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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  January 26, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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for a public tribute to joe paterno. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. 6:00 a.m. on this thursday, january 26. i am cynne simpson. >> i am natasha barrett. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. what's going on out there? >> an accident on route 7 near culvin run. a guy fell asleep southbound on the b-w parkway. everything is okay after 410. this is a shift change the time of morning, so be careful. there's dry pavement right now and no accidents report. i will show you the beltway. looks great. adam caskey. not much on the radar screen right now. but the rain will fill in later this evening and tonight. by this time tomorrow widespread showers to kickstart
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the day tomorrow. . or miss sprinkles right now especially on the eastern shore. 40 ntc, 39 in oxon hill, 38 in poolesville and olney. -- 40 in d.c. we will climb into the low 50's this afternoon. temperatures will be rising all night. by this time tomorrow morning if we could have a few readings of 60 degrees with areas of rain. more on that coming up. back to you. >> thank you. i want to take a look a day ahead. the former marine accused of shooting at the pentagon and other military buildings will plead guilty, but there is word yonathan melaku we did no word on what he will admit to exactly or the punishment he will face. the shootings were in october 2010. octoberhe was arrested eight months
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later when it prompted a security scare. >> a frightening attack that led to a lockdown at an elementary school. parkton armed robbers attacked a woman inside fortfort foote elementary. john gonzalez has details from fort washington. >> good morning. teachers and students in fort washington will try to return to some normalcy later this morning after an alarming day yesterday. this happened around 2:40 in the afternoon right before classes let out. police say a man walked through the front doors and tried to rob an employee. >> why would anyone come into an elementary school where there are small children to try to rob it. >> it was during school hours when a man believed to be in his 20 stormed in and tried to rob a female main office secretary. the victim's husband is outraged. >> when you start playing around with children, something must be
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wrong with your mind. >> no weapon was seen during the incident even know the man replied that he was armed. the suspect laughed after school officials told them they did not have any cash. >> a child could been injured. innocent lives and cannot protect themselves. it is an outrage. >> after he was scared off, he fled the scene. fort foote elementary was immediately placed on lockdown as police canvassed the area. >> why would he go and there to rob a school? >> it quickly of the land, this elementary school sits very close to oxon hill road, surrounded by homes. school officials tell us hundreds of students inside were never in direct danger, but they are looking for the suspect this morning. -- a lay of ther land. >> an american woman held by somali pirates three months will soon be reunited with her family. the same navy seal team but
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killed osama bin laden last year freed jessica buchanan and her danish co-worker during a daring raid yesterday morning. buchanan, from bedford virginia, spoke with her family shortly after being rescued >> . she said i feel safe for the first time in 93 days. those men that risked their lives, i cannot say enough. i really appreciate it. >> 0 glassy is safe. president obama of the right to the mission after intelligence reports said that her health was deteriorating. she is now said to be doing well. >> president obama will take his state of the union message do three more states today. meanwhile the republican wanting to replace him will face off in another debate in florida. jummy olabanji is live in the newsroom with a preview. >> the republican race for florida is heating up. a new cnn poll of likely primary voters in florida shows mitt romney and newt gingrich in a dead heat.
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romney had a massive lead in florida. now newt gingrich has soared in the polls, up to 16 points in a week. romney has 36% of the vote right now. 34% for gingrich. central in third place. 7% of likely voters in florida still say they are undecided. romney, santorum, and ron paul all took shots at the gingrich at events yesterday try to take away from some of the momentum he has picked up in the last few days but the which is focusing on obama continuing to call him the food stamp president while trying to show voters in the sunshine state that he is a mannequin beat obama. the final debate is tonight and that will be aired on cnn. -- that he is the man who can beat president obama.
