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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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is video of attacks. and get ready for big cha captioned by the national captioning institute >> up first, late developments in a mystery time to parts of our region that all centers on the discovery of a body inside of a well. detectives from maryland and virginia are saying little about the victim's identity it or
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whether it is a well-known community activist that has been missing for months. the remains were found on old fort road in fort washington. tom? >> this is an area where suburbia meets the country. this is the scene tonight in the woods where this house is. the neighbors say it has been abandoned for years. the well that this person was found in is right near that blue tent but how the body got there is a total mystery tonight. this woman says that usually not much happens in this part of fort washington. >> nothing like this has happened. it really surprised. -- really surprised. about have you ever seen anybody on that property? >> no. >> they say most of the year you cannot even see the home.
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now, for a body to be found in a well there? >> a big mystery. >> the police are keeping their information close to the vest, only saying they got an anonymous tip about the body around noon. alexandria police were on the scene. they have been searching for a missing community activist since september but they would not say if it was connected with harris or any other missing person in our area. for the neighbors, it is unsettling. >> it shocked me to find out what was going on, but at the same time, what can we do? >> here in the 11,000 block of old fort road, it is still shut down, and it will be all night long. prince george's county police say they may not be able to get the body out of the well until possibly tomorrow night they have to do a lot of work to make sure the well does not collapse before they bring that body up.
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>> we will be watching that story, thank you. meanwhile, following breaking news in the district where part of constitution avenue near the white house is shut down after a woman was struck by a car. it happened near the intersection of 17th street and constitution avenue nw. the woman was rushed to a nearby hospital. her condition and the circumstances around the accident are not known at this hour. a chilling video by local terrorist who caused a host of damage and created fear. tonight, a closer look at the video shot by yonathan melaku, unleashing his reign of terror. the video was released just after melaku admitted shooting at four military buildings in our area. jay korff has reaction to the video tonight. >> it was late 2010 when the
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pentagon and other military buildings were targeted by melaku. after he pled guilty today in federal court today, we got this disturbing video. ♪ yonathan melaku armed with a handgun and video camera, went on a tour of terror. abc 7 news obtained this video after the former marine pled guilty in the shooting spree that was directed at military buildings in the d.c. region, including the pentagon, and on this night the marine corps museum in triangle, virginia. tha>> they turned off the lights. >> he would fired nearly 20 rounds. >> it is very disturbing. >> these people say the video is
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a chilling reminder of the homegrown terrorism. >> you just never know what goes on in people's minds to pull them to that kind of action. >> several months after this video, melaku was captured at arlington national cemetery. authorities think that he was there to desecrate grave markers. he wanted to create a sense of fear but the video also put him behind bars. under the plea deal, melaku will serve 25 years in prison. he will formally be sentenced in april. jay korff, abc 7 news. >> in addition to the video that we just saw, we have extended clips of the video shot by melaku. for more, go to >> we are on storm watch. that appears we have a healthy dose of rain heading in our
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direction. senior meteorologist bob ryan has what we can expect for the morning rush hour. >> it is certainly rain, with the temperature is continuing to rise. where is january? the overall pattern the belfort furniture weather center, the storm is out to the west. with the south wind, are temperatures continue -- our temperatures continue to rise. at the nearest snow is way up in far, far northern new england. the local live doppler hagerstown, there is the temperature, 38 degrees. fredericksburg is 59 degrees. that will be continuing to come our way. that is the mild air. tomorrow, right back into spring fever, then we are marching along. hang onto your hats tomorrow afternoon. there are some changes coming. >> meantime, we're monitoring
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two other developing stories from the district. at first, a man walked into a northwest washington gym and said that he was robbed. he walked into the kennedy recreation center on seventh street, taken to a nearby hospital. his condition at this hour is not known. in the other story, an investigation is underway after officer shot a man tonight on pawn street in northeast. at last check the person who shot was following a traffic stop. his condition is not known. >> the controversy over the human papilloma of virus. human hpv vaccine is still having, proceed. -- is still having controversy. critics worry that the vaccine
