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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 7, 2012 12:00am-1:05am EST

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13-year-old boys digging out the clothesline. be careful. thank you for watching abc news. check in with "gma" and we'll see you back here tomorrow. up next on an all new "jimmy kimmel live." >> i tell you something, i remember a time when halftime performers respected their audience enough to show them a nipple. >> michelle williams. from "mob wives," big ang. music from pitbull. and jimmy's youtube challenge. >> the ring finger is okay. no problem with the pinky. but this -- [ applause ]
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[ laughter ] >> jimmy: what did you say? >> i say, wow, lightly sweet, crunchy. and do i taste high quality wholesome ingredients? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: why, yes, guillermo, you do. >> belvita breakfast biscuits are very, very good. good-bye cookies and doughnuts. good-bye marshmallows birthday bites. good-bye sugar sugar monkey butts. [ laughter ] hello, bbelvita break fast biscuits. >> new brand, part of a new kind of breakfast. power up, people. >> jimmy: we'll be back in two minutes with big ang from "mob wives" and michelle williams. that lasts all morning. thy suspect is heading south. freeze.
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how are you? we're going to head on into the interview. john, jacobson... what's it like driving the fusion hybrid? you can read every system that is operating by pushing a button. it's like driving a computer. what would be the hardest thing for you to give up? the miles per gallon, the fuel. when you're used to filling your car up once a week, then suddenly once every three weeks, believe me it'll be a big difference going back.
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>> announcer: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- michelle williams. mob wives' "big ang." anmusic from pitbull. with cleto and the cletones. and, now, as a matter of fact, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's jimmy kimmel live [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everyone. thank you. hi there. oh, that's very nice. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching at home. [ cheers and applause ] thank you for being my best friends. i appreciate it. hey, as i'm sure you're all aware, the super bowl was yesterday. don't tell me what happened. i have it on tivo. [ laughter ] super bowl sunday is the best holiday. you don't have to go to church. you don't have to buy gifts.
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you just eat and watchdogs break dance on tv. it's great. and it was a great game too. two big market teams, the giants and the patriots. i mostly just watch to see what the players are wearing. but the game was great. they say that today this is the most watched television broadcast of all time. even more than the final episode of "according to jim" they say. [ laughter ] came down to the final seconds of the game. tom brady attempted a hail mary pass but after what he did to tim tebow three weeks ago, mary was in no mood to help. the giants won it. they won 21-17. which that means eli manning gets gisele, right, isn't that the -- isn't it? the game really was a thriller. if you had a patriots or giants fan at your house, the game either ended like this -- >> oh, no. no. no. >> we won! we won! we won! we won! we won!
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we won! we won! we won! we won! we won! we won! we won! we won! we won! ahhh! we won! we won! we won! ahhh! ahhhh! >> jimmy: may he rest in peace. [ applause ] or it ended like this. >> oh! it's just not fair! >> it's because they're playing in peyton's house. >> ohhhh! tom is better than anyone. i don't care. it's supposed to be tom. it's always supposed to be tom. >> jimmy: i guess she's in love with tom brady. that reminds me of another very popular youtube video that -- >> so much better than anyone! i don't care! tom! >> justin bieber! wahhh! >> ahh!
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>> jimmy: that was when justin bieber lost the super bowl in 2009. i watched all the postgame interviews yesterday. usually they're kind of boring but this time around there was a surprise visitor on the field to help liven things up. this was supposed to be an interview with giants coach tom coughlin. >> thank you very much for having me. >> nice, nice. they just did a -- oh, tom coughlin's hugging flavor flav. >> jimmy: it's flavor flav. he has the vince lombardi trophy in his mouth and -- and then here's what happened during an interview with giants defensive end dave tollefson. >> what did you say to him after that one? >> thanks, man, thanks. >> i didn't mean to upset -- i'm sorry -- >> jimmy: it's flavor flav. for a guy with such a large clock, he has very bad timing. [ laughter ] after the giants won last night, hall of famer raymond berry was given the honor of walking the
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trophy to the middle of the field so it would be presented to the players. am i the only one who thinks this was odd? >> please welcome raymond berry and the vince lombardi trophy. ♪ [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's kind of creepy, right? it's like petting -- it reminds me of "silence of the lambs" when jodie foster walked through the prison. i had a bad day bettingwise. i lost a lot of money on the coin toss which was dumb but i got some of it back during the game. i had a parlay with the giants to win and cousin patrick to return to "downtown abbey" to reclaim his inheritance. i made a lot of dumb bets.