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jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. we have "politico" to weigh in on the debate in a little while. stay with abc 7, your election station. we will continue to have complete primary coverage. rebecca cooper will be live in the sunshine state beginning on tuesday. get elected updates anytime on >> an airport meet and greet between president obama and arizona governor jan brewer turned ugly. the president greeted the governor yesterday on the tarmac-and reportedly criticized the passage in her book describing the white house meeting. the cameras did not catch it, but reporters say that it got heated. >> i wanted to be here to welcome him to come and see firsthand what arizona has done in regard to our economic recovery. he wanted to talk about the book. i thought he was pretty and vincent >> . she was seen pointing her finger at the president. she said she was not being
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hostile and that she respects the office of the president. -- i thought that he was pretty thin-skinned said jan brewer. >> thousand people lined the streets yesterday around penn state. abc 7's brad bell is in state college and we will have complete coverage of the service for joe paterno starting on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> if you are waking up with us in stafford, 41 degrees out there, 6:07. >> still ahead, this side of the story. for the first time, alec baldwin opens up about last month's airline trauma. >> and more wild winter weather if this time mother nature unloads on texas. >> c.p. umbrella close by
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>> i'm the executive chef at food and france, where we prepare and deliver meals to people with hiv aids, cancer, and live challenging illnesses. myself along with all our staff and volunteers would like to wish you a great -- >> good morning, washington. >> good morning, washington. 6:10 is the time. far this winter we have seen two extremes. we have seen wild weather and wild weather. a little bit of everything. in texas they are coping with the worst of it right now. parts of the state are cleaning up after a series of tornadoes touched down. the severe storms damaged homes and businesses.
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heavy rains flooded roads. forecasters say the drenching rain still is not enough to put a dent in the state's is touring drought. that's hard to imagine. my home state under water. it is flat there. >> hard to imagine they could still be in a drought. >> every little bit helps. but there is such a deficit that it does not really make up for the deficit. 41 by now locally in the district. a warm start today. if you think it is nice this morning, until tomorrow at this time. i would not be surprised around 6:11 tomorrow morning we could have 60 degrees somewhere in our viewing area especially south of town. that is possible. it has been a unique winter with overnight high temperatures. that will be the case again. 38 degrees in martinsburg 41 at dulles. low 50's this afternoon, occasional light rain. a few sprinkles here and there. have the umbrella handy.
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it's not going to be a drenching rain. it will not leave you soaking. tonight we will have heavier, more widespread rain into the first half of the day tomorrow. you will need the umbrella tonight and tomorrow morning. temperatures will be watching tonight, well into the 50's and possibly near 61st half tomorrow morning -- first thing tomorrow morning. dropping tomorrow afternoon and the wind will pick up and temperatures will be dropping in the afternoon. >> are we looking agreeable? let's go to newschopper 7. 66 traffic, and plenty of it. no accidents to report out of centreville, to get to the beltway. broken-down vehicles would tell on the shoulder. along the way towards the dunn loring metro station that is. otherwise, the normal ebb and flow from centreville and 5123 and nutley street to the beltway. by the way, we have a problem for metro rail. metro rail is reporting a switch
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problem at the pentagon station. if you normally take a blue or yellow line train, anticipates an additional weight. that's blue and yellow line for metro rail. -- an additional wait. >> 41 degrees in manassas. >> wall street's fall likes what it heard from the fed. and another white house shakeup in the works. who could be the next to go. >> a new look for the wizards. another win. the terrapins take on a rival. >> and an attack on a busy stre
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>> metro is expected to review several recent incidents when it meets today. >> members will look at why a 10-car train ran along the entire red line in early december. eight cars is the maximum
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allowed. a panel will also discuss two recent incidents in which the brics fell off of trains and a deadly crash between a pick-up truck and a metro bus last month. -- brakes fell off of trains. >> a study shows streetcars could spur development and raise property values. the report also says the streetcar network could create jobs decrease transportation costs, and improved health. >> a woman was attacked tuesday night while she was walking on q street in a twist d.c. a man approached the woman from behind forced her into an alley way with a gun. >> a woman being raped outside my window, basically, to find this out is extremely discomforting. >> we want to alert the area of this crime so they can take precaution and be aware of their surroundings. >> police are looking into whether this is related to other
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sexual assaults. we now they all have a vague description of the suspect. >> it appears that more people are buried at arlington national cemetery than previously bought. the executive director of the cemetery estimates more than 400,000 people are buried there. that is 20% higher than the previous estimate of 330,000. the new estimate follows a review conducted after an investigation uncovered misplaced remains. there will be in your soldiers on the front line. the army is cutting the number of combat brigade in service from 45 to as low as 32. this is part of their cost- cutting and reorganization plan. the change will make the size of each brigade bigger but to eliminate about 80,000 soldiers. >> making news, interest rates stay low and stocks soared. plus, another white and shake up in the works? paula faris has those stories and more. -- white house shake-up.
