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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 26, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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this is a breaking story. we don't have too many details. >> what we have is essentially an area just off all four road in fort washington. it is passed that tree line there. you can see some floodlights on. that is where prince george's county police department is working the scene. they have a 20-foot deep well. at about noon they got a phone call that there was a body at the bottom of that well. they came out here and started to investigate, and now have confirmed that there is a body at the bottom of that well. there is someone they are not yet identifying, whether it is male or female, only that there was an anonymous 911 call. it is just behind a home that is currently unoccupied. they have a huge amount of resources out here to try to get into that well. now they are telling us they may not be able to do that until tomorrow night because they have
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to shore up the area. it will take a lot of work to get down to the bottom of the well safely. we also have confirmed that alexandria police department is out here. we are trying to find out if indeed this case is tied to a case in alexandria. it is still very early in this investigation. prince george's county police spokesperson said they are going to have a team of people out here tomorrow to survey the ground looking around for any sort of evidence or clues. that would not release any more information about that call that came in only that they said there was a body at the bottom of a well. they said they will be back here all day tomorrow as they try to determine exactly what they are dealing with. it will be along not for investigators. as soon as we get more investigate -- more information we will bring it to you.
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>> our other big story tonight a guilty plea for the man accused of shooting at a number of military facilities around our area. >> there is video of not an polanco -- crimes against the federal government will send him to prison for a quarter-century. >> the just released a video that you are about to see shows yonathan melaku videotaping himself during his tour of terror. singing loudly in arabic, 23- year-old yonathan melaku drove past quantico virginia. armed with a 9 millimeter gun and a video camera, he is poised
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to unleash his rage. seconds later, he opened fire. he left behind bullet holes in the museum windows but it was six months before police found him at arlington national cemetery with explosives and plans to desecrate grave markers. he now confesses he also fired at the pentagon and other military buildings hoping to create fear and terror. under this plea deal, he is agreeing to serve 25 years behind bars. the formal sentencing who will be in april -- before sentencing reject formal sentencing will be in april. >> there is more on the story as well as all the video release
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from this case online right now on our website >> more major problems for the metro system today. service on the metro red line is back to normal tonight after a problem that led to a nightmare morning commute. metro says the rail crack the around 7:00 this morning forced a single track between friendship heights and van ness. service was back to normal by early afternoon after workers replaced the cracked braille. metro is discussing raising fares to provide for upkeep of the system. >> an emotional day for thousands of people at penn state. they were at a tribute for former football coach joe paterno. nearly 12,000 people fans, big names in sports, fill the centered to honor joe paterno. the retreat as a public mourning for the long time coach. brad bell is live at penn state
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with more on the service for joe paterno. >> joe paterno's biehl and burial were held yesterday in private. this was anything but private. there was a lot of talk about his so-called grand experiment his effort to build an atmosphere of success with honor. the final speaker was his son. he had the current and former players stand and told them joe paterno will always be with them. >> your lives are his legacy. your families, the people you reach or his legacy. the grand experiment, success with honor, was a ripple that has grown to a tsunami of washing across the world. >> this was an opportunity for joe paterno's many believers family and friends to remember the lives he touched and to give credit for the institution he
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helped build. >> i cannot imagine anyone impacting more lives positively. we always have so many it memories of him. >> what i know now is that joe was not trying to build perfection. that does not exist. and he knew it. he was, bit by bit and building a habit of excellence. >> there was little talk of the sandusky scandal. hugh -- most say he will not be defined by the allegations. bill might tackle it head-on. >> whatever the details of the investigation are, this much is clear to me. there is a villain in this tragedy. lies in that investigation not in joe paterno's response to it. >> his comments drew the loudest and most sustained applause of the event this afternoon. you are looking at the famous
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beaver stadium here at penn stadium. the scoreboard says thanks, joe. we have heard there is a petition drive a foot to try to get beaver stadium renamed for joe paterno. there is no word on whether that will happen. >> the virginia governor is facing a setback in his efforts to allow schools to open before labor day. a senate committee today killed a bill that would allow the change. so for the law prevents schools from opening before labor day. a house version of the bill is still alive. >> still to come, the latest jobless picture and what it means about getting america back to work. >> why the local housing market is glutted with foreclosures. x major cuts announced in the pentagon budget. what will it mean for our area economy?