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i won some. i had kelly clarkson to not screw up the words to the national anthem. she didn't. thank you, kelly. that was nice. another bet on whether the cameras, the tv cameras, would show gisele in the crowd. that was the easiest bet ever. they're not going to show that? of course they did. i won money from that. gisele of course is married to tom brady. unfortunately for her, she was taped saying this about her husband's teammates on her way to the locker room after the game. >> hey, gisele! >> you have to catch the ball when you're supposed to catch the ball. my husband cannot [ bleep ] throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. >> jimmy: well, let me tell you, when his teammates hear that, he might have to. i don't think you should be allowed to criticize a professional athlete when you weigh less than a rake. and in the receiver's defense, they were probably blinded by tom brady's beautiful eyes and
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teeth. i guess gisele really wanted the super bowl ring. she was going to wear it as a belt and now -- as usual, there are a number of very expensive super bowl commercials yesterday. i wasn't impressed. i think super bowl commercials have gotten way too commercial. my favorite one was where david beckham made everyone watching at my house, all the guys question their sexuality. i had enough with talking babies though. hey, e-trade, a baby talking about investments in a grown man's voice doesn't make him cute, it makes him the anti-christ. if you missed any, you can watch them today online. i tried to watch one of the commercials this afternoon. this is great, there was a commercial before the commercial. you want to see the ferris bueller honda ad? no problem. right after this word from toyota. [ laughter ] did you like madonna's performance? i thought madonna was pretty good. there was a controversial moment
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during madonna's performance when a female rapper, a woman from england, called m.i.a., on stage with madonna, uttered the dreaded "s" word and gave the crowd the finger. now she's outsourcing it to foreigners. it's not -- if you missed it, you're not the only one. so did the nbc censors. ♪ supersonic bionic ♪ i'm the one ♪ i don't give a [ muted ] >> jimmy: yeah, right there. i remember a time when super bowl halftime performers respected their audience enough to show them a nipple. it is kind of funny that -- [ cheers and applause ] thank you. making a big deal about this. i mean, it's a finger. these are all fingers, right? why is one any worse than the other? why is the pinky not banned? because the pinky's classy.
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stick it out when you drink tea. and then the index finger is, like, yeah, number one. uncle sam wants you. [ laughter ] the ring finger is weird. it's hard to get up. but it's harmless. and the thumb, everyone loves the thumb. great job. can i get a ride? so this is fine. and index finger is fine. ring finger is okay. no problem with the pinky. but this -- [ applause ] it's bad. it's a bad finger. now, you give it a partner. [ laughter ] and it's the sign for peace. but one index goes back to sleep. fcc violation. it doesn't make any sense. what if i only have a middle finger? what if i lost all my other fingers? what if i ate them off in a food dream or something? am i not allowed to wave on tv
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anymore? what about the middle toe? the middle toe? is the middle toe allowed to come out of the shoe or will we have to blur that too? guillermo, take off your shoe, one shoe, will you, and show -- give us a middle toe. you can sit down if you have to. >> no, it's okay. >> jimmy: yeah, you better sit down. okay. yeah. [ applause ] wait one second here. give us a middle toe and then we'll see if they blur it out, okay? you got to put the other ones down. [ applause ] thank you. do we have to blur that out? so if you cut somebody off in traffic, just unlace your shoe, pull it, the shoe off, get your sock off, hang it out the window and let them have it like they never had it before.