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>> interest rates remaining low for the next few years. the federal reserve announced no plans to raise interest rates until 2014. short-term rates will remain near zero. treasury secretary tim geithner error is speaking bluntly about his future. he says he's not likely to be asked back for second tranche of the president be reelected. he has been something of a lightning rod at the treasury. starting today, airlines are under government orders to reveal all surcharges that are tacked onto air fares. this rule forces airlines to advertise the full cost of a ticket. and a boost for netflix after the customer revolt last summer. the company lost 800,000 customers can after price increase. but netflix has regained nearly all of those customers and their shares are up 13%. that is america's money. >> the universe him-- the university of maryland's
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basketball team, gary williams was on hand last night as the hardwood of the comcast center was named after him. but is magic could not help the terrapins overtake the blue devils, they lost 74-61. the randy wittman ever got off to a rousing start last night at the verizon center. the new head coach of the wizard of believes his team is capable of much more than they have shown so far. and the wizards back him up with a 92-75 blowout victory over charlotte. that once their record to 3-15. >> that is an improvement. >> it is a win. >> we will take it. time for look at traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey standing by, but let's check in with lisa baden. >> once happening is plenty. b-w parkway, southbound after 410, that has been resolved. leading the beltway is much better right now at new york ave. metro rail had a problem at the
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pentagon, but that has been taken care of. back on normal service. plenty of traffic in virginia, but normal volume on 66. this is 95. and on 395 as well. 270 southbound, they're looking for a crash. we are looking at slow traffic leaving father really. traffic headed southbound is away from us. back to you. >> thank you. time for raindrops. >> a few isolated sprinkles. >> we can handle that. >> we can. we have been through everything. we will have some heavier rain tonight and tomorrow, not a big deal widespread beneficial rain. on the eastern shore there are remnants of what moved through the metro area an hour-and-a- half ago. it's not raining at the moment when you step outside, but the ground is a little damp from the lights sprinkles earlier this morning. possibly morning clearing in southern maryland and especially towards the tidewater. it's really gray and cloudy
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day. severe a thunderstorm threat in the deep south, parts of louisiana and mississippi today. rainfall stretches all the way into the midwest and parts of the ohio valley, associated with an area of low pressure. that will ride up the spine of the appalachian mountains because it's on one side of that system and that will give us rainfall. we are not on the winter track with these storms. the unique thing with this storm is that this warm sector that will pass overhead will move through washington tonight and tomorrow morning. temperatures are going to continue to rise through the night ended through the early morning. let's start with karen deborah stearns. 41 in manassas and dulles airport and reagan national, 36 in frederick. if hagerstown, 36. not bad in oakland, 41 degrees. 52 degrees later on today with occasional light rain, not a big deal. the rain will be more widespread tonight. look at the temperatures. climbing into the mid to upper
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50's while we are sleeping. tomorrow morning at this time when you step outside some locations will be near 60 degrees. however, the cold front hits and brings heavy rain and maybe rumble of thunder tomorrow morning during rush hour. the wind will pick up and skies will clear in the afternoon. that means temperatures will drop through the afternoon. that's why we have that arrow on the seven-day indicating debitors dropping later on in the day. may be a passing snow flurries saturday night into sunday. 40's to near 50. >> 5:21 is the time. >> 6:21, actually. >> i don't want anyone to be later today. >> 41 degrees in manassas. >> actor alec baldwin is explaining why he got kicked off an airplane last month. >> secret lives your loved ones could be hiding. next "anderson."
