chance, is jon huntsman, who has put all his eggs in this basket.. we have two debates back to back this weekend. this is theast chance to a number of candidates realize they have to make their case not only for themselves but against the leader. >> romney iway ahead polls in new hampshire, but as mar said, new hampshire is a quirky place. ask walter mondale or both george bushes -- >> or hillary. >> no repepublican caidate has ever won both iowa and new hampshire at -- >> you can still win by ling or lose by winning, like lyndon
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johnson or even bush and buchanan in 1992 where buchanan was send but he won the moral victory. it depends on the margin between romney and whoever is second. if it is santorum and and he comes within single digitits, it will be seen as a santorum victory. >> remember bill clinton, tsongas -- >> comeback kid. it is all about expectations and the margin. it is not necessarily the order of finish, excepthat santorum has to show that he can beat ron paul and allhe others. >> you wonder about the ron paul factor. the slogan is "live a free or die." apparently this is ron paul territory, b but he has not done that much up there.. >> you look at the trend ron paul is picking up in newew hahampshire.
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>> the independent vote in new hampshire is not a peer republican -- >> undeclared. >> in iowa, they wenent heavily for ron paul, independents and democrats. when-state republicans. -- one-day republicans. >> republican elders are being very nice to o ron paul these dayspraying he does not run as an indndependent. >> he is kind of like jesse jackson in 1984. he has a constituency within the party d not going to winin the nomination, but he could end op in tampa with a strong number of delegates, and heill command respect, perhaps a speech. >> he will demand more than that. > platform? that is going to be a problem for the rerepublican "estlishment." >> i don't know how you all can -- >> we will have to have a
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meeting and decide how to handle it. [laughter] as you know, we meet in a masonic tememple. everybody brings a live lamb, except karl rove, who brings the incense. lots of chanting could you would enjoy it. >> i gather that jon huntsman would not be allowed. >> depends on w hampshire. wewe like winners. >> you look at those polls, he is way down out there, after all the work he did. >> it is hard to know what his naative, his story, what his appeal is. what exactly is huntsman offering? until he canan answer that in a succinct way, i am not sure -- >> "the boston globe" found some virtue -- >> that is not a recommendation for republicanin new hampshire. >> he is average was guy, but he looks like a spoiled rich kid and hehe needed to say from the
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beginning and that i am different anand he did not do th. >> we did not hear anything about mitt romney's relign. was that a factor? >> absolutely. a lot of polls show this. a lot of evangelical christians think that the church of latter- day saints is the col-- is a cult. >> this past week is e first time i've actually seen some of that coming into my-mail box. it may be there, but it wasn't overt. thiseek i have gotten some of that. >> i it will be a factor in new hampshire. >> but it could be in south carolina. >> absolutely.
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>> i am excited about getting out with a real republicans -- not that there are not republicans in iowa, but the fact is s that it was a ptty
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loosey-gogoosey pcess and you had a lot of people there that admitted they were democrats voting in the caucuses. >> rick perry says he is going to stay inhe racace, looking fondly to sth carolina, is kind of fos, he thinks. i call y your attention to the peace by jonathan rtin in wednesy's politico. he notes that some movement conservativeves have called emergency meetings in texas to find a consensus republican candidate. they are looki for a romne stoppard is that person rick santorum? >> look, these ideas of conspiracies, meetings and all that, it is rather amusing and people f feel self-important. in the end it will have no effect. >> are you going? [laughter] >> i stick to one conspiracy at a time. i am with the washington masonic temp estabablishment, and that is it.
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that is my membership. ththe poinint is this -- perry had his chance in iowa, in the debates. the most memorable line he has tered has been "oops." he has not succeeded, and he will not sceed in south carolina. i am not sure why he is going other than thahat he has aot of money and some hope.e. it looks as if it will be a consensus candidate who will oppose romney, it t will be santorum. >> on npr, we had a piece of tapepe this week where r rick santorum was talking by john f. kennedy and d hiseetingng with the baptist minists, and he said thathen he read it, it made him want to throw up. that is the kind of thing that will not play well for santorum. >> i think that t in addition to the "oo" line from rick perry was his line on the sunday talk
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shows where his campaign had a lot of bumps and grinds along the way. [laughter] >> romney -- there is nobodyho can beat him. that is the rereality. >> nexext week we will taalk about new hampshire. thatat is the last rd for this week. thanks. see you next wk.
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