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111.3 million americans watched the super bowl yesterday. which is a lot. it's a record. it's still only about one-third of the country. which i don't -- how is it possible that two-thirds of the united states didn't watch this game? we came up with a fun thing to do today. we went out on the hollywood boulevard. we asked people on street if they watched the super bowl. this is how it's going to work. we'll all play along. we'll see a person. they'll introduce themselves. we will stop the video and we will guess whether or not they watched the game yesterday, all right. okay. here we go. >> what is your name and where are you from? >> my name is sara and i'm from spain. >> and did you watch the super bowl, and if not, what did you do? >> jimmy: did she watch the super bowl? [ audience yelling no ] let's find out. >> yeah, i did watch the super bowl with some friends in a bar in manhattan beach. >> jimmy: despite the fact she's from spain, she watched the super bowl. next up. >> what's your name and where you from? >> jordan, from here, l.a. >> did you watch the super bowl and if not what did you do?
12:17 am
>> jimmy: did he watch? [ audience yelling yes and no ] most saying no. let's see. >> i did not watch the super bowl. i stayed home because i was sick. >> jimmy: he stayed home? so he didn't watch? i was unable to go to indianapolis in the morning to -- all right. next up. >> what are your names and where you from? >> ty gibbs. >> christina gibbs. from detroit. >> detroit michigan. >> did you watch the super bowl? and if not what did you do? >> jimmy: and where the hell did you get that shirt? do you think they watched it? let's find out. >> we did not. we were on venice beach pumping it up, getting our buff on. >> jimmy: all right. now i think we have one more here. l. >> what's your name and where you from? >> joshua from pittsburgh, pennsylvania. >> jimmy: did you watch the super bowl and if not what did
12:18 am
you do? >> jimmy: and where's your shirt? did he watch the super bowl? [ audience yelling yes and no ] no? okay, let's have a look. >> i did watch the super bowl. >> who played? >> the giants and the patriots. >> jimmy: well, that will teach you to jump to conclusions now, won't it? i tell you what, after a long day of football yesterday, it was nice to finally unwind and watch "the bachelor," drink a skinny girl lemon drop martini. bachelor ben took his harem to panama tonight where he narrowed the field of fiances down to six. one of the women that went home tonight was casey s. who was eliminated after producers discovered she has a boyfriend at home. there are very strict rules on this show. the bachelor can have up to 25 girlfriends. the bachelorettes cannot have any. and for the second week in a row, there was nudity on "the bachelor" tonight. last week, courtney, courtney is the model all the other women hate, talked ben into going skinny dipping with her in puerto rico. tonight she got naked again this time in panama, this time on a
12:19 am
group date. >> bare chesting it. >> you are? why? >> you know, do it all the way. >> courtney's not even wearing a top. she's just wearing these. >> the local flavor. fun. >> wow. >> jimmy: please don't leave us, naked white lady. right now those kids are on a flight to hollywood. they want to find out what's going on here. one more thing, i like to -- i want to go to the super bowl for a moment. last week i issued a challenge to our viewers as i'm known to do from time to time. i asked everyone watching the super bowl with their friends and family to wait till a crucial moment in the game and unplug the tv. now, a healthy fraction of the online comments suggested that someone was going to get killed doing this. no one was killed. in fact, only 30 people were hospitalized over it. [ laughter ] i asked everyone to upload the
12:20 am
videos to youtube under title, "hey, jimmy kimmel," i unplugged the tv during the game." i'm proud of the many many people who did. here, now, we compiled the best of the best. let the unplugging begin. >> yeah! oh! [ screaming and cursing ] >> dude, not funny, man! >> it's coming. what the hell? what the hell! >> let's go, giants. >> at the 11 yard line. >> come on! >> what the [ bleep ]? >> what the -- you got to be kidding me! >> what, what? >> he had the remote. >> what? >> that's not even funny. >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry. >> what are you doing? what are you -- turn it on.