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[ cherie ] i always had a job ever since i was fourteen. i could not make working and going to school work. it was not until the university of phoenix that i was able to work full-time be a mom, and go to school. the opportunities that i had at the university of phoenix dealing with
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professionals teaching things that they were doing every day got me to where i am today. i'm mayor cherie wood i'm responsible for the largest urban renewal project in utah and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] find your program at >> still more questions than answers surrounding moore's mysterious hospitalization on tuesday. she was thrust to the hospital for possible substance abuse. representative blames exhaustion and says that her health has been challenged recently. tmz reports that she was actually suffering seizures. >> actor alec baldwin opens up about the cell phone controversy
6:25 am
that got him kicked off an american airlines flight. >> the tv star sat down last night with cnn. >> i was on this flight and all of a sudden all the rules changed and we were going to have a very soviet-level enforcement of rules. in an instant. it was done without any -- it was done very brutally. this woman was very harsh and very snappy. i reacted badly to that. >> baldwin did apologize to the other passengers on the plane but not the airline. he also called the cell phone rules stupid. >> he does not mince words. prexy tells you what is on his mind. >> 6:25. still another half-hour or ahead. >> a form marine -- former marine accused of attacking military buildings goes to court today. we have a live report.
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>> preparations under way for a rescue american aid worker to be reunited with her family. how u.s. navy seals saved the woman, coming up. >> an area of low pressure moving into town. warmer air
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> it is just such a weight off our shoulders, and answer to our purse. >> traded at 6:30, a u.s. captive finally coming home. how the team set her free after three months in somalia. it's thursday, january 26, i am natasha barrett. good morning, washington. >> i am cynne simpson. traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey pour the weather the first lisa baden. >> 95 in virginia, plenty of
6:30 am
action in the form of delays forming northbound 95 out of woodbrige, lorton, and landmark, but no accidents. 66 have a little activity between manassas and the beltway, but that was moved onto the shoulder quickly. back to normal. as far as maryland, i have a picture southbound at father hurley boulevard moving slowly but no accidents down to the beltway. there was a disruption earlier for blue and yellow lines on metro, but that is back to normal. back to adam caskey, >> not a bad start today temperatures around 40 degrees. we had a few sprinkles passing through town but that moved out. we will have a few more areas of rain throughout the day occasional light showers, not a washout. 41 in washington and at dulles airport. 38 in martinsburg 39 in cumberland, well above average. the average low is 29. actually, tomorrow morning we could be near 60 degrees at this
6:31 am
time. an area of low pressure will pass to our west. the one side of that will move into town. that means low 50's later on today, light showers. tomorrow morning, and '50s, but temperatures drop by tomorrow afternoon. the heaviest rain will be tonight into tomorrow morning. >> new this morning, investigators are trying to figure out what caused if a car to crash into a davidsonville home. this happened about 1:00 this morning on west central ave. authorities say the car drove into a gas station parking lot before hitting house. the driver was taken to hospital with minor injuries also. , the former marine accused of shooting at the pentagon and other military buildings will plead guilty today. >> there's no word on what yonathan melaku will admit to what punishment he will face. brianne carter is live in alexandria with details. >> that's right. still waiting for details on exactly what will happen at the hearing scheduled for 11:00 this morning. that is when yonathan melaku is
6:32 am
expected to be here in federal court, expected to plead guilty. prosecutors say the former marine reservist fired shots at the pentagon and the marine corps museum as well as other military facilities between october and november of 2010. no one was injured in any of those shootings. a court affidavit quotes him in a video that they say that they have saying, "that's what they get, that's my target." the video shows him firing shots and interstate 95 at the marine corps museum. he was arrested in june of last year after it was down after hours at arlington national cemetery with a back pack containing potentially explosive materials and information regarding jihad and osama bin laden. that sparked a big security scare at arlington national cemetery as well as about the pentagon.
