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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  January 27, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, and in hd, this is abc 7 breaking news. >> police in prince george's county are investigating the crash that sent several students to the hospital. a school bus was involved on the crash and ritchie-marlboro road
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and brooke lane. brianne carter joins us with the latest. >> cynné simpson, this happened at about 9:00 a.m. this morning along this stretch of ritchie- marlboro road. there were about two dozen students on the school bus. it collided with another vehicle. other vehicles were involved as well. seven students were transported to prince george's hospital gentle with his injuries. we also understand that two other people involved in the accident were taken to the hospital with serious, but not life-threatening injuries. the remaining students were loaded onto a separate school bus and taken to high school. parents received phone calls moments after the accident happened, and we spoke to the mother of an ninth grader who says her daughter called her moments after this happened.
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>> my daughter called me 25 minutes after she left, and said "mom, i was in an accident, and i'm bleeding." >> authorities tell us they are looking into whether or not this may have been -- >> thank you so much, brianne carter. those sporadic morning storms are moving out. things are changing. adam caskey has a look at the first four test. >> things are changing. temperatures will be dropping, but it is still mild. let's look at a time lapse of this morning. in arlington the camera and washington-lee high school. we're still spring-like. a little sunshine will break
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through. then the clouds start to fill back in. we will have a mixture for the rest of the day. the wind is picking up temperature-wise -- manassas, 64. la plata, 62. chevy chase, 62. cool in the northwest. 48 in strasbourg. the cooler air in -- frost bird. the cooler air will come into the rest of the town. the wind will flat and after sunset. >> thank you. today is a pivotal one for the family of the young woman murdered in bethesda. 10 months after jayna murray died, her killer is about to find out how long she will spend behind bars. jummy olabanji is live outside the court in rockville and joins us with the latest.
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>> this has been a case many have been watching in paying close attention to since the beginning. this afternoon, in a couple of hours, brittany norwood will find out whether she will spend the rest of her life behind bars or will have another chance of freedom in the future. brittany norwood is hoping for a second chance. family and friends said 16 letters to the judge, asking him to consider the chance of parole after 25 years. her father wrote -- >> during the trial, brittany norwood's attorney admitted that his client killed the victim, and after days of testimony, did took the jury what our to convict the the merger -- brittany norwood of first-degree
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murder. jayna murray's mother wrote "this individual must be removed from society forever. >> she has time to realize what she did, and after 25 years, i think they should look at her again and see where she is. >> i would hope i could find somewhere in me where i would have compassion to do that. i'm not convinced that i would. >> we are expecting both the defense and the prosecution to make statements before the judge hands down the sentence. sentencing begins at 1:30 p.m. this afternoon. we will update viewers online at >> thank you. the search is over -- the woman accused of using an alleged scheme to trick an elderly woman
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out of money is in police custody as officers arrested linda mccorkle in new york thursday. police said she walked up to 84- year-old woman had claimed her family had not eaten in days. linda mccorkle then allegedly forced the woman to withdraw money from her bank account. there is no word when she will be expedited back to maryland. we are following a developing story from dulles international airport, as we learned that a southwest airlines worker has died following an accident yesterday morning. the worker was driving a baggage cart when it collided with a people-mover. they were ever elected to the hospital, and that is where the worker died. -- they were air-lifted to the hospital, and that is where the worker died. more questions for metro
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tonight. hundreds were stuck and waited for an explanation. john gonzales explains. question is been of 24 hours metro experienced two issues and commuters were left stranded pan >> crumbling infrastructure, elect a budget, -- stranded. >> crumbling infrastructure, and a lack of a budget. >> last night, the agency put the computer system was shut down, and passengers were on platforms for over an hour. >> frustrated people, and there were no trains for an hour in either direction. nine of the employees, or employees knew what was going on -- 90 employees or passengers knew what was going on. -- neither the employees nor passengers knew what was going on. >> the malfunction happened hours after passengers at the
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tarrytown metro station or forced to cram into cars after a rail cracked in half. >> i got on my train, and there was a broken train in front of us. >> crews replaced as much as 40 feet of steel rail. as for the problem this morning, and efficient -- officials are still investigating. passengers are frustrated with in predictability, and an all- too-common sight out of order escalators. there will be planned work this weekend. >> thank you. we are following new developments in the case of a body found in a well in prince george's county. dozens of police officers are looking for clues, and working to remove the remains. authorities were tipped off
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around noon thursday. police say it could take up to 48 hours to remove the remains and once it is remote, the body will be taken to the medical examiner's office in baltimore. alexandria police are also assisting in the case concerns about carbon monoxide cost -- case. concerns about carbon monoxide cost two buildings to be evacuated. one person was taken to the hospital and 17 others were treated on the scene. officers say the source was a defective water hearing -- heater. apartment residents say this is the second time this week they have been evacuated. several local middle school students are under investigation after reports they
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brought marijuana-laced brownies to school at farmwell station middle school unit ashburton, virginia. it appears that a handful of students were involved. on the school system's facebook page, the principal says no students have been expelled so far. a court hearing it is being held today for a former elementary school aid charged with molesting a student. stefon christian is accused of sexually accost -- assaulting a student. he left the student in 1999. the victim, now an adult, says he decided to report the abuse in the wake of the penn state scandal. it will be another busy day in both 2012. candidates are hitting the campaign trail. newt gingrich and mitt romney are both headed to appearances
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in miami. many are talking about the fireworks from last night's debate with mitt romney taking sharper aim than he has in previous debates, after reportedly getting a new debates coach. >> made a governor romney should tell us how many -- how much money is made off of foreclosures. >> have you checked your investments? >> president obama says he is not watching the gop debates. he made an appearance at the university of michigan in ann arbor, talking about the rising costs of education. coming up, remembering a legend -- thousands gathered to honor coach joe paterno. death threats for a u.s. hostage. why the rescue is putting another american in danger with somali pirates. it is time to pay.