12:21 am
are you crazy? >> no! >> what in the heck are you doing over there? can you just not touch that! what are you doing? you have to have your hands on the -- >> i'm not having -- >> then how is it being unplugged? >> whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. what did you just do, dude? [ screaming ] >> tyler! tyler! seriously! [ bleep ]! >> come on! >> what! >> hey! >> what did you do that for? >> ahhh! >> what are you doing? >> you see that christmas tree right there? it's february! >> turn this back on. >> it's february. you're not watching the game till you put the christmas tree back where it belongs. [ applause ] >> what the hell?
12:22 am
>> ahh! >> no! >> hey! >> what are you doing? what the [ bleep ]? it's the last play of the half! [ bleep ] give me the remote. i don't care about your -- oh, it's recording. give me the [ bleep ] [ bleep ] -- >> jimmy kimmel told me to do it. >> [ bleep ] jimmy -- >> this is too boring. >> shut up! what are you doing [ bleep ] [ bleep ]! what are you -- what -- >> tony. >> what the [ bleep ] -- >> hey, get the [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ]! bleep!
12:23 am
>> what the [ bleep ]! are you kidding me! >> jill, all right, all right! all right! >> turn it back on now! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thanks to our wonderful co-conspirators for your help in this. it's fun, right? we had fun. tonight on the show, from "mob wives," "big ang" is here. we have music from pitbull. and we'll be right back with academy award nominee michelle williams. so stick around. [ male announcer ] cookies
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look! here she comes! ♪ she'll be cominou' 'round e mountain when she comes... ♪ ♪hen she comes. ♪ it'll be spinning new chrome wheels when it comes. ♪ ♪ when it comes. ♪ custom spoiler, race grade pisto, ♪ ♪ gt35 turbo charger. ♪ and they'll all know that it's kevin's awesome car. ♪ bought em! ( clears throat ) sorry. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. >> jimmy: hi there. welcome back. tonight on the program, we have
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music from this album, it's called "planet pitbull" from the bud light hotel in indianapolis. also tonight, oh, the breakout star of the show "mob wives" on vh1, angela "big ang" is with us. if you're not familiar with big ang's work, here's a taste. >> i like the wise guy because they know how to treat women. they bought me nice houses. gorgeous furs. they're very generous. and they're very good looking. [ laughs ] >> jimmy: that's big ang. tonight, i will make her my bride. or vice versa. tomorrow night, we'll be joined by antonio banderas, music from 50 cent. later this week, courtney x could, nathan fillion, music from far east movement and the great tony bennett will be here too so please join us for that. our first guest is a beautiful blonde actress who has been nominated for an academy award for her performance as another beautiful blonde actress. her movie is called "my week
12:29 am
with marilyn." it is in theaters now. please say hello to michelle williams. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well, thanks for coming. how are you? >> doing all right. >> jimmy: did you watch the super bowl yesterday? >> what do you think? >> jimmy: hmm. let's have the audience guess. [ audience yelling ] they're mixed, they seem to be mixed. >> no. >> jimmy: not interested in football at all? >> no, i would have been. i think it seems fun and you get to eat a lot of cheesy dips. >> jimmy: you do. >> i was on an airplane. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. they didn't have -- tv on the plane, huh? >> not yet. >> jimmy: did they have cheesy dips on the plane? >> no. >> jimmy: what kind of cheesy dips do you prefer? like plain old nacho cheese? >> is it gross when you mix
12:30 am
salsa with cheese? >> jimmy: it is not. it is so far from gross, you have no idea. >> i like it. >> jimmy: yeah, no, that's good, that's good stuff. so you don't care one way or the other about the giants or the patriots. you will watch the oscars though, right? >> live. >> jimmy: that's pretty amazing. three oscar nominations at your age is incredible. [ cheers and applause ] i don't have many and i'm older than you. but -- >> lucky, got very, very lucky. >> jimmy: there's always a little bit of luck. but you did a great job playing marilyn monroe. >> thank you. >> jimmy: you seem very much like marilyn monroe to me. i'm not an expert in that area but you definitely seem like marilyn monroe. >> seem in the movie? >> jimmy: yeah. >> i thought you meant currently. >> jimmy: no. you don't seem at all like marilyn monroe now with your hair cut and everything. when you're studying, do you study other movies marilyn