6:33 am
this hearing is expected to begin at 11:00 this morning. we expect to learn more details. after that, federal investigators are expected to speak to the media with more on this case. reporting live in alexandria brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> prince george's county police are looking for a man who tried to rob a school while classes were in session. police say this man walked into a fourth elementary school in fort washington yesterday afternoon demanding money from the school secretary, implying that he had a weapon. for no clear reason, he left without giving -- getting anything. the school was placed on lockdown after the incident. spotsylvania county sheriff's office investigating a report of a suspicious man near freedom middle school. officials tell us a man recently appeared to follow children from the school to a nearby house. here's a description. he is a white man 30-40 years old, 6 feet tall about 190 pounds, curly gray hair with a bald spot and maybe a close cut
6:34 am
beard. >> learning details of the dramatic rescue that hostage and jessica buchanan experienced from somalia. preparations are now under way so she can be reunited with her family. first, they are speaking out against what exactly she went through. tahman bradley is live in a twist d.c. with details. good morning. >> good morning. after three months in captivity jessica buchanan is now safe at u.s. military base in africa waiting to be reunited with her family. tuesday after the state of the union, president obama called the canon's father to inform him that his daughter had been rescued from somali pirates by the elite seal team six specialists that killed osama bin laden. in the dead of night the team stormed the pirates tied out, facing a barrage of and gunfire, they took down nine hostage-takers, saving buchanan
6:35 am
and her danish colleague. her family is relieved. >> she said i feel safe for the first time in 93 days. the man that risk their lives, i cannot say enough. i am really appreciate itive. >> president obama ordered the mission after intelligence reports indicated jessica's health was deteriorating. reporting live in the west washington, tahman bradley, abc 7. >> an airport to meet and greet between president obama and arizona governor jan brewer turned ugly yesterday. the president agreed to the governor on the tarmac and then reportedly criticized a passage in her book describing the white house meeting. the cameras did not catch it, but reporters say that the pair got heated. >> i wanted to be there to welcome him to come and see firsthand what arizona has done in regard to our economic recovery. he wanted to talk about the
6:36 am
book. i thought that he was pretty thin-skinned. >> she was seen pointing her finger at mr. obama. she said that she was not being hostile and that she respects the office of the president. >> happy valley is about to say a final goodbye to joe paterno. there will be a public memorial service today for the longtime penn state head football coach. thousands of people lined the streets yesterday to see the procession carrying him to his final resting place. abc 7's brad bell is in state college, pennsylvania. he will have complete coverage of the service starting on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> we are following breaking news from northwest d.c. emergency and hazmat crews are investigating a possible problem monoxide leak. this is happening along the 1700 block of p street. as many as six people need treatment. there's no word on the cause or how long this could take to clear. we will continue to follow this
6:37 am
story and bring more details as soon as we get them. >> 6:36 is the time, 40 degrees in ashburn this morning. >> still ahead, taking america to the moon. the latest on newt gingrich's campaign promise and a preview of tonight's debate. let's not just for breakfast anymore. surprising medical benefits of bacon. >> and a check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes when we