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can lead to cervical cancer. >> warning more about a former maryland corrections officer who was indicted in the death of an inmate. anthony mcintosh was charged with the federal civil rights death of ronnie white. he died after the hit and run accident of corporal findley. the death of white was declared a homicide. >> state college pa., thousands packed the center on the penn state campus, from family to former players and others, whose lives were changed by joe paterno. brad bell attended the public memorial, and he is live on campus with the reaction. >> we are just outside of beaver stadium, across the street from the very famous joe paterno statue. it is 33 degrees, running hard, and has been all day long, and still tonight after 11:00
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there is a crowd of people gathered to pay their respects. it speaks to just how much this man meant to the community, and it is why they packed the arena to say goodbye today. they called it a memorial to joe and it drew a crowd former players and a famous football coaches but mostly people like steve smith who say simply that joe paterno made their lives better. >> my wife and i went to penn state. he started here three months before i was born and has always been part of my life. >> speaker after speaker stood to tell how the simple teacher became the winningest coach ever. >> joe's success and impacted not and sunday when he died, and it will live on it in the lives and hearts of all of the people here for many, many years to come. >> the nike founder called joe
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paterno his hero. he got the loudest ovation of the afternoon when it they said that joe paterno should share no blame for the sandusky scandal. >> whatever the details are this much is clear -- there is a felon and this tragedy -- there is a villain in this tragedy and joke attorney was not responsible. -- and joe paterno was not responsible. >> his son said he did not die of a broken heart. he said his father was at peace. he told current and former players that his lesson of success with honor will live on forever. >> your lives are his legacy. your families, the people he reached, our his legacy. -- are his legacy. >> the simple sentiment repeated all around town, thank you joe pa we love you. that was a sentiment expressed
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by just about everybody that we encountered on campus today. brad bell, abc 7 news. >> coming up, the price for itunes may be going up. why that could happen to only about 40% of the washington, d.c. region. >> a big admission by pat sajak and vanna white. plus the fireworks fly as the gop candidates square off in a final debate before flor
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>> a showdown in jacksonville tonight lead to a war of words with the four men who remain in the race for the gop nomination. tonight was a critical battle for newt gingrich and mitt romney. >> autria godfrey will break down the big moments. >> mitt romney is fighting fiercely for a race that just weeks ago he looked destined to take, appearing more prepared, confident, and aggressive. the four men still vying for the
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gop nomination share the stage just one more time before voters head to the polls in the sunshine state turning to one of the biggest issues for florida voters, immigration mitt romney taking newt gingrich to task for being labeled the anti-immigrant cannaday. >> that is inexcusable. mr. speaker i am not anti- immigrant. >> the barbs did not stop there. the former speaker of the house shot back for questioning his tie and with fred ebay -- with fannie mae and freddie mac. >> maybe he should tell us how much money he has made on how many households have been foreclosed by his investments. >> ron paul and rick santorum, well behind in the polls and trying hard to stay in the game were involved also. >> these two gentlemen who are
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distracting from the most important issues by playing petty personal politics, can you guys leave that alone and focus on the issues? but>> i don't think we should go to the moon. i think we should send some politicians there at times. >> when ron paul was asked about releasing his medical records he agreed, and then challenged the three opponents to a 25-mile bike ride in the texas heat. he got no takers. autria godfrey abc 7 news. >> stay with abc 7 news, your collection station, for complete coverage of the florida project coverage of the florida primaries. we invite you to tune into news channel 8 for our special politico live. >> 7 on your side with word
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about a possible itunes tax. maryland gov. martin o'malley wants to extend the maryland 6% sales tax to cover everything downloaded including itunes songs, music apps, ebooks, chat discussions, and greeting cards. a tax like this failed in maryland back in 2007. >> tonight, pat sajak admits that he hosted a "wheel of fortune" while drunk in the show's early days. he said that he and vanna white used to go to a mexican restaurant during their two-hour break and have some margaritas, but he said there was no way that he would ever drank during the show now. >> we cannot tell the difference now. the national association of black journalists conducted six legendary journalists into its hall of fame during a ceremony at the newseum tonight. among the nominees gwen ifill
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ruth jonathan rodgers and others. i was honored to host the induction presentation for a woman who inspired me nearly 30 years ago at cnn pat harvey. maureen bunyan presented many awards for the disappearing heroes of the tuskegee airmen. 15 of them were there tonight. congratulations to all of the inductees. incredibly inspiring. >> speaking of exciting, congratulations on your award. the mine was from the american meteorological society, 3500 meteorologist in new orleans and still no snow in sight. outside tonight, the humidity has been coming back.