12:31 am
monroe was in or the person herself? >> everything. it's all good material. i watched all of her movies. it's kind of amazing to see her evolve as an actress and as a performer over the years. she started when she was very young. you can see the genesis of this character. then you see it in its like full perfected form in "some like it hot" and "prince and the show girl" the movie within our movie we kind of recreate. it's an unknown movie. the movie, i don't know, but her performance in it is really luminous. >> jimmy: you started even younger than marilyn monroe. how old were you when you decided to become an actress? >> i rlt started doing community theater when i was a kid, about 8 or 9. then i started actually coming up here and auditioning in l.a. when i was probably -- oh, i don't know, 11. >> jimmy: 11? >> yeah. >> jimmy: traveling from where? >> at that point we were living in san diego so it wasn't too far of a drive. >> jimmy: you said to your parents, this is something i want to do, and they're like, okay, go do that, or were they
12:32 am
nervous about you coming up here? >> there were a bunch of kids doing it. i wasn't special for doing it. there were a bunch of kids in san diego who were all doing community theater together. a big van full of a lot of kids. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah, would be driven up to los angeles and taken to auditions and then you to the mall and you eat cookies and you have a hot dog and you get in the car and go back home. i didn't get -- this is true, i didn't get a job for two years. i auditioned for two years as a kid and never got a single thing. i don't know why my parents decided to stay with it. i clearly wasn't very good. >> jimmy: maybe they wanted you to hit the road for the weekend or something which -- and so when these other kids are on -- when you rode back together, some of you had -- presumably would get call backs and some wouldn't. >> something like that. >> jimmy: did it become uncomfortable between you then? >> not that i remember. no, i think -- >> jimmy: because you were the one that got the parts? >> no, no. it was two years not getting anything, not a single thing. >> jimmy: wow. and ou hold is your daughter?
12:33 am
>> she's 6. >> jimmy: is this something she shows an inclination to be in? does she notice? >> she definitely notices. because we would watch whatever the movies were, appropriate -- like, she's seen "some like it hot." it's one of her favorite movies. >> jimmy: she has, really? >> it's very child friendly. she would see pictures of her around the house. her bed-time stories were often read in a marilyn monroe sort of sounding voice. >> jimmy: really? i'm trying to imagine my mom doing that. >> i think it might be different if you have a little boy. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, i think so. i wasn't that much like a boy though at that age. you know, could i have gone either way. [ applause ] so did you go on -- [ cheers and applause ] did you go to -- did you go to, like, school, regular high school? >> no, i went to -- for a year, i did, and then i went to correspondents school. i finished high schl through a correspondents program.
12:34 am
>> jimmy: do you really learn anything from that? >> doesn't sound legit, does it? >> jimmy: no. >> ah, no. >> jimmy: they send you -- you take the test or you have your friends take the test for you? >> yeah, i remember these sort of pamphlets would come in the mail. it's hard to take something like, say, shop, or something like chemistry, when all you have is paper. pieces of paper. it's hard to learn. >> jimmy: you took shop by correspondence? >> yes. >> jimmy: it's like you can really take a trip to ikea and get the same thing, can't you? >> well, it was -- >> jimmy: just open the directions. >> it was sort of a program -- my classmates, you would get sent this update every few months on how your classmates were doing. >> jimmy: wow, classmates. >> they were in the large part made up of inmates -- [ laughter ] truck drivers. and stay at home moms. >> jimmy: that must have been a great prom. [ laughter ] inmates, truck drivers and stay at home moms.