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>> welcome back. 6:40 on thursday, january 26. partaking you to newschopper 7 flying over an accident in hyattstown. it happened at the end of the ramp from 109 onto 270. so 109 is closed in both directions. 270 is open. the accident happened on the exit ramp. virginia is not as complicated. normal volume. 66 and 95 included. >> not bad right now. the radar is pretty clean. some areas of rain on eastern shore, that's about all. we can see green over delaware
6:41 am
and parts of maryland, ocean city. we had a few sprinkles a few hours ago. 41 at dulles and reagan national 36 in frederick. temperatures above average again to start the day. tomorrow morning we will be well into the 50's and may be pushing 60. low pressure moving our way. we will be on the one side of it. 52 this afternoon with occasional light rain here and there throughout the day. not a washout. heavier and more widespread rain tonight through the first half of the day tomorrow. we will hit our high temperature tomorrow morning near 60 degrees, then temper to dropping into the afternoon. a little gusty tomorrow as well. >> interesting story this morning. apparently it bacon is not just for breakfast anymore. a report in a recent medical journal says it can also cure nosebleeds. strips of bacon is inserted into the nostrils helped to stop a chronic condition in an an four-
6:42 am
year-old. eating a bacon is another story. a separate study found processed meats may increase the risk for pancreatic cancer. >> some health news for you there. >> who would of thought to put it inside your nose? >> 6:00 hour 42 as the time. 39 degrees in the west. >> major cuts to the military. what is in and what is out as the pentagon tries to downsize. >>
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6:44 am
>> won the arizona congresswoman's there will dippers got an emotional sendoff from her house colleagues here today. she formally submitted her resignation. fellow lawmakers and whisper a
6:45 am
farewell. she announced on sunday that she would resign to focus on recovery after being shot in the head last year. >> 6:00 hour 44 is the time. another face off in florida. >> yes what sort of fireworks should expect at tonight's debate? emily is here with a preview from "politico." this is. make or is >> that's right. a two-man race between nam le and gingrich. i think you'll see both of those candidates looking for a breakout moment tonight. in last week's debate in south carolina newt gingrich had a now famous couple of minutes with john king where he fought back against the questions he was being asked. that was a breakout moment for him. both of those candidates right now are running pretty even in a primary and are looking to have a moment like that tonight. >> the florida primary is so important. this is an all or nothing state. what does that mean? >> lorton has 50 delegates.
6:46 am
-- florida has 50 delegates. the issue really is, they are neck-and-neck right now and you are not going to get the same number of delegates coming out of that state. it's a big victory, even bigger than some of the other states we have that so far. if you win their, you really do when a lot. >> there is some kind of back and forth this week. but who seems to have the lead right now? >> one of the most recent polls yesterday was from cnn. and had mitt romney up two points. newt gingrich had kind of a bit of momentum after the primary win in south carolina. so he was ahead a few days. that seems to be narrowing right now and they are neck-and-neck. >> tonight's debate could make the difference. thank you so much. >> stay with abc 7, your
6:47 am
election station. we will continue to have complete primary coverage. rebecca cooper will be live in the sunshine state beginning on tuesday. get election updates anytime on >> metro's board will meet today to look at why the 10-car train ran along the entire red line in december. eight cars is the maximum. members will also discuss the data recent incidents in which parts zoloft trains. and the democrats between metrobus and a pickup truck last month. >> d.c. police are looking for a man who robbed and sexually assaulted a woman at gunpoint. she was attacked around 11:00 tuesday night. she was walking in the 400 block of q street nw. man approached a woman from behind displayed a handgun forced her into an alley way and attacked arabher. \ >> more people are buried at arlington national that officials previously thought.