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a few more hours to get rid of those d.c. tickets without a penalty.
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>> people in state college pa. continue to mourn legendary coach joe paterno. many have been stopping by his statue to pay tribute. an emotional service was held yesterday. thousands of people whose lives were touched attended. joe paterno's son says his winning track record is not what he will be remembered most for. >> your lives are his legacy --
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your families, the people you reached are his legacy. >> joe paterno died of lung cancer sunday at the age of 85. four days after u.s. forces rescued a u.s. hostage in somalia another hostage is in danger. captors have moved the american hostage three times in the last three hours. the hostages a journalist working on a book in somalia. friends and families have less the media not to reveal his name. passengers aboard the doomed costa concordia ship will be paid up to $15,000 for each passenger. about 16 people are dead, or at least have been located at this point, and often liner struck rocks and rolled over.
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driving on thin granita turned into a big mess in minnesota. -- ice turned into a big mess in minnesota. look at this. vehicle access has been close down on this lake. the ice has been thin because of warmer-than-average temperatures. we can relate ben -- to the idea of warmer-than-normal temperatures. >> there is just recreation, and it could be a life or death situation. my cousin went through the ice once up north. if you knew him, you would shake your head. >> living on thin ice. >> yes. let's look at our conditions.
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wind is picking up. you'll notice the gusty wind. it is a bad hair afternoon. 36 in hagerstown. even in -- gaithersburg is gusting to 35. it will take a few more hours for the temperatures to respond to the cooler air behind the front. it has moved through. the cooler air is in the northwest. cumberland is down to 46. oakland, maryland, is right the freezing point. 62 in the district. dulles airport is checking in at 52 degrees. it is still mild right now, but temperatures will be dropping off. look at the northwest. even pittsburgh, not that far 36 degrees. that cooler air will spill into town. here is dollar satellite and
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radar product. you can see the showers off to the east. the rain has come to a end, and we have good clearing right now. it kind of feels like spring. there was a little bit of humidity in the air. there is a low pressure system, almost due north of washington in upstate new york. we are on the cool side of that front. there is that warm air. we are on the backside of that cold front. they will subside later tonight. after sunset, the wind will die down. temperatures will drop. it will not be all that cold in the low-to-mid-30's tomorrow morning. then, into sunday, and increase into -- of cloud cover. a chance of the sprinkel, but
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not a big deal. that would be the exception. >> we have a reminder if you live in the district and all money for tickets. it is the last bit to participate in the amnesty program. you can't pay without penalty for the next few hours -- you can pay without penalty for the next few hours. wtop reports maryland and virginia drivers still owe more than $140 million in fines. coming up -- >> i had my head on the desk, the gun at the temple, and the finger on the trigger, and he was doing the countdown screaming at the police to crack a woman held at gunpoint by her own ex-husband. it is the chilling story we are hearing from robin roberts about.
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>> this is a story of divorce that turned into a terrifying, clouds and showers standoff turned a woman was taken hostage by her own ex-husband, and it is a story we will hear tonight on "20/20." robin roberts joins us live. what was the motive of taking her hostage? >> cynné simpson, good to see you. this was a man they had been married for 12 years, but he
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was the type of person that wanted to be in control. he had monitors. he was ready for the police. he told the police that he was the one in control. she had filed for divorce. it was his way of saying i did tell how dare you leave me -- " how dare you leave me?" if you remember the movie "war of the roses," he was using that as a blueprint. >> this was a situation where it was premeditated. there were indications this was in the works for a while right? >> for months. the morning of her of the auction, they were to go to court. he takes her, brings her to the court, has monitors set up -- is like a fortress.
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he knew police would be very in a short amount of time. he said he had been planning this. when they tried to say insanity, they said no, this was well thought out. that is why he received a sentence of 70 years just a few weeks ago, and even from jail he was still threatening nancy tyler. >> well, nancy tyler is very fortunate to be able to tell this story. fascinating. we look forward to turn -- to tune in tonight at 10:00. tonight, you'll be able to see it in its entirety. we invite you to stay with us for abc 7 news
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>> well, hoping everyone enjoyed the warmer temperatures, we are getting a change. >> our record height is 75. we're still 12 degrees shy of the record. >> well. 75? >> temperatures will drop into the afternoon. it will cool into the weekend. it will not get cold. it will not be bitterly cold. we're talking 20's by monday morning. >> not bad at all. oh, i see.
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