12:35 am
was there a yearbook? >> no, i never saw pictures of anybody. >> jimmy: yeah, you sure they even existed? that's pretty crazy. and do you feel like you learned everything you needed to learn? i mean, i didn't really learn anything in high school anyway. do you feel like you missed out on anything? >> a lot. >> jimmy: you do? >> sure, yeah. i mean, i think -- >> jimmy: do you know how to read because we have a teacher here. in the audience tonight. [ applause ] he's very good at this sort of thing. he knows all the worlds. we're going to take a quick break here. michelle williams is with us. her movie is called "my week with marilyn." nominated for an academy award. ♪ my heart skips a beat ♪ my heart skips a beat ♪ my heart is playing tricks on me ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing
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can ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that is michelle williams. "my week with marilyn." you don't like watching yourself? it's embarrassing? yeah. i can see that. >> you? >> jimmy: no, no, i do not. but, yeah, but you're dancing around and singing. is that you singing? >> it is. >> jimmy: it is. well, that's pretty good, huh. you never now now a days. so who are you taking to the academy awards? what's the plan for that? >> i'm taking my best friend bizzy phillips. >> jimmy: very nice. i know her as well. she went with you to last one, right? >> she did. the last one and the one before. it's -- we only see each other at the oscars. it's really the only time. >> jimmy: i'll meet you at the oscars. is that right? >> no. >> jimmy: maybe she's bad luck. have you thought about that? i mean, nothing against bizzy but you know it seems like you gave her two chances. maybe time to start thinking about some other friend going to the oscars.
12:42 am
maybe a luckier friend. maybe the lucky charms leprechaun could come along with you. busy's got the invitation. >> busy has the standing invitation. she's a really great date. >> jimmy: you like going to award shows like that? >> i love going with her. i love going anywhere with her. i feel like, seeing how how i didn't go to a conventional high school and there were no proms for obvious reasons -- going with her sort of feels like it makes up for a strong lost time somehow. >> jimmy: she's your prom date. >> yeah, she's my prom date. >> jimmy: you guys get a little photograph together with the boutnairs? >> she's never brought me a flower. >> jimmy: have you learned anything from going to multiple award shows or is there anything to that? >> gosh, pack a snack. >> jimmy: a snack is always good. i always pack a snack. >> a power bar. i do too. being a parent, you always have
12:43 am
a bag full of food wherever you go. >> jimmy: and wipes. >> hand sanitizer. >> jimmy: all that stuff. i always pack a snack for myself and for guillermo and then wipes for both of us too. >> wipes. hand wipes. >> jimmy: he gets a little sweaty. whatever. you can use them for anything. well, it's great, really great to meet you. i wish you the best. you're going to be right across the street from us. give us a wave over there. michelle williams, everyone. watch the academy awards oscar sunday february 26 at 7:00 p.m. eastern, 4:00 pacific here on abc. the movie is "my week with marilyn." right back with big ang. i'm here because
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>> jimmy: hi there. still to come, music from pitbull. if you placed an illegal bet on the super bowl this weekend, chances are it was booked by someone our next guest met, dated or visited in prison. she's the breakout star of the show "mob wives." you can see it sunday nights at 8:00 on vh1. please say hello to angela 'big ang' raiola! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you? >> hello. >> jimmy: you're not wearing a wire, are you? >> yes, i am. >> jimmy: now, the show is called "mob wives" but you are not actually a mob wife, true? >> true. >> jimmy: are you even a wife? >> no. >> jimmy: you are not? now, what's going on? it seems like maybe you have a
12:54 am