6:48 am
the executive director at the cemetery estimates if more than 400,000 people are buried there. that is 20% higher than the previous estimate of 330,000. the new estimate follows a review conducted after that investigation uncovered mismanagement and misplaced remains. there will soon be fewer soldiers on the frontlines. army says it is cutting the number of combat brigades in service from 45 to as low as 32. it's part of the pentagon's cost-cutting and reorganization plan. sweeping change will make the size of each brigade bigger but eliminate about 80 cows and soldiers. >> a new study on d.c. schools recommended district take action concerning dozens of public schools. d.c. mayor vincent gray commissioned the study. it recommends turning around or closing more than three dozen schools. some of those schools identified are in the poorest neighborhoods of the city. the study also recommends expanding the number of charter schools. the results of the study will be
6:49 am
made public today. >> and hardwood name change could not help maryland overtake ducal last night. before the game, the court at the comcast center was renamed in honor of longtime men's basketball coach gary williams. even though he led the terrapins to a national championship, he watched as the blue devils defeated the terrapins, 74-61. there you have it. >> we want to check in with lisa baden to find out what's happening on the roads. >> a big crash in maryland, southbound 95 but before the beltway. and this accident on the ramp from 109/hyattstown to head onto 270. 109 is closed in both directions. this is a head on accident. they transported one person to the hospital. 270 is open. let's go back to the news desk. >> adam caskey. a couple of raindrops. >> not a big deal. you need to have the umbrella
6:50 am
around today, but you will not have to use it much. if you can take a little compact umbrella. you can save the golf umbrella. if there's any kind of gust you can use that one. tomorrow morning will be damp then sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. live super doppler 7 radar showing a little bit left over on the eastern shore. that's all. it's not raining around the metro, but the ground is a little damp because we had a few sprinkles a couple hours ago. mostly cloudy skies. however, there could be morning clearing briefly in southern maryland fans and especially down to the tidewater. more clouds and sunshine, otherwise, throughout the day. widespread showers from the deep south, parts of louisiana into ohio indiana, and changing into snow in parts of the midwest. that's part of the low pressure system. it is unique in terms of the past that it will take and the warm air that will move over it.
6:51 am
if temperatures will rise to night and into early tomorrow morning. high temperatures tomorrow will be in the morning. that's normally in the afternoon. that's low will track up the appalachian mountains. the warm air will slide into place tonight and tomorrow morning. let's start with temperatures now. 41 in orangeburg, 41 at reagan national, 39 in cumberland, 36 in hagerstown. the average low is 29. 44 is the average afternoon high. we will be 52 later on today. tonight, well into the 50's. tomorrow morning at this time we could have a few readings around 60 degrees with areas of rain up to about a half-inch and maybe three-quarters of an inch in the potomac highlands through night through early tomorrow morning. temperatures will drop tomorrow afternoon back in the 40's. it will be gusty as the skies clear. a pleasant weekend. we will be in the 40's on the
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>> good thursday morning. coming up, the son of the most powerful police commissioner in the country is accused of sexual assault. we will have the latest on the case of and the shockwaves through new york city. also will go inside the daring raid to rescue an american woman from pirates in somalia. how the navy seals pulled off this mission in the dead of night and how jessica buchanan is doing.
6:55 am
also, man's best friend, the battle of the ball. we're going into a fitness camp for them. is this the best way to help them drop the extra pounds? you'll have to learn and to find out next right here on good morning america. >> alisa clark 55 break now. the former marine accused of shooting at the pentagon and other military buildings is expected to plead guilty today. there's no word on what yonathan melaku will plead guilty to or what exactly the punishment is that he will face. >> an american woman once held by somali pirates will soon be reunited with her family. navy seals freed and jessica buchanan and her danish co- worker during a daring raid yesterday morning. she is originally from bedford virginia. >> penn state say goodbye to legendary football coach joe paterno. the school will hold a public memorial service today. thousands lined the streets
6:56 am
yesterday morning to see the procession carrying joe paterno to his final resting place. >> no quick glass look at traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden. >> a couple of issues with the last 30 minutes. one of them in maryland, southbound 95 is closed with a the beltway be. hyattstown is blocked at 109 at 270. 270 is open. >> tonight into tomorrow we will see heavier rain. temperatures will be warming up through the night. if tomorrow morning we could be pushing 60 degrees at this time. when we normally have a high temperature in the afternoon it will be much cooler, in the 40's with gusty wind and transitioning back into the cooler weather through the weekend. monday, close to 40 degrees. >> i appreciate the raindrops
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