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the temperatures have been rising. at the high temperature today 55 degrees. this january is on the heels of december over three degrees above average. look at the spots in the 40's, minneapolis. down in new orleans, but temperatures in the 70's. almost every spot in the country, 10-15 degrees above average. finally getting a little colder around minneapolis. meanwhile, the snow cover, there is hardly anything, even in the league lead. talking with one of the meteorologist in seattle the cascades are in pretty good shape for snow. that is good because they need that. the latest storm, the biggest dip in the jet stream way to the west. that means all of the moisture continues to come in the form of rain. look at the rain that has fallen and ohio, over an inch,
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almost 1.5 inches at kettering middle school. for us, through the nighttime hours, just more of the same, cloudy skies. by midnight, the rain comes in. tomorrow morning what the weather front the south wind, the temperatures may be in the 60's. nonetheless, it will be a warm morning. it moves off and clears out. the other thing that you will notice is the wind. tomorrow morning, a 10-15 miles per hour, in the mountains, 15- 20. the euros will be turning to the west. tomorrow afternoon gusty wind coming over, 20-30 m.p.h. from the west and northwest bringing colder air but not bitterly cold. umbrellas tomorrow heading to work and school, the temperatures near 60. it will fall into the 40's, but still way above average tomorrow
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afternoon. the gusty wind, northwest and it will be chillier over the weekend. a lot of sunshine, settled weather, and next week back into the 50's. no sign of any snowstorms coming our way. keep posted at wet morning. >> what is going on? >> it is on the springtime. the nationals introduce an all- star, tiger woods back on the golf course, and the cavaliers of virginia take the eagles' of boston college to school.
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >> the virginia cavaliers have had a spectacular season, the surprise of the acc but they have lost two of their last three games.
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tonight, they played boston college. charlottesville, john paul jones arena, mike scott has been an all-conference player, tonight the defense maker. scott with 10 first half points, finishing with 18. late in the second half, a close ball game, the cavaliers trying to break it open. the three splash. virginia beat boston college 66-49. maybe traveled to bethlehem pa., lost to lehigh. lehigh beats navy. the washington nationals signed reliever, clothes are brad lidge to a one-year contract, $1 million. -- signed reliever/closer brad lidge to a one-year contract, $1 million.
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he had elbow surgery, so we will see how he comes back this time. the phillies gave up on him washington signed sam. -- sign that him. eli manning said that any time you play the patriots, you have to expect something new. he said that is the biggest concern, not the pressure of the setting, and tom brady echoed the same thing about the super bowl atmosphere. >> it is a football game for us. it may be the super bowl for everybody else, but we're trying to win a football game. we don't let anything get in the lavar preparation. -- we don't let anything get in the way of our preparation. at the tiger woods, three shots off the lead. at the australian open, nadal beat federer.
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near court how about the ball boy? picks it out of the air. nadal won federer lost, but the ball boy with the plight of the day. -- with the play of the day. and the tampa bay buccaneers have hired a new head coach.
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>> we want to remind you to check out our latest facebook give away, an ipad 2. the deadline to enter is 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. we will announce the
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>> taking a look at doppler, the rain is now in western virginia. the only other spot that is getting anything is well to the north. there is a little bit of snow there, but around us it will be rain, 60 degrees in january. >> "nightline" is next. thank you for joining us.
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