husband but maybe you don't have a husband. >> well, whatever. >> jimmy: either way, you'll take it. so are you currently single? >> well, i'm like borderline married. >> jimmy: borderline married. what does that mean? >> that means trying to be married but just doesn't work out. >> jimmy: i see. whose fault is that, his or yours? >> his. >> jimmy: his fault. you come from a family that has ties to the mob. >> yeah, but they're all dead. >> jimmy: they're all dead. who are some of your more notable mafia relatives? >> sally dogs. >> jimmy: sally dogs. okay. >> he's dead now. >> jimmy: he was your. >> uncle. >> jimmy: uncle. when did he die? >> two years ago. >> jimmy: two years ago. so when you run into any kind of trouble, you would call him? >> when i used to be in trouble. >> jimmy: when you used to be in trouble in the old days. would you do that, would you get him involved? >> really, you think that's going to happen, watch this. hello. >> jimmy: who would you say this
12:55 am
to? >> she's more trouble than my nephews. >> jimmy: he still took care of things? >> always. >> jimmy: can you give us an example of one of the things he took care of? >> one time when i was 18 i was married. i got divorced in a year. just to get out of my house because i was sick of being like the housewife with my father. >> jimmy: you got married just to get out of the house? >> yeah. i was being coup icooking, takiy four brothers, my father. i said, i got to get out of here. i feel like an old lady. i get married. then i get divorced because he was a bum. >> jimmy: how long did that marriage last? >> a year. then i used to see him in the clubs. he thought he was a big shot. so i go like this, oh, really, watch this. so one night, he was, like, being, like, kind of nasty. there was this whole thing of empty glasses, like, where the bus boy put -- i just picked it up and dumped it on him. >> jimmy: in the club. >> 40 glasses right on him. he goes, that's it. so they try to throw me out. i go, i don't think so.
12:56 am
you know. >> jimmy: really? >> 911, uncle sally. so i go like this, he goes, yeah. watch this. he says, she's allowed in every week all the time. he leaves if she walks in. that went every week religiously just to torture him. >> jimmy: just to keep him out of there? >> yeah. i walked in, he had to go. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: and you say -- >> every week to do that. i go, whatever we do, we have to stop here so he gets thrown out. >> jimmy: you're attracted to wise guys because they're generous? >> they're generous, they're good looking. >> jimmy: they're not all good looking. >> most of them are. >> jimmy: when you say they're generous, what kind of thing does they buy you? >> houses, cars. >> jimmy: houses? >> houses. >> jimmy: really? >> i have four. >> jimmy: what happens, this -- you have four houses? you do, you have four? >> no, i had four. buy them and sell them. >> jimmy: buy them and sell them. they buy them for you? >> yeah.
12:57 am
>> jimmy: or do they kick weaker people out of them? >> no, they buy me them. they actually buy me them. they actually ring their bell and asked the people, please, can i buy this house for my girlfriend? >> jimmy: really? then they say no and then he says -- >> we actually stalked the house for a year. >> jimmy: you did? >> so the people finally said you can have it. >> jimmy: you intimidated them out of their home? >> i sit on the beach every day and look at their house. on the rock and drink the dunkin' donuts coffee. the lady said this girl's crazy, give her the house. >> jimmy: hell of a way to make a real estate deal. >> i know, it's good. >> jimmy: how did you wind up on the show? >> jennifer came and asked me to be on. >> jimmy: jennifer? >> jennifer graziano. >> jimmy: how did she know you, find you? >> i know her my whole life, like 30 years, family. >> jimmy: she thought you'd be perfect for this? >> she said, big ang, i think you need to be on the show. i said, i think you're right. >> jimmy: you have a bar? >> yes, i have a bar. the drunk monkey in staten island. >> jimmy: the drunken monkey, staten island. >> we're all drunk monkeys.