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there are fears because from the pentagon will make the military smaller. >> $87 billion in defense cuts
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over the next decade. the pentagon will shift the focus of the military from morris to future challenges. a number of ground forces will be slashed, mean more pressure on reserves. old planes and ships will be retired, and that is just the beginning. rebecca is live in the newsroom with more. >> today secretary leon panetta said it was tough finding cuts without hurting u.s. troops or un dominance but the secretary did slash spending . the super committee did not get a deal on the deficit. >> secretary panetta warned today's proposed reductions are only half the size of what could happen if congress does not block the cut schedule, there could be even more automatic cuts twice the size. >> we are convinced it would hold out the force and then
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click severe damage to our national defense for generations. >> companies like boeing in northern virginia. he helped boeing toward their course for the future. >> we think it is an area where there will be gained. >> in this neighborhood, there is concern. major defense contractors are keep life blood in this area. >> we have done well because the defense contractors are here. >> you have a lot of defense contractors around here and i think it will have a negative impact on the area. >> secondary -- secretary panetta made clear one area where he will look for cuts, the defense department itself.
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he warned there will be staff reductions and more base closures. rebecca cooper, abc7 news. >> we will see what wal-mart will not necessarily have a friendly face at the entrance every time you go shopping. >> it is going to be a rainy night. doug has a forecast when we come back.
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>> a slight setback in the nation's unemployment figures. >> the number of people filing first-time unemployment benefits is up this week to 377,000 after a big drop in jobless claims earlier in the month. experts said the overall trend continues to show that the job market is improving somewhat. >> the new national survey shows foreclosures made up 20% of american properties on the market in the first quarter of last year, down 10% from a year
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earlier. in virginia foreclosure sale prices are slightly up. foreclosed properties in virginia sold for an average of over $236,000. hawaii was the only state with higher foreclosure prices. >> you may notice something different the next time you do some late-night shopping at walmart. says walmart will no longer have greeters at the door. those workers will be doing other things such as stocking shelves. >> local journalism student had dialogue today with some of the best in the business. the talk to the inductees at this year's national hall of fame for the national
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association of black journalists. i was proud to moderate the discussion this morning at the museum and very pleased to help the next generation learn from their heroes. what is going on it is dark to correct it feels like spring, definitely not winter. not like a year ago tonight. maybe a rumble of thunder in the morning and all kinds of crazy stuff. north and west of the metro area still associated with the warm front that continues to make its way across the region. a big bite in temperatures between the northern and southern part of the region. the numbers will rise all across the area. 44 and 29 are the averages. 37 right now. berkeley springs has had almost
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a quarter inch of rain. that will change as well with heavier rains coming. here is the great divide, 38 in hagerstown but 55 degrees right now in fredericksburg. warmer air will literally be drawn and head of the cold front. the air mass will be pulled northward tonight. 37 in chicago 35 in detroit right now. colder temperatures will make an appearance tomorrow and saturday and into the weekend, but not bitterly cold temperatures. you can make out the details the cold front down cell with really heavy thunderstorm activity. that is the area of rain that will move northward over night and affect us early in the morning. possibly an isolated thunderstorm with some heavy downpours as well.
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the future motion of the warm front, and the storm center associated with it. then comes the cold front. the heaviest rains probably moving east of the area around 8:00 in the morning and then we will see falling temperatures. areas of rain in the morning partial clearing and breezy, temperatures falling through the afternoon. cooler weather on saturday, another cold front sunday. a big surprise, another warming trend in our area next week. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers, moving forward. >> i know you like this guy. the washington nationals have taken another giant step toward the national league pennant race. a one-year deal for $1 million
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and investment in the 2012 season. the astros rookie of the year in 2003 was an all-star closer in 2005 and 2008 with the phillies. he was the comeback player of the year, baseball's man of the year, and a world series champion. in 2010, he had elbow surgery which is not uncommon for the washington nationals pitching staff. let's go to college basketball. i was impressed with how much maryland has improved. mark has a young team with some talent. he has been recruiting like crazy, so the cavalry is coming. duke pulled away in the final few minutes last night but the team is getting better and better as the season goes on. >> and i do not get caught up in winning and losing. i know you don't believe that, because obviously you don't like to lose. what i saw tonight was
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encouraging. >> we follow the game plan a lot better than we have. we did not win the game but we hung around until the three minute marked against a pretty good team. we did not get a lot of breaks. >> how about the wizard's last night? who are these guys? i know it was only charlotte but come on. they played fast and work hard on defense. 17 points, now he has to do it again tomorrow night against houston. think spring, because the golf season is now in full swing. tiger woods playing in his first tournament of the year. he hit 17 of 18 greens. he did not have a bogey but he did struggle with his putting. he is 2 under par.
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he is now three back. the leader is at 5 under. that is rory mcilroy. >> raphael nadal and roger federer met in australia today. nadal wins in australia. i thought this was interesting. the tampa bay buccaneers have reached down into the college ranks to get their new head coach. he leaves rutgers to be the buccaneers' new head coach in the nfl. they wanted a college coach, and they got a good one. one more look
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>> i guess we are set for some rain. >> a warm front and scattered showers, a chance for steadier, heavier rain between 3:00 and 8:00 in the morning. bob ryan is fresh back from new orleans with the highly deserved award. he is back 11:00 tonight. captioned by the national captioning institute
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