12:58 am
>> jimmy: what is the drunken monkeys like? >> it's a neighborhood bar but it's cool. >> jimmy: it's a neighborhood bar. how many people fit? >> 100. but now 300. squeeze. >> jimmy: do you have a monkey you get drumnk or anything like that? >> yeah, all the customers. they're a lot of movingies. >> jimmy: getting recognized a lot now? >> a little too often. >> jimmy: do you like that? >> well, it's okay. whether i was at the airport, the lady go, don't think you're hiding behind those sunglasses. she goes, i know that voice. i went up, got -- >> jimmy: do they bother you, these people? >> no, when i was in disney the other day with my grandson. >> jimmy: disneyland. >> i just came back yesterday and i flew right here. you owe me big time. >> jimmy: uh-oh, great. going to be out of my house. >> i was in this -- [ laughter ] i was in this, pushing the baby for seven days. and i'm on the phone doing an interview. the lady said -- i go, i can't
12:59 am
talk, i'm on the phone. i was like this as i was talking. >> jimmy: and do you ever -- at that point if you're on the phone, threaten to kill them? >> no, i just -- like this. >> jimmy: now, you've been -- >> i pushed the baby to the side. i'm like -- >> jimmy: you've been -- >> he was right next to me. >> jimmy: you've become so well known people have begun tattooing their face on their bodies. >> that's my nephew. i paid him to do that. >> jimmy: how much did you pay him? >> i only paid for the tattoo. >> jimmy: your nephew got a tattoo of his aunt on his body? >> ten years ago. that's ten years old. >> jimmy: what, he's ten years old? >> no, that's ten years old. he'll 31. >> jimmy: he's 31, all right. >> matter of fact, he was in disney too. i said, take the shirt off. >> jimmy: what is this here? >> i don't know the person who got that. >> jimmy: you don't know this person? >> oh, that's -- >> jimmy: they had a tattoo -- >> that's me on a bad day. >> jimmy: they had a caricature of you tattooed on his body. >> i think that's a lady. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> really.
1:00 am
don't play with me. >> jimmy: this is a woman did this? >> they said it's a woman who got that. >> jimmy: you never met her? >> no. >> jimmy: it seems like you should. >> she facebooked it to me or twittered it, something. >> jimmy: i don't know what's going on with you but it's very interesting. i'll tell you that. >> i know, i like it. >> jimmy: well, continued success with "mob wives." you guys are through beating people and killing? >> yeah, now we're good. >> jimmy: that's a relief. big ang, everybody. "mob wives," at 8:00 on vh1. right back with music from pitbull.
1:01 am
1:02 am
1:03 am
>> jimmy: and, now, from the bud light hotel in indianapolis, this is his latest album, "planet pit," here with the song "international love," pitbull. ♪ do it like new york city ♪ i never sleep ♪ wild like los angeles my fantasy hotter than miami i feel the heat ♪ ♪ ohh oh oh oh it's international love ohh oh oh oh it's international love ♪
1:04 am
♪ you can't catch me boy i'm overseas and about a hundred g's per show ♪ ♪ don't test me boy 'cause i rap with the best for sure three oh five ♪ ♪ till the death of me cremate my body and let the ocean have what's left of me ♪ ♪ but for now forget about that blow the whistle baby you're the referee ♪ ♪ you put it down like new york city i never sleep ♪ ♪ wild like los angeles my fantasy hotter than miami i feel the heat ♪ ♪ ohh oh oh oh it's international love ohh oh oh oh it's international love ♪ ♪ i don't play football but i've touched down everywhere everywhere everywhere ♪ ♪ i don't play baseball but i've hit a home run everywhere everywhere ♪ ♪ i've been to countries and cities i can't pronounce and the places on the globe i didn't know existed ♪ ♪ in romania she pulled me to the side and told me pit you can have me and my sister ♪ ♪ in lebanon yeah the women are bomb and in greece you've guessed it the women are sweet ♪ ♪ spinned all around the world but i ain't gon' lie there's nothing like miami's heat ♪ ♪ you put it down like new york city